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fair share - Used by those left of center who think well-off people should pay more than they do in taxes -- regardless of how much the well-off pay. When I was a kid, my grandmother taught us to share our communal bounty -- even though ours had to be one of the poorest households in town. When a piece of candy or such was to be split between two of us, one would do the splitting and the other would get to pick which "half" to take. Such sharing did not apply to what one of us worked and was paid for while the other sat on her ass. We got to keep what we earned from third parties.

e.g., “The rich must pay their fair share.” | "The President's only asking you to pay your 'fair share.'" "Really? Great. That must mean I get to decide how much my fair share is." "Yeah right." "It doesn't mean that? Oh."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fairsby - Someone who insists on being fair. Similar to a rudesby, but instead of rudeness, fairness is this person's milieu.

e.g., He insists on being a fairsby and getting the same size cookie that his sister got.

submitted by Jennifer Zaheer

fairy lights - Christmas lights.

e.g., I've got fairy lights all over the house.

submitted by Goldie

fairy-dust - Something too technical or obscure to understand. Probably not even worth understanding.

e.g., Yeah, I looked up the specs, but that stuff is all fairy-dust.

submitted by Tony

fairy-nuff - Fair enough.

e.g., James: I'm going home now. Craig: Fairy-nuff.

submitted by Erin

fairynuff - Fair enough, meaning "fine by me."

e.g., A. I'm just going over there. B. Fairynuff.

submitted by dekoi

faitheist - 1: Person who must live in a religious community, pretending to hold the same beliefs they do, while, in fact, believing it's impossible to prove there is a deity. 2: The strong belief that there is no deity.

e.g., He lives in a Chassidic community, but is really a Faitheist.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

fajo - (pronounced to rhyme with DAY-dough; n.) 1. Someone who eats a lot; 2. Someone who eats a lot of a particular thing; 3. Something that eats, breaks up, crumbles, dissolves, corrodes, wears away, or erodes a given object, substance, or place. [from the Greek phago "eats."]

e.g., "Wow, Ben's gotten really fat." "Yeah, he's a real fajo." || "I'm just a spaghetti-and-meatballs fajo." || Hydrochloric acid is the fajo that dissolves our food for us.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fak - Milder version of the word corresponding to the acronym of "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge." (Not a likely etymology, though.) To be used in situations where sticking out your tongue cannot be seen or perhaps will be perceived as a sexual pass. Can also be used as "You faker." Pronounced "fehk."

e.g., "Fak you! And your mother, too!" would be a possible not-so-snappy comeback to an insult. (ED. The editor once sent her mother a Mother's Day card that said, "Happy day, you mother." Mom didn't respond, so the editor presumes Mom didn't think it was very funny. Mom's dead now, so the editor will never know for sure. [Don't you just hate this "third person" editorial crap?])

submitted by J

fake - To flake out. To say you're going to show up and then not show up.

e.g., Chris said she'd be here by five, but she ended up faking on us.

submitted by Ghideon

fake and bake - Tanning salon.

e.g., She had no time during the day to go to the beach so she resorted to a fake and bake at night.

submitted by paul n

fake baken - The result of a lot of time spent in tanning coffins.

e.g., What are you doing? You're just fake baken your self.

submitted by Taylor Sherman

fake cop or faux cop - Mall security guy, esp. one on a power trip.

e.g., We're not afraid of the fake cops. We always cause trouble at the mall just to annoy them.

submitted by Nick Schurk

fake indian - A person of Indian descent who does not watch Indian (Bollywood) movies or otherwise indulge in Indian pop culture. Can also refer to people of non-Indian descent who are affiliated with fake Indians.

e.g., You've never seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham? Then you're just a fake Indian.

submitted by Anna Lang - (www)

fake uncle - Bogus, false. Origin: A college professor who tried to befriend everyone in an ingratiating way, acting like their "fake uncle." | Quite obviously, the term fake uncle can be used to refer to the keeper of a kept woman -- invariably an older man and a young woman.

e.g., Did you see her fake uncle diamond earrings? They're definitely cubic zirconias.

submitted by Sarah Briggs

fake-o - This is another way of saying something is not real, or fake.

e.g., After John put ketchup on his finger pretending to be blood, Ranee said, "John, give me a break, that is SO fake-o."

