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daresn't - Dares not. My grandma says this all the time.

e.g., If he knows what's good for him, he daresn't go near the big dog.

submitted by Scott

darishnafrod - Synonym for FUBAR, except much, much more so.

e.g., Those drinks were too strong, Jester is seriously darishnafrod. He can't stop puking. OR My car got hit yesterday, it's darishnafrod.

submitted by Xylob

darius - (chiefly British.) v. To unwittingly embarrass oneself whilst trying to "make an impression," especially on national TV.

e.g., Britney dariused herself at the karaoke yet again last night.

submitted by Helen

dark rainbow - Unlike a dark cloud, there is no silver lining. Just layer upon layer of variegated gloom and doom.

e.g., When I asked the group did your parents ever say to you "Don't cry or I'll give you something to cry about," our resident dark rainbow began to talk about growing up in a closet and being fed by a straw through the key hole.

submitted by nitag - (www)

dark shake - An interesting flavored shake made from 4% milk, 74% dark energy, and 22% dark matter. | A greeting using the hand by Darth Vader.

e.g., "Mmmm … this dark shake tastes sensational, and I like the way the non-dairy ingredients are mixing with -- my ? and all my neurons can smell the taste of … it's a , whyk zulbas… -- ondu?&** bup

submitted by steve zihlavsky

dark side, unleash the - To will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger. Unleashees usually include call centers, and untrained computer shop staff.

e.g., PCBigShop has sold me another dodgy printer... i'm going down there to unleash the dark side on them

submitted by dan thomas

dark uncle - A evil man who runs the illustrious CVEO and lives in CV.

e.g., Dark Uncle needs a dollar for a chimichanga.

submitted by Kevin Watson

dark years - That specific period that all people have, when they look their worst, either on purpose or out of ignorance. For most people, it's during adolescence.

e.g., Viewing a picture of a friend with a blond afro and muttonchop sideburns: Those were the dark years, weren't they, Dave?

submitted by judy

dark-thirty - A half-hour after sunset. Not to be confused with "O-dark-thirty."

e.g., The newspaper said the fireworks would start about dark-thirty.

submitted by Crossbow

darking - Starting to get dark out. | The process of diminishing light.

e.g., Hey, Mom, is it darking yet? | It began darking as soon as the sun dipped below the horizon.

submitted by Sami Wolff | Dougall McDonald

darktime - Time when it's dark.

e.g., It's getting late, it's almost darktime.

submitted by Ruth

darls - Darling, as often used by Australian women.

e.g., Hey, darls, could ya go down the shop and get us a pack of smokes.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

darmok - (v.) 1. To cite metaphors as a means of communication (from the Star Trek TNG episode "Darmok," which introduces an alien race that communicates in just this way); 2. To create or cite such a metaphor as part of one's communication system; 3. A tag question, "Darmok?," meaning either "I'm speaking in code; do you understand?" or "Are you speaking in code?" (The correct response is "Jalad" for "yes" or "Shaka" for "no." (these terms also come from the ST:TNG episode). to speak in code. (n.) 1. A code system, esp. one based on metaphors; 2. A coded message or term.

e.g., "I have to work late, honey: some . . . visitors just showed up at the office. But don't worry, I should be home around nine-eleven; we can watch the rest of the Two Towers. . . . Darmok?" ". . . Okay, I'll call Jalad and let him know. What about Cassandra?" "Maker her a reservation at the Bridge Inn." translation: "I've been captured by terrorists who are planning something big, understand?" "I understand, but I'm having trouble believing you, are you serious?" "Nope. I'm kidding ... bigtime." (Casandra was a prophetess in Troy, cursed always to speak the truth, but never to be believed. The Bridge Inn, in Wales, host the World's Biggest Liar competition each November.)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

darn tootin' - Agreeing with strongly.

e.g., "Do you want to go to the mall tonight?" "Darn Tootin!"

