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c 'n' e goer - Person who attends church only for Christmas and Easter and usually only to please her parents.

e.g., Jane is not that religious. She's just a C 'n' E goer.

submitted by marnie - (www)

c clef - An alternative (mid-range) clef for those not interested in bass or treble.

e.g., When playin' d blues on my harp, I like the C clef.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

c n' c - The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief.

e.g., The C N' C is in Air Force One over the Atlantic at the moment.

submitted by Stephen Mize

c to the g - Something that is the ultimate. The highest quality attainable. State of the art.

e.g., Have you seen my new plasma screen TV? It's C to the G.

submitted by Paul

c$erve - Short for Compuserve.

e.g., I can't blow off c$erve until I figure out how to export 15 years of proprietary format mail.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

c'f'n' - Short for "Ciao f'niao," it is a form of farewell and it means "Until later."

e.g., "Ciao f'niao." "Ciao f'niao." "C'f'n."

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

c'ma' - Slang for come on. Used by lazy people who find shortcuts for everything, including words.

e.g., C'ma' villain, just give me the princess. I'll give you her fiance in exchange. Opens a few doors for me.

submitted by Roman Lee - (www)

c'n - Contraction for can.

e.g., C'n you get me that can?

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

c-47 - Filmmaking slang for a spring action clothespin. Clothespins are often used to attach colored filters to lights. This term is said to come from an expense report where clothespins are called C-47s to hide the fact there there is no way they could have cost as much as was reported.

e.g., Phil, make yourself useful and hand me the C-47s.

submitted by Scott Marchus

c-master - A type of opponent, mainly seen in FIFA soccer video games, who repeatedly taps the "C" button to kick the ball downfield, which sometimes results in goals.

e.g., JJ dribbles, passes. He's a pleasure to watch. Other people are just C-Masters when they play.

submitted by TLigs

c-town - Slang term for the city of Cleveland. Probably first coined by Jim Rome in his daily syndicated radio show.

e.g., C-Town rocks are usually very reasonably priced.

submitted by Ruben Garcia

c3i - Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence.

e.g., Good C3I is the backbone of any largescale operation, like the one presently underway in Afganistan.

submitted by Stephen Mize

c4 explosive chassis option - A notional feature on a new car that consists of a chassis lined with C4 plastic explosive. What cars in R-rated action movies typically come equipped with, since they seem to explode in fantastic and colorful fashion at the slightest impact.

e.g., Did you see that scene where Travolta drove that Jaguar into a bus and it burst into flames? They must've ordered the C4 explosive chassis option.

submitted by bitwize

ctellar - A reference to the stars in the galaxies, located in the basement area of the universe.

e.g., The complexities of our language include the choice of when to speak "C" as a soft "S" or as a hard letter as in "concrete." "Ctellar" is an example of the difficulties immigrants face when learning our language, and, with our luck, probably where our solar system is located, not in the penthouse or even first floor, but in the lowest level of the universe, next to the furnace.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

cab farm - The place where old taxis are sent.

e.g., Every taxi I take looks as if it should be sent to the cab farm.

submitted by HD Fowler

cab-badge - A taxi medallion. Pronounced the same as cabbage.

e.g., To legally drive a taxi in New York City, you need a cab-badge.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

cabanger - Something that is broken or worn out.

e.g., You're planning to drive me to the prom in that cabanger!?

submitted by ksw_babe

cabbage - To do nothing; to be a slacker.

e.g., I was so tired yesterday, I just cabbaged on the couch all day and watched TV.

submitted by Julia

cabbage - A dis to someone, calling her a useless vegetable.

e.g., Tyler: Hi, Laura. Laura: Don't talk to me, you cabbage.

submitted by Laura

cabell - A person (male or female, but very