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damnaged - That which is not only damaged, but is damaged beyond repair. Generally used to describe something in writing.

e.g., This has been damnaged.

submitted by Looneymidi

damnbitious - Damn ambitious.

e.g., Mike is very damnbitious. I heard he's taking 20 credit hours and working two full-time jobs this semester.

submitted by Heather Crotchett

damnesia - Damn amnesia.

e.g., "What's Arnold's problem?" "Oh, he's suffering from damnesia again."

submitted by Peter Beckwith - (www)

dance mania - Dance Mania, also known as the St. Vitus dance, affected men, women, and children, and was prevalent from the mid 14th to the early 17th centuries. Mobs of people, sometimes numbering into the thousands, would spontaneously gather outdoors, and would scream, shout, and sing, while dancing uncontrollably and bizarrely. The \"dance"\ would sometimes last for weeks, while participants continued until each fell into complete exhaustion.    Some historians believe that disease was the cause, but many agree that the phenomenon occurred during times of great stress. There were many common causes of stress through those ages, including the effects of poverty, wars, and religious pogroms. Especially stressful were the days leading up to the end of the world predicitions, and were met with great fear and trepidation.

e.g., A period of increasing nervous anxiety has returned to haunt our world. Time ticks down to December 21, 2012, a day that several ancient, and perhaps credible, prophecies predict the termination of life on earth. The lost Mayan civilization has handed down to us a precise, mathematically accurate calendar that concludes exactly on the 21st of this December. Doomsday believers also point to Nostradamus, a famed 16th century seer, whose past predictions have ostensibly come true, and who forecast a fatal collision between earth and a comet in 2012. In addition, several centuries-old native tribes, in North America and in India, have legends that foretell the end of days this year.    As tensions increase while we approach winter, will Dance Mania resurrect? Coming into December, will the poor come pouring out of their tenements, the rich from their gated estates, the young out of the discos and dance halls, and the elderly from their retirement communities, in a dancing frenzy that explodes from the buildup of enormous stress and strain?    Will you come out of your house to join them -- your voice yelling, singing, shouting, screaming, while your body contorts, jerks, spasms, spins, twists, and turns around, and around, and around, in a wild danse macabre, over and over, hour after hour, until you fall to the ground, unconscious, your mind and body completely drained?    And will you awaken the next morning, along with everyone else, anxiously await the magic hour that passes into night -- then, the next morning, week, month, year, year after year, as did the seasons after all the past predictions of Armageddon?    Or will it be different this time? Will the predictions come true? Will, horror of horrors, fire and brimstone consume the earth? Will civilization and the mighty efforts and works of all Mankind burn and blow away? And will our sun flicker, and as the music fades, will the "whirled" finally come to an end?

submitted by charlie lesko - (www)

dance nazi - A person who goes around correcting dancers at a ceili, those who are just enjoying themselves recreationally.

e.g., A. Get you self into step. B. Oh, get off, you dance nazi.

submitted by Donald Sangster

dance-apella - A dance performed without music. Usually absent-mindedly, or to burn off excess energy.

e.g., We were all standing in the hall outside the conference room waiting for the prior meeting to let out. It was taking forever! To entertain myself I put on a little dance-apella for my fellow attendees.

submitted by chesney

danceterbation - A dance performered alone, usually while wearing boots and a hat and timed to music containing lyrics that include the words "watermelon" or "tractor."

e.g., Clyde got really turned on watching Bessie and Lurlene danceterbate to to that new Ricky Van Shelton song.

submitted by Mel Holder

dancing toad - From the classic Warner Brothers cartoon "One Froggy Evening," in which a dancing and singing Michigan J. Frog just croaks when anyone other than his agent is present. An application which runs fine when the development team are running it, but crashes when demonstrated to clients.

e.g., I thought the program was robust enough to beta, but it turned out to be a dancing toad.

submitted by Arron Clague - (www)

dancyface - (dansy'fās) The art of making a particular expression on one's face while dancing (this can also be termed d-face). This word is a noun

e.g., "Lawrence looked around with a bewildered dancyface as he realized that he was the only one on the dance floor."

submitted by Cody Hartman - (www)

dandilaut - Dandylow. Anything or anyone particularly tall, or the tallest of a group.

e.g., She was proud of her father because he was well 6 feet tall and was almost always the dandilaut. | By the age of 10 he was already over 6 feet tall and was the dandilaut of his class. | At their visit to the zoo they could not wait to see the giraffe as it is the dandilaut of all the animals.

submitted by David Ford

dandy - Nifty; spiffy; good; great; coolio; sunshiny; etc.

