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ideoskeptic - One who is skeptical of all ideologies. One who is non-ideological. (Submitted from a screenname seen at Tracked to

e.g., His description of himself: "A former Belgian in his forties who studied in the States and is presently living in the Middle East. I used to be a leftist until quite thoroughly mugged by reality. I did not so much become a 'neoconservative' as an ideoskeptic by the experience. If label me you must, call me an 'engineerist' or a 'radical pragmatic centrist.' :-)"

submitted by HD Fowler

ideotsyncrany - The uncanny nature of stupid things happening simultaneously. {ED. Who am I to say how this pseudo-word should be spelled? It's not my neologism.}

e.g., The stupid acts of two people are bound to collide and form one spectacularly idiotic event, an ideotsyncrany.

submitted by James

ider - idea

e.g., i have no ider

submitted by Melissa

idgara - I Don't Give A Rat's Ass.

e.g., Friend is telling a pointless story. Your response: "You know what? IDGARA." (So much for that "friend.")

submitted by xgangstaxbuddiex

ididntmentadodat - The react after wrongfully deleting a program file or just before slamming the car door shut with your keys inside.

e.g., "Are you sure you want to delete?" (Yes.) Oops, Ididntmeanttododat.

submitted by Gregory Germany

idiocracy - The state of most businesses. |    A government, state, or bureaucratic union controlled, dominated, or led by abject idiots. |    Administration of a government chiefly through nonelected idiots. The idiots and their officials as a group: promised to reorganize the federal idiocracy. Management or administration marked by hierarchical idiots in numerous offices and by fixed stupid procedures: The ineffective administrative structure of a large or complex organization: a midlevel idiot in a corporate bureaucracy. An administrative system in which obsessive desire or inclination to follow completrely ludicrous, rigid and unnecessarily complex procedures impedes effective action: innovative ideas that get bogged down in red tape and idiocracy. |    A state in which  -- most people don't vote;  -- food stamp recipients purchase lottery tickets;  -- failure is not recognized in public education, but rather deferred until after graduation; and  -- charity is involuntary, unselective, and repressive and is extracted via the IRS.    In short, the populace is disenchanted and ambivalent and has forsaken its authority and self-interest to vacant land lards, petty LAN lords, and faceless trans-national transfat business entities. | What we'd have for sure if Joe Biden ever became POTUS.

e.g., That organization is run by top level idiots; it is an idiocracy. |    Subjugated by an idiocracy beyond her control, she tried in vain to find employment. |    She often complained about the Federal idiocracy's complete lack of effectiveness. |    Lamenting the sate of the disunion, he raised his glass and slurred a eulogy for the late, great, and last idiocracy.

submitted by Brenda Willenborg | Andrea Hackett | Ch

idiodidactiphone - "A foolish information provider on your telephone."

e.g., If your telephone etiquette -- or lack thereof -- involves being an idiodidactiphone, please mend your ways . . . you prolixety-split speedtalking prestodigitator.

submitted by [Steve] - (www)

idiodyssey - Initially a humorous mispronunciation of "idiocy'." The journey of a fool, soon to be parted from his or her money.

e.g., You bought your wife a Faberge Egg from a man in a trenchcoat? You certainly were on an idiodyssey that day!

submitted by Seam

idiofoolmorocretin - Someone so unremittingly stupid that given the choice between breathing in and breathing out her mind will explode. Also used to describe anyone attempting to read a computer manual.

e.g., You idiofoolmorocretin, there is no way that you can read that--for starters, it's upside down.

submitted by Fenix

idiom - Another way of saying, "They're stupid."

e.g., Q:"What do you think of politicians?" A:"Idiom."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

idiomatic - To respond to something automatically that shows you are an idiot.

e.g., Jumping off a bridge because all your friends do is idiomatic.

submitted by Craig Dodge

idiont - A person with poor spelling or written grammar skills (idiontic, idioncy)

e.g., Laurie is an idiont; she can't spell at all.

submitted by RJ

idiopath - Someone who is obsesively stupid.

e.g., Pauly Shore is an idiopath.

submitted by virgio

idiopocrite - An individual or group of people who demand respect -- yet in the very same moment label and criticize the individuality of another, ultimately insulting their own intelligence (or lack thereof).

