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earl (or countess) of dukeworthiness - A self-titled description of one who thinks highly of herself.

e.g., Because I'm so special me, from now on you shall address me as "his highness, Earl of Dukeworthiness Zihlavsky."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

earlate - earlate:(pronounced ur, not ear) Between the hours of Midnight and 4am. To late at night to be early, and to early in the morning to be late.

e.g., "2:30 am? Dang, it's earlate!"

submitted by Eleri

earlid - (n.) 1. that triangular-shaped (more or less) bit of cartilaginous skin that sticks out in front of your auditory canal [because you can press it down with your fingers and plug your ears with it, serving the same function as an eyelid, without the convenience of a muscle to let you close it off without your hands]. 2. What you wish for when you want to block out some sound as easily as we do an unwelcome sight with our eyelids.

e.g., "What is that horrible music?" "Rimsky-Korsakov. I happen to enjoy it." "Well, can you turn it down while I'm here?" "Nope. Shut your earlids if you have a problem: My house, my music."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

early roman calendar - The hypothetical reconstructed early Roman calendar may have consisted of only six months, January, February, March, April, May, June and July. With numbers of days in a month having the pattern 60, 6l, 61, 60, 61, 62. And in a leap year 60, 61, 62, 60, 61, 62.

e.g., Later the months of September (7), October (8), November (9), and December (10) were added to the early Roman calendar to make a total of 10 months. And later still the months of July and August were added to honor the emperor Julius Augustus Caesar, for a total of 12 months. Salve Caesar.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

early worm - For the early bird to accomplish anything, there has to be a worm and this is it.

e.g., The early worm gets the bird.

submitted by Steve McDonald

early-bird-dogging - The practice of arriving for work before 7:30 AM and immediately sending out a flurry of e-mails in order to demonstrate that one has arrived at work before 7:30 AM.

e.g., I see Chris has been early-bird-dogging it again -- my mailbox was stuffed with FYIs when I got in this morning. He'll make veep one day for sure.

submitted by wogerdodger

early-o'clock - Extremely early, too early to even specify an actual time. Much like "zero-two-early," but in a civilian way.

e.g., I have to get up at early-o'clock in the morning for work this week.

submitted by Steve A - (www)

earlyverse - (Also "Earliverse"; n.) 1. What we can see (early galaxies, quasars, etc.) at the edge of the observable universe, some 13.7 billion years ago and 47 billion light years off (due to the expansion of space); also, 2. the universe as it existed the first few seconds after its sudden expansion as a result of the so-called "big bang" (a silly name) and thence up until the ignition of the first stars. [From "early" + "universe".]

e.g., The "inflationary epoch" a few micro-yottaseconds into the earlyverse, following the big bang (which REALLY needs a better name), was such a rapid and colossal expansion that it essentially pushed the universe's spherical perimeter out so far as to be "flat." | Cosmology is pretty much an investigation into the earlyverse.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

earpression - The impression left by someone's ear on the body of another after cuddling for a long time.

e.g., Janet left an earpression on Brad's chest during their nap. It also caused her ear to hurt.

submitted by Ralph S.

earrigation - The procedure you have done when you get a wax buildup in your ears.

e.g., The earrigation didn't work because the wax buildup had hardened. Have to go back in couple of days after using something to soften the wax.

submitted by HD Fowler

earrycloth - The thin boarder on terrycloth towels that's used to dry ears.

e.g., Poking my finger behind the earrycloth, I dried my ears after my shower.

submitted by Dennis

ears - Those stuffed (with spinach and ricotta usually) pasta things most commonly called tortellini.

e.g., How about ears and tomato sauce for supper?

submitted by liane

ears lowered - A haircut.

e.g., I went to the barber and got my ears lowered today.

submitted by Rob Scott

earsight - The image conjured up when you hear certain sounds.

e.g., Her earsight alone told her that the sound was coming from the red door creaking open.

submitted by John Waid

earsle - Ear.

e.g., Ben Stiller didn't have earmuffs on his earsle in _There's Something About Mary_.

submitted by Mishka

earthgod - Some planets, but not all planets, have a God, so to speak, of their own. The God of planet Earth is EarthGod, of course. IT is not the same as any of the Gods of humans (Middle East, The East, Far East, ancient, etc.). IT is not judgemental, angry, cruel, or the like.. IT does not require being worshipped or praised etc..

e.g., EarthGod is Super Intelligent, Ultimate Genius, an Artist, the Ultimate Scientist perhaps. IT modifies somewhat and observes and enjoys, what more could you want (-: (This is another different theory for people who are different?)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

earthquack - It's my opinion that fracking is a very dangerous practice. More and more we hear events of small earthquakes in areas of heavy fracking, so an earthquack would be an earthquake brought on by fracking. | Someone who thinks, without any proof -- statistical or otherwise -- that fracking alone can increase the incidence of earthquakes in a given region.

e.g., "Who knows -- maybe all that gas holds up mass amounts of land, which, when quickly extracted, causes earthquacks to occur?" "Yes, indeed, who knows?" | "Who's the world's best-known earthquack?" "Gee, I dunno. Perhaps Al Gore?"

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

earthy-crunchy - A person or thing with hippie or tree-hugging tendencies; someone stuck in the 60s. In humans, often marked by an abject lack of bathing habits, the wearing of lots beads and hemp, a subscription to The Nation and a belief in the powers of holistic medicine.

e.g., Jan and Steve could never date; he's buttoned-down Wall Street and she's earthy-crunchy.

submitted by dennis madsen

earvalanche - A large mass of earwax or other ear debris suddenly and unexpectedly falling from the ear

e.g., I had an embarrassing earvalanche during dinner, and several large pieces of wax fell into my soup.

submitted by wisdom - (www)

earwick - Heard today: to put a bug in someone's ear. Possibly an Arkansas regionalism for earwig: "1.To fill the mind of with prejudice by insinuations. 2. To attempt to influence by persistent confidential argument or talk." An ear wick is a cotton wick used to treat swimmer's ear.

e.g., Blago: Earwick Candidate 5 and let's see what happens.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

earwig - To earwig someone is to attempt to prejudice her by insinuation. Earwigs are insects mistakenly thought to crawl into people's ears while they are sleeping and bore into their brains.

e.g., She took me aside at Jenny's party, pulled me into a corner, and started earwigging me.

submitted by HD Fowler

earwigs on the green - From a James Joyce poem. Used to describe an awkward or potentially tumultuous situation.

e.g., If you insist upon inviting her to my birthday party, all I can say is, there'll be earwigs on the green. (Limited usage, as in the submitter's family.)

submitted by Judith - (www)

earworm - A melody you can't get out of your head

e.g., Commercials cause earworms.

submitted by Will Mengarini - (www)

ease up on; ease back on - To cease doing something.

e.g., Ease up on the sarcasm. OR He doesn't like me like that, so I'll ease back on hanging out with him. OR I told that dumbass at the bar to ease up on the sauce. OR Ease up on the computer or you'll go blind.

submitted by Mary

easlier - Alternative to "more easily."

e.g., "As you explain the material, it falls into place easlier." -Jocelyn

submitted by Ross Pitman

east cupcake - A very distant location out in the sticks, with the implication that it's not terribly civilized.

e.g., I've got to drive all the way to East Cupcake tomorrow to visit my in-laws.

submitted by M. T. Webster

east jesus - A very distant location out in the sticks, with the implication that it's not terribly civilized.

e.g., He lives way out in East Jesus.

submitted by Slorge Gridlock

easter - Further east. Also wester, norther, souther.

e.g., I'm pretty sure the school is easter than maple street.

submitted by Evman

easter egg - My Relax Place: "Easter eggs in [the] computing world are messages, graphics, sound effects, or an unusual change in program behavior that occur [in] response to some undocumented set of commands, mouse clicks, keystrokes, or other stimuli intended as a joke or to display program credits."

e.g., No matter what you say, you'll never convince me that buying a game only for Easter Eggs you may never find isn't extreme.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

easy rider - The name that transit-districts apply (not very respectfully) to Seniors who have lifetime free passes. This cuts into the budgets a bit, but is partially subsidized by federal money, to slyly edge as many of them as possible out of their cars.

e.g., He rides the bus all day long now, for entertainment, since he's become an Easy Rider.

submitted by Steve McDonald

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