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j - Marijuana cigarette, a joint.

e.g., "Paul Simon was the sort who would find himself underage in a funky bar and would step outside to smoke himself a j."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

j paul getty bird sanctuary - At his death, J Paul Getty, the richest American of his generation, funded a number of institutions, including the world famous Getty Art Museum.    Not as well known, is the vast and eclectic J Paul Getty Bird Sanctuary, established for the protection and preservation of endangered bird species, other wildlife, rare plants and threatened minorities.    Among his many duties, the Secretary of the Bird Sanctuary must meet annually, for a formal accounting, with the board of directors.   

e.g., Every January, the Secretary of the J Paul Gerry Bird Sanctuary is required to make a formal report to the board of directors. Last year was an especially busy one, and the Secretary was careful to list every event of consequence.    For example, a caustic substance had spilled and ruined the concrete floor in the Research lab located on the seventh floor of the Sanctuary tower. The solution was to deeply etch the flooring and apply a smooth, thick layer of a bonding material.    The animal activist group of Franciscan monks, headquartered on the grounds, reported that a band of wild animals they brought in from Africa in the early 1980s, had grown so well that they were taken off the endangered list.    The agricultural research team was successful in creating a a new hardy and bug resistant variety of green leaf tea bush called, Libra, after the astrological period in which it was developed.    The Sanctuary's Committee For The Welfare of Minorities finally decided to hire a professional director to head up an association formed to protect the habitat and rights of native pygmy tribes.    During the year, the Bird Sanctuary was forced to file a lawsuit against an overly aggressive competitor, in order to protect its patent on the frozen confection the Sanctuary makes and sells from rare, specially grown, organic wild grapes.    Based upon the findings of the scientists at Sanctuary's Weather Center, the Secretary would have to warn the directors of the consequences of global warming.    Here is an extract of his notes covering the events of the year:    1. Floor scored on 7  2. Years ago, our Fathers brought forth on this continent, a Gnu nation  3. Conceived a Libra tea  4. Dedicated a pro position for Small Men Are Created Equal (SMACE)  5. We are engaged in a grapesical war  6. Testing weather -- can this nation, or any other nation so conceived, long endure?    The list went on, but the activities will never be remembered as much as the Secretary, Abe Blinkin's, short, but moving, annual status report. It will be known, and loved forever, as the Getty's Bird Address.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

j slash k - When jokingly speaking you can use j slash k to tell the person you are kidding.

e.g., Your turn to pay. J slash k, Becky.

submitted by alex

j&j - (adj phrase, from "Jack and Jill") A man and a woman (or a boy and a girl) who are working together on a common project without romantic interest in one another (or, at least, ignoring or repressing any such interest).

e.g., "Jessie and Kyle are working late at the school again?!" "Yeah, seems like every day this month so far." "Are they ...involved?" "I don't think so, it's just J&J." "So what's the pail of water?" "Some big aerospace thing they're presenting to the Navy."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

j'cadian - A person of Jamaican descent born in Canada.

e.g., Lisa: Are you Jamaican? Fitzroy: No, I'm J'Cadian.

submitted by Donna Ruddock

j-dub - Commonly known as a Jehovah's Witness, a person who every three to six months will visit your front door to gain entry to bore you endlessly with some crap you generally don't care about. Easily dealt with at the door with an unrestrained, aggressive dog barking to keep you from hearing what she has to say. Also a friend or persons who are boring you by talking too much about pointless information.

e.g., The visiting lecturer, Chris, was a j-dub. I swear it; everyone kept falling asleep.

submitted by haggis

j-fer - Jerk. From a lame comeback I used once.

e.g., He just ran into me again. That's the third time today. He's a j-fer.

submitted by Amanda

j-lo - Butt.

e.g., I've got a huge J-Lo from eating all of these doughnuts.

submitted by MKO

j-pop, j-rock - Japanese pop, as in pop music. Japanese rock.

e.g., I like J-pop because you don't know what their saying.

submitted by Ian Faynik

j-provise - To make-up or improvise a concept from scratch, usually in a non-sequitur fashion.

e.g., I J-provised that new business pitch -- client loved it, and we begin work next week.

submitted by Dominic Tassone

j. labrador quincy - (n.) A generic high-class-sounding name used to describe someone "everyone should know"---generally actors, singers, sports figures, the wealthy, and other VIPs. [I'm not certain why they are IPs, let alone VIPs, nor has anybody ever explained to my satisfaction why "everyone should know" such people, especially since it is not THEM we ought to know, but society's perception of them... Odd, really, but there it is.]

e.g., If J. Labrador Quincy needs picture ID, something is definitely lacking in the staff---they need to start living in the same world with the rest of the sycophantic world.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

j.j. mctitty's - Referring to how a woman with large breasts got them.

e.g., She must have visited J.J. McTitty's. Her hooters are bloody huge.

submitted by Bryon - (www)

j/v - One who is not ready for a serious relationship. Think junior varsity, jv, not just visiting -- although that works, too.

e.g., Nate won't admit that we've ever been on a date. He's j/v.

submitted by Saree

jaag - False, counterfeit, inferior, untrue.

e.g., Go-Bots are like jaag Transformers.

submitted by John Reppion - (www)

jab - Just Another Body.

e.g., He loved his wife, but to her he was JAB to be used.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

jabartism - Exclamation of joy, referring to a good thing that has happened.

e.g., Jabartism, I just got promoted.

submitted by Rameses Niblick 111

jabba - A morbidly obese person who also possesses bad personal hygiene and an unpleasant personality. Found in large numbers at gaming conventions.

