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kafloofle - 1. Used as a substitute for a word you can't think of. 2. Could possibly be used as an exclamatory remark in exchange for a dirty word. NOTE: I heard a nurse in a NJ hospital use "kafloofle" quite frequently while I worked there, so props to all the nurses at Valley Hospital, Employee Health Division in Paramus, NJ.

e.g., Bennie, do me a favor and hand me that ... uh ... kafloofle.... No, the blue thing ... on your right.

submitted by SamL - (www)

kaflooie - Describes something just dying or breaking without reason.

e.g., I was just sitting there listening to the radio when it went kaflooie.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

kafuctous - Chaotic, out-of-control, FUBAR.

e.g., The traffic on the 405 freeway was kafuctous, so we took surface streets instead.

submitted by Jim Maloy

kafuffed - Confused, not knowing what to do, just completely lost for an answer.

e.g., I don't know who to go out with--I am completely kafuffed.

submitted by Ebony

kafuffle - Chaotic situation; fuss; sometimes an argument.

e.g., John's being 20 minutes late caused a big kafuffle at home.

submitted by Phenn

kafwibbit - A general word for when you have nothing to say.

e.g., Opa: Are you okay, Kitty? Kitty: Kafwibbit.

submitted by Katabrain

kagilliaton - a number so unimaginable it has to be this word

e.g., There must be a kagilliaton words in the unabridged dictionary

submitted by Aaron and Edgar

kahooga - Extremely babyish crying.

e.g., She kahoogaed loud and long when her dog died.

submitted by Krowbar

kahuggle - A combination of a kiss, a hug, and a cuddle.

e.g., I'm feelin' low. I really need a kahuggle today.

submitted by AlanDonald

kai' - A blending of the words of "can" and "I".

e.g., Kai' see the magazine after you?

submitted by Drew

kaibo swabber - Person who cleans portable toilets or who pumps septic tanks.

e.g., The kaibo swabber had failed to leave toilet paper in the porta-potty, which left Alex in an embarrassing situation. | Harriet: Honey, the toilet in the kids' bathroom is stopped up. Me: Oh, no. Well, it looks like we'll have to call the kaibo swabber.

submitted by John E

kained - A sudden blow to the body. (ED. Any connection to David Carradine and Kung Fu? Kwai Chang Kain, of course, would have struck any blow with his bare hands. A blow to the body . . . "upside the head"?)

e.g., I was watchin' this fight when some dude ran up an kained ol' boy upside the head with a ballbat . . . ouch.

submitted by ben soto

kajillion - Large amount; very many.

e.g., I got a kajillion mosquito bites at that party.

submitted by cath - (www)

kajunga - Something huge and really cool.

e.g., That party was kajunga.

submitted by Sky Friend - (www)

kakistophrenia - A word that I coined to more delicately describe “crappy” thinking. Max King Adelaide, South Australia

e.g., No, it's not a permanent condition -- just temporary kakistophrenia, caused by not having slept more than two or three hours in the last three days.   I was the same way Easter weekend 2009. That beautiful woman walked up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. I didn't even realize she was there. Another missed opportunity for a tête-à-tête with her, the last having come in . . . what? 1959? I can't believe how little I got to see of her Easter weekend, or how little time I got to spend with her. I'll bet I had thought of her every day for the last 15 years, at least. Probably just as well -- if my wife didn't wring my neck, her husband would have.

submitted by [Max King] - (www)

kalashnicough - (Rhymes with a-GOSH-me-doff; n.) 1. A hacking cough which goes on and on like a machine gun, even when you're out of air and you face turns all sorts of distressing colors, and you have to finally pause (you can't stop) long enough to gasp in a desperate breath which you immediately lose in hacking out another full clip; 2. A horrible hacking cough that seemingly cannot be stopped, despite warm drinks, humidifiers, ointments, zinc tablets, suppressants, expectorants, plasters, or whatever---such that it reminds you of the AK 47 description given in Nicolas Cage's "Lord of War": "An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It'll shoot whether it's covered in mud or filled with sand." It'll shoot, in short, no matter what you do to stop it. [From Mikhail Kalashnikov (1919-2013), designer of the AK47 in 1946 & -47, + cough.]

