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caffuffed - To be extremely exhausted and tired, as a result of which you fall asleep.

e.g., I was caffuffed after cooking for the whole Smith family so I went straight to bed.

submitted by Kiri the Aussie Chick

cafirnicus - A railway up the side of a mountain, consisting of two counterbalanced cars at either end of a cable passing round a driving wheel at the summit.

e.g., We walked about the 5,000 steps to Sacre Coure instead of using the cafirnicus.

submitted by Random Parisian

cage - Motorcyclists' slang for a car.

e.g., That cage almost hit me broadside.

submitted by ryan meith

cagey - "Feeling pent up, need to get outside"

e.g., "I've been in this office too long. I'm getting cagey"

submitted by su_cram - (www)

caggy - (clothing) Adjective meaning old and unwanted yet still useful i.e. decorating wear

e.g., I'll put on those caggy jeans to clean out the garage

submitted by Ben Bissett - (www)

cah - Car.

e.g., I'm thinking I might get a new cah soon.

submitted by HD Fowler

cahonies - Cojones -- balls, guts, fortitude.

e.g., I see many of those in the anti-cop demonstrations as being people who lack the cahonies to be a police officer.

submitted by Miss Speller

cahoonies - Cojones: testicles.

e.g., "Cahoonies"? I like it. I'll put that spelling in my personal dictionary. | You lack the cahoonies to challenge Loretta on the ... matter.

submitted by HD Fowler

cahoot - (Rhymes with "the-BOOT"; n.) 1. One conspirator; 2. A very small conspiracy; (also "cahoots") 3. A small town in New Mexico (or Texas or Oregon or Maine or Spain or Beirut or Canberra or Madhya Pradesh or Tierra del Fuego or somewhere) where people go to conspire (or are said to be when conspiring).

e.g., "You cannot defeat us! We are part of a global conspiracy!" "Just how many of you are there?" "You mean besides me, Joey, and Decker?" "Yeah, besides you three." "Tens of thousands! Well, okay: thousands … tens of hundreds … well … hundreds … okay, then, tens, eventually. All right, all right! There's only the three of us---but not for long!" "Whoa! Quite a cahoot you've got goin' there." | "Okay, that's a scary look you're wearing: equal parts hauteur and fiendish glee." "Yesss. I have been to Cahoots!" "What is that? Like a bar or a pub or something?" "No. No. Come on, you know: 'in cahoots'?" "What? No, I've never heard of it. Where is it?" "Never mind."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

caint - Ain't abel to. Cain, Abel--Get it. Got it.

e.g., My girl fren caint write hur name, cuz she dont know how to rite.

submitted by P I E

caint - Shortened of /cannot/. Spelling is a combined from from /can't/ and /ain't/, absent the apostrophe.

e.g., "i am so dipressed I caint even write in here and make sense, I lost my job at license beureu and my favorite fish and am still gainning weight by leaps and bounds. Something has to get better. My hubby has no work soon we will be broke yet again. NO flowers,again this spring no nothing if things dont get better. I am so sick of things going in the same damn circle over and over again!!!"

submitted by Frank Abbandando - (www)

cajunas - Balls. A misspelling of the Spanish cojones.

e.g., Of course I'm not scared of you, Chris. You lack the cajunas to try anything without your posse here to hold me down while you kick me.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

cajunga - The use of largeness in extremist notions, the vernacular of "bigger is better and brighter is louder -- and louder is cool."

e.g., Max cast a discriminating gaze over the equipment before stating out loud, "Man, you have one cajunga entertainment system."

submitted by Wuff Jones

cak - Hitting your shin on something hard and usually blunt, so it makes the shin bone, which is close to the skin on the front of your shin, hurt like bejesus. From mountain biking, where the most usual blunt instrument for cakking is a pedal.

e.g., "Owwwwwww! Just cakked my right shin on my SPuD (qv) on that last descent."

submitted by bent udder - (www)

cake - "money, lots of it."

