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e-loser - Pretty much just a loser, but more specifically a loser because of the way she uses the Internet. Curiously, the term did not show up in an Internet search.

e.g., The e-loser of the week is Anthony Weiner. Must be about the 36711th time he's won the award. Did I say win? Whatever. | Did you just take a selfie and post it on the Internet? ... Yeah, I thought so, e-loser. (For the record. The way I see it, anyone over -- let's say older than a teenager -- is a loser if she takes selfies. You're also a loser if you admire yourself in the mirror for longer than it takes to shave.)

submitted by HD Fowler

e-macular conception - E-macular conception is the slow, progressive degeneration of both vision and clear thinking by over-reliance on the internet to find valid sources for college term papers and other uses.

e.g., "Cedric, look at this C- I got for all my labor on the term paper! But what is this comment? 'The worst case of E-macular conception I have yet seen! Get off the internet and get some respectable sources! Use your mind, or lose it!' What is that all about, Cedric? I checked out all the wiki sources I could!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

e-maelstrom - A flurry of e-mails sent to all members of a particular group in response to a single comment from one member of the group. Differs from "e-trail" in that the messages do not appear in response to each other, but all at once.

e.g., After I sent my comments on the color choice to the discussion forum, I was caught in an e-maelstrom of differing opinions.

submitted by Matso Limtiaco

e-mail address for bob evans - More completely: be down to. Used in the UK where up to would be used in the US. The use I saw "... it is down to them to...." would be said in the US as "... it is up to them to" meaning "It their responsibility to...." (ED. Other meanings will be added later.} {Duplicate.}

e.g., e-mail address for bob evans

submitted by [Internet comment] - (www)

e-mail dyslexia - The common slip-up that happens when you type an e-mail address and reverse any letters in the address, only to find a "user unknown" message in your in box a bit later.

e.g., Oops! I had e-mail dyslexia -- sorry for the delay in my reply.

submitted by K.

e-mail tree - A virtual e-mail address "list" made up of the sender and all recipients of an e-mail, including those to whom subordinate e-mails have been sent. An e-mail tree is not a mass mailing list as such, but they share a common characteristic: not everyone on the list knows everyone else personally. If we're part of (in, on) the same e-mail tree, there's a chain of people who know someone who knows someone who knows someone -- at least one of whom is likely to know you personally and another who knows me personally. It's not quite as if the people in an e-mail tree are cousins of cousins of cousins, but a family tree analogy holds up pretty well. Two days ago I was at a funeral attended by 23 of my cousins. Those cousins have cousins who aren't my cousins -- and there are some of the latter that I don't care for. (I'd bet the feeling is mutual.) The same sort of thing holds true for e-mail trees. Combining e-mail trees (grafting?) into a single list makes a new e-mail tree. Unless they're pruned, e-mail trees monotonically increase in size with time. One e-mail tree I'm part of has 800+ e-mail addresses, more than 700 of which still seem to be working. If you have a grumble about being part of an e-mail tree, don't take it out on me. I didn't put you there. Take it up with the person who did, not with me. This message is brought to you by the letters A, B, and C -- and by me, Vinnie B

e.g., Are e-mail trees used for affinity fraud? Probably not that much. Would you trust someone with your money just because you received something from an e-mail forwarder? | You are receiving this e-mail because you and I are on the same e-mail tree. The "murder victim" e-mail we received tells a tale that is not true, even though some elements may be true. By forwarding such e-mails, we send spam to friends. We are also likely to pass along viruses to them.   "Weird Al" Yankovic: "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me".

submitted by [Vinnie B] - (www)

e-mailable - Able to be sent through e-mail. Possessing the attributes that allow the object or information to be sent through the use of electronic mailing.

e.g., Word documents and photographs are e-mailable methods of communication.

submitted by Gino Tofani

e-mailable, faxable - When I write someone a hand-written letter, or if I am asked to send her some literature from work, I always ask if she is e-mailable or faxable.

e.g., Gail is e-mailable and faxable. Unfortunately, she's just not available.

submitted by Pam

e-mailavangelist - A person who habitually forwards religious, spiritual, or inspirational junk e-mails. E-mailevangelist.

e.g., My father, an e-mailavangelist, has forwarded me three Billy Graham e-mails this week alone.

submitted by Cynthia Demetriou

e-mailien - A person who prefers to communicate via e-mail | texting rather than spoken word. Fe-mailien.

e.g., Ever since she's discovered texting by cell phone, I hardly speak with my wife. She's become an e-mailien.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

e-mailship - Using e-mail as form of friendship.

e.g., We are only friends through e-mail; therefore, we have e-mailship.

submitted by Rebecca Bentley - (www)

e-maize - The complexity of the internet.

e.g., I was bewildered by the web's e-maize.

submitted by Emanuel Galas - (www)

e-maize - Internet corn.

