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d & m - Deep & Meaningful; an intense conversation (typically between two participants) that usually results in the release of hidden emotions and confidential personal information.

e.g., I don't think we should interrupt their conversation right now. Looks like the're having a D & M.

submitted by jhulz - (www)

d&s - Divert and stack, divert and surf. To divert your attention from what you're doing to go off and do something else that caught your eye -- something you think you'll forget to look into unless you do it right now. The idea, of course, is to stack what you have underway and get back to it shortly -- once you've satiated your curiosity about the interrupting item. Problem: If Internet use is involved, you're likely to d&s repeatedly until what you initially intended to be a single level, last-in-first-out stack becomes a heap, a jumble, a pile. Notation: (d&s) { |…}, followed in e-mails and blog posts by text indented a level deeper.

e.g., If I didn't d&s the way I do, I might never learn such tidbits as the fact that -- in the corpus used by Google books Ngram Viewer -- that "percent" began to gain dramatically in use on "per cent" and by 1975 predominated.

submitted by HD Fowler

d'no - Don't know. Dunno.

e.g., "Whatcha doin' tonight?" "D'no."

submitted by Alana

d'oh! - "Literally a contraction of "Duh... Oh!" made famous by Homer Simpson. Used to denote anything from surprise to being caught, to forgetting something, etc."

e.g., "Homer, did you remember our anniversary?" "D'OH!""

submitted by Eridactyl - (www)

d'ohmance - An ill-fated love affair. A combination of "d'oh" (Homer Simpson) and "romance."

e.g., He was trouble from the start; all it was ever going to be was a d'ohmance.

submitted by Liz

d'you - The cool way of saying "do you."

e.g., D'you think I'm cool?

submitted by leeleebigc

d-dash - (n.) (DEE-dash) The lowest possible passing grade on a test, quiz, or other educational affair. Also: A failing grade that is raised to a passing grade by a sympathetic teacher. (Etymology: from D-, D--, etc., grades; the minus signs look like dashes.)

e.g., Carol, a US university student was angered when her 50% grade was considered a fail. She sure wishes she should have gone to Canada, where 50% was a d-dash.

submitted by Mirakle B.

d-l - On the down low, meaning to keep it quiet or don't repeat this.

e.g., Jack: Here's your invitation to my party, but remember to keep it on the D-L. Mike: What's going on? You too cheap to buy a stamp.

submitted by lizziee

d-thru - (n.) 1. a fast-food drive-through; 2. the really annoying habit fast-food people have of holding out your food at the second window while you are still trying to take your change from someone as insistent about money as the other is about food. (adj.) 3. the impatience of someone trying to give you something you're simply not ready to take. (From the impatience like (I always imagine) drive-through people must be holding in check while they hold a bag of food out of their window while I'm still getting change.)

e.g., "You need to sign this now." "Okay, okay, give me a minute, I'm signing two other things while talking to the Chairman on the phone ... don't be so d-thru."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

d.b. cooper - Leaving an establishment or bar and not telling those who are with you that you're leaving. Especially those that need a ride home. Named after the never-found skyjacker D.B. Cooper.

e.g., I was looking around the bar for Joe, but he was gone. Must have pulled a D.B. Cooper on me.

submitted by kidiswhitehot

d.i.d. - D.i.D. or D.I.D. Damsel in Distress, especially one who is tied up or chained or otherwise restrained.

e.g., Did you catch that cool DiD on V.I.P. last night?

submitted by Pat Powers

d.o.j., d.o.d., etc. - The various U.S. Government cabinet-level departments. Department of Justice, Department of Defence, etc.

e.g., Ashcroft narrowly missed being rejected as D.O.J. head because of his right-wing alliances.

submitted by Stephen Mize

d00d. - (That's two zeroes and a period.) A very serious situation or state of affairs. One that leaves you completely speechless or requires very careful deliberation.

e.g., I can't believe she agreed to go out on a date with me. I didn't expect that at all. This is a rather d00d. type situation. | I just wrecked my mother's car. I didn't even have her permission to borrow it. D00d. I'm in trouble.

submitted by Zzonkmiles

da burgh - Ghetto slang for Pittsburgh, Pennsylavnia.

e.g., Wanna go down to Da Burgh to watch Lemieux and the Penguins?

submitted by G-dogg

da da da da - Similar to the expression yadayadayada, from Seinfeld,only this one is based on that song by The Police. Usage is the same however.

e.g., And then, she's all like "save the whales, have you hugged a tree today and pretty soon I'm all da da da da.

submitted by Paul

da kine - From Hawaiian Pidgen English, this translates as"the kind," but it can also be used as a catchall phrase, meaning virtually anything depending on its placement and usage in a sentence.