e.g., That Bill Gates is rolling in cake!

submitted by Slorge Gridlock

cake - Used to describe a woman who has a fat ass--in a good way.

e.g., J Lo has cake.

submitted by meeell

cake and pie - So easy as to be laughable, "a piece of cake" and "easy as pie" combined, from Bill Gibson, somewhere in the Neuromancer trilogy.

e.g., Doing graphics on a Macintosh? Cake and pie!

submitted by Phil Vassar-not the Nashville guy!

cake-in - To lay it on thick. When a guy spends a lot of time investing in a girl.

e.g., You are really cake-in with that girl on the phone.

submitted by K

cake-tastrophe - 1. A sudden calamity involving cake. 2. Really bad cake. 3. Something bad that happens to you with a cake.

e.g., I was carrying your birthday cake down the street on my way back from the bakery when I suddenly tripped -- the cake splattered on a passing car's windshield and caused it to crash. It was a caketastrophe.

submitted by John Driscoll

caked - To get tore up, tore down, or otherwise excessively schnockered.

e.g., Forgot I took that Benadryl for my sinuses last night -- that wine on top of it got me pretty caked.

submitted by david mock

cakehead - Someone who is not very bright.

e.g., That cakehead just ran that redlight.

submitted by downthezero

cakesmith - (n.) 1. A maker of cakes, especially expertly made and decorated ones, such as wedding cakes and the like; 2. Any maker of cakes or pastries; 3. by extension, Any maker and/or decorator of any sort of sweet food involving flour or cornmeal as well as sugar (e.g., cookies, cinnamon bread, etc.).

e.g., "We were thinking this cake? ..." "Let me see: Whoa! That's a real piece of work. You'll need a really good cakesmith for that one. Look at the icing!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

cakestasy - Shoving your face into a cake. Usually done by extremely happy children.

e.g., Two-year-old Jimmy engaged in an act of cakestasy that was so cute both of his grandmothers started to cry.

submitted by reese danger epstein

cakewalk - Easily done, same as "a piece of cake."

e.g., Our calculus test was cakewalk. (There is a "dance" called a cakewalk. If you're on the right "square" when the music stops, you win a cake. It's also defined as "something accomplished with supreme ease.")

submitted by Dank

cakilexophile - (Rhymes with tacky-EX-o-file; n.) A lover of dirty language: profanity, vulgarity, blasphemy, swearing, etc. [From Greek κακός kakós "bad" + λέξη lexi "word" + -phile "lover of."]

e.g., Whoever wrote this movie must be a cakilexophile: nobody swears that much in real life, but these characters use vulgarities as punctuation.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

cakt - (adjective) A sharp remark that makes you feel hopeless and lowers your confidence, usually given by a toxic person.

e.g., Mohan: I want to become a photographer because I am passionate about it. Shyam: Stop blabbering; you know nothing about photography; you don't even deserve it. You're useless. Mohan: I can do without your cakt.

submitted by Priyal Kumar - (www)

calamatastrophy - Worse than a calamity but not quite a catastrophe.

e.g., There was a calamatastrophy involving 23 cars on the freeway last night

submitted by Wayne Crabtree

calcaholic - Person so accustomed to using her calculator that she can no longer perform simple math in her head.

e.g., There goes Jamie, the calcaholic. We all laughed when she reached for her calculator to add 4+2.

submitted by Bob Boarker

calculator brain - A person who plays with numbers in her head and on paper, dreaming and daydreaming of them so much so that random calculations tossed at said persons are tossed back solved in seconds. Predisposed mathematically beyond even a mathematician -- i.e., shakuntala devi.

e.g., In my youth, before the paint fumes started affecting me, I was a calculator brain.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

calculeer - The dead lifeless look on one's face after sitting through Mr. Graham's calculus class.

e.g., Jane sure has a mean calculeer on her face today.

submitted by SLOjewnamedPRU

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