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e - Short form of "e-mail." May also be used as e@. | What is said when you're too lazy to pronounce any word at all.

e.g., "Hey don't forget to e me today, ok?" "What's your e?" "What's your e@?" | "What did you say?" "E."

submitted by Rachelle | steve zihlavsky

e anus pluribum - This ersatz Latin phrase is a reversal of "E pluribus unum," which means, "Out of the many comes one." The new phrase would mean, of course, "Because of one ass, many bums are coming out of the woodwork." This "shoe," coincidentally might possibly fit some very prominent feet.

e.g., "Good grief, Ignatz! I swear our national motto should be changed to 'E anus pluribum!'" Ignatz: "What do you mean?" "Ignatz, read my lips: 'Out of one ass comes many bums.' Any questions now?"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

e con a me - This is dialect for "He's conning me." Or, They're conning me, I'm being conned and fooled and deceived and manipulated . . . as usual. And I'm not sure we're gonna survive, the poor will get poorer and die.

e.g., Not so long ago we were confident that everything would be better, sooner than later, but the news was poor, e con a me, and everything was falling to pieces, crumbling, bumbling, mumbling appropriate phrases to still the voices of the suffering and crying and sometimes dying. O bumbling will get us nowhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e means you fail - When I started school many years ago, test paper and report card grades were not A, B, C, D, F. Instead, they were A, B, C, D, E. But we moved to a nearby town the next year, and there they used the F.

e.g., In school E meant you failed, way back when, before the atom bomb I guess.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e one's b - verb: to excite

e.g., the carnival e's my b

submitted by brown buffalo

e phase - That's the point at which you pay, or, e-faze, pig latin for fees. Prior to the E phase you had some money, afterwards, not so much money. E can also mean, theoretically, Empty-your-pockets, dude, lighten your load, if any. ((-:

e.g., Ever thing was fine, till we came to the E phase, which was outta sight, excessive, unheard of ... but we needed the baloney e.g. anyway, the deal was done, well done. [poedic licence included, no charge]

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

e pluribus unem ployed - When Americans are out of work, due to government policies.

e.g., Due to current economic conditions, it's being proposed that the motto of the United States of America be changed to "E Pluribus Unem Ployed."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

e- - Prefix used to describe anything related to the Internet.

e.g., My e-girlfriend sent me an e-mail about our e-commerce project.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

e-anticiparcellation - Anticipation of electronic mail.

e.g., His e-anticiparcellation caused him to want to check his e-mail every 10 minutes.

submitted by Jeron R. Williamson

e-appreparcelhensive - Apprehensiveness that electronic mail may contain a virus.

e.g., He was e-appreparcelhensive of e-mail attachments the week after his hard-drive crashed.

submitted by Jeron Williamson

e-baby, ebaby - A baby resulting from the fertilization of an egg from sperm purchased on the internet.

e.g., The world's first e-baby was born today. August 21, 2003. They don't know yet if it's virus-free.

submitted by [Neil Boortz]

e-back - Write back, in an e-mail.

e.g., Please e-back to let me know what you think.

submitted by bing

e-bitch - To send a complaint to a company's web site, via the "contact us" button. Not important enough to generate actual paper mail -- that would require substantial effort: envelope, stamps, post office, etc.

e.g., The product delivered was inferior to what was advertised, so I e-bitched to their web site.

submitted by VatorT

e-buse - Computer dependence, internet over-use.

e.g., I've been online for days, so I'm committing internet e-buse.

submitted by John - (www)

e-communicado - A self-imposed restriction that all communication with you must be e-mail only. (Cf. incommunicado.) Useful at work when you need large blocks of uninterrupted time. E-mail allows you to schedule your interaction rather than someone else. (Often indicated by a sign on your office door.)

e.g., I've got tons of stuff to catch up on, so I'll be e-communicado for the rest of the day.

submitted by Ric johnson - (www)

e-connoiter - (Rhymes with SEE-gun-LOI-ter; v.) To familiarize yourself with a location or road by means of Google maps or some ot her computer application, especially when you use a street-level view to recognize landmarks. [From 'reconnoiter' minus the initial 'r.']

e.g., "Wait. Wasn't that our turn back there?" "No. It's up ahead, another mile or so." "Are you certain?" "Yeah. I e-connoitered the way before we left." -------------- Twenty-first century criminals don't "case the joint," now they e-connoiter their targets.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

e-conomy - The Internet economy, like the regular economy, only on the web.

e.g., I'm going to buy the e-conomy size site hosting package.

