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factoid - 1. An authoritative-sounding but untrue pseudo-fact created for publicity purposes, fed to the press, and printed as true; a bogus "sound bite." Coined by Norman Mailer in his book Marilyn, a biography of Marilyn Monroe. (ED. The Word Detective, Evan Morris: "Mailer defined "'factoids' as pseudo-facts, ' . . . facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper, creations which are not so much lies as a product to manipulate emotion. . . .' Unfortunately, USA Today and other news outlets have since used 'factoid' to mean 'interesting little fact,' a perversion that must please the famously irascible Mr. Mailer no end.") 2. A statement that looks like a fact but is untrue or meaningless, particularly one that "everybody knows." 3. Incorrectly used to mean a (true) fact by people who don't know what "-oid" means.

e.g., 1. It is not true that Marilyn Monroe was an orphan. That was a factoid planted by her publicist. 2. Fun, but not true, factoid: Scientists say you only use 5 to 10 per cent of your brain.

submitted by Mark Lutton - (www)

factualist - Someone who continually corrects others' statements and loves to tell people facts at random.

e.g., I was stuck on the train with two factualists who told each other statistics about statistics for hours.

submitted by Johanna

factule - Measure for amount of fact.

e.g., The candidate's speech contained about 3.2 factules.

submitted by jem

facurate - Factually accurate.

e.g., That show is really funny while presenting stories that are actually facurate.

submitted by ImOnToo - (www)

facus - An artificial ficus plant (tree)

e.g., Jack's living room was remarkable for its grand piano and large facus tree.

submitted by Alan Lasnover

fad-get - A person who is into all the latest fads.

e.g., Look at the rich fad-get with his FUBU shirt and Doc Martens.

submitted by Nick Schurk

fadaggled - To be shocked, confused, and amazed, often all at the same time.

e.g., Wow. I am completely fadaggled.

submitted by Brandon Stewart

fadansa - A big commotion or hoo-hah.

e.g., Fat Tuesday was a big fadansa in our neighborhood.

submitted by robyn

fadated - Having a lack of energy, feeling tired.

e.g., I just dug up the backyard, so I'm now feeling pretty fadated

submitted by Jesse

fadcrat - A dude or dudette who evaluates fun new things that come along, and incorporates the best into their party, (line, hook, and sinker) (whether thinker or drinker). Cf fatcat.

e.g., Hufcut my fraternity brother is the best fadcrat this side of the Hudson River.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

faddenfreude - (FAH-den-FROY-deh; n.) The enjoyment of participating in a fad, like ducktails, disco, coonskin caps, and rubik's cubes, tie-dying, and zoot suits. [From "Fad" + "Freude," German for "joy."] See "Faddenschmerz."

e.g., I remember not being able to contort myself fast enough to spin a hula hoop continuously---or even intermittently---like my sister could. She and her friends were filled with hula-hoop faddenfreude, and later, with the faddenfreude of pogo-sticks, stilts, and mood rings.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

faddenschmerz - (FAH-den-shmrts; n.) The feeling of disconnection from society caused by not being up to speed with the latest fashion trend, toys, cars, games, vel. cet. [From "Fad" + "schmerz," German for weariness or sorrow (the second element of "weltschmerz"= "world-weariness.")]

e.g., My sister was really into hula-hoops when we were kids, and pogo sticks and stilts and mood rings; But I was never in sync with all of those fads. I always felt somehow left out: pure Faddenschmerz.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

faded - The lack of clearity after an extensive drinking binge a.k.a. hungover 2. Burnout

e.g., Damn, Dan your looking pretty faded after that party last night.

submitted by Shaolin

fader - We say someone "fades" from our memory. A "fader" dissolves from the world itself. A "fader" is someone who does not seem to exist--though the "fader" is still there, no one in the world wants to recognize that fact. Plural is "faders," and indicates each and every "fader" in a group. "Faders" are the forgotten souls, the forgotten dreams that slipped away. Faders are everywhere.

e.g., 1. On the street corner in the middle of winter, a fader sits and begs for food. 2. When I was only four years old, my father went to the corner grocery to get a pack of cigarettes. He never returned. I barely remember him; my mother refuses to, because he deserted us. He was a father; now he's a fader.

submitted by fader(s) - (www)

faecetious - A supposedly witty comment.

e.g., Richard Whiteley, king of the faecetious comment.

submitted by Hammerton - (www)

faff - To put something off for a extensive amount of time until it has been forgotten, hence it is no longer important.

e.g., Sarah, stop faffing and get on with it.

