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ickgusting - Like disgusting, but icky.

e.g., Dad, that port-o-potty was ickgusting.

submitted by Jim

ickle - Little. To be used when describing small, cute things.

e.g., Awww, look at the ickle kitten.

submitted by Thonoir

ickle - Little.

e.g., She couldn't reach the cookie jar because she was ickle.

submitted by Jenn Atkins

icktified - Icky, gross, yuck

e.g., This milk is old, it's icktified.

submitted by Tony

icky little smoke troll - A chain smoking, creepy, short individual -- a huge mistake of a date.

e.g., The icky little smoke troll seduced me with her sensual voice . . . but her callipygous appearance didn't hurt her chances in the slightest.

submitted by Voice_of_Reason

icky vicky - A babysitter from Hell, as it were, especially if teenaged, and notorious for being cruel, sadistic, and even heartless towards her charges to the point of hazing. (Dervied from the character on "The Fairly OddParents," a notoriously sadistic babysitter who has a foneness for tormenting Timmy Turner in the name of "love.")

e.g., Don't tell me you called Icky Vicky to babysit for me again. When will the torment end?

submitted by the daily phosdex - (www)

ickyboo - Square, unpleasant, revolting. 1960s UK slang, used in interviews by The Small Faces, who later went on to pen "Itchycoo Park."

e.g., The concert last night was ickyboo.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ickystickums - Icky and sticky.

e.g., Melting popsicles are all ... ah, ickystickums.

submitted by Magabrain

iconherent - A respected politician who won't change his political views no matter the music or who's doing the playing.

e.g., Senator Snort replied, "I know what you're trying to say but iconherent."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

iconoclantastic - Icon smashing fun. That is, you have a great time doing something that is iconoclastic or revolutionary.

e.g., Her idea for a foot race with no course is simply iconoclantastic.

submitted by futurebird - (www)

iconoclasp - The firm but friendly handshake of a movie star trying to get elected.

e.g., The actor's iconoclasp won him many votes despite his storied past.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

iconomize - Deleting unused icons from your desktop.

e.g., I iconomized my desktop as it had become cluttered with too many icons.

submitted by Mark Stephens

iconophagia - The practice of eating one's icons or totemic characters, especially lobsters.

e.g., We left Lobby outside the shellfish restaurent -- as a lobster, he wouldn't have wanted to witness the rampant iconophagia inside.

submitted by Lobby

iconophilist - A collector, designer, and lover of icons -- the computer variety. To be honest, the only icon I've designed is the one for the pseudodictionary.

e.g., Yes, not only am I a lexiconophilist, I'm also an iconophilist. Fortunately, icons are cheaper than dictionaries.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

icow - International Conspiracy Of Women.The hidden organization that facilitates transmission of female dogma and gossip.

e.g., He: "Krikes! You were only in the ladies room for five minutes. How do you know so much about her?" She: "ICOW."

submitted by Gregory Bloom

ictheologist - A student of religion who fishes for compliments; also, one whose beliefs are fishy.

e.g., The ictheologist believed strongly that God is a fish and expected to be lauded for so believing.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

ictnosis - Similar to zoonosis, ictnosis is any infectious disease that is able to be transmitted or applied (by a vector, media, or other form) from any information communication technology (software or hardware or resulting emissions including but not limited to audible and inaudible sounds, visible, infrared and other lights, radio or micro wave lengths. . . .) to a human.

e.g., The most recent case of ictnosis in Utopia involved a new strain of the worm X.w.21 which infected thousands of homes and appliances, reaching as far as 250 human cases and 3 fatalities.

submitted by Philippe VELTSOS - (www)

id (ten) t error - Most common computer error.

e.g., Oh, you have a "ID10T" error. (IDIOT)

submitted by stump_fungus

id 10 t - The category code for "Incedibly Stupid Question From User'

e.g., "'Hey I just had to go fix someones PC but he had just forgotten to turn the monitor on, what is the code for that?' 'Just put down ID10T.' Or maybe 'Het Tom we have an ID 10 T on line 3."

submitted by Robin Hart-Jones

id poor - Lacking proper documentation. Associated with illegal alien status.

e.g., The whole van full of people who had crossed the border from Mexico were id poor.

submitted by Michael Hutchinson

id ten t - Common term describing one who repeatedly forgets his password.

e.g., Computer help desk to caller: "Okay then, I'll reset your password to ID TEN T. Be sure to write it down so you can remember it -- ID10T."

submitted by DSW

id-10-t error - Used when describing an unkonown user error.

e.g., "You seem to be having an ID-10-T error," said the help desk to the end user.

submitted by Jester101

id10t error - Pronounced "eye dee ten tee." A common computer error caused when the user has no idea what he's doing.

e.g., She mistyped her password and claimed the computer wouldn't take it. It was an ID10T error.

submitted by Tim

idea hamster - A person who always appears to have her idea generators running.

e.g., The new temp is so eager to please she's become an idea hamster.

submitted by Drew T.

idear - Commonly referred to as an idea of lesser extent.

e.g., What's the big idear?

submitted by Zachary D Manprin

identifiction - 1. False identity, fictional identity. 2. Same as phonynym. I'm sure it isn't original, but I've never seen it before.

e.g., Not only do I never give out my Social Security Number except as required by law, I've been known to use an identifiction.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

identocracy - A political system in which identity is the primary criterion

e.g., The final stage of the former United States of America was its fracturing into Identocracy.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

ideocentric - Belief that one's one ideas are superior to others' ideas.

e.g., If one is too ideocentric and does not explore the merits of her opponents' ideas merely because she believes her own idea is superior, she is destined to walk away from disagreements having learned little.

submitted by Ethan Stone

ideolectical - An adjective that can be utilized to describe a word, phrase, or other part of one's vocabulary that is characteristic of that person's language usage, and is thus part of her ideolect. Also used to describe the usage of the item or items.

e.g., Rove's repetitive and ideolectical usage of the ideolectical phrase "What the...?" has become renowned among Australian television watchers.

submitted by Genevieve Williamson

ideologicalize - To turn any and every argument into an ideological issue.

e.g., His tendency to ideologicalize even mundane discussions has cost him many friends.

submitted by Vidyalankar

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