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fuzzified - Angered, enraged. That is, becoming of or like Fuzz, who was once the angriest reptile alive. In memory of Fuzz, the gecko.

e.g., Can you believe this? That makes me totaly fuzzified.

submitted by Air Gecko

fuzzled - Much like bothered.

e.g., I can't be fuzzled.

submitted by dee

fuzzly, fuzzling - That feeling when a part of your body which has "fallen asleep" is regaining proper circulation. Rather fuzzy, and tingly, and uncomfortable.

e.g., My leg is all fuzzly right now. | Drat! I slept on my arm and now it's fuzzling.

submitted by Elaine Nash

fuzzpuddle - Hair ball.

e.g., The cat just vomited a fuzzpuddle.

submitted by Tony

fuzzy - A pleasant and catchy substitute for the f-word, as popularized by the Disney cartoon character Pepper-Ann Pierson. It is also popular amongst overworked 911 dispatchers. | A personal radar detector. Put it in your car and it will pick up police radar and warn you of how close the police cars are. Comes from the nickname for a radar detector, "fuzzbuster."

e.g., What the fuzzy is that substance leaking from that body bag? | Turn on your fuzzy if you're going to go that fast in the city.

submitted by Keyshia Owens | Aurora

fuzzy beauty - When your hair is slightly fuzzy, but it looks really beautiful anyway.

e.g., Dave: Angela's hair is sure pretty today. Bob: Yeah, she's certainy got fuzzy beauty.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

fuzzy head - Any animal with fur, usually a pet. Heard it on _The Animaniacs_.

e.g., When I get home, the fuzzy heads greet me at the door.

submitted by Lynda Williams

fwaa - A nonsensical word used as an interjection, or as a replacement for the action of shaking one.s head in response to a statement.

e.g., (In response to the phrase, "I was so busy today," replacing a physical guesture) Fwaa, me too. | (instead of "Yeah! Can you believe it" as an interjection of agreement) Fwaa! Can you believe it?!

submitted by Zoe Dagda

fwang - Unpleasant odor, usually assoicated with a person or food item.

e.g., Bob forgot to shower and has a fwang about him this morning. My fish tacos have a bit of a fwang to them, to.

submitted by Matt Pollack

fwank - A loud, percussive orchestral "hit" sample, used annoyingly for no reason in 80s pop music. The word is, since the hits sound sort of like "fwank!" Most notable examples of use: "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes, and "Unforgettable Fire" by U2.

e.g., 80s pop music can be dated by the sheer number of fwanks used per song.

submitted by Ralph the Dog

fwap - A flapping slap

e.g., I chastised him: Fwap! Fwap!

submitted by Kelly Gillette

fwendsy - I guess it's kinda like a panic incident and there's a frenzy. I made it up, but I'm not sure if there's already a word like it. It's kinda like chaos with everyone freaking out.

e.g., When ants infested the cake 20 minutes before the wedding, there was a huge fwendsy.

submitted by emme

fwimple - "Dang it," in a disappointed tone.

e.g., Ty: Here, try to visit my website again. Nicky: Fwimple! It doesn't work. . . .

submitted by Nicky Ubben

fwingbapper - When hiking along a path, the lead person encounters a low tree branch across the trail. The branch is pulled forward while passing it. Letting go of the branch hits the following hiker as the branch returns across the trail. What has occurred is a fwingbapper.

e.g., I got a fwingbapper while hiking yesterday. I was following Greg up the trail, wasn't paying attention, and got too close.

submitted by Mike Cuentas

fwingbapper - Low tree barach across a trail that hits the following person as the branch snaps back into place

e.g., I got hit with a fwingbapper while hiking today

submitted by Mike Cuentas

fwinsies - The freezing winds that are let into your warm bed by other persons when they move without taking precautions to look after your warmth.

e.g., As Jason gets out of bed and lets in the freezing winds, I yell at him saying, "If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times! DONT LET THE FWINSIES IN!"

submitted by corrie aka moontide

fwoo - (Rhymes with boo, v.) 1. to rise (or fall) at an increasingly steep slope; 2. to ricochet. (n.) 3. a sudden increase in slope (up or down); 4. a. the sound of a bullet ricochet, as in a movie about the old West, b. a ricochet. [Used by a landscape engineer in a meeting regarding the proposed treatment of a sloped area---everyone just nodded, as though it were the most ordinary word in the world...well, except me.]

e.g., There's no trouble with irrigation, but this proposed stairway can't just fwoo at the same angle as this slope. | A 100%-slope, huh? That's Forty-five degrees: What a fwoo! | In close combat, you should always beware the fwoo.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

fwyspam - Vehicles advertising websites, driving on the freeway.

e.g., Aaaaargh! I can't get away from spam. Fwyspam is following me around.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

fx - 1. Effects, special effects. 2. For example.

e.g., 2. "The talk is about integration being a challenge, A challenge that we have to meet not just by lazy 'tolerance of everything' but by actively helping the integration to happen and occasionally even saying NO -- fx to such things as honor killings, and any other such things that are simply not acceptable in a modern democracy."

submitted by HD Fowler

fx paradox - (n. sometimes "EE'fex") Our culture's refusal to suspend disbelief when watching movies: We insist upon well-nigh perfect special effects (i.e., we WANT to be fooled into thinking that what we see is "real"), and then we want to see how they did it (e.g., "The Making of the Lord of the Rings," "Doctor Who Confidential," or director's commentary track). The paradox: we want a permanent backstage pass: clap at the illusion, then sneak backstage and extort the secret from the magician. (Also knows as "Howell's Syndrome," after William Dean Howell's advocacy of absolute realism in turn-of-the-20th literature: Howell's believed real life should replace "romantic exaggerations" in art. This is probably the same trend that started all the ludicrous "reality tv" shows we're forever being forced to undergo.)

e.g., "I love that part in AVP where the alien almost bites Lex's face off---that is so cool." "Well, you know, Sanaa Lathan didn't like that scene because of all the drool---which was really KY Jelly, and--" "Would you can it with the FX Paradox crap and let me enjoy the show?!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

f├╝genburger - Fiu-ghenburger. Used to denote the need for extrication from complicated situations with as much alacrity as possible. An alternative form of "Let's get the hell outta here."

e.g., Friend: The police are here. Me: Let's f├╝genburger.

submitted by Klaus - (www)

fynardus - A sophisticated way of referring to an argument which neither opposing force is very enthusiastic about.

e.g., I told you, Cecil. Coffee with one sugar spoon is quite enough to fill a chap with energy. Let's not go through this little fynardus again, agreed?

submitted by Andrew

fynglexia - Ytpographical errors made by switching two or more letters in a word because you're trying to type at the speed of thought during an instant message session.

e.g., You know you have fynglexia when your fingers do the walking like a drunk staggering down a drak -- err, dark, alley.

submitted by naomi - (www)

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