submitted by brooke - (www)

faff around - Also faff about. says both are phrasal verbs that mean "to behave indecisively." Given the examples, another phrasal verb came to mind. I first ran across faff around in the profile for User:Run! at Wikipedia.* The way Run! used it caused me to think what I thought of at Taking the two uses together, I'm convinced I'm seeing bowdlerized definitions for faff around. I found an amusing essay for faff, recorded by The Wayback Machine. That diamond in the rough cites the Oxford English Dictionary's claim that faff means fuss or dither -- and goes on to dispute the claim. The author then provides the "real meaning of faff" and comes up with what I shall call the Canonical Set of Faff Equations, along with illustrative graphs. He concludes his presentation with this observation: "[A] certain background level of faff is required to maintain everyone's sanity." (His serious-toned presentation for his "true case" reminded me of The Journal of Irreproducible Results.) While the OED is right in what it has in print, if you take current uses of faff around to mean fuck around, a lot of the time you won't be far off. I generally accept the OED's tout that it's "The definitive record of the English language," so I figure it just hasn't got around to faff in a recent quarterly update. . . . Not to say that the OED is faffing around, but I may not live long enough to see that update. * Speaking of Wikipedia. . . . I stumbled across what I knew was a disgusting phrase when I was trying to find internet references to visible tanga line. I was almost certain I had seen the phrase earlier at either Dirt-tionary, DirtyProverbs, or Urbandictionary. When I googled for confirmation, I uncovered a Wikipedia Reference Desk archive for April 2006. You can run across some pretty interesting stuff playing around with Wikipedia archive page addresses in your browser's address bar. Such as a little note mentioning (with truthiness) that it's anatomically impossible for the Easter Bunny to lay chocolate eggs. Although that piqued my curiosity, I haven't bothered following up. Have at it if you're so inclined and you're an adult -- or if your adult managers are all right with such inquisitiveness on your part. I'm sure you've seen much worse than you'll find in Wikipedia's archives. I certainly have.

e.g., "She told him to stop FAFFING AROUND and make his mind up." | I have too much important stuff to do now to faff around with this site any more.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fafo - Morris came out to the engineering department after lunch every Friday to visit with department head Paul in a meeting they called Friday Afternoon Fuck-Off. We all knew it wasn't exactly business. Paul died last July, Morris having died several years earlier.

e.g., We'll have to cut this short, guys, Morris will be here in a few minutes for FAFO.

submitted by HD Fowler

fagalicious - For that pleasurable moment when you finally have the chance to light up.

e.g., I didn't think I'd ever get out of that meeting for a smoke... Ahhhh...absolutely, deliciously fagalicious.

submitted by ~B

fagarette - Chimeric cross-hybrid word developed from original English slang, "fag" for cigarette, and the word "cigarette" for cigarette.

e.g., Excuse me, Johnny Violence, would you care to partake in the smoking of a fagarette?

submitted by Robert the minute King

fage - The cage that covers a fan.

e.g., I got cut when the fage fell off the fan.

submitted by Sam Schamber

faggot - Commonwealth slang for a cigarette. Fag.

e.g., Mate, could you spare another faggot? I should be able to pay you back sometime next month, shortly after the election at the latest. My bank should be coming through with the second mortgage I applied for no later than the second week in November. Thanks.

submitted by HD Fowler

fagoogled - Absolutely exhausted or "screwed."

e.g., Bob was mountain biking in the bush, and after the last hill climb he was fagoogled.

submitted by Greg - (www)

fahoo - (v.) 1. to make the best you can out of a bad situation; 2. to make things better for someone who's having a really rotten time of things. (n.) 3. a holiday carol, especially for Christmas; 4. an attempt to find happiness in a really miserable situation; 5. a strategy to cope with disappointment; 6. the recognition that what something IS is more than what it's made of (from the Whos' carol in Dr. Seuss's _How the Grinch Stole Christmas_).

e.g., "What's with all the chocolate?" "Oh, it's just my fahoo." "What happened?" "Oh, it's the anniversary of the end of the Star Trek shows, and I get depressed." "Oh, right ... the Library has all the episodes, you know." "Yeah, but it's just not the same ... 'fahoo fores dahoo dores.'" "Yes. Well. See ya."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fahoodled - "Confused, esp. when trying to think of too many things at once." Not original.

e.g., I have no idea why I drove over 300 miles and didn't even tell her I was in town. I could claim I was fahoodled, but I think it was something else entirely -- desperation.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

fahrtage - An extremely large expulsion of flatulence.

e.g., Your fahrtages are disgusting, Chris.

submitted by biff

fahzong - Very cool.

e.g., With the suspicion already rising over the word "zong" in the game of Scrabble, Sam decided to add to it and take a chance with "fahzong" to get the winning points. It was, indeed, a fahzong move on Sam's part.

submitted by Captain K - (www)

failure card - A really bad report card

e.g., I got a failure card last year.

submitted by Collin 7th English

faintified - Feeling faint or dizzy.

e.g., I feel faintified.

