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gang'o - Used for a group of (usually young) rowdy males. Shortened from gang of lads. Coined on holiday by four friends in 2000 and used ever since.

e.g., Theres a gang'o over there. | Uh oh, gang'o at three o'clock. | I don't want to go over there, theres a gang'o.

submitted by Emma Carter

gangle-shanks - Stumbled across in _The American Thesaurus of Slang_, this prematurely pronounced dead slang needs to be resuscitated. It has the general meaning of "long, skinny legs" or "one with long, skinny legs," the shank being the part of the leg between the knee and the ankle -- and sometimes the entire lower limb, including the leg and thigh. Checking Internet sources for definitions and examples of its use, I found one in the March 24, 1958, issue of _Time Magazine_ in an article about chess master Bobby Fischer, written shortly after he won the United States Championships at age 14. The example emphasizes the awkwardness that often accompanies long legs in the young -- I thought of a newly born colt trying to get to its feet.

e.g., "A floppy, abrupt young gangle-shanks, he stumbles through the physical world of school and subways and summer vacations in a tangle of arms and legs not quite under control."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ganglophone - A politically correct word for all people unusually lanky, long, or gangly.

e.g., "Cal, you're really lanky." "We ganglophones prefer the term 'ganglophone.'"

submitted by Robbie Cahill

gangsta - A real thug, livin' the streets the way that the hip-hop lifestyle would suggest.

e.g., Chris is the only real gangsta I know.

submitted by T-Dogg

gank - 1. To attack without provocation, to lash out for no good reason. 2. A moment of public embarrassment. 3. To screw something up or have it fall short of expectations.

e.g., 1. Jeez, I barely set foot in the place when Chris ganked me. I wuzn't gonna boost nothin' this time. 2. Someone trips walking into a pub -- that's gank. Tripping coming out is different. 3. That basketball player really ganked his shot. | Wave Rally really ganks. The screenshots looked cool, but the game plays horribly.

submitted by Ben Johnson | Matthew | Jimmo | Dan - (www)

gankt - The result of a computer hardware of software failure.

e.g., Windows XP gankted your video driver, so you'll have to reinstall the operating system. Sorry, all your files have been lost.

submitted by Dan

ganopulator - Like the boogey-man, only worse.

e.g., The Ganopulator is a scary fictitious monster who eats everything from food scraps to dirty single socks--and toes that hang out of the bed at night.

submitted by Sam I Am

gant - Hungry, starving for food.

e.g., I have not eaten anything all day, so I am gant.

submitted by jeff brown - (www)

gantt - Collective for project managers.

e.g., The developer hid under the desk as a gantt of project managers, wild-eyed and slavering, stalked the building.

submitted by b

gaper's delay - The traffic delay resulting from a roadside accident or similar spectacle. Derived from drivers' "gaping" behavior when driving near an accident. Heard on the air in Chicago.

e.g., "We've got a gaper's delay on the Eisenhower--a 40-foot tall puppuet is gesticulating madly at the drivers. That'll add half an hour to your drive today."

submitted by Rich Tatum - (www)

gapification - Dressing in, or in the style of, Gap clothes.

e.g., Albert has really done some gapification lately.

submitted by Yu Ming Wei

gaposis - The condition of having gaps between one's front teeth.

e.g., Her smile was not the best because she suffered from gaposis.

submitted by Dr. Stephen S. Perry, D.D.S.

gapped - Something ordinary turning trendy, from The Gap.

e.g., Striped clothing and accessories have always been very ordinary, but this winter they have been Gapped.

submitted by Crystal

gapperbrushing - After George Saunders. Working at or being employed in a task or occupation that is unfulfilling, repetitive, pointless, and tedious. A gapperbrusher is a person engaged in such activity.

e.g., My first job after college amounted to little more than gapperbrushing in a cube farm.

submitted by RJ Shep

gappit - To remove oneself promptly from a place, to travel quickly to a destination, to leave one's husband.

e.g., Oooh...gonna be late, got to "gappit".

submitted by Aphinity

garage time - Used to decribe the time guys spend single after a breakup.