e.g., Have a dandy day.

submitted by Joy

dandylions - Large, carnivorous felines with yellow, tawny skins, tufted tails, and fastidious manners.

e.g., Down in the savanna, where the sun is fryin'   for the title "King of Beasts" big cats are vyin'.   "I'm the fiercest," "I'm the fastest," "I'm the strongest," some are cryin',   but it's toms with style have the pussycats sighin'.   They're the Pride of the Pride, the dandylions!

submitted by Machiavellean & Lesko - (www)

danem-gonit-chaheck - Expletive that combines "Daggonit" and "Damn it all to heck." Used to add a touch of light humor to an otherwise undesirable situation.

e.g., Danem-gonit-chaheck! Where the hell are we now?

submitted by Jacob S.

dangerosity - The intensity or level of danger.

e.g., The dangerosity was far too high for to go ahead with my initial plan. I don't know what I had been thinking.

submitted by Sean

dangerou - A dangerou is a carnivorous and ferocious marsupial now only found in captivity.

e.g., Sharon saw the sign on the cage, "Warning: these animals are dangerous," and backed off.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

dangkang - Used to describe a naughty boy

e.g., You're a dangkang, Bruce.

submitted by breanna

danglish - words/grammar combining danish and english

submitted by Brennan Edwards

dangy - Dang + handy: a person who is dang handy to have around.

e.g., Jimbo just fixed my computer. He's a dangy guy.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

danielize - To resign from your job and then return to work within a matter of days because your new job didn't work out. Named after Daniel, who did this twice over a period of several months.

e.g., I danielized my boss last month when I resigned on Friday and showed back up at work on Tuesday. I didn't get a raise out of it, but I figure I might get one after a couple more danielizations.

submitted by Matt Vines - (www)

dank - Used when referring to something really cool or nice. | The same as dinky.

e.g., Wow, that new girl Suzy is dank, isn't she? | "Did you notice what a dank party Mike had? I was embarrassed for him." "His father and mother have been AWOL for years, so he's never had anyone to help him with his social skills. What else should we have been expecting?" "You're right. The guy's plenty smart, so he'll probably marry a social genius who'll pull his fat out of the fire until he can fend for himself socially."

submitted by chris | Your mom - (www)

dankurtis - A feeling of overwhelming curiosity and spontaneity. (ED. Another entry apparently based on a friend's name. This must have come in the day the seventh graders bombed us, a day when none of the entries were looked at before accepting them.)

e.g., Being dankurtis may eventually get Matt in trouble. He went sky diving, bungee jumping, and hiking all in one day.

submitted by danielle - (www)

danky - Not too great, not too bad. In the middle.

e.g., I'm feeling danky today.

submitted by Nicki

danky sore - Used by a teenager--assumed meaning is "canker sore."

e.g., Last time I ate a grapefruit, it gave me a danky sore.

submitted by BigJ7489

danny - A "danny" is a finger puppet. The derivation is from the movie The Shining, when little Danny speaks to his finger and says in a satanic voice, "Danny isn't here right now, Mrs. Torrance." "Danny" is appropriate to be used for all types of finger puppets.

e.g., I bought the cutest little danny today, a caterpillar.

submitted by Marty Klein - (www)

dant - Meaning, joke's on you, or in your face. If said situation your friend finds herself in is especially funny, can be lengthened to dante (pronounced loudly: dant-aaaayyy). Used by my 15-year-old son and his friends.

e.g., Your Internet doesn't work? Dant! | Your Internet doesn't work and now you can't do your homework and your friend changed your status on Facebook and your girlfriend thinks you just broke up with her and is calling all her friends telling them how you cried that time? Dant-aaayyy!

submitted by Tammy Morris

dap - A brand new synonym for cool because as you know those words always go out of style so fast. Just take a look at "groovy." Dap particularly means cool and slick orsmooth.

e.g., That hat you're wearing today is pretty dap.

submitted by Cullen

daps - trainers, sneakers, plimsolls, or gym shoes by another name.

e.g., Kate looked dazzling wearing her new daps.

submitted by dan - (www)

daq - To be a complete idiot.

e.g., How did you fail that easy test, you DaQ?

submitted by Dorien

daramanit - Curse word that expresses disdain or otherwise ill-felt sentiment; for those who have trouble saying the words "damn" or "darn."

e.g., What!? You mean we actually had to READ that chapter. Daramanit, where was I when the teacher made the assignment.

submitted by Mike, CTC

darb's - Cigarette.

e.g., Hey bloke, got any darbs's?

submitted by daniel avey

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