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cybertize - To advertise on the web.

e.g., I cybertized for this weekend's bake sale on the church's website.

submitted by Gail Englert

cybertrash - An avatar composed of, and dispelling digital refuse online.

e.g., That's not a bona fide chatter. That is cybertrash.

submitted by Cybertrash

cybervores - Gremlin-like creatures that live inside computers and eat data.

e.g., He tried to open the document only to find it had been chomped on by cybervores.

submitted by Ty Evans

cybervulture - An Internet predator. Someone who uses cyberspace to prey upon the trust and innocence of others.

e.g., We must teach our children about the dangers of exchanging information with strangers on the Internet, as they may be talking with a cybervulture who is lying and may be attempting to lure them into meeting in real life.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

cyberwocky - From Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky," this word refers to any kind of humorous nonsense propagated through the internet.

e.g., That e-mail you forwarded to me is pure cyberwocky.

submitted by kemie guaida - (www)

cybironic - A situation where someone says she is the exact opposite of what she actually is when describing herself online. Ways to tell: "I could stand to lose a few pounds" . . . is probably a model. "I'm not fat, if that's what you mean" . . . you need a running start to hug her.

e.g., She said she wasn't fat, then we met, and I had to look twice to see all of her. She's definitely cybironic.

submitted by Cliff - (www)

cyborgotomy - The surgical operation in which a human nervous system is interfaced to a computer.

e.g., Ever since Fred had that chip implanted in his wrist in that cyborgotomy operation, his toes curl up whenever he eats ice cream.

submitted by Wayne Paulson - (www)

cybureaucracy - A bureaucracy administered by computers.

e.g., I need to remember over one hundred passwords just to do my job. I've had it up to here with all of this cybureaucracy.

submitted by Robert Cleary

cycho - Cyber psycho.

e.g., Ed. A cycho made a website supporting a jackass for the President of United States. Red. You mean a site supporting a Democrat. Ed. Well, I mean John ƒ Kerry. What do you think?

submitted by Park Jung-Won

cyclism - Signifying the extreme popularity of cycling or biking within the biking community.

e.g., Cyclism seems to be gaining speed in the U.S.

submitted by Shea - (www)

cyclo-emberthasm - A nearly self-sustaining imaginorganism capable of "great feats"(reader use discretion) which occasionally needs a feeding, the usual food being a xiphtoham.

e.g., Babe, how's the cyclo-emberthasm these days? It's been a few weeks since the last xiphtoham feeding.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

cyclopean blindfold - Basically, an eyepatch. The term "Cyclopean blindfold," however, has a literary heritage extending back to 2011 and its use on Twitter by the current submitter.

e.g., "Onward!" cried the captain from his perch upon the stern, the rain coursing through his matted mane and over his Cyclopean blindfold.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

cyclopedia - (Also cyclopaedia, if you're old fashioned) (n.) A gathering of cyclopses (or "Cyclopes," if you are (a) a reincarnated, Iron-Age Greek, or (b) a purist. Personally, I have never heard anybody use the plural "cyclopes" for such creatures outside of students of (ancient) Greek or Latin---and even they fail to say it "properly," which would be kuk-lo-pes).

e.g., "So," said Homer, "where were we? ... Oh, yes, Odysseus and the cyclopedia. Today: the 'Nemo' protocol."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

cyku - Extremely psycho.

e.g., He wasn't just psycho. He was cyku.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

cymotrichous - "Curly-headed, having wavy hair." "Occasionally we like to examine a perfectly useless word just to remind us of the boundless richness of the English vocabulary. Today's Good Word is such, an adjective from the noun cymotrichy 'curly-headedness.' It is, of course, the medical term for curly-headed and raises, yet again, the question of why doctors need a discrete and arcane language all to themselves."

e.g., When I was a lad, I was smitten by a certain cymotrichous ladette. | Wow, did you see the cymotrichous dish who just walked in? See you later. I've just gotta try to make headway with her. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't.

submitted by [HD for Robert Beard aka Dr. Goodword] - (www)

cynasm - Cross between cynicism and sarcasm, because sometimes the difference between the two is marginal.

e.g., Aren't we behaving like a cynastic bitch today, Chris? Typical.

submitted by LunaChick - (www)

cypherspace - That part of the Web where supposedly-decent folk hide behind IP addresses.

e.g., I expected she'd send me her URL, but she's off in cypherspace and all I got was an IP address.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

cypress - A new device for file compression.

e.g., The Cypress is twice as fast as WinZIP.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

cyte - Added for emphasis after an impressive deed has been accomplished.

e.g., Ted (after dunking on Ed): Cyte!

submitted by ditnis

czas podróżny - (choss-poe-drewzh-neh (to rhyme with LOSS-go-BOOZE-eh); n.) An aficionado of the cold war: history, movies, music, politics, nuclear-apocalypse fiction, etc. [From Polish czas podróżny "time traveler."]

e.g., "What's with all the early Bond movies?: From Russia with Love, Doctor No … and is this Doctor Strangelove? What are you, a closet czas podróżny?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

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