submitted by Garrett French - (www)

e-ddress - Coined 4 years ago (confirmed with Michael Quinion of World Wide Words) this is the proper spelling of "address" with the substitution of the "e-" to denote "electronic address" or e-mail address. | Eddress: e-mail address.

e.g., Here's my e-ddress. Drop me an e-mail tomorrow. | What's your eddress?

submitted by K. E. (Missy) VanWinkle | Brian Henderso - (www)

e-duction - An electronic introduction; connecting two people via email.

e.g., Linda sent Robert an e-duction to Susan, the one marketing strategist capable of making his company a household word.

submitted by linda starr

e-dundancy - "E-mailing a person at the same time as you're having an IM conversation with them about the same thing."

e.g., You don't have any idea how easy it's going to be for your wife to track what you've been up to, do you? The phone and credit card records by themselves would probably be enough to cook your goose, but your e-dundancies are definitely going to cost you big bucks. You are an oxoxomoron.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

e-fecked - It's a word used to describe those annoying problems where your browser just hangs for five minutes when loading a page. Comes from the Irish-English slang word "fecked," a politer form of "fucked."

e.g., I don't know why it's hanging up. It's just been e-fecked™ since I went to those porn sites. ™ Mick Timony.

submitted by Enda McG - (www)

e-fired - Being notified that one has been fired from a job -- by e-mail, rather than by a human willing to face you.

e.g., Fred was all-fired-up upon after being e-fired.

submitted by Wayne Paulson

e-fling - An internet flirtation. May range from the "harmless diversion" category to saying provocative things to full-bore cybersex.

e.g., Given the all potential negative consequences of having even a "harmless diversion" e-fling, doing so is not a spectacularly good idea for anyone who holds political office, high or low.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

e-glish - From the linked site, "How to Spell Ridiculous": "English is dissolving away into e-glish. So why try? Why bother correcting anyone? It's gameover man, gameover." The words continue to sound pretty much the way they always have, but God only knows how they're going to be spelled.

e.g., History may be able to judge whether the pd is a bulwark against the onslaught of e-glish taking over or a contributor to that to-be-decried state.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

e-gnore - To ignore somebody via electronic means.

e.g., Why haven't you replied to any of my e-mails? Are you e-gnoring me?

submitted by Andrew 'Dragon' Pothier

e-golo - A man who has e-sex and e-love with women for material rewards.

e.g., Calculating at the end of the month, Carol realized her real life e-golo was working out much more fulfilling than the gigolos she used to hire, and was very much cheaper, too -- and minus the emotional baggage as well.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

e-hole - Someone who talks about nothing but the internet and has no concept of much else.

e.g., The swarm of people who moved to the San Francisco area over the past few years are mostly e-holes.

submitted by jessica

e-ligion - (Rhymes with see-PIGeon; n.) Spiritual beliefs based upon or deriving from metaphysical, quasi-mythic, or occult discussions, comments, declarations, or remarks appearing primarily on the internet (irrespective of the sincerity (or lack of sincerity) of the professing sites). [From "religion" without the "r," emphasizing the "e-" as in "electronic" (i.e., digital).]

e.g., A number of eligions have appeared since the advent of the internet: Jedis (light, dark, and "grey"), Valar (and elf) worshipers, Game-of-Throners, Trekkies (and Trekkers), and Hogwarters. Of course, there are also some variations on sincerely held creeds: web Wiccans, internet witches, even digital sects created from remarks and commentary about well-established religions and philosophies, such as Catholicism or Daoism. Some of it is kind of profound. On the other hand, some of it is bizarre; and some is downright alarming. I mean, a life philosophy based on Kenobi, Spock, and Dumbledore?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

e-list - A list of e-mail addresses.

e.g., An e-list can range in size from a few e-mail addresses for a personal mailing list (say, family and close friends) to one containing tens of thousands of addresses used for commercial e-mails. E-mail trees are going to be somewhere between the extremes. As far as I'm concerned, anyone whose e-mail address takes up space on my computer is fair game to get an e-mail from me. That's the price you pay for being an e-mail forwarder -- or on the e-list of e-mail forwarders. The solution: either make smarter friends (I wouldn't have your e-mail address if bcc had been used.) or get the ones you have to take you off their e-lists. Ask me politely, and I'll remove your e-mail address from my e-list. If you demand that it be removed, there's a chance you could end up on a new e-list -- one not all that pleasant to be on.

submitted by [Vinnie B]

e-lliterate - Showing, or marked by a lack of computer sophistication.

e.g., What do you mean you don't have an e-mail address? Are you e-lliterate?

submitted by John Miller - (www)

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