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dadend - When you think you have everything worked out for an event but your dad stops you from carrying out your plans.

e.g., I was all ready for the big dance when, as I came downstairs, I ran into a dadend.

submitted by Kara Bell

dadnasticate - To procrastinate, but feel kinda bad about doing it.

e.g., If only I had started sooner. But, blast it, I've been dadnasticating all week.

submitted by Clayton

daffynition - The second (intermediate) part of a pd entry; the description. | A statement that explains the meaning of a term (a word, phrase, or other set of symbols), as entered in the pseudodictionary.

e.g., These daffynitions are enough to make one hysterical (take that as you will). | Ooops -- how embarrassing; I opened my very own version of the pseudodictionary on 17 Apr 2004 with the word \"daffynition\" and yet never before thought to enter it here in the real pd.    {ED. Mr. Berliner is certainly correct when he calls some of his submittals daffynitions. They are that and more. He doesn't care for my use of submittal, but I prefer to use that word rather than submission. I associate submission more with bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism than I do with submitting words to a site that's run as a lark. He must have mistyped his word, though, because it was flagged on entry as a duplicate. I'll come back later and merge the two entries, giving me a slot in the lexicon to use from the back-end.)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

daft - Means stupid.

e.g., That is daft.

submitted by Bob

daftwit - He doesn't make a bit of sense, he must be out of his mind, he lacks good sense, he's balmy, crackers, loony.

e.g., The current ruler of Libya might sometimes be viewed as a daftwit, but he seems to know how to stay in power in spite of the valiant efforts of the people to be free of him, alas.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

dag - Dung hanging of a sheep's bum. Usually mixed in with bits of wool from said sheep. | Someone who dresses shabbily, or someone who has taken no care to dress up. Could be wearing garden clothes, or same trackpants she was wearing when Kennedy was president. | Someone who has no idea. A person not up with the moment, out of step with the "in crowd," a nerd. | A term of endearment, usually for someone who is being both a bit dumb or thoughtless and cute at the same time.

e.g., Take these shears and go cut those dags off the sheep there. | Take a look at Cathy. What a dag. Flip-flops, trackie-dacks, and a sports bra is not a good look for a new date. | Chris is a complete dag. He owns all of David Hasslehoff's albums and he plays EverQuest. | Oh, Cathy, you're such a dag. Of course they speak English in Australia. What? Did you think they spoke Austrian?

submitted by Cathy Sanders

dag nasty - Unbelievably nasty, utterly repulsive.

e.g., That snail and worm soup was dag nasty.

submitted by Lorri O

dageratte - Cigarette.

e.g., Got a spare dageratte? I'm feeling suicidal.

submitted by COLIN M

dagerooni - Crazy, being like David Alan Grier.

e.g., He is dagerooni.

submitted by Phoo BAg 4 U

dagget - The indents in a wall.

e.g., The school has daggets in all of the rooms.

submitted by Courtney 7th English

daggit - A corrupted version of "damn it" or "dang it."

e.g., Daggit, my computer crashed again.

submitted by nate

daggy - Superlatively lame, in a downmarket way. To be precise: something that's half dorky, half ghetto. Australian derivation, most endearingly uttered in a Japanese accent.

e.g., I hate daggy stupid surferboy shop in Shibuya, ne. Nobody there surf. Ne?

submitted by Adam Greenfield - (www)

dagnab - Sanitized alternative for "God damn." Southern U.S. equivalent of "gosh darn."

e.g., Dagnab it, Jim Bob, I already done told you, you can't marry your cousin Dottie 'til she turns thirteen.

submitted by Tom

dagnabbit - Used when completely frustrated in place of other choices words.

e.g., Dagnabit, Bruce, that old joke about the Long Island Ferry reeks.

submitted by Sarah Kelly

dagrieopal - Anything that is just outlandish.

e.g., He is a dagrieopal. He is always making strange concoctions in his backyard.

submitted by candace mcdonald

dagwood - A very large sandwich piled high with various meats, vegtables, cheeses and condiments and often topped off with a toothpick skewered through an olive on top of it all. The finished product should be nearly impossible to get your jaws around.