e.g., Don't you just hate dealing with an idiopocrite? I've never understood how one could spout out so much self-righteous idiopocrisy, and remain fully unaware of how unintellectual they proved themselves to be

submitted by Amber H. & Sergio R. - (www)

idiosec - The brief moment of time when something that you want to prevent is happening, you realize it, but you don't have enough time to react.

e.g., In the idiosec as he gently closed the car door, locking his keys inside, he was able to release a quiet whimper.

submitted by Richard Alpert - (www)

idiosis - (id-ee-oh-sis; n.) 1. The quality or state of being an idiot; 2. The processes involved in the being or becoming an idiot; 3. Idiocy, viewed as a disease; 4. The gradual acceptance of a stupid idea by the members of a particular group (a mob, a class, a team, a socioeconomic group, a society, a civilization, vel cet.) [From IDIOT + -OSIS "state or quality."]

e.g., The world today suffers an epi---no, a pandemic of idiosis: we choose warfare over humanity, sullen acquiescence over active participation, rights over duties, and wants over needs. | "I believe we can solve the whole of our nation's budgetary woes by octupling the cost of postage stamps." "Stay back, everybody, I think it's a raging case of idiosis."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

idiosyncracy - Idiosyncrasy. A word I'm misspelled so many times I can't count 'em. The link to Google Books Ngram Viewer shows that both spellings were once used about equally.

e.g., For future reference -- an idiosyncracy of mine: If you "reply" to an e-mail I've sent, please don't use the Reply button. Use Forward instead: Forward includes the original e-mail in its entirety, including attachments and headers. That way I can strip off Fwd when I save your reply, overwriting the earlier version and saving the entire "conversation" in one file. This might not work well for people in business or government, but it serves my mundane purposes very well. Thanks for your consideration.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

idiosyncratic - When two or morons do things at the same time.

e.g., Those guys were so dumb they could make being idiosyncratic an olympic event.

submitted by Craig Dodge

idiot sandwich - a gathering or a meeting of fools sitting together having a stupid discussion

e.g., the meeting b/w the backstreet boys and n'sync turned out to be an idiot sandwich

submitted by Saurabh Chandrashekhar

idiotasy - In a state of being a complete idiot.

e.g., I won't sink to that Chris's level of idiotasy.

submitted by Cindi

idiotic - The part of the inner ear that prevents you from acting rationally.

e.g., John's idiotic had made a fool of him once again.

submitted by Craig Dodge

idioticness, idiotickness - A way of making someone feel better if she has done or said something stupid; akin to " Hey, nobody's perfect." The irony lies in the fact that you seem to criticize her, but you use a word that doesn't exist.

e.g., Friend: "Oops, I pulled on the door that says 'Push.'" You: "That was pure idioticness."

submitted by Kroz

idiotocracy - Literally, rule by idiots. Specifically, a society which proposes itself as being democratic yet submits to the apathy of the lowest common denominator and thus becomes ruled by either despotic, unintelligent, or otherwise incompetent beings. The United States since 1992 has approached an idiotocracy.

e.g., Having devolved into an idiotocracy, the United States finds itself on the brink of another social revolution.

submitted by adam jagiellowicz

idiotsyncrasy - That time when 2 or more people make the same mistake.

e.g., Approaching the entrance to the bank, in a moment of idiotsyncrasy, the two of them absently pushed on the door clearly marked "PULL."

submitted by ashsimmonds

idisilliot - A silly idiot

e.g., Chris is an idisilliot.

submitted by wackadoo

idjit - Used by Looney Tunes' Yosemite Sam. Usually said when in a frustrated state of mind.

e.g., You put regular bleach in with the colored clothes? You idjit.

submitted by T. - (www)

idk - I don't know

e.g., idk what your talking about.

submitted by Beowulf

idky - I don't know why

e.g., idky you did such a stupid thing.

submitted by Beowulf

idle-ville - A place where people go when they space out. Also used when someone on your buddy list is not responding or is classified as idle.

e.g., I see you finally got out of Idle-ville. It's been like 5 hours.

submitted by Scott

idleismically - To do something in an idle fashion.

e.g., He idleismically added a word or two to the pseudodictionary.

submitted by obscurity - (www)

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