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jam - To depart or leave.

e.g., Its getting late, I gotta jam soon.

submitted by metallica670

jam ass - To move with considerable speed. (From my stepbrother Garrett, who most likely does come from Salinas, CA. So does the word.)

e.g., A. You should have seen us. We were jamming ass the whole way here. B. If you visit Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, be sure to ask all the ride operators, "Does this ride jam ass?" Especially the ride operators on foreign exchange from other countries.

submitted by BigAssFries

jam butty - Used in Manchester, England to decribe police patrol cars, due to their paint jobs' uncommon resemblance to a jam (or jelly for you Americans out there) sandwich.

e.g., Don't go too fast here--there's a jam butty under the bridge.

submitted by Xnoybis

jamais de muscat - (pronounced zha-MAY-deh-moo-SCOT) 1. an excuse from having to follow a particular custom that you find to be repugnant, inconvenient, harmful, ridiculous, vel cet.; 2. An adjectival phrase meaning, more or less, "he or she refuses to do [something]"; 3. a declaration that the speaker is actively planning revenge against somebody; 4. a polite refusal to attend, go along with, or enjoy something celebrating the triumph or success of one's adversary; 5. a statement that the speaker has "no comment" on some subject regarding his or her enemy, adversary, competition, etc. (French: literally "never muscatel" from Dumas pere's Count of Monte Cristo, chapter 71 "Bread and Salt," in which the Count refuses to eat anything in the house of his enemy, since it would then be impossible for him, under the Eastern customs he has adopted, to take revenge upon his enemy. His former fiancee, Mercedes (who has married his mortal enemy) offers him muscatel grapes (she knows of the custom and is trying to stop the Count from killer her husband). The Count responds, (that is, "I humbly ask you to excuse me, but I never eat muscatel grapes.")).

e.g., "What's so funny?" "We covered Deke's car with shaving cream and he got so angry---it was hilarious!" "Was it?" "He was cussing and stomping around. Yeah, good times... but then he got all quiet and said something about May muskets or something---that was weird." "May muskets? You mean 'Jamais de muscat'?" "Yeah, that's it. What does that mean?" "It means you really ought to leave town for a while." | "Oh, come on, Tom; she picked David, but if you every really loved her, you'll go to the wedding so she can be happy." "Ask her to excuse me: Jamais de muscat." "What's that supposed to mean?" "I'm happy to eat my crow with sour grape sauce, but I don't need an audience.---I never eat muscatel grapes."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

jamass - Someone who isn't up to partying.

e.g., Jim. Let's go to the bar tonight. Jack. Naw. Jim. Jeez, you're being a jamass again.

submitted by Krystal

jamdealie - Another word to use as substitution for something for which you cannot remember the name. Usually used after other generic words have already been used.

e.g., So once you have the thingie talking to the doohickie, you need to get them talking to the jamdealie over here.

submitted by Joshua Tuberville - (www)

james - A person who continually lies even if she knows the person she is lying to knows she is lying.

e.g., You James!

submitted by james mcclusky

james blonde - Someone acting stupid. James Blond.

e.g., He paid $500 for a PDA without e-mail? That was a James Blond move.

submitted by partyice

jamhead - Someone obsessed with Pearl Jam.

e.g., Chris is a jamhead. He goes to Pearl Jam concert within 1500 miles.

submitted by Mine - (www)

jamjams - Pajamas.

e.g., Come here Bart and put on your jamjams.

submitted by Ben

jamm-sandwich - Two pieces of bread jammed together after you discovered you were out of lunchmeat.

e.g., "My two course meal was a jamm-sandwich."

submitted by Papa Ivey - (www)

jammers - Often used instead of "pajamas" to describe the ensemble one wears to bed. Sometimes calle peejammers.

e.g., Billy! Tommy! Go put on your jammers and get ready for bed.

submitted by Yo mama's fried rice

jamoke - Another word meaning idiot.

e.g., Look at that jamoke--he tripped over his own feet.

submitted by ape

jamp - past tense of the word jump

e.g., Last week me and the boys jamp gopher mounds out beyond the cornfeilds.