submitted by Stephanie Davis

fake-up - Make-up that makes an ugly person look pretty.

e.g., She's really pretty. Too bad she wears so much fake-up.

submitted by Holly Hertwig

fakestudism - It refers to the people who always do well on tests, assignments, or competitions while always pretend to be lazy in public.

e.g., He said he never practice and always be lazy but always does well on competitions. This is typical fakestudism!

submitted by Hugh Zhu - (www)

faketml - When you enclose something you're saying with html tags, but the html tags don't actually exist.

e.g., I thought it would give the text a swirly effect, but it turned out to be fakemtl.

submitted by Jennifer Fox - (www)

faketoriana - A collective term for the items and details that characterize an inauthentic "Victorian" decor.

e.g., Like many small inns, this place was crammed full of faketoriana.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

falbatore - Something similar to a matador, only instead of bulls, hyperbolic alien zonemorphic alpha males are used, and of course disposed of properly -- in a worm box.

e.g., Olbus inuentes, the great falbatore of Guidi X Prime, now takes the sphere against Modrius the Beast; what lies in store for the foolish old curmudgeon?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

falcon - To make head contact with a ball you are trying to catch.

e.g., Long pass downfield. Ohh, he's done a falcon.

submitted by Jubba

falcon - (also "Maltese falcon" or just "Maltese"; n.) 1. in golf, a birdie (one stroke under par) followed by a stroke negating bogey (one stroke over par); also, less often, 2. a bogey followed by a birdie; even less often, 3. an eagle followed by two bogies, or vice-versa; 4. any situation in which one's gains and losses cancel each other out, resulting in neither profit nor loss, advantage or liability. [from Humphrey Bogart's (nickname "bogey's") film the Maltese Falcon.]

e.g., "Rats. I birdied that five-par dogleg, but then bogied that stupid 100-yard three." "So, you falconed, yes?" "Yes." | "Sales are up 26%!" "Yes, but returns are up 26% as well … it's the Maltese Falcon."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fale - Complexion shade that is fairer than tan yet darker than white.

e.g., Your skin is really getting fale. Are you using a skin whitening agent?

submitted by Emeniano A. Somoza, Jr. - (www)

falice - A phallic object: church steeple, common stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus), cucumber, cylinder, dildo, ear of corn, Egg Building (Barcelona), Eiffel Tower, grain silo, Leaning Tower (Pisa) missile, skyscraper, rocket, totem pole, Washington Monument, etc. | Phallus. Possibly also spelled fallice. Anyone who spells phallus this way might well spell prepuce as precipice -- or cannon as canon. | From Urbandictionary, as a noun: "A dimwit man who is obsessed with his unit but cannot seem to get it stroked, filacioed, ridden, or inserted into a female by said female." Clicking on the hyperlink in the previous sentence will turn up not only the UD entry but also other sites where the definition (and examples) have been copied.

e.g., It's a fallacy that when Bill Clinton was in the White House, he spent too little time in the Oval Office using a cigar as a falice. | Once a young woman named Alice / Used a dynamite stick for a falice. / They found her vagina in North Carolina, | And part of her anus in Dallas. | Should the Icelandic Phallological Museum be renamed Icelandic Fallological Museum? Seems logical to me.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

fall off - To become less popular.

e.g., Rappers always have to have good albums or they'll fall off.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

fall-into-a-gap - To wear massive amounts of logo'd items on one's person.

e.g., I've never seen that many logos incorporated into one fall-into-a-Gap outfit before. Did you fall into a Gap?

submitted by vplatt01

fallaciloquence - Also from The Phronistery's Lost Words. "n 1656 -1761 deceitful speech."

e.g., "Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fallalotsy - A condition where your knees give out from laughing too hard.

e.g., Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (fall to floor) Geez, that joke was so funny it made my fallalotsy act up. OR I can't hang with you anymore. You're so funny I have bruises from my fallalotsy.

submitted by Shelly LaBrecque

fallopian tubepaste - To keep your fallopian tubes pliant and healthy, now there is an all natural product which smells so sweet and is easy to apply -- ingredients are virgin olive oil, pure sparkling "wholly water," and various herbs and spices, blessed by Nature.

e.g., We've been using Mama's Fallopian Tubepaste with great success for nigh on to 80 years, but the newfangled version really puts a zing in your thing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

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