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gabillionaire - A person who thinks almost obsessively about her ex-boyfriend.

e.g., Have you noticed what a gabillionaire Asa is.

submitted by asa

gable - Eyeball.

e.g., Don't play with sticks -- you could poke your gable out.

submitted by david

gabwanaha - Good-looking women

e.g., Check out the gabwanaha playing pool on ESPN.

submitted by Scott Lattimore

gach - A sticky or unusual situation or someone who is rude. "From the Spanish word "gacho," sez JS." (Pronounced "goch" as in "Gocha!') (Also the Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals.)

e.g., After having been short-changed at the ticket office, he exclaimed, "That's gach."

submitted by Jonathan Searfoss

gack - To attack, destroy, or otherwise damage. Often used in combative situations regarding enemy positions.

e.g., We have to gack their artillery before advancing our tanks. OR Hey! Don't gack my surfboard.

submitted by Scott Kelley

gadge - One who uses gadgets such as a mobile to phone to show off.

e.g., My God! That awful ringing sound. Chris is nothing but a little gadge.

submitted by sctld

gadgemetronical - Used in connection with electronical gadgets, gizmos, or other tools. Usually of little to no practical use.

e.g., A watch with a TV remote and garage door opener and that tells the time in 20 different zones is only for a gadgemetronical fiend.

submitted by Phil Moore

gadzooks - Interjection showing surprise.

e.g., Gadzooks! You really startled me.

submitted by Matt Gignac - (www)

gaf - A tool.

e.g., (Your close friend says something stupid) You laugh and say, "Gaf."

submitted by Sarah

gafarbawitz - Expletive. An old family word used around kids so that they don't repeat other four-letter words that adults tend to say.

e.g., When Jacob had his toe crushed by the garage door, he yelled out: "Gafarbawitz! That really hurt!"

submitted by Jacob Spradlin - (www)

gaff off - A verb used in the USMC to deliberately blow someone off or to delay a task.

e.g., Don't gaff off this report. It's due first thing tomorrow.

submitted by J.P. Manalac

gaffer, gaff - Stupid or silly. I believe this is a very loose translation of the dictionary definitions for foolish talk, humorous old man. Anyone a bit silly became a "gaffer," and, ergo, some silly thing or act was "gaff." Popped up in SE Mass around 1984.

e.g., Did you see Chris arguing for an hour over the lightsaber fights in Star Wars and how in Empire they cut through the railings, and in Jedi they didn't? That Chris, he's a gaffer.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

gaffled - 1. To be swarmed on by the police and taken into custody. 2. To be ripped off.

e.g., 1. The cops gaffled Johnny last night. 2. I think that salesman is trying to gaffle us.

submitted by polkadotcandycane

gaft - to steal something or someone gaft, gafted, gafting...etc.

e.g., I gafted that tomato from her stash, and threw at her face.

submitted by Kathleen - (www)

gag a maggot off a gutwagon - Of smething that stinks horribly.

e.g., His odor is so bad it would gag a maggot off a gutwagon.

submitted by Becky Hollingsworth

gag bag™ - Grab And Go bag™ -- a small travel bag that you keep packed all the time, ready to get out of the starting gate on a minute's notice. Able to hold a minimal change of clothing and toiletries. Enough to get you on your way, through today, and far enough into tomorrow to re-supply, if necessary.

e.g., I'm pumped. Just give me the word and I'm outa here. My GAG bag's packed and in my car already.

submitted by JeanieL

gag form - Optional (This information will not be displayed; however, it may be used to rob you blind.): Primary e-mail address: Legal name: Date of birth: Place of birth: Social Security Number: Mother's name: Father's name (if known): Mother's maiden name: Bank routing number: Checking account number: User name: Password: Credit card number: Expiration Date (month/year) Billing Address: Name: Street: City: State: Zip: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: Cell Phone: If the shipping address is left blank, the money (or the item ordered) will be sent to HD Fowler, P.O. Box 0836, Hillsdale, Kansas 66036-0836. Shipping Address: Name: Street: City: State: Zip: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: Cell Phone: Optional Delivery Preferences  (What's this?) Weekend Delivery: Select your preference Yes, deliver on weekends No, don’t deliver on weekends Security Access Code: For buildings or gated communities Select Amount & Personalize (Please complete the following section as indicated.) Amount ($1,000,000,000.00)$100.00$250.00$500.00$1,000.00$2,500.00$5,000.00$10,000.00$25,000.00$50,000.00$100,000.00$1,000,000.00 Recipient's Name (HD Fowler, Esq.) Your Name Recipient's E-mail ( Confirm Recipient's E-mail ( Message (1,000,000 character limit) I have read and agree to the Gift Card Terms & Conditions. Check this box if you want to be notified when your gift is received.

submitted by

gaga - Long before we had Lady Gaga, we had this word -- and will, undoubtedly, have it long after: "Excessively and foolishly enthusiastic; ardently fond; infatuated; demented; crazy; dotty."

e.g., He went gaga over the girl as soon as he set eyes on her.

submitted by HD Fowler

gaggalong - A sing-along of geese, honking their way south in vee formation.

e.g., Birdwatchers are also bird-listeners. For example, their ears are cocked in the fall, waiting to hear the Canadian geese and their gaggalongs.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

gaggle - Washington DC expression; an informal news conference without television cameras.

e.g., Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fletcher has instituted a 9 am daily gaggle in the White House Press Office.

submitted by Stephen Mize

gaggle - Google's new entry into the field of search engines for specialty groups. Designed for the painfully shy, it takes four of the same inquiries before the information is disseminated, equally. No one person is credited with the request and anonymity is perserved.

e.g., Tina is keeping her fingers crossed that others on Gaggle want to know what "French kissing" is before her Saturday night date with Harold.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

gags - A long time.

e.g., It's been absouletly gags since I had rice pudding.

submitted by Lukas Friga

gagsnad - An unidentifiable mass or cluster of goo stuck to your fingers from the wrapper of your fast food burger. Similar to a booger, but no one knows what it is. Can also be found at the bottom of your trashcan.

e.g., Ooh gross! There's a funky gagsnad on my finger.

submitted by Mike Cuentas

gagswitch - The fleshy bit at the back of your throat that makes you go "kyack!" when you stick things too far into your mouth.

e.g., "Kyack! Nope I can't eat a carrot in one bite!"

submitted by Toni

gah - Exclamation used as realization dawns that a disaster is about to or has just occurred.

e.g., Gah! I forgot to backup up the code before I changed it!

submitted by 3zero

gah roo - An interjection used in in place of "What?" or "Huh?"

e.g., Joe: Your epidermis is showing. Jon: Gah roo?

submitted by jenn wild - (www)

gahcked - to be overly excited or adament about something

e.g., they were all gahcked over the fact that they had won the football game

submitted by jon thomas - (www)

gaight - A straight person who likes "gay music" or "gay TV shows."

e.g., I'm probably considered a "gaight", because I listen to a radio show online that can only be reached through regular radio in Houston, but luckily I have the internet, to go through the archives to listen to every show made, including the Christmas ones, no matter what time of year. To prove that I'm a gaight, look at the www field of the definition.

submitted by star651 - (www)

gairmmin - Gairmmin is the opposite of the word "awesome" (used in a teenager's language) if something is bad.

e.g., You got a bad mark in school. You think, "Gairmmin, I should've studied." | You flunked the "submit a word to the pseudodictionary" exercise, Chris? Gairmmin.

submitted by BEC

gaish - Describing a thing which is gay. Derived from "gay-ish"

e.g., His hot pink belly shirt is so gaish.

submitted by Nate - (www)

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