e.g., Wow! Look at the field of e-maize.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

e-mal - An e-mal is a fraudulent e-mail. Suffix -mal: bad, badly, ill, wrong, wrongly, etc. Suggested by a ytpo I made, but didn't bother to correct. I'm sure this has been submitted to other sites as a made-up word, but I'm going to add it, anyway. Because I wrote an e-mail as a prank -- an e-mail that approached being an e-mal.   What the e-mail said isn't at all true -- indeed, far-fetched -- but I wanted to be able to "tell the truth" when I told my friend Jim that I was reading an e-mail "from" The Girl -- the girl of his dreams for years and years and years, telling me she had fallen madly in love with me. Body of faked e-mail from The Girl Hi HD,   Don't you ever tell Jim about this -- or anyone else, especially [my husband or your wife]. I didn't anticipate it when we started our e-mail exchange last year, but I now realize what a mistake I made by not noticing you when we were growing up.   HD, I never would have thought it was possible, but I've fallen madly in love with you. I always thought it was nonsense to think that people could fall in love from talking to each other on the phone or from writing letters or exchanging e-mails, but it's happened to me.   My heart's breaking because I know you'll never be mine -- that you'll never love me the way I love you -- but I just couldn't go on without telling you.   I love you with all my heart.   [The Girl]   The last time Jim saw The Girl, he said to her, "You know I've been in love with you all my life, don't you?" She said, "Yes," and left it at that. By "all my life," he means since they were four years old -- 65 years ago. Jim told me about the exchange, so I faked an e-mal with her return address and then read it to him over the phone. I could sense his neck turning red and his hair bristling as I read. He was absolutely buying it until I got to the "My heart's breaking part." Then I broke out laughing -- which I do to this day every time I read what I wrote.   I told The Girl I had pulled a prank on Jim, but wouldn't tell her what it was, not for a month or more. Couldn't get up the nerve to tell her. After repeated assurances that she wouldn't be upset and her finally telling me, "Ok, let's have it. The prank. I can take mean" -- I succumbed and sent her a copy. She wrote back to me that she deleted it immediately, but she didn't get on my case about it. A year later I still haven't told my wife what I did -- and probably never will. I'd need steel balls to do that. Don't got 'em. She might not agree that what I did was as hilarious as I think. Might not. Yeah, right. Might not.

e.g., No, I'm not really into sending e-mals.   The worst I did was to fake a female friend's name and e-mail address for an e-mail I sent to myself and then read to a male friend who's been in love with her since they were four-years-old.

submitted by HD Fowler

e-male - A man who masquerades as a woman in an online chat room in order to engage in cyber-liaisons.

e.g., My real name is Jeffrey, but all of my chat room boyfriends know me by my e-male screen name: SexC16Tina4U.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

e-maul - To chastise or denigrate through e-mail. Emaul.

e.g., Sandy, disappointed by Paul's absence from the party, chose not to call him, but instead chose to e-maul him severely.

submitted by Michael - (www)

e-maze - To create amazement via e-mail or other electronic communication.

e.g., I was e-mazed this morning, upon opening my web mail. An e-mazing message was there.

submitted by Emanuel Galas - (www)

e-me - Send me an e-mail.

e.g., E-me tonight when you get home.

submitted by Stew D. Baker

e-metics - The sickening and systematic habit of prefacing words with e- to indicate internet activity; often used by lazy sub-e-ditors. Used by Ian, Scotland.

e.g., Avoid e-metics in your pd submittals to improve your chances of your word's being added.

submitted by HD Fowler

e-minder - A short reminder sent by e-mail.

e.g., I have just received an e-minder about the 10:00 meeting.

submitted by Anthony Faust

e-mob - (n.) a relatively large group of e-mailers, bloggers, commenters, etc., who attack something or someone on the web. (v.) to gang up on someone or something via e-mail or blog or comment, especially when the comments, e-mails, or blogs rely for the most part on curses, oaths, vulgarities, all caps, italics, etc.

e.g., Whoa! Seven hundred comments on that article? . . . In the last 20 minutes?! Are we being e-mobbed or what? | I hate being part of an e-mob, but I have to comment on this stupid article in the paper myself as well.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

e-mooding - Determining the emotional state in which a person wrote an e-mail. The more diplomatic the e-mail, the harder the determination.

e.g., After e-mooding Roderick's subtle reply to the joke, Richie determined that Roderick was offended and swiftly changed the topic.

submitted by Urnell

e-morse - The feeling of regret one is beset with after sending an e-mail.

e.g., After sending Susie an e-mail telling her he had blown up her house, Stan felt much e-morse.

submitted by Delilah

e-nable - To make e'ing possible; used mostly in the past tense.

e.g., She was e-nabled and so could receive my e's (which gave her z's).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

e-nailed - The disruption of one's life due to an unexpected computer malfunction, usually when you haven't saved your coursework write-up for 3 hours and Windows decides to lunch itself.

e.g., John got e-nailed the day before his coursework deadline when his Dell reached its inevitable end.

submitted by OJ

e-phobia - The extreme fear of opening your e-mail in the morning because of all the work-related e-mails dumped off on you. Ephobia.

e.g., I suffer from e-phobia, especially on Mondays.

submitted by Matt - (www)

e-pistolary - Of, relating to, or suitable to an e-mail. | Contained in or carried on by e-mail. | Written in the form of a series of letters.

e.g., Janice has been having an e-pistolary relationship with her boyfriend.

submitted by DrMordax

e-poxy - The quality of item one generally finds in their electronic mail "in-box."

e.g., As he started work for the day and checked his in-box, all he saw was the same old e-poxy spam mails.

submitted by Dogil

e-quip - To send or receive little jokes by e-mail.

e.g., I have e-quipped myself by reading my mail today. I am now properly e-quipped.

submitted by Yan

e-scetic - A person who lives a monastic life on the internet.

e.g., Although he's addicted to newsgroup prOn, he's basically an e-scetic.

submitted by Richard Moorman

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