e.g., I was up all night with bronchitis. It was a seriously intense Kalashnicough. I had to sleep in the car so I wouldn't keep everyone awake all night with me.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

kalebescent - Radiating genuine care, loyalty, and selflessness.

e.g., Albert is nice, funny, charming -- in a word, awesome. And, in another word -- kalebescent.

submitted by Lesleigh - (www)

kaleidosthoughts - Random thoughts; varied thoughts.

e.g., The kaleidosthoughts she had been writing were taken differently by her friends, depending on their views.

submitted by beth sorrera - (www)

kali dessert - A favourite pudding in pots of Hin-Dya.

e.g., Kali Dessert combines rice with sweet curry spice, milk, egg, rotus brossom, natural flavour, & secret ingredients.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

kalosyna - BEAUTIFUL WITCH ED. kalosyna, I'm going to accept your submittal, even though it violates several of our guidelines. Why? Because I'm in a generous mood and want to make you happy, that's why. Not really. I'm accepting it because «witch» has been my nickname for my wife of many, many years. She is now and will forever remain the one and only witch for me. You may be a beautiful witch, too, but you're a late arrival on the scene. This entry will remain up until late December, when we celebrate our anniversary a month from today.


submitted by kalosyna - (www)

kamasensor - The heart, which is transforming romantic, weak feelings into strong love sentiments.

e.g., Your kamasensor is very sensible.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

kamasutraesque - Anything which is overly sexual. Anything too kinky.

e.g., The erotic pictures on the wall gave the room a kamasutraesque air.

submitted by Jamil-ud-din Akhtar

kamu - Kiss And Make Up, the general term for making amends with someone.

e.g., Nathan and Ryan got into a fight, but they're best friends again now that they've kamu.

submitted by PPM - (www)

kamur - Bore.

e.g., Danny is a big kamur.

submitted by danny

kanchen-junga - (n.) 1. third place (after Kang-chen-junga, the 3rd tallest mountain in the world); 2. bronze (medal) (adj.) 3. of or pertaining to third place; (v.) 4. to achieve third place; 5. to preserve something in bronze.

e.g., "Gold? Silver? or Bronze?" "Kanchen-junga." "Good work, we'll do better next year." | "Wow! That's like, the best lasagna I've ever easten, smelled, or heard of!" "Thank you. Would you like more?" "Yeah! This stuff needs Kanchen---for posterity, you know?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

kanderback - A person who agrees to something important enthusiastically, but backtracks at the crucial moment.

e.g., Bob: Are you going to lend us that drumkit then? Bill: Uhh... Well, it's kind of expensive. Bob: You kanderback!

submitted by Nathan Birchenough

kangakaze - A kangaroo that waits until a passing vehicle is guaranteed to hit it before attempting to hop across the road.

e.g., My car was attacked by a kangakaze, causing severe damage.

submitted by Geoff Sorensen

kangakazi - A kangaroo that waits until a passing vehicle is guaranteed to hit it before attempting to hop across the road.

e.g., "My car was attacked by a kangakazi, causing severe damage to the front-end" "Of the kangakazi?"

submitted by Geoff Sorensen

kangarooish - 1. The ability to act, think, or become like a kangaroo. 2. Anything relating to, near or by a kangaroo.

e.g., 1. I bounced around kangarooishly. 2. Hey, that cloud in the sky is lookin' pretty kangarooish.

submitted by danruk

kangatarian - "Someone who chooses not to eat fish or meat except the meat from a kangaroo." | "In early 2010 a number of Antipodean media sources reported that Australia was witnessing the emergence of a new brand of vegetarianism in which people limit their diet to vegetables and kangaroo meat. For those vegetarians who reject meat for ethical and environmental reasons, but do not dislike its taste, it seems that kangatarianism is the answer." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Vine's kangatarian lifestyle choice has rubbed off on her friends, with many of them now eating kangaroo regularly."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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