e.g., I had to sit next to a jabba the whole session. It was disturbing, very disturbing.

submitted by Name Withheld

jabbaent - Idle, inactive, lazy, slothful or sluggish. From Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars movie series.

e.g., That jabbaent six-year-old should do some work in the real world.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

jabbaist - Someone who has become one with the couch. From Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars movie series.

e.g., "Get off the couch and stop being such a jabbaist," yelled Chris's mother.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

jabber - To talk endlessly about nothing.

e.g., My mom came over last night and jabbered for about two hours.

submitted by John Carpenter

jabber walker - This word describes a person who is the human answer to the perpetual motion machine -- noted for continual activity, often aimless and full of nonsense but activated by the theory that you've got to be doing something at all times whether you know the purpose or not. Typically the jabber walker has one part that leads the way in activity, namely, the mouth, out of which proceeds a continuing stream of inanities and non sequiturs. The person has an underlying fear of shutting up and starting to think. After all, the head might implode when self-awareness sets in, as though the constant blather shores up the vacuum chamber that is the skull.

e.g., Uh oh, Hortense, heads up. The Jabber Walker cometh. She still doesn't realize that the rooms that she enters soon become as empty as her head. Let's suddenly remember an appointment somewhere else. Quick now before she corners us.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

jabbergator - Someone who navigates from the backseat, usually annoyingly.

e.g., Chris, quit jabbergating and let me drive.

submitted by Kevin - (www)

jabberwock syndrome - An almost pathological tendency to use made-up words in Scrabble.

e.g., "Zequox" on a triple word score is very impressive, but I suspect a case of Jabberwock Syndrome.

submitted by Gerard - (www)

jabergrosser box - Fewer cookies due to those plastic sheets with bumps on them in the box to make you think there are a lot more cookies in there.

e.g., I was gonna sit down in front of the TV and engorge myself on cookies, only to find it was a jabergrosser box.

submitted by homer j. flintstone

jabitzer™ - A pool (pocket billiards) term. The foul committed when the cue ball is struck twice. Specifically, when that first little touch is followed by a reflexive jab at the cue ball. You jab it; you "jabit." This is not a portmanteau word even though it carries two meanings. The stroke is a "jabitzer"; the cueist is also a "jabitzer." This invented word won a $25 prize for best new word of the week -- partly because its creator wrote, "I think it's a transitive verb." Didn't look like a verb to me. Also "jabiter" and "jabater." The verb can be backformed easily from the noun: to jabitz. "Jabitz," as determined by context, can be either a transitive verb or an intransitive verb. As an intransitive verb, the word means to foul by striking the cue ball twice or to hit or strike twice. The transitive verb requires an object, frequently "the cue ball." Additional content has been invisibled. (ED. Just noticed that this word (and several more) have been added to the UrbanDictionary. A shorter description and example were used, because much of the text here had been "invisibled" by using >!-- [text] --<. with the "<" and ">" reversed, of course. When UrbanDictionary: The Book comes out in a couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see how many words, descriptions, and definitions came from the PseudoDictionary. The Wayback Machine comes in handy for determining which came first in cases such as this. (The Wayback Machine has even been and accepted for evidentiary purposes in a United States court -- a civil suit. The case may have been appealed.) The version of this entry that is at Urbandictionary is the same as the one that was here as of January 24, 2002. A slightly different version is in The Slang Dictionary, which takes its content from this site. That appears to be the July 21, 2001, definition of the word -- probably my first entry to PseudoDictionary, about the time I became an editor. Other sites have reproduced the content of the PseudoDictionary, but seem to have no commercial intent. Such instances of copyright violation might be blown off as flattery -- but don't count on it. (October 20, 2005))

e.g., That was a jabitzer, DeWayne. Ball in hand. (foul) | You fouled because of your jabitzer -- you hit the cue ball twice. ("your jabitzer" = "your stroke") | That was a double hit, jabitzer. ("jabitzer" = shooter) | Be careful with any warmup strokes, DeWayne; otherwise, you may jabitz. You're less likely to foul by jabitzing if you make your bridge a little further back. | A batsman occasionally jabitzes in baseball. It doesn't happen that often, but it happens. Happens rarely in golf, too. Don't think I've ever seen a pro golfer do it, but I have done it myself. | Chris O didn't have to jabitz Chris T. Chris T stayed on the floor after the first blow, saying something like, "I'm not fighting you. You've got a black belt in karate."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

jabmoghfinckled - Bamboozled, hoodwinked.

e.g., If you think you are being jabmoghfinckled, let me assure you, you are not.

submitted by Webb Masten

jabnaas - Just A Blog, Not An Authoritative Source. Acts to remind both reader and blogger that life is sometimes too short to go rabbitting on needlessly about detail that no-one really needs.

e.g., I am not sure if this quartet counts as late or early Beethoven but, jabnaas, you can look it up if you really need to know.

submitted by Vogel von Neustadt - (www)

jabooblescube - A type of lolly that is both sugary and jelly-like at the same time. The word originated as an attempt to describe onomatopoeiacally their taste.

e.g., On the way to Sydney, can we stop at the corner shop and get some jabooblescubes? Can we, huh, can we? … Daddy?

submitted by richard - (www)

jabroney - A fool, someone who has done something extremely foolish.

e.g., Bert: Three times five is 15, not 20, jabroney. Ernie: I was using 7.5 as the radix.

submitted by Janey

jacentary - Just as "sedentary" comes from Latin word for "to sit," "jacentary" comes from the Latin word for "to lie down," taking the concept a step further.

e.g., She says she lives a sedentary lifestyle? Jacentary, I'd say.

submitted by Chibi - (www)

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