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iatriolatry - (ee-yeah-tree-ALL-uh-tree, YEAH-tree-oh-LAT-ree, or yuh-TRY-oh-lat-ree; n.) The improper veneration (anything from overzealous admiration to wildly fanatic jingoism) of the medical profession and its constituent members. [As opposed to iatriophily yeah-tree-OFF-ill-lee (q.v.)][From the Greek iatrikos "of or pertaining to a physician" + latria "worship."]

e.g., Justice Blackmun's opinion in Roe v. Wade smacks of iatriolatry, the way he defers to medical opinions as if they were holy writ.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

iatriophily - (yeah-tree-OFF-ill-lee; n.) 1. Delight in the healing arts; 2. A love of the medical disciplines. [From Greek iatrikos "of or pertaining to physicians" + philia "love, devotion."] Iatriophile: a believer in iatriophily.

e.g., "You think Brenda will go into medicine and not into politics?" "Talk to the girl: she loves medicine ... talks about it all day long. She's a iatriophile---big time."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

iatroplastic - From iatro = physician + plastic = formed, molded. (Unintentionally) shaped by a physician's care; as opposed to iatrogenic = caused by a physician.

e.g., Because a doctor's interests influence the patient's symptoms, hysteria is an iatroplastic disorder.

submitted by James Morrison

ib - A sort of keyboarding spoonerism for "on."

e.g., I prefer mayonnaise ib my sandwiches.

submitted by HD Fowler

ibiik - I'm buggered if I know!

e.g., Where's the TV remote? IBIIK

submitted by V - (www)

ibizarific - Something you might expect to see or hear in Ibiza to mean good or great.

e.g., Gosh, this music is Ibizarific.

submitted by Laura

ibnus - A deep seated desire or inward part inclining a person to submit absurd words to an online database of such.

e.g., "Hey, where's Steve?" "Where do you think?, parked if front of the computer again . . . his ibnus is still giving him trouble."

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

ibs - Internet Bitch Slap (currently in v1.1.) -- used when someone only reachable electronically needs a bitch slap.

e.g., I just had to IBS a client. I didn't know they grew people that stupid.

submitted by Anne

ibu - Itty Bitty Unit. First used by Ms. Pigorsh on her honeymoon with Tom.

e.g., Tom's IBU is an embarrassment whenever he is in the gym locker room with Boy George.

submitted by D Tolbert

icarophobia - Fear of spaceflight or space. A form of agoraphobia first identified by Dr. Yevgueni Sheindlin and recognized in 1975 in The Congress for Space Medicine (Los Angeles, USA) by both NASA and Glavkosmos. | Fear of flying too close to the sun and falling into it.

e.g., No, thank you, I'll take a pass on that particular space flight -- because of my icarophobia. Who thought that was a good idea?

submitted by Bruno Teixidor - (www)

icd - Inadvertent Crash Disaster. The linking of a website on a weak server by a wildly popular one, causing catastrophic traffic overflows and crashes for the weaker server.

e.g., is single-handedly responsible for 11 ICDs this month.

submitted by Whit

ice - Expensive jewelry -- most often diamonds.

e.g., Did you see my girl flaunting the ice I gave her?

submitted by alexandra - (www)

ice - To kill.

e.g., Mookie just iced Clumsy McNothumbs.

submitted by zak

ice box - Before they had electric refrigerators, people used the simple ice box. There was a compartment just the right size for a standard block of ice, and a rather small section where you could store foods to be refrigerated.

e.g., Periodically, regularly, the ice man came around a delivered a fresh block of ice and put it in your ice box. The interesting thing is that for quite a while after getting an electric refrigerator, people would often still refer to the refrigerator as "the ice box."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ice feathers - Leftover bits of concentrate from a frozen drink mix, oftentimes confused with pulp.

e.g., This orange juice has so many ice feathers, you'd think it was a Margarita.

submitted by Krud

ice phantom - When a hockey players looks really great on the ice during a game, but does not appear attractive at all in person.

e.g., I was excited to meet #22 -- until I discovered he was nothing but an ice phantom.

submitted by Adrienne

ice puddle - A patch of ice that is half frozen and yet half a puddle of water.

e.g., Watch out for that ice puddle.

submitted by Addie Myer

ice wrench - One who ignores all fire alarms, be they drills or no, sometimes extending into direct denial of danger.

e.g., Joey was the biggest ice wrench in school. Every fire drill him and some of his friends would play poker in the library. He's in Ward C of the burns unit if you want to go visit him.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

ice-a-lanche - The annoying clump of crushed ice that accumulates at the bottom of a glass or paper cup which, when tilted and tapped on the bottom, inevitably drops onto your face, down your sweater, into your crotch, etc. -- generally refreshing parts that didn't necessarily need to be refreshed.

e.g., Ice-a-lanches are frequently known to occur in crowded movie theaters and finer dining establishments.

submitted by julian

iceberger - A person who melts away the perplexing questions surrounding large floating bodies of solid dihydrogen monoxide.

e.g., Andy Bliss is a world renowned expert on ice and has been given the title The Imperial Iceberginator by his fellow Icebergers during long summer evenings on the Taylor Glacier.

submitted by J.B.

iceburg - Iceberg. With the suffix burg being far commoner in English than berg, why not have iceburg as an official alternative spelling?

e.g., More and larger iceburgs farther north than usual will be used by both sides of global warming as evidence for their positions. Ain't it wunnerful what you can get away with when you rely on manipulated data and models rather than observations and real scientific evidence?

submitted by HD Fowler

icecube iq - An IQ not greater than the temperature of ice cubes (32 degrees F).

e.g., You think Gary Condit must have an icecube IQ? How about the people he represents?

submitted by Wayne Hagood

iced out - To be wearing diamonds set in platinum.

e.g., That pimp is iced out.

submitted by zak

icefreezey - The brain pain (or freeze) you get from eating ice cream too fast. Icefreezy.

e.g., I got an icefreezey after I ate the ice cream too fast.

submitted by Raina

icehouse - An alternative word for "cool" or "interesting," invented by the people at VH.

e.g., I heard this song the other day that I thought you might enjoy. It was icehouse.

submitted by Mischa - (www)

iceman - Friend who has nerves of steel.

e.g., The iceman over here didn't even flinch when I threw it at him.

submitted by Quigs

icerage - The anger you feel when your kids put an empty ice cube tray back into the freezer.

e.g., I flew into an icerage when I found the empty tray.

submitted by Mark C

ichi hato - (Japanese "one heart"; adv. & interj.) A phrasal metaphor meaning approximately "And now the battle is real," or "This is your last chance." Sometimes also used to mean "watch out!" [From the video-games convention of showing a player's "lives" or chances as red "hearts" which are lost one by one each time the player "dies" or "gets killed" (i.e., fails to reach the objective). In reality, of course, soldier and civilian have only one heart -- lose that one and the game is over. Thus, when the player of the game is reduced to one heart, the battle becomes "real" in the sense that there is in reality only one life to lose.] Oh, and "hato" (from English "heart") refers specifically to video game hearts; the Japanese word for the blood-pumping organ is called "shinzo."

e.g., Today, you're really in court, before a real judge. This isn't law school: Ichi hato.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ichiban - A terrific name for a soothing Japanese skin ointment.

e.g., I couldn't stop scratching until my wife applied the Ichiban.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

icium - A substance or act that is extremely cold. From "ice" + "-ium," the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.

e.g., Ice cream is best served in a manner similar to icium.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

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