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e-scrow - An electronic scarecrow.

e.g., To keep the electronic crows out of the electronic corn field, the electronic farmer put up an e-scrow.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

e-seeking - Searching for information or people via the Internet. Can be used as an adjective, too. Word phonetically reminiscient of heat-seeking.

e.g., I was e-seeking cookie recipes when I stumbled across a great mix for adobe. She demonstrates superb e-seeking capabilities.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

e-shaft - To ignore someone's e-mail. To not reply.

e.g., I'm bored at work today, so please don't give me the e-shaft. OR I've e-mailed her three times this week, and she keeps e-shafting me.

submitted by Amanda Pace - (www)

e-tether - Any electronic communication device -- especially if the user responds to it to the exclusion of people in her immediate company.

e.g., John was expecting a page, so he kept checking his e-tether during the funeral.

submitted by Buckyball

e-ticket ride - Something that costs a lot of money. From the days when Walt Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, first opened,. Each ride required a certain ticket type. The "E- ticket" was for the most expensive rides, like Space Mountain.

e.g., I'd say that shirt Goober's got on cost him an e-ticket ride.

submitted by Paul

e-tiquette - Good manners on the internet. Same as netiquette.

e.g., Bombarding someone with e-mails is poor e-tiquette.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

e-trail - A string of at least four exchanged e-mail messages that roughly equal a face-to-face meeting.

e.g., Bob and I have discussed the problem and I've attached the e-trail so you can see the history.

submitted by Matso Limtiaco

e-tude - Have having a poor, snotty, or rebellious attitude during e-mail communication.

e.g., "Why are you arguing with me?" "Lose the e-tude, please."

submitted by Bill Shilling

e-ulogy - a report of a going under

e.g., 404ing? Of course it is. Didn't you read the E-ulogy?

submitted by Gene Wirchenko

e-vandalize - To spread a false gospel; the opposite of evangelize (to spread the gospel).

e.g., The preacher came to e-vandalize the community, to spread a false gospel.

submitted by Frederick Mundle - (www)

e-versation - Electronic chatting.

e.g., Further to our e-versation last night, I'll be online again at two o'clock this afternoon.

submitted by Jared

e-versing - Cyber-chatting.

e.g., Last night, G and I were e-versing abouts gnus in the zoos.

submitted by Jared

e-vite - An electronic invitation, sent by e-mail or via internet sites. E-vite.

e.g., Jane is a real e-vite addict. I thought it was funny when she started sending e-vites for simple weekend plans like going to the mall with Sally and Alison.

submitted by dan

e-walk - To e-mail someone and then walk over to tell her that you sent her an e-mail. E-walking often includes telling the e-mail recipient the contents of the e-mail. Ewalk.

e.g., After I sent the report to Fred, I e-walked over to him. He told me to let him read his e-mail in peace.

submitted by Loki - (www)

e-yaar - An Indian friend whom you have never met, but only communicated with by e-mail.

e.g., Aimee wondered whether her e-yaar, Cecil, was serious when he said he spent nearly eight hours a day online.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

e.d.i.c. calendar - Earth Days International Calendar. It's a new and improved numbering of the days in a month for a year, thus: 30 30 31, 30 30 31, 30 30 31, 30 30 32 and for leap year: 30 30 31, 30 30 32, 30 30 31, 30 30 32

e.g., The E.D.I.C. Calendar has an improved pattern of numbers throughout the year. The only unusual features are 32 days in December plus 32 days for Leap Day at the end of June, in Leap Years only.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e.g.g. - E.g., one better.

e.g., One egg is all eggs, the similarity is remarkable, just one is a perfect sample of all the rest; we can safely trust any to be representative of all the others; this is reasonable extrapolation for all and similar no doubt.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e=mc2 trump card - When a lame TV show or cartoon wants to show that someone is intelligent, it will play the e=mc2 trump card. That is, have that character repeat the famous equation parrot-fashion with no thought to context.

e.g., I can't believe Tiny Toons Adventures just played the e=mc2 trump card.

submitted by Adam Leslie

eagle chow - Federal taxes (in the United States). In England it's "lion chow." Elsewhere it's "chow" for whatever totem your nation uses.

e.g., "I thought I earned a lot more than this." "Yeah, you did, but they took a bunch for eagle chow."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eagle poo - 1. A tax refund in the US. In England, it'd be "lion poo." 2. Any government paycheck. 3. Any government project, especially if advertised as "your taxes at work."

e.g., Well, that's not too bad: $500 in eagle poo. | I can't go skiing this weekend; I have to wait for my eagle poo. | 3. "Seen the highway?" "Yeah, that's a lot of eagle poo -- miles and miles."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

eagleable - The quality of a golf hole where it is possible to score eagle.

e.g., This next one is quite eagleable, John.

submitted by Carl

ear - I heard what you said, I agree, I understand what you said: I mostly/entirely sympathize with you.

e.g., "Hun, that child of ours is grown but still acts like she's 14 years old every day of her life." "Ear."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ear clay - Ear clay is Pig Latin for clear. Impacted ear wax is bad enough, but ear clay? It's clear to the ear that man is far more than just clay.

e.g., Remove the substance, ear clay, from your ear that you may hear from this marvelous lump of clay Remarkable Things.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ear gerbil - The fashoinably small techno gadget phone inserted into the ear.

e.g., "Name dial... Kelly... mobile... MOBILE... MOBILE!" This ear gerbil isn't functioning correctly.

submitted by Kelly Kyd

ear-boxing - A slap upside the head, especially if the blow hits over the ear. Such blows have been know to cause a loss of hearing.

e.g., The slap to the back of the head that Agent Jethro Gibbs gives to his subordinates on the TV show NCIS is not an ear-boxing . | You pull that stunt one more time, young man, you'll be in for an ear-boxing. | You pull that stunt one more time, young feller, I'll box your ears. | According to Thomas Edison himself, the story that he lost his hearing due to an ear-boxing he was given by a conductor after Edison started a fire in a baggage car is untrue.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ear-clay - Ear-clay is Pig Latin for clear. Not the same thing as ear wax.

e.g., It's clear to the ear | That man is far more | Than just clay || Remove the substance | From your ear | That you may hear | From this marvelous | Lump of clay | Remarkable things

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

earbud - A cotton bud or Q-tip, when used for cleaning ears. (Not recommended for health reasons)

e.g., Have you got an earbud? My ears are full of wax.

submitted by Johanna

eardentical - (eer-DEN-ti-cul, adj.) sounding exactly the same (as something else sounds).

e.g., "Ed's a really good impersonator. His Will Smith is eardentical to Will Smith himself." "Eardentical? I don't think so." "Yeah! Seriously! We watched Hancock with the sound off and he did a voice over. It was amazing!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

eargasim - The peak moment of intense pleasure that can overwhelm one who is cleaning his or her ears with a cotton tipped swab.

e.g., My best chances of achieving an eagazim is right after my morning shower when my ears are still wet.

submitted by Eric Wolfram - (www)

eargasm - The intense good feeling of Q-tipping your ears may lead to an eargasm.

e.g., While Q-tipping my ear can you people not talk to me, I'm having an eargasm.

submitted by

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