e.g., I'm not really looking to get into a relationship now. I need some garage time.

submitted by parkus

garbage juice - 1. The liquid leaking from a torn garbage bag. Most commonly found on sidewalks in large cities. 2. A beverage which tastes awful.

e.g., 1. Gross, I just stepped in puddle of garbage juice. 2. This martini's awful. It tastes like garbage juice.

submitted by jazzbo

garbage juice - Snapple-brand fruit punch.

e.g., Get me whatever drink they've got in the store except for the garbage juice.

submitted by ditnis

garbageable - (Also "garbagible" and "garbidgible"; all pronounced either GAR-bidge-ih-bull or gar-BIDGE-ih-bull; adj.) 1. Disposable; 2. of or pertaining to something of such poor quality that it ought to be thrown out as garbage; 3. something no longer necessary, to be filed in the trash can. [From "garbage"+"ible"; coined by my son Digory as he worked at the pharmacy just the other day (2016 09 15).]

e.g., "So remember: alcohol wipe, saline flush, the antibiotic bulb, then, when it's empty, another saline flush, and then the heparin." "That's an awful lot of empty syringes, and empty antibiotic bulbs. What do I do with those?" "Oh, they're garbageable: just chuck them."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

garbarator - Canadian term for garbage disposal.

e.g., Kitchen features include microwave, dishwasher, and in-sink garbarator.

submitted by Pete

garbavore - A creature that will consume anything, provided that it is frozen and unhealthy.

e.g., Many bachleorbeasts become garbovores if no one keeps an eye on them.

submitted by Dr. Science

garborator - The large "Seuss-like" riding vacuum cleaners found feasting on the sidewalks of downtown Chicago.

e.g., The operator sat atop the garborator guiding it away from pedestrians and toward select pieces of garbage.

submitted by karen

gardress - To "garden dress" with hugs the lawn or garden of a good friend. A show of affection by putting up decorations that are clearly designed to bring a smile to the recipient and others.

e.g., Wendy gardressed her friend Shelly's house with 79 plastic pink flamingos when Shelly was out of town. It brought a chuckle to all who drove by and saw them. Upon returning home, Shelly laughed for days.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

gardyloo - "Gardlyloo. (gär' dè lòò'). interj. (a cry formerly used in Scotland to warn pedestrians when slops were about to be thrown from an upstairs window.) [Anglicized form of F gare (de) l'eau beware of the water] Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, © 1989 - Dilithium Press, Ltd. That is maureen miranda, spring koch, tere horgan, jim hill, ucb theater design One of my all-time favorite words resurfaced twice in the last two days -- must be a sign.

e.g., As I walked down the alley on the west side of the Ken Theater, I heard, "Gardyloo!" in a voice I knew all too well. The theater had no restroom facilities and the projectionist was desperate. His boss had warned him to quit emptying the Folger's can in her potted plant because he was killing it.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

garf - To disfigure an object; the result of such disfiguration.

e.g., That would be a nice guitar except for that huge garf in the body.

submitted by Mark Maranta

garffing - A person doing everything but what she is supposed to do.

e.g., Marcella, please stop garffing and get ready to leave.

submitted by kathy

garfunkel - To disappear mysteriously without a trace, like Art Garfunkel's career.

e.g., A. Whatever happened to that kid down the street? B. I don't know. He must have garfunkeled.

submitted by christian - (www)

garg - Someone very unpopular and unwanted; a negative, unfriendly person; slang for "Gargamel." (Credited to James Ruggieri.)

e.g., He's always complaining, always trying to impress people... What a garg!

submitted by Scott Adams - (www)

garganchuin - Huge, big, gigantic (anything of the large sort).

e.g., "Look at the elephant!" "'s garganchuin!"

submitted by JegStar (idea from SammieCB)

garglage - n. Combination of gargle and garbage. That fluid which has recently been used for gargling, and has just been, or is being, or very soon will be, expelled from the gargler's mouth.

e.g., Who spewed garglage all over the mirror?

submitted by Pete

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