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calculmabobber - A type of calculator that perfroms functions beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division -- e.g., scientific, graphing, and finance calculators.

e.g., Bob: What's the natural log of 2? Fred: Hang on, let me get my calculmabobber.

submitted by Louis

calculus of cerebratohemorrhaginii - The process of answering children's (or anyone's for that matter) questions with the most ridiculous things you can think of repeatedly until the youngster no longer wants to ask you questions or tells you the answer the one she wanted you to guess.

e.g., "Hey, Pappy, you know what me and Bubba did today?" "Sure do, spanked a hippopotamus, didn't you?" "No." "Ate some bullets, huh?" "No." "Mashed some crickets up for dinner." "No." "Walked to China with some snow shoes on." "No." "Ilberton pothumpkinality." "Pappy, I'm tired of your calculus of cerebratohemorrhaginii -- we just colored."

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

calcumalator - Calculator. Use the word when you want to feign stupidity.

e.g., I can't do these physics problems, even when I use my calcumalator.

submitted by EggieChan

calcusehfigurlate - To calculate figures using techniques not taught in school and generally incomprehensible to ordinary folks.

e.g., I used to love confounding Mr. Moskowitz, my fifth grade teacher, using calcusehfigurlation to solve algebraic problems.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

caldwellian - To brazenly use trickery, charm, craftiness, or sleight of hand to get your way; to scam or grift; exhibiting or possessing a general mischievous nature.

e.g., So you planned the whole thing, and everyone got caught but you? How caldwellian.

submitted by Mr. Chris Beefy

calf rope - A Southern alternative to saying "uncle" when you surrender in a wrestling match. Until I read Evan Morris's mid-February newsletter on word and phrase origins, I had forgotten about using the expression as a kid.

e.g., A couple of years earlier I'd have had Bill pinned and saying calf rope before you could say Jack Robinson. Alas, the younger boy had by then caught up with me in size and was as strong as a bull. |   What The Word Detective said about "calf rope" in 2003: Dear Word Detective: I know that a good many children, when being held down by the schoolyard bully, would have to say "uncle" so that they might go about their business un-bullied, but in my part of the world, East Texas to be specific, it seems that I would always have to say "calf rope." There does not seem to be many of my peers who remember anything like this and I'm afraid that it may have been a bad dream or something in my own psyche and nowhere else. Have you ever heard of this, or perhaps know of someone who has? -- Larry, via the internet.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

calico cat - Great. Usually about a time, place, or event. This is used by just a few of my friends and me in Kalamazoo, MI.

e.g., This "At the Drive-In" show is thoroughly calico cat.

submitted by mark - (www)

california stop - Slowing to a roll, before hitting the gas and charging through a stop sign. A "Tijuana stop" involves going even faster.

e.g., The cops couldn't give tickets to drivers for California stops, because they slowed down even less for the intersections, themselves.

submitted by Steve McDonald

californialitis - An overreaction to normal life while ignoring the actual issues, if any.

e.g., 1. The program blipped and now my manager has californialitis. 2. Acting only on third party hearsay, the guy got californialitis and called the authorities.

submitted by Jon K

californication - The process of ruining the quality of life of a residential area by an influx of former residents of the state of California.

e.g., Utah is being ruined by Californicators.

submitted by David Boocher

califunya - The California which exists solely for the tourists. That is to say: Disneyland, no smog, no traffic, the beach, no earthquakes, and nor mudslides.

e.g., We decided to go to Califunya for our vacation this year.

submitted by Paul

caligula - A level of something, just above mad.

e.g., Check out Bizarro with the powered-up chainsaw. He's caligula.

submitted by Sam - (www)

caligulitis - A personality disorder characterized by a sadistic thirst for power.

e.g., My boss has caligulitis. He humiliates everybody and keeps threatening to fire people, and when somebody breaks under the strain he bursts out laughing.

submitted by Wallace White

caliphonia - An alternative name for California, given all the phonies who live there. Not new by any means, as indicated by the URL, but I thought of it because I made a ytpoe, not because I had ever seen it before.

e.g., "Without reading the article, the decision, the Caliphonia Constitution, or Caliphonia law, it's a given that the Caliphonia Supreme Court was not wrong in its unanimous decision. By definition, it can't be wrong in its interpretation of California law. Right?"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

calipso - A frontal wedgie.

e.g., The calipso in the math teachers' acid-wash jeans did not go down well with her students in the front row.

submitted by slehora

caliquat - Kali-kwot. An extremely special person.

