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hadithi - (Pronounced to rhyme with bah-KEY-see (the 'th' is pronounced as in ethics, not as in either); n.) 1. The realization that , at a certain level, people are all the same---in their needs, their wants, their hopes, their fears, their dreams---notwithstanding their various ethnicities or allegiances---or the arbitrary labels they may wear (whether by force or by preference); 2. Rejection of the labels we use to separate ourselves from one another, so as to see through the rampant isism (q.v.) in the world; 3. Any song, poem, story, or whatever, that embraces the notion that our similarities are greater (and more important) than our differences---that diversity is to be appreciated, but Hadithi is to be practiced. [Hadithi "myth" is short for "Hadithi ya alama za vidole," the Swahili translation of "the Myth of Fingerprints," alluding to the song (and its message) on Paul Simon's "Graceland" album.]

e.g., Once you achieve Hadithi, which the Buddhists of old called (and still call) bodhicitta, you begin to see_people_rather than pigeonholes, hearts rather than hues, and need rather than nation. [I've always enjoyed alliteration.] Some hadithi songs I've heard: "Everyday People" from Sly & the Family Stone album "Stand!" (1968), "Russians" from Sting's album "the Dream of the Blue Turtles" (1985), "Ebony and Ivory" from Paul McCartney's album "Tug of War" (1982), "Black or White" from Michael Jackson's album "Dangerous" (1992). NOTE: The Graceland album includes a number of pieces accompanied by the Zulu group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, although "Myth of Fingerprints" is not among them. Nevertheless, I thought originally to give the Zulu word for "fingerprints." The complete absence of a halfway decent online Zulu dictionary of forensic terms (like "fingerprint") made this impossible (I have a print dictionary, but it is limited to only about 400 words in my Zulu self-study book (which is behind Swahili and Japanese and Chinese and Hebrew and Arabic and so on)---typical me). I did, however find the beautiful Zulu term INGANEKWANE, which means, more or less, "myth, legend, fable" just as Hadithi does.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

haeious - Hay-ows. Similar to heinous except haeious is worse, and more disturbing. It uses all five vowels in alphabetical order.

e.g., The smell emanating from the pig pen was, to say the least, haeious.

submitted by Lachie - (www)

hafferduddle - A Cumbrian (NW England: Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for the daffodil. Interestingly enough there are some scholars who are of the opinion that this is the word that William Wordsworth would have used in his famous poem. It is even speculated by some academic authorities that it was his good friend and fellow poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (a man of Devonshire) who persuaded him not to use the word. This may be a shame as the word would almost certainly have been in much wider use today. As it is, usage is largely restricted to the area around Ambleside and Keswick.

e.g., I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden hafferduddle.

submitted by David Ford - (www)

haffin - To divide something in haff.

e.g., Will you haffin that peice of gum wit me?

submitted by Kevin

haffled - A particularly baffling hair experience, or appearance.

e.g., That northwesterly wind has left me severely haffled.

submitted by Jenne - (www)

hafiz - An ancient Persian carbonated beverage, also used as a bath water.

e.g., Much of the sparkle in life comes from immersing oneself in Hafiz.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

haft - One of two evenly-divided portions (Appalachia).

e.g., You ain't seed the haft of it.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

haggard-fat - Haggard AND fat, used to describe someone undesirable.

e.g., She's haggard-fat. Why do you date her? You must have low self-esteem.

submitted by Die Hard Jon MClain

haggardous - Haggard.

e.g., That's haggardous! Stay away from it.

submitted by jeff - (www)

haggardy - Someone who dates only haggard women.

e.g., "Have you met Tim?" "No, but I heard he was a haggardy."

submitted by Die Hard Jon MClain

haggin' - Power nagging; getting on one's nerves with incessant urging.

e.g., After a month, when Bob still wasn't sure about getting the tattoo she picked out, Brenda really started haggin' him.

submitted by David Wilson

haggle - To rip or tear something by being overly aggresive or anxious.

e.g., Stop haggling the bread and get a sharper knife.

submitted by Rob - (www)

haggleable - Negotiable (especially as to price).

