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jackson - A twenty dollar bill.

e.g., Dave threw down a jackson, grabbed the beers and we were gone.

submitted by Nick Carlson

jackson juice - What Intensive Care Unit nurses now call the drug Propofol, the drug that killed Michael Jackson. Heard in October 2009 in the ICU at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK.

e.g., Would it be possible for you to turn off the Jackson Juice for a while to see if she recognizes my voice?

submitted by [Kathy]

jackson pollock - To vomit profusely -- due to the resemblance of vomit to the work of abstract artist Jackson Pollock.

e.g., I drank a fifth of tequila, and then Jackson Pollock'd all over the rug.

submitted by Joseph Dadey

jackson stalemate - When everyone at the table in a restaurant reaches into their wallets and only have $20 bills instead of smaller bills.

e.g., Every time Lisa and I go to the Market Diner, we always have a Jackson stalemate We have to flip a coin to decide who will go to the counter for change.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

jackson standoff - Variant of Jackson stalemate. While eating at a diner, no one at the table has anything smaller than a $20 bill, so someone has to go up to the counter for change.

e.g., Eating at Denny's a lot, I am quite used to the Jackson standoff, which we resolve by playing rock, paper, scissors.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

jackson-five - A u-turn.

e.g., Pull a jackson-five up here and then take a left.

submitted by koze

jacksons - Twenty dollar bills.

e.g., I paid for the clothes with some Jacksons.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

jactaid - Substance found crusted on one's lips upon awakening after a night of drooling.

e.g., He had so much jactaid on his face that morning, it looked as if a slug had slithered out of his mouth.

submitted by Someone

jacudi - Butt.

e.g., My jacudi doesn't fit in these pants.

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

jadoo - What did you do?

e.g., Jadoo last night?

submitted by Paul Leroux

jafo - Just Another Fucking Observer. Paramedic term for all those student ride-alongs who just want to watch.

e.g., Tom and Kurt couldn't figure out why the new JAFO kept showing up for their shift.

submitted by tom - (www)

jafro - A bleached and permed hairstyle worn by Japanese youth, usually surfers.

e.g., His Jafro is stylish.

submitted by mica

jagger - The prickly thorns on certain types of shrubbery

e.g., How many times have I told you to stay out of the jagger bushes because they tear your clothes.

submitted by cara

jagger - To throw a wild, flamboyant, violent-looking tantrum. Possibly while dancing. Refers to the dances steps. Example: The Rooster, that Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones used to do.

e.g., Paul: "Hey look at Albert over there on the dance floor." Rich: "Yeah, he is freakin' out Jagger-style."

submitted by natmac - (www)

jagkdlfish - [pronounced: JAHK-dul-fish] The middle row on a keyboard, also known as the home row. (Etymology: a rearrangement of the letters in the row.)

e.g., For people who are learning to touch-type, one of the first steps necessary is to memorize the positions of the letters on the jagkdlfish.

submitted by Mirakle B.

jagoonda - Extra large, extreme.

e.g., Chris was suffering a jagoonda hangover from the previous night's party.

submitted by Nick Marino - (www)

jailarity - The hilarious acts of a stupid criminal leading up this his or her arrest.

e.g., Man breaks into zoo in attempt to steal polar bear. Jailarity ensues.

submitted by Fzumrk

jaildate - A friendly get together.

e.g., A jaildate in the big house don't usually require no flowers.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

jairce - The smell of rain on the wind

e.g., You are to me jairce and the wind rising.

submitted by michael helsem

jake - To be used when you see a completely gorgeous guy. Comes from Molly Ringwald's be-all-end-all crush in Sixteen Candles.

e.g., He's the dreamiest thing I've ever seen. He's a Jake if ever there was one.

submitted by jen

jake - Completely and utterly boring or lame.

e.g., This movie's jake. Let's get out of here.

submitted by lllll

jake - Similar to "jock," but when a good friend is acting all tough and really isn't.

e.g., Dave's a good guy. Too bad he was acting all jake around Alex. Definitely ruined his chances with her. She gets more than enough of that crap from Chris.

submitted by Philly J

jake brake - emergency break on a car

e.g., You gonna pull the jake brake to stop us?

submitted by shaun

jaked - to be ripped off by someone without paybacks

e.g., That ho must have jaked my wallet while I was asleep!

submitted by Mills

jakelou - Female jackelope.

e.g., I saw a jakelou.

submitted by Collin 7th English

jakes - Police.

e.g., Watch out for the jakes.

submitted by shaina

jakey - To fix something in a lazy or sloppy manner, "rigging" something

e.g., Using duct tape combined with coat hangers to fix anything is extremely jakey

submitted by Steve G

jalapeno thing - An event that is a minor irritation. Referencing jalapeno as something mildly spicy that sometimes stings.

e.g., Susan complained about her late hours at work, but Lynn laughily replied, "You're wasting too much time on this subject; it's just a jalepeno thing."

submitted by Susan & Lynn

jalequin - Top-heavy or having a large "front end."

e.g., The Ford Mustang Cobra was rather jalequin. I was almost afraid it would tip over the edge of the cliff face first.

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

jalexy - In reference to a vast ammount of space.

e.g., Texas is one big jalexy.

submitted by jon

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