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k - When used as a verb, to have a longing or desire for something or someone. When used as a noun, a person or thing to be desired. Originates from "Getting one's K" from bananas, K being potassium in this case.

e.g., "Gee, Donald, I have been K-ing that box of chocolates all day. Do you think I could partake of one?"

submitted by mikedawg56 - (www)

k the b - To annoy, to bug. An annoyance, a hindrance

e.g., The dean really k's my b.

submitted by brown buffalo

käse law - Laws, primarly promoted by FETA (Fromages for the Ethical Treatment of Asiago, q.v.) against adulteration of Asiago and other käses.

e.g., In käse of a stink, litigants are oft-times referred to Käse Law, as Iago was when he sued the manufacturers of the faulty käsement windows in the Fromage Factory. Gorgon Zola, his Swiss attorney, thought the käse was full of holes, a real crock, but he smeared the jury and got a gouda settlement.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

k'aint - A contraction of "cannot," a variation of "can't."

e.g., I k'aint do that again. Auntie ain't never gonna' forgive me if I don't stop by to see her next time I'm in the city.

submitted by Sam

k'ent - Not knowing if you can or can't do something.

e.g., I k'ent come to the party.

submitted by jimmy - (www)

k'i - Contraction for "Can I?" or "Can I have?" Usually phrased as a question.

e.g., "K'i go to the zoo?" "K'ive a donut, Mommy?"

submitted by ingrid

k'nidiot - A contraction of something one really wants to say but can't in polite company. Can also be used with other descriptive terms.

e.g., Chris is a k'nidiot.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

k-k-k-crazy - Racist and insane.

e.g., Joe: John's gonna go burn some people who don't look like him. Jack: That's k-k-k-crazy!

submitted by T-Bar

k-rad - 1000 points of rad, something "most excellent." The "K for 1000" prefix can be used with almost any word: K-cool, K-groovy, etc.

e.g., That's K-rad.

submitted by Joeski - (www)

k-scale - (n.) the dog-size measurement scale.

e.g., The K-Scale: K-0 Chihuahuas and other "purse puppies"; K-1 Shih Tzus and Yorkies etc.; K-3 Cocker Spaniels and Dachshunds; K-5 Spitzes and Beagles; K-7 English Bulldogs, Border Collies, and Dalmations; K-9 German Shepherds, Huskies, and Boxers; K-11 Dobermans, St. Bernards, and Mastiffs; K-13 Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds et al. big Timber Wolves don't really count, not be domesticated, but they'd be at about K-14 or K-15. Even K categories are for common breed variations (large Spitzes, for example, might be in K-6 rather than K-5).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

k-search - To search for a file on KaZaA. Similar terms include M-Search (Morpheus), iSearch (iMesh), and W-Search (WinMX).

e.g., Bishi Zero: I just K-Searched for The Vapors - Turning Japanese and it was the second result.

submitted by PPM - (www)

k-stration - To be castrated (in a virtual sense) by a girl named Kay.

e.g., He knew, since she had told him about the other man, that he was a victim of k-stration.| She had an affair; he felt k-strated.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

k.o. - To fall asleep, comes from "knock out."

e.g., I'm working tommorow guys, I'm gonna have to k.o.

submitted by tim dunk

ka kaw - An exclamation of approval. A friend of mine meant to say "good call" whilst not sober and it came out as "ka kaw."

e.g., Mike: I think we should move this little party of ours to a location more conducive to male-female interaction. Jay: Ka kaw.

submitted by Michael Finney

ka-ching - Onomotopoeia. Sound a cash register makes. Used for something worth a lot of money.

e.g., Are you feelin' all ka-ching? (As used on UPN's Dark Angel>/i>.)

submitted by Valda

ka-chunk - An evolved form of the onomatopoeia ka-ching, the sound that a cash register makes. It is used in celebration, usually as a quicker replace ment for the phrase ,"Money" which is used the in the same way.

e.g., Ka-chunk. Pat Ewing just slammed it on Shaq.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

kab - Adj or n, depending on context. Socially inept, prone to social mistakes, a faux paser. Can be prouunced same as cab, for the rental vehicle, or as the three letters K-A-B.

e.g., Feliss asked me how much money I make. Definitely a kab.

submitted by mr. canoehead

kabash - Killed, brought to and end, finished.

e.g., The project was finally kabash, and all were relieved.

submitted by rakel - (www)

kabelsalat - A mess of tangled cables, literally (from German) "cable salad."

e.g., The audio equipment backstage created a kabelsalat to support the band onstage.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

kabillion - A number that goes beyond any countable number, just to be dramatic about the sheer magnitude of something.

e.g., I would personally love to drive a Jaguar, which is doable, seeing as it only costs a kabillion dollars.

submitted by Lisa O

kablamo - Kablamo is basically used to respong positively to something, to say that something is really good or super cool or amazing or something like that.

e.g., That band is so kablamo, you need to check them out.

submitted by Haley

kablingy - Money, usually a lot (see The Simpsons)

e.g., What are you going to do with all that kablingy?

submitted by silentbob

kaboofa - Ne plus ultra: good looking, sexy, suave, and erudite.

e.g., Tom -- your new wife? Kaboofa, buddy. Far, far better than you deserve.

submitted by Kaboofa

kaboomski - Variant of the sound effect "kaboom."

e.g., If the Cuban Missile Crisis had gone differently, the US East Coast might have gone kaboomski.

submitted by Ari G.

kaboubi - The winged camel used by Shazzam. For a person who, although she is very affectionate, will risk everything to serve those she loves.

e.g., Kaboubi came to rescue us in a blinding storm. She risked her life and thought nothing of it.

submitted by john Di Crasto

kabudge - A sound effect for, or smashing into something.

e.g., Did you see that guy get kabudged by that Mack truck?

submitted by Sarver

kachoozie - A really big sneeze.

e.g., Your kachoozies are so loud they cause the dog to run and hide.

submitted by Evman

kack - An overall term used to describe any undesirable substance adhered to an object such as an eating utensil or doorknob, etc.

e.g., Waiter, would you please bring me a clean fork. This one has kack on it. | Ew. There`s kack on the TV remote. | Don't get against that -- you will get kack all over your clothes.

submitted by terry crowe

kad food - Nonsense, total pointlessness.

e.g., My essay was kad-food. | Much of the pseudodictionary is kad-food -- that is, spherica.

submitted by Lukas Friga

kaduki - The fleshy and sensitive end of a dog's nose, the "nose of the nose."

e.g., My dog's kaduki is shiny and cold.

submitted by Dr. Science

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