submitted by blyth

jampacted - Jammed and compacted.

e.g., We finally had to leave because it was gettin' jampacted.

submitted by Matthank

jampoo - One of many types of shampoo made from fruit extracts, fruit peels, or other organic ingredients.

e.g., I'm a Pert-kinda-guy. I don't like all that herbal jampoo crap.

submitted by Mounir Khoury

jamtart - To bail out or flake out of plans.

e.g., We asked you to come, but you jamtarted.

submitted by kiki - (www)

jander - A word used to refer to marijuana.

e.g., Let go smoke some jander.

submitted by Alain

jandle - To leave or finish with something, especially when your interest in the thing or peson has dwindled.

e.g., This party is getting boring, let's give it the jandle. That egg is rotten, you had bettter give it the jandle.

submitted by Damien - You have my blessings to spam this spammer.

submitted by Jane Gimbal - (www)

janglefish - Jangle = To listen to music online. Fish = To search. Janglefish = To search for music online.

e.g., Hey, do you think I can Janglefish for Elton John?

submitted by Tim Bell - (www)

janglefish, jinglefish - To surf the Internet for online music.

e.g., Do you janglefish? Get hooked up with janglefish.

submitted by Sandy Grace - (www)

janglefished - To burn out from excessive listening to online music.

e.g., After hours on Janglefish, I became Janglefished.

submitted by Rob Hawthorne - (www)

jangolapi - (Rhymes with song-guh-poppy; adj.) 1. Betting everything; 2. Putting it all on the line; 3. Going for broke; 4. "In for a penny, in for a pound"; 5. Absolutely committed; (v.) 5. Go for broke!; 6. Let it ride!; (n.) 7. A challenge to an all-or-nothing contest; 8. A 100% commitment; (interj.) 8. "All or nothing!" "Sydney or the bush!" (That last one's from Charles Schultz's Peanuts, back in ... what, 1968?).    [From Jan'ya gōlāpī, which, in Bengali (of all things), means "for pink," which itself evidently derives from the phrase "racing for pinks" ... a phrase just a bit before my time, that means wagering ownership of your car (automobile title deeds are pink) on the outcome of a drag race: the winner gets the loser's car.]

e.g., "The enemy's dug in, and, man for man, we're outnumbered. What do you think? Captain Fitz?"   "I vote attack, Colonel."   "Noted. Major Wolton?"   "I say go ... go."   "Good. Master-Sergeant Dyson?"   "Jangolapi, Sir."   "What? Master Sergeant? What?"   "Jangolapi ... all or nothing, Sir."   "Oh. Oh. Okay ... Good .... Just out of curiosity---"   "Bengali, Sir."    ----------------------------------   "You can't beat me."   "At Nintendo Duck-Hunt? Of course I can---When are you gonna stop living the lie?! I am king of the duck-hunters: il re dei cacciatori di anatre."   "Si, si: capisco ... eh! Jangolapi."   "Oh, you want a piece of me" "Bring it, pezzo!"  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

janicille? - Ann?

e.g., Anyone else?

submitted by October 21, 2013 vibrator e-mail

jank - Unlikely occurrence derived form incredible amounts of luck.

e.g., Hitting on a 19 to make 21 was pure jank.

submitted by Braden Box

jank - Uncool, lame.

e.g., My little brother really wanted a skateboard, but after he got one he said it was jank and boring.

submitted by Kaiden

jankety - Dilapidated or messed up.

e.g., My new coat got torn and muddy, and now it's all jankety.

submitted by posh

jankie - Something that is either put together very poorly and could fall apart at any time. Something that is a pile of junk

e.g., 1. Steve's car is jankie. 2. That house we went into is so jankie I could have cut my leg off just getting in the door. 3. That is one big jankie job you did on that bike you put together

submitted by tagline - (www)

jankout - To actively create trouble, turmoil, thoughtfulness, or depression.

e.g., The melancholy episode of _Dawson's Creek_ gave me a jankout.

submitted by TimX - (www)

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