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juxteposejug - Holder of all things spun around.

e.g., With the environment by definition replaced, the juxteposejug was once again called upon to serve.

submitted by tcs

jyasman - Jyasman (pronunciation still undetermined). The nickname for Lost's character Desmond. It was created by accident by a member of the LOST MySpace group. Now, it's a part of the group's history.

e.g., Jyasman gets stuck pushing the buttons in the hatch.

submitted by Josie - (www)

jzeush - 1. To add style, improve, or to intensify. 2. To style or shape hair. Origin -- Probably a corruption of the Romani word zhouzho (clean or neat) found in Polari, a British slang created in or before the nineteenth century. Polari has regained limited popularity in the fashion subcultures. It has no formalised spellings. ALTERNATE SPELLINGS - zhush, joosh, zhuzh, zhoozh, zhoosh, tjuz

e.g., Lets jzeush up this meal.

submitted by ickle_o

j`ville - Jacksonville, Florida.

e.g., Where do I live? Oh, Ii just live down in J`ville--with my friends on the beach.

submitted by Justin M

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