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hystericalectomy - An operation, usually performed on women of a certain age and above, to remove their sense of humour.

e.g., Well, I've been moving stuff around in my mum's house, to make her think she's losing it. Anyway, she caught me and blew her stack. It's as if she's had a hystericalectomy or something.

submitted by fierysurprise

hystioblogination - The act of trying to identify a gift by putting it next to your ear and shaking it.

e.g., Last Christmas, I used the act of hystioblogination to find out what my parents gave me before opening it.

submitted by Erika

hyundai - From the Hyundai advert. "All day every day, Hyundai." For something, anything, you do a lot -- frequently or continually.

e.g., "You watch alot of TV, Billy Bob." Hyundai.

submitted by bob

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