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h - it's hard to get people's attention if you write more than 140-characters

e.g., it's hard to get people's attention if you write more than 140-characters

submitted by h

h ex it - The act of muttering a final expletive when leaving a particularly frustrating event.

e.g., The farmer looked down at the cracks in his gnarly, old hands. This was the third time he had been sent to the back of the line for either not having the right form or for filling in the wrong information. He had driven in 40 miles to the DMV office this afternoon, having forgotten all about his driver's license until Cindy, his wife, reminded him that today was the last day to renew the registration and it was too late to do so by mail. "May I have your attention, please?" the stern faced woman in the sunflower dress behind the counter announced to the crowd. "Your local DMV office is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is presently 5:05 p.m. This facility is now closed until tomorrow morning." "Gosh DURN it!" said the farmer as he turned to h ex it out the door.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

h to the izzo - Translates into "head out." Meaning "llet's go."

e.g., Let's h to the izzo, this party is terrible.

submitted by Tiffany

h&h - (adj phrase) Abbreviation for "head over heals," an older term (you young'ns might say) for "deeply in love" or "intensely infatuated."

e.g., "Where's Jack?" "He's off with Tali, again." "H&H?" "Yeah ... it's embarrassing sometimes."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

h' - prefix to any name which begins with a vowel.

e.g., What up h'Allan? Have you seen h'Erin?

submitted by Killian B

h-bomb - Utterance of "my husband" by a woman that had been mistaken to be single, such as one who does not wear a wedding ring.

e.g., I asked my favorite cashier how her weekend went, and she dropped the H-bomb on me!

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

h-e-double hockey stick - Used in situations where "hell" is unsuitable.

e.g., Brian: What the hell was that? Teacher: What did you say? Brian: What the h-e-double hockey stick was that?

submitted by rainbow

h-whiner - (n.) A person who is excessively preoccupied about the H1N1 (swine flu) virus and its global effects, or fears he/she is inevitably going to get it. (Etymology: H-whine, a near homonym for H1, from H1N1.)

e.g., You're such an H-whiner, Tucker. Every day since you got home from work it's been all "swine flu" this and "swine flu" that. Just go buy the vaccine.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

h3o - Describes tap water that is just barely drinkable, due to cloudiness or poor taste.

e.g., Bob, if you're thirsty, help yourself to a bottle of water from the fridge. The stuff that comes out of the tap is more like h3o.

submitted by Wayne CC

h4xx0r - Common among "hackers," meaning exactly that. Used so that people who don't speak "leet" will not understand that you are talking about something illegal.

e.g., I Pwn you all, im aleet (1337) h4xx0r

submitted by MrEx chrish.nosh - [pron. hod-ay krish-nosh] An expression of gratitude over a bite of kosher Hindu holiday food.

e.g., Chrish.nosh, Chrish.nosh, the more I eat the more I feel closer to a god.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

haanh - A changing of a relaxed, calm, and good mood to frustrated and irritable by someone who is already haanh (the n in the word is only inflected, not pronounced). Also the step before becoming whaaah.

e.g., I was all right that the officer pulled me over for speeding. I just wish he wasn't so haanh -- it rubbed off on me.

submitted by trey davis

hab - (v.intr.) 1. to train; work as an apprentice or intern; or otherwise acquire an art, skill, or discipline. ( 2. to teach or train (someone) in a particular art, skill, or discipline. (Back Formation from "rehab," which means "train for a new job or skill," or to "relearn" a lost skill or practice.)

e.g., "So where'd you learn your gun repair?" "Oh, I habbed in the Guard and then worked at a shop in Wisconsin." | "I was a composition teacher: I have habbed thousands of students the craft of writing."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

habinar - Cool, awesome.

e.g., That was a habinar game.

submitted by Brandon

habitat - The irresistable compulsion to crochet. Ex: My habitat is a blessing for making doileys for Xmas.

e.g., My habitat is a blessing for making Xmas presents.

