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halfro - An afro that covers only half the head.

e.g., Last night we shaved Michael's head, so he only has a halfro.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

halftrack hour - One and a half hours. [ < Pol. < pó³tora one and a half, lit. one half of a track.]

e.g., I'll call you in a halftrack hour.

submitted by Sammers

halfway to assville - The middle of nowhere. Coined in an attempt to replace "BFE," which doesn't make any sense to me.

e.g., Joe: Where's this party? Ed: It's halfway to assville -- like 45 minutes away.

submitted by Zack Johnson - (www)

halfwitticisms - Word puns and usages that only one person finds at all amusing--namely, the person who said them.

e.g., She giggles a lot when she talks. She thinks she's so clever with all her halfwitticisms.

submitted by Geo - (www)

halitogenesis - The spontaneous generation of life in a mouth so dank with offensive odor and rotting food particles and teeth that new species erupt to try to balance the scales.

e.g., Have mercy did you hear and taste the halitogenesis in the mouth of that guy three seats behind us?

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

hall accost - The time when, alone in a school corridor, you meet up with the gang of class bullies who have been out looking for you.

e.g., Oh, no! I'm hurrying through the hall to fifth period class and there stands the Gowarski twins and their stooges, Chico, Tojo and Ganja! And I had the stupid bad luck to laugh out loud when in the lunch room today, Peanut Burns asked the Gowarskis if their older sister isn't really a guy because of the bushy, black mustache under her nose! No one's around and it's too late to run. Jesus, Mary and Joseph -- here comes the hall accost!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

hallmark tongue - Sentimental mush spoken in an attempt to score points; romantic nonsense.

e.g., That fellow just told me my eyes were as blue as the Mediterranean Sea. Bleech! Hallmark tongue.

submitted by nitag - (www)

hallow-trific - A corny Halloween.

e.g., Yea, everyone had a hallow-trific time.

submitted by ~andrea~

halloweenaholic - One who is addicted to the Halloween holiday.

e.g., Vicky is the most complete Halloweenaholic I've run across.

submitted by Emma

halloweenist - A person who knows everything about Halloween.

e.g., He goes all out this time of year because he's a halloweenist.

submitted by Joey Page

hallucidate - To explain that the word just used is not really rude and was in fact used in valid context.

e.g., "'Hallux' is not rude at all," said Colin. "It's the medical name for the big toe," he hallucidated.

submitted by Colin Taffel

hallucigenetic - A transcendental vision experienced by countless humans over the millennia, so powerful it becomes an archetype. As a part of the collective unconscious, a hallucigenetic concept gains its own power through ritual reinforcement--becoming more than the sum of its parts and a direct causal factor in evolving consciousness.

e.g., An out-of-body experience can be defined as hallucigenetic-- the white light ideal permeates successive visions and defines the experience for latter visionaries.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

halubrious - Very funny or comedic; hilarious.

e.g., The show on Comedy Cental was really halubrious and made me laugh.

submitted by Jamie Woodruff

ham and egger - No one special. Just a regular person.

e.g., Do you know who I am? I'm no ham and egger that you can just push around.

submitted by Bud

ham sammich - Sandwich, not necessarily made with ham.

e.g., I want chunky peanut butter and grape jelly on my ham sammich.

submitted by irot - (www)

ham sammich - To be used when you see an attractive, desirable person.

e.g., Joe, look at her. Ham sammich.

submitted by Colin Eric Johnson

hamanesia - A form of forgetfulness or loss of memory of wrongdoing conveniently practiced by fanatical manics controlled by a radical, hostile, and dangerous illogical primitive ideology

e.g., Hamanesia removes all likelihood of feelings of guilt or caring or concern. If you're totally unaware of the wrong you may be doing, then you're free to harm and hurt and kill perhaps anyone designated as a suitable target for violence or cruel and evil treatment.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

hamburglar - Like "ham actor," a criminal whose blinding ineptitude and faux pas during escapades see him relating them either with Shakespearean bluff in the law courts or with ludicrous exaggeration in the saloon every Sunday afternoon.

e.g., You see before you a man who likes to play the mobster or professional con, but as we have demonstrated, he is a mere hamburglar.

submitted by Lisa Scullard

hamelaphone - Based on the word "phonics" and mixed with the Arabic word for "more then one," "hamelle." The 22nd Vice President, Mike Wagner, was noted for using this word to show affection for people who pluralize almost everything.

e.g., Bob says, "Oh, I's loves that goods stuffs!" VP Wagner says, "Hamelaphone."

submitted by trevor A

hamlet - Boring.

e.g., This party is hamlet; there's nothing to do.

submitted by Annierose - (www)

hammer - Used in certain pockets of the stand-up comedy subculture. Can refer to a comic or joke that is particularly good or clever. The highest praise one can provide to or about a comic.

e.g., "Bill Hicks was the all-time hammer. Nobody is even close to that guy." OR "That joke of yours about Herman Melville and Melrose Place is a hammer."

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

hammer - Ham or another type of meat?

e.g., Would you like hammer turkey?

submitted by Phil

hammer of the gods - The TV remote control. Also just "the hammer."

e.g., Pass me the hammer. I wanta' watch somethin' else.

submitted by robert chacko

hammer-lane - The passing lane on a multi-lane highway.

e.g., We've got 8 minutes until the movie starts. Move it into the hammer-lane.

submitted by Jesse

hammer-lane barnacle - A person or vehicle that cruises in the passing lane, without actually passing anybody.

e.g., Sorry I'm late, I got stuck behind a hammer-lane barnacle all the way from the airport.

submitted by Jesse

hammercane - To smash something with tremendous force.

e.g., The car hammercaned into the oncoming truck, exploding in a ball of flame.

submitted by Steve J Hanning

hammerdin - A paladin who particularly uses oncentration combined with the holy hammers skill.

e.g., Jest_Not is a paladin, albeit a weak one. He was once a hammerdin.

submitted by David L

hammerific - An adjective to be used when the word "terrific" is just not strong enough.

e.g., Tobey Maguire's performance in Spider Man was hammerific.

submitted by Angela Montgrand

hamper ionization - The unearthly mechanism by which clothes become "clean" the longer they spend in one's hamper

e.g., Mark pulled his favorite baseball shirt from the hamper and sniffed at it. Deciding it was "clean" he pulled it on over his head and went on his way. That's the power of Hamper Ionization.

submitted by Matt - (www)

hamscram - Kind of like an omelet, but more like a pile of scrambled eggs and ham and cheese. Used to accompany a glass of liquid sunshine when you need to cure a hangover.

e.g., After Jeremy got his glass of liquid sushine, he went to the cook and ordered a hamscram to cure his hangover.

submitted by aaron

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