e.g., My girlfriend is a caliquat, and I love her so much.

submitted by John

callapitter - An infantilization of the word "caterpillar."

e.g., One day that callapitter will turn into a beautiful flutterby.

submitted by majick

callender - Either "calendar" as a misspelling, or something that brings a conversation quickly to an end. Also a surname, as used in the Marie Callender restaurant chain.

e.g., Chris started talking about phone sex and that was a callender.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

callifragilisticexpialidocious - Descriptive adjective for a rather ordinary exciting occurrence.

e.g., That was definitely NOT something quite atrocious -- it was more than just callifragilisticexpialidocious; it was really out of the ordinary, even super.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

callipyge - An actual medical term meaning having an attractive backside. A polite way of telling someone she has same. Adj. callipygian, callipygous. Cf. steatopygous.

e.g., Some believe J Lo may have the most profound case of callipyge ever recorded.

submitted by Stephen Mize

callithump - (n.) 1. a noisy boisterous parade 2. a noisy mock serenade (made by banging pans and kettles) to a newly married couple

e.g., The Donald is surely the most callithumpian presidential candidate we've ever had.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

callow - To touch someone inappropirately

e.g., He just callowed my privates.

submitted by Joe

calm - There are two uses: 1. Code for when you want to tell someone something but you can't because there's someone else around. Then they will know you want to tell them something later. 2. Code for stop the conversation because someone is coming.

e.g., 1. You are talking to Sarah and Tom and you remember mid-conversation a juicy rumor you heard about Tom. You want to tell Sarah but can't because he's standing there. So you say, "Calm." Sarah then knows there's something you want to tell her later about Tom. 2. You are telling Sarah the juicy rumor when she sees Tom approaching. In order to stop the conversation in its tracks, she says, "Calm."

submitted by Tiffany

calmplacency - Similar to complacency. "Your plane has been bumping through bad weather for several long minutes. You can't see a thing but clouds. Suddenly, the plane bursts into sunlight. That reassuring moment is called. . . ."

e.g., It's hard to be calmplacent when you've been sitting in the middle seat of a puddle jumper for four hours. Especially if two or three of those hours were spent sitting on the runway in Huntsville, Alabama -- in the middle of the summer with the temperature and relative humidity both measuring at 97+. Oh, yeah, and no air conditioning. On top of that, I have a severe case of claustrophobia combined with mild xenophobia . . . not to mention my borborygmiphobia and jumentophobia.

submitted by [Richard Jaffe] - (www)

calmtrol - a combo of calm down and control.

e.g., He is so excitable I had to tell him to calmtrol himself.

submitted by michele

caloosa - I. Short for "Could Lose a few pounds" Usually used to describe a female that is not ugly but slightly overweight. II. Can also be used followed by a number indicating the amount of weight needs to use.

e.g., I. Is he cute? he Caloosa. II. Is she cute? She Caloosa 20.

submitted by Skip Hardley - (www)

calorica - Level of measured intensity to something deemed interesting or "cool."

e.g., That shirt is high (in) calorica.

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

calorific - Any food that is high in fat, sugar, and carbs can be called calorific.

e.g., The doctor warned his patient to stay away from calorific foods to maintain a healthy weight.

submitted by marianne VanAmburgh

caloriotropogenic - (Rhymes with "pal-oreo-SOAP-uh-JEN-ik; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to any practice, item, or strategy designed or applied to make one "hot" (i.e., sexually desirable, admirable, or noticeable). [From Latin calori, dative "toward the heat" + Greek trope "turn" + genic "producing"; literally "making (someone) turn toward the heat."]

e.g., You should wear those bangle earrings: they're seriously caloriotropogenic, especially with that blouse. || "Nobody pays any attention to us when Paul's along: How come he's so caloriotropogenic?" "Well, twelve hours a week in weight training, six hours a week running, and ---" "Okay, I get it." Caloriotrophogenes (that is, "things that are caloriotropogenic"): women: trim physique, tight clothes, high heels, well-done make up, a flattering hair style, a wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk, etc.; men: muscles, two or three days unshaven, no shirt, sunglasses, v-shaped torso, etc. Smiles are good on both sexes, though younger men like to affect expressionlessness or even hostility. I have no idea why they believe women would be attracted to an angry animal, though.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

calp - Used to point out a pair of nice legs without the owner of the legs knowing. Abbreviation of a bad Spanish translation for "Damn, nice legs."

e.g., Don't look now, but there's some calp behind you.

submitted by whippyX

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