submitted by HSW

habitual aspect - (n.) a verbal aspect (as opposed to a tense) which means that a particular action occurs (or occurred) regularly. Oddly, perhaps, this appears to be the default interpretation of English verbs appearing by themselves without aspectual markers, such as "have" or "be -ing." So, for instance, nobody answers "what are you doing?" with "I eat." Everyone (who speaks English natively) says "I am eating" because that means "at present." Saying "I eat" (generally) means "I eat every day, or whenever noon rolls around, or when I'm nervous" or something. I have labelled this the habitual aspect, as opposed to the perfect or progressive (or aorist) aspects. (This becomes rather complicated in the preterit, but the explanation is rather complicated and certainly too big for entry here.)

e.g., perfect aspect: we have eaten [already].  progressive aspect: we are eating [right now].  habitual aspect: we eat [as a general rule]. 

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

hac - Have a Cow : to be overzealous

e.g., Geesh! Hac!

submitted by Debbie

hachijuhachi - Rice. From the Japanese word for eighty-eight, the origin for the character "gohan." Japanese for "rice."

e.g., Pass the bowl of hachijuhachi, please.

submitted by Jeff

hack - To "borrow" something that you have no intention on paying back.

e.g., Lemme hack a cigarette from ya.

submitted by shane crawford

hack - Used in the subculture of stand-up comedy to describe a person whose routine is a pastiche of tired cliches, trite material, easy punchlines, or common topics. In addition, any comic who uses props, does a Jack Nicholson impersonation, engages in magic or hypnotism or ever uses the phrase "Have you seen these people?"

e.g., Carrot Top is the ultimate hack.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

hack - 1. Verb. To exhibit behavior or utter concepts considered inferior, ludicrous, ignorant, inapplicable, or otherwise unacceptable to the observer. 2. Noun. Hack, hacker. One who exhibits behavior or utters concepts considered inferior, ludicrous, ignorant, inapplicable, or otherwise unacceptable to the observer.

e.g., 1. Marky, don't hack. 2. My boss would be more aware of our clients' needs if she weren't such a hack.

submitted by Jeffrey Schuhmacher

hack back - To bring something up then to bring it back down.

e.g., Pastey had to hack back her liver in order not to see the regurgitated mess.

submitted by Allison Finch

hack up hairballs - Less polite way to say "productive cough."

e.g., Please get me some cough syrup so I don't hack up hairballs all day.

submitted by Syl Lindsay

hackel - To cough and hack to an excess with a deep throatiness echoing the sound of phlegm rattling in the lungs.

e.g., Merv's hackeling leaves me anticipating pieces of lung flying from his mouth every time he does it.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

hackenkracks - Noun/ The sound made,& convulsions produced, by a cat trying to cough up a hairball.

e.g., Kitty is sure having a rough time with them hacken- kracks today.

submitted by steve

hacker - One who hacks; a person who performs her tasks with poor quality results.

e.g., Look at Steve's roofing job. It's a terrible wreck, a mess performed by the ultimate hacker.

submitted by nanodroid

hacker - A woman of paricular ugliness. If you wake up the next morning with her still asleep on your arm, you would rather hack your own arm off than disturb her. Double Hacker: You hack the other arm off, just in case she comes looking for a one-armed man. (ED. Hmmm, I'm curious. Just how would a one-armed man go about hacking his arm off?)

e.g., Steve pulled a right hacker last night at his call-centre office party.

submitted by Graham Roberts

hackle - An appendage I accuse ye Ed. of having.

e.g., I submit things to raise HD's hackles (assuming he has such). «ED. Indeed he does. Anyone my age or older who doesn't get her hackles raised at least now and again must be … what? close to comatose?»

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

hacktivist - One who posseses computer hacking skills and who embraces a radical cause, using her hacking skills to be noticed or get attention

e.g., The shocking images splashed across the screen when the web site was accessed, obviously the work of hacktivists.

submitted by Jonathan Searfoss

hadben - A person who thinks she is rich and high-class when in reality, she is a delusional peasant.

e.g., "Do you like my new iPhone 5?" "Stop being a hadben and pretending it's not a Nokia."

submitted by Kelly

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