e.g., The sticker price is $31,078.22 but because they have so many of that model on the lot, it should be very haggleable.

submitted by Larry Miller

hagglefroth - A small hairless animal, resembling a rabbit. Lives in snow.

e.g., How can that hagglefroth survive with no fur?

submitted by George L.

haggling, hagglin' - Disgusting or unattractive.

e.g., Chris got himself a hagglin' new lady friend. Good match.

submitted by dekoi

haggus - Extremely ugly, dirt ugly.

e.g., The clerk at the checkout was pure haggus.

submitted by Alex Edney

hagiophagia - An unnatural, excessive desire to eat a saint.

e.g., Even from the far end of the long dinner table in that parallel astral realm, the beautiful St. Cindi could feel the hagiophagia rising up inside the Big Super Deity, and she was very tense. "Don't worry," He or She chuckled, noting it but not stopping the spinning whetstone which sang against knife and fork. "It's only a metaphor."

submitted by adam thorsell

hagmot - To make up words. In Spanish, "haga" means "make"; and in French, "mot" means "word."

e.g., He hagmotted so he would sound professional.

submitted by andrew

hags - Noun, abbreviation (to be taken seriously) - Stands for "Have A Great Summer." Often used by high school students at the end of a school year while signing yearbooks. This is sometimes accompanied by the joking abbreviation BAGS, which stands for "Buy A Giraffe." (No one knows what the "S" in BAGS is supposed to stand for.) | Lower-cased, hags: gross, nasty.

e.g., This year was awesome! Take care! I'll see you next year, and be sure to HAGS! | "See that woman over there -- the one with the moles all over her face and the hair on her back? Pretty hags, isn't she? Especially with the hairs coming through the moles on her back." "Don't recognize her do you? That's Lillith, Editrix Extraordinaire for the PseudoDictionary."

submitted by Trahvagen | meredith abbott

hahammmm - A laugh of confusion made by combining "haha" and "hmmmm." Note: when writing "hahammmm" out, at least four m's are required.

e.g., "I was munching up some Christmas lights with the wuzza-wozzi putty, and I turned to a traysnapper and said, 'My tummy is a breast.'" "Hahammmm?"

submitted by Austin Gross - (www)

hai - Yes. From Japanese. Used to answer affirmatively.

e.g., "You coming by later?" "Hai."

submitted by Rich

haikuic license - Breaking away from the 5-7-5 syllable rule if you have a great haiku.

e.g., Hit the send button at before counting my syllables, but I have a haikuic license.

submitted by onjaysun

haint - haven't

e.g., I haint been to Chicago

submitted by Nathan Powell

haipoo - A haiku (5-7-5 syllable poem) created during private bathroom time, or about private bathroom time.

e.g., Your haipoo was very touching.

submitted by Wally - (www)

hair band - Any of the short lived heavy-metal bands of the 1980's.

e.g., Poison is a perfect example of a hair band.

submitted by Stephen Mize

hair brain - Crazy.

e.g., I was was fed nothing but hair brain ideas my whole life.

submitted by spinner the clown

hair halo - When your hair is very slightly fuzzy and goes around your face so you look like you have a halo when the sun shines on it. Especially used with golden blonde straighter-haired people and in a complimentary way. Usually, if you have fuzzy beauty you also have a hair halo.

e.g., Look at the blonde with the hair halo. She's a goddess.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

hair helmet - A hairstyle that resembles a helmet because of the way the hair lays on the head. Can apply to either a man or a woman.

e.g., When Coach Bodkins dyed his hair flaming orange, it only accentuated the hair helmet thing he already had.

submitted by Hair Helmet

hair shawl - A thick pattern of hair across only the upper chest and shoulders of a man. The hair pattern resembles a man wearing a shawl.

e.g., Chris must stay warm due to his nice hair shawl--except that he's bald.

submitted by Erika Baum

hair-trigger ready to pop - 1. MORE than ready to go. 2. Stated in the heat of an excited situation, but not always.

e.g., Ronnie: So, is everybody ready to go to the circus today? Gerald: We've been building this up for two weeks. I don't know about everybody else, but I'm hair-trigger ready to pop.

submitted by SamL.

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