e.g., Da Kine surf looks good today. | Q: You hungry? Ready to eat some grinds? A: Da Kine. (And how.) Q: Did you download Da Kine file to disc?

submitted by pAUL

da mare - Chicago-speak for "the mayor."

e.g., Da mare refused to answer any more questions.

submitted by Jean

da'drink - Hitting your golf ball into the pond, lake, ocean, or anything resembling wetness.

e.g., That's in da'drink.

submitted by Dusty Raatz

da-j.i.c - Just in Case

e.g., Q:"Why you bringin your gat?" A:"For da JIC"

submitted by Scoot

da-poss-e - Describing a person's followers or special group.

e.g., Da-poss-e of Jesus was the Twelve Disciples.

submitted by flinch0

daapster - The phenomenon of using Apple's iTunes, or similar applications, to share music over a network using the new Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP).

e.g., See, I don't actually rip off music -- I only listen to other people's ripped-off music via DAAPster.

submitted by Jon Parker - (www)

dab - Give your friends a form of a handshake by hitting one fist on top of the other and then alternating.

e.g., Give ya girl some dab, phool.

submitted by erika

dab hand - Dab hand: "A person skilled in a particular activity; an expert: a dab hand at gardening." Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition (1995), at crackerjack also crackajack. NOUN: Slang. A person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field: ace, adept, authority, dab hand, expert, master, past master, professional, proficient, wizard. Informal: whiz. Chiefly British: dab2.See ABILITY. ADJECTIVE: Slang. Having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill: adept, crack, expert, master, masterful, masterly, professional, proficient, skilled, skillful.See ABILITY.

e.g., "Prince Andrew will probably also help out because he's a real dab hand with gadgets." | "Martin Cruz Smith is a dab hand at beginnings, as readers of Gorky Park will remember; but he tends to fumble his middle sections, and by the time the climax arrives he's all fingers and thumbs"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

dabba-doo - (Rhymes with GRAB-a-ZOO; adj.) 1. Really fun, like jumping in the fred's-feet-fueled car with the Rubbles and heading out to watch a drive-in movie and then go for bronto-burgers; 2. Enjoyable as only simple pleasures are: good company, good food, and something nontechnologically fun to do (simple like troglodytes (like the Flintstones) would enjoy: kicking back with friends by a bonfire while toasting marshmallows or hot dogs and cuddling with your belle or your beau). [From Fred Flintstone's personal slogan "yabba dabba doo" (which itself comes I know not whence). Used sense 1 on Aaron Sorkin's West Wing (Season 4, Episode 19 "Angel Maintenance," in which Press Secretary C.J. Craig tells the Press Corps, regarding a presidential trip to Orange County, "We're gonna have a dabba-doo time.")

e.g., "I've got dinner reservations and tickets for the show for all four of us and our dates, and a great spot to picnic the rest of the night away, ... and really cool hats." "Hats?" "Yeah, it'll be dabba-doo, for real." "And the hats?" "Especially the hats." | "What do you do for four hours on the beach?" "Big fire, beach balls, cold drinks and hot dogs. Dabba-doo."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

dacb - To look quite unorganised (unclean, unkempt, etc.)

e.g., Even for the interview, she did not bother to rid herself of her dacb looks and that cost her the job.

submitted by gopal krishnan

dack - Aussie slang for pulling someone's pants down.

e.g., When I was at the year 11 study camp, some losers dacked me in front of everyone and I was completely embarrassed. | Alec said he dacked her because she had ants in her pants.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

dacks - Aussie slang for underpants.

e.g., Me and my mates were at the footy watching the game and when the other team won we got pissed off and dropped our dacks and brown-eyed the whole team.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

dad joke - A dad joke is a lame joke that dads tell -- often characterised by many retellings and the fact that the only person who laughs is the person who told the joke.

e.g., "So, is your new boss funny?" "Not really. He only tells dad jokes."

submitted by Anna

dadabase - Suggested by a ytpoe for database. A dadabase is a database holding the names of men who might be the defendant in a paternity suit filed by a promiscuous woman who isn't sure which of several men is the father of her daughter. ... It's hard to find a non-pejorative term for a promiscuous woman, but nowhere near as difficult to find one for a promiscuous man. Several such terms can be found at the linked site. Most of them are words or terms I've never heard before.

e.g., Donna, are any of the men in your dadabase rich? Professional athletes? Rock stars? I think we should concentrate on them before throwing a wider net. No more than three, though.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

daddy-look - Searching for something in a half-hearted manner. A habitual token or cursory glance most often used when looking for articles of a child's clothing.

e.g., Daddy says he can't find your shoes? Did he look or did he daddy-look?

submitted by c bauer

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