submitted by louie

fair - (adj.) Originally a word meaning "beautiful" (Anglo-Saxon 'faeger' AD 800), then "morally incorrupt" (1150), then "free from bias" (1350), and finally "equitable and just"; it has, however, evolved in the last five decades into a term meaning little more than "I don't like that conclusion," "that's not what I wanted," "I want more," or even "he should have to suffer that same things I had to." In this connection, fair is not only NOT fair; it is downright brutish and contravenes the original tenets of nearly every religion I have ever studied (i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Shinto, the various beliefs of several Native American nations, totemic and animistic belief systems, etc.). Fair seems now to belong to the ever-increasing vocabulary of ingratitude eating away at the mores of American society (what's left of it) I'm getting grim. |   (adj.) How I want things to be, regardless of equity, reality, or sense.    "Fair" is a self-contradictory word if there ever was one. As a noun, it means a popular festival, decked with a carnival atmosphere of fun and folly, filled with games (most of which are rigged or impossible), spectacle (gigantic pigs, over-sized pumpkins, and new farm equipment for sale), fly-covered food, and rides that vie with one another in trying to make you vomit. You go home from one of these flushed with excitement, empty calories, and gastrointestinal distress, fond memories of almost winning that plush pink kangaroo for your girl (a futility that cost you three times its actual price), a blue ribbon for rhubarb pie (which the judges chose because it was coated with the fewest flies), and probably worrisome debt for having gone in on the purchase of a $36,000 combine harvester with the neighboring farms on either side.    As an adjective, it means both "beautiful" (its original meaning, btw) as well as "not so beautiful," for example: "The princess was a fair woman to look upon"; as opposed to "The duchess wasn't exactly beautiful, but she was fair." (Feel free to swap genders around ... it works either way). In the grading systems of two or three generations ago, "fair" fell below "good" and the supernal "excellent" though above "poor" and "failing."    And despite its more and more rarely used sense of "legal" (in baseball: "fair catch") and "pleasant" (in meteorology: "fair and breezy"), the poor word keeps on being twisted into "the way I want it."

e.g., "Hey! Why does Haruki get more a bigger hamburger than me? That's not fair!" "Well, you see, you are a 30-kilo little girl. Haruki is a 380-kilo Sumo wrestler. You are going to have a hard time eating your hamburger as it is; you couldn't eat Haruki's hamburger in four days." "Hmph. It's still not fair." "Okay: Tell you what: tomorrow, you can wear Haruki's clothes to school."     "Hey! He gets 150 quid? Same as me?! He's only 14! That's not fair!"   "Of course it's fair: I'm paying you both minimum---"   "Right! Minimum wage! But I get more than him, don't I?"   "Yes, but---"   "So, why are you paying him more than me?! I'm 20! He's only 14!"   "Yes, and that's---"   "It's because I'm a black woman from Spain, isn't it? It is! You're discriminating?!!"   "WHAT?!! You are NOT a---I'm the black woman from Spain! You're a white man from Friday Bridge!"   "So you are discriminating against me! ....   "Here, I've an idea!: while we're waiting for the police, let's have a cuppa, and I'll explain."   "Oh, yes! May I pour out?! or do you discriminate on that too?"   "No, I ... no, um, of course you can pour out."   "One lump or two?"   "Just one, thank you."   "Sugar?"   "What? ... All right, look here: You're 20 years old. Your minimum wage is £4.98."   "Cucumber sandwiches?"   "Where did ... yes ... um, yes, please .... As I was saying £4.98, and you worked 30 hours these last two weeks."   "Pound cake?"   "What? Where ... How? Yes, yes, pound cake, of course, pound cake......So, £4.98 by 30 hours is £149.40, see?"   "Ooooh, is that your new phone? How sleek!"   "No, it's a calculator I bought new in 1980."   "No, it can't be, they were much bulkier than, with antennas ... like in the---   "WILL YOU SHU---yes, yes. No no no: I'm not a bit upset. Now: you have your £149.40 here for your 30 hours. Now, little Ben, who is only 14, gets the lower minimum wage of £3.68. But he worked for 41 hours these last two weeks."   "That's too much for a wee laddie, missus. You shouldn't work him so hard or they'll get you for discrimination AND the factory acts."   "Uh....yes. Well, Ben worked 41 hours the last two weeks, and he works for only £3.68 an hour."   "More Tea?"   "No no, um, Thank you, no. ... £3.68 by 41 hours is £150.88. So, you see, it is completely fair and equitable."   "More pound cake? Biscuits?"   "No, thank you....What's that smell?"   "Ah, that's the fish and chips."   "Fish and---?!"   "Yes, of course, we aim to please here at ... your shop."   "What?"   "Now, let's see: tea, cucumber sandwiches, pound cake, biscuits, fish and chips, and a modest service fee for pouring out .... comes to £55. Will that be cash, check, or charge?   "But, that's not fair."   "Well, let's have a cuppa and I'll explain."   "What?"  

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

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