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gynecomasticate - To chew on man-boobs.

e.g., The patient's abnormally enlarged mammary glands have several bite marks and chewed up areas that indicate he is a victim of gynecomastication.

submitted by James Barton - (www)

gynodolite - A male who is submissive to women.

e.g., In order to succeed in higher education a man must be a gynodolite.

submitted by David C. Morrow

gynology - The objective study of women.

e.g., Gynology should be a mandatory course for college men.

submitted by David C. Morrow

gynoporn - Material appealing specifically to women's prurient interests.

e.g., Romance novels are an example of gynoporn.

submitted by David C. Morrow

gynosaur - Old-school, white-haired, male gynocologist.

e.g., My mom wanted me to go to her gynosaur, but I prefer a woman, thank you very much.

submitted by Alex P.

gyp - 1. To be troublesome; to bother. 2. A confidence trick or scam.

e.g., 1. I'd love to help you carry that heavy piano up the stairs, but my old war wound is giving me gyp. 2. I just got gypped out of my life savings. That's the last time I buy shares in Enron.

submitted by Andrew Bell

gypsy cop - Wikipedia The phrase "gypsy cop" is law enforcement slang for a peace officer who floats from department to department regardless of, or because of, misconduct or poor job performance. The phrase entered public parlance after the infamous Tulia drug stings, where gypsy cop Tom Coleman allegedly set up innocent people, most of them black, as part of a long-term undercover operation. There are many other examples of gypsy cops, though, often associated with smaller departments and drug task forces funded by the federal Byrne grant program.

e.g., "Gypsy cops don't usually end up on the city council."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

gyrocentric - The quality of being or being perceived as having inherent perceptual navigational abilities surrounding oneself. Often confused, but not synonymous with "new agey." The apparent ability to do so. The misguided belief in an internal compass.

e.g., I don't know, I got the 'jeebs off him, just a little too gyrocentric for me, ya know what I'm sayin'?

submitted by Christopher Speath

gyrometer - The internal level indicator of the body that lets you know if you've eaten a gyro lately.

e.g., Chuck, my gyrometer's on E. We need to go eat.

submitted by zeeterman - (www)

gzunder - The kitchen utensil more commonly known as the flipper, called gzunder becuause it "goes under" something.

e.g., Pass me the gzunder so I can flip the pankakes.

submitted by Ryan McBride

gzzt - Like. It indicates the brief short in your brain at the moment of using it instead of "like."

e.g., So she gzzt, "Yeah, are you talking to me?" and he gzzt "Yeah, my friend thinks you are gzzt cute."

submitted by kara - (www)

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