e.g., Dagwoods have been around at least since the 1940s series of Dagwood and Blondie movies, and known by that name.

submitted by Chris Conley

daint - don't

e.g., I daint want to do the dishes

submitted by Nathan Powell

daisy-dukes - Extremely tight, short-shorts worn by young women in the American South.

e.g., Classic Daisy-Dukes can be seen on any of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

submitted by Stephen Mize

dali - A distorted sense of perspective or reality, usually brought on by alcohol. The concept that your surroundings are no longer solid.

e.g., After ten pints of Stella, everything seemed a bit Dali.

submitted by Nasixi

daliwolper - Changing the subject of a conversation due to the sudden presence of an authority figure.

e.g., Unfortunately for Kenji and Kazuki, their evening together included a daliwolper that destroyed the mood.

submitted by Terrence Waterjuice

damb - Same as damn but don't you think since you pronounce it the same as lamb it should be spelled damb? (ED. I don't pronounce it to rhyme with damb, rather dam or lam. Some of the things the acronym DAMB stands for.) | Pronounced the same as "damn"; adjective) 1. Damnably dumb, unbelievably stupid; (interj.) 2. "How astoundingly idiotic!"; (expl. "dambit") 3. "Curse your miserable, just-how-IQless-can-you-get, bowl-of-noodle-soup brainlessness!" (Coined by a Latino boy at the school where my wife works.)

e.g., Damb, I will miss you. | "Chuck, that's a damb foolish idea!" "Damb, Chuck! I want nothing to do with it!" "Oh, my idea's damb foolish, is it? Well, Dambit! You're the imbeciles here, not me! When they take away your funding, don't come running to me! Damb!"

submitted by Kelly Kallestad | Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

damename - Proper form of address for a knighted lady.

e.g., Margot Fonteyn and Helen Mirren were knighted; their damenames are thus Margot and Helen (see also "sirname").

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

damijag - "Don't Ask Me, I'm Just A Girl," normally followed by a giggle. A bimbo.

e.g., Chris is the damijag to end all damijags. | Melba's black humor, damijag style, 1969, when asked how to get somewhere: "Don't ask me. I'm like Mary Jo Kopechne. I just came along for the ride." An unnecessary death, caused by one of our longest-serving United States Senators. Many think a criminal act went unpunished; many more are unaware that it ever happened. How did Mary Jo Kopechne die? By drowning or by suffocating? Click on the www hyperlink, check it out, and draw your own conclusions. There's also an FBI report here. | Mary Beth always pretended she didn't know what was going on with her damijag act. Or was it an act? (Confirmed several years after making this entry: It was just an act.)

submitted by Rebecca - (www)

dammit - Useful for substituting swear words when talking about someone

e.g., "yeah, i mean dammitjonny.. what is he playin at??"

submitted by josephina

dammitol - Psuedo-pharmacological sounding word used to express frustration.

e.g., Oh, dammitol, I have to go back to the hardware store to buy a different size of pipe.

submitted by Ron

dammitory - Hell.

e.g., Jack said if he told another lie he was going to dammitory.

submitted by joyce

damn clipy - A phrase usually uttered when one first opens one of the newer versions of Microsoft Word. Or, a phrase uttered when someone forgets to turn off the Office Assistant, and does something that the program feels you could do with a little help.

e.g., What would you like to do? "Damn clipy." ::hide Office Assistant:: Do you want to save the changes? "Damn clipy."

submitted by Amethyst - (www)

damn skippy - A quick response to a statement that you agree with.

e.g., " Isn't my car flash?" "Damn skippy, your car's flash."

submitted by Jon

damn-a-rama - All-purpose term of exasperation. Usually uttered in frustration or extreme fatigue, sometimes both.

e.g., Tax time coming again? Damn-a-rama. And I'm stuck with the long form.

submitted by Turfdigger

damn-defrag - The incredibly long length of time it takes to defrag one's hard-disk

e.g., The duchess looked back on her midlife escapades . . . and realized that she had spent far too much time waiting for Godot, not to mention dilly-dallying about with the Duke of Damn-Defrag.

submitted by Quipping Queen - (www)

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