submitted by Nick

darn tootin` - Damn right -- usually say with a pug smile on your face; said to be stupid. Also used as an answer after some one says something really dumb

e.g., "Did you know that cows have utters?" "You're darn tootin' -- but I think they have udders, not 'utters.'"

submitted by cody nickerson - (www)

darrick - A hot guy.

e.g., Check him out, he's a darrick.

submitted by Felicity

darro - Person from the country, outsider. Australian.

e.g., That new kid at our school who started last week is a darro.

submitted by Alex Edney

darryl - Somebody that is just a complete dork, lacks common sense. Not gender specific, it's a state of mind.

e.g., Look at that Darryl. He has on plaid pants with a Hawaiian shirt. Wonder where his brother Darryl is?

submitted by Darc Jasa

darsh - Cool or "with it."

e.g., "That band is so cool," said Jimmy. "That lead singer is really darsh."

submitted by Ian Keir

dartha - An evil female alien -- and your worst nightmare!

e.g., Watch out that Dartha doesn't take an interest in you. First she has her way with you; then she eats you. Be very afraid!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

darthleria - A disease that involves terrible breathing and produces a hoarse noise when the sick person inhales and exhales.

e.g., When the ill man had one of his lungs removed, it sounded like he had Darthleria because his voice sounded so hoarse.

submitted by Kelsey DeLave

darwench - A flighty female fond of finches; a Darwinist of the eco-tourist variety, she is commonly spotted in the Galapagos Islands.

e.g., The darwench spoke dreamily of feeling centered and grounded; perhaps it was those heavy Birkenstocks.

submitted by Jenny Stahl

darwimp - An evolutionist who, though lacking obvious signs of fitness, somehow manages to reproduce.

e.g., A smelly darwimp, the biologist selected a female who bore him triplets.

submitted by Jenny Stahl

darwin - To do something so stupid it gets you killed.

e.g., He lit a match to see if there was any gas in his car's tank--darwined immediately when the car exploded.

submitted by HD Fowler

darwince - 1. An involuntary, spasmodic facial response triggered upon hearing the full title of Darwin's book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. 2. To exhibit such a facial response.

e.g., When the professor announced the name of our next reading assignment, I saw my friend Tyrone darwince.

submitted by Jenny Stahl

darwind - 1. The evolutionary pronouncements of sociobiologists, often expressed in a breezy manner alongside references to unsupporting empirical data. 2. A rotating mass of air, or whirlwind, created when evolutionists use rocks to date fossils, and fossils to date rocks; also caused by explanations of the phrase, "survival of the fittest." 3. A rhetorical tool, used to persuade members of the opposite sex to accede to atypical behaviors.

e.g., 1. There goes Dr. Wilson again, blowing darwind to explain his bad behavior. 2. "Yes," said our teacher, "if the fit survive, then the survivors must be fit," and immediately a darwind rustled the papers on our desks. 3. When he couldn't get past her modest demeanor, he tried darwind.

submitted by Jenny Stahl

darwing - Any fossil or composite of fossils fraudulently proposed as a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds.

e.g., Archaeoraptor liaoningesis was a darwing of the National Geographic Society.

submitted by jenny stahl

darwinist chimpathizer - n. A highly imaginative artist who specializes in designing ape-to-human chronological displays; customarily employed by tax-supported museums and public television networks.

e.g., In the Museum of Natural History, the anthropologist cornered a Darwinist chimpathizer near his display, and accused him of fantasizing; he answered by baring his teeth.

submitted by Jenny Stahl

darwink - A facial gesture that initiates a mating display, produced by a Darwinist who considers himself super-fit.

e.g., He signalled her with a darwink; she laughed and called him maladaptive.

submitted by Jenny Stahl

daschle - To stand in the way of something, to obstruct, to keep off the agenda, to keep a decision from being made.

e.g., With any luck at all we'll have our liquor license next week -- unless someone in the bureaucracy decides to daschle it.

submitted by HD Fowler

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