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extredibly - Somewhere between extremely and incredibly. For when you're not quite sure which word would be the better choice.

e.g., That was extredibly confusing.

submitted by Rebecca Scarborough

extrepference - Extreme preference.

e.g., Saying it was her extrepference, Lilly happily remained in the back of the room, while her classmates moved up to the empty seats.

submitted by Lilly

extropy - Antonym for entropy.

e.g., Extropy and entropy compete for the fate of the universe.

submitted by Paul F. Kisak

extrospective - Discussion of thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

e.g., I could sit here and read my book but i am feeling extrospective today and would rather be out having tea and conversation with a friend.

submitted by keight - (www)

extrovert - French for bright green.

e.g., Mon nouveau jam jar est extrovert, n'est ce pas, Pierre?

submitted by kenif

exultant - Former consultant.

e.g., The Boston Consulting Groups's harsh up-or-out policy results in an abundance of exultants each year.

submitted by Todd M. Bass - (www)

exviatexatrophin - A psychotrophic medicine prescribed to those who have difficulty expressing words or emotions via written language.

e.g., I need to take my daily dosage of exviatexatrophin. Once I've done that, I'll propose another entry.

submitted by Karen Brick

exxonerate - In this high priced gas Age, the automobile industry effort to excuse oversized SUVs by slightly improving their fuel efficiency.

e.g., Freddie: "Can you believe it? They're trying to exxonerate the 'hippo' Hummer by building one smaller?" Teddie: "Yeah. And the Europeans have redesigned models to cut down on wind resistance and made their SUVs more essoteric."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

eye - Shortened form of "private eye." Not original.

e.g., '"He's got a gun," Christy stated. "Left armpit." "Why not? He's a licensed eye. We'll take care of it."' ("In The Best Families," by Rex Stout, page 266.)

submitted by Rainbow Woman

eye candy - A gorgeous guy, not necessarily with the intelligence to match, who you just can't take your eyes off of.

e.g., ex. I saw your brother last night - he is pure eye candy.

submitted by cal

eye jammy - When someone does somethin dumb, you need to give 'em an eye jammy.

e.g., You betta chill before you catch an eye jammy.

submitted by enue - (www)

eye-gandhi - Any very good looking and built guy in India.

e.g., He thought he was eye-gandhi 'til his eyes were opened one day before a statue of Ganesh in the park, as no special lady was paying him the least mind.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

eye-seizure - What results when a person wakes in the early morning to get a drink from the refridgerator only to find her eyes are tortured by the bright light.

e.g., This morning, while looking in the fridge I was overcome by an eye-seizure that lasted around ten minutes.

submitted by Weston Gritt

eyebrella - Hairy umbrella of the eye.

e.g., He had very bushy eyebrellas

submitted by Julie Ljiljak

eyeburn - This is what you get after looking at an attractive member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Did you see that girl? Wow, she gave me serious eyeburn.

submitted by JesusBuiltMyHotrod - (www)

eyecohol - The beverage one drinks that makes the person picked up at a bar more beautiful on that night than the next morning.

e.g., The eyecohol made me do it--now I'm faced with a paternity suit and an ugly,stupid baby.

submitted by raymond clark

eyedot - Idiot, for use in an affectionate way.

e.g., My husband is sometimes an eyedot.

submitted by The Weirdo

eyehockey - The crust found around one's eyes upon awakening. (Yuck!)

e.g., How come actors in the movies never have to wipe away the eyehockey when they wake up?

submitted by Pat

eyelock - An unrecognizable foreign object in the road.

e.g., Viewing some eyelocks may be an unpleasant experience--for example, roadkill.

submitted by alan branham

eyelooker - binocular or telescope

e.g., Put on the eyelookers and see what is over there.

submitted by Eric Hensen

eyes down hurrah - The instant when a woman wearing a loose fitting garment bends over and reveals more than she desired. You feel obliged to look away, but you're smiling inside.

e.g., "Did you see Jane bend over to scoop the ice cream?" "Not today, was it a happy birthday?" "I'm a gent, so it was nothing more than eyes down hurrah." "Whatever you say. Have you noticed that Gail does that, too?" "Of course. Strange thing. She noticed my nails weren't looking quite right and she gave me a cuticle job." "Bizarre." "Right, but she's sure good-looking."

submitted by Happy Jack

eyestashe - When the eyebrows are joined together creating a mustache appearance over the eyes. Similar to a mono-brow aka uni-brow. Eyestache.

e.g., My husband always grooms his mustache but he really needs to trim his eyestache while he's at it.

submitted by Julia - (www)

eyewash - Minor cosmetic changes to something to make it more appealing to the eye or hide flaws.

e.g., What this presentation needs is more substance, not eyewash.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

ezasley - Mixture between exactly and precisely.

e.g., That ezasley what I've been looking for.

submitted by Cap Chaos

ezphobia - Fear of the E-Z Pass tag not being read by the sensor, producing a "Call E-Z Pass" message rather than "E-Z Pass Go" -- and the possible fines or red tape which result.

e.g., Because my ezphobia usually kicks in a few hundred yards from the toll plaza, I tend to slow down to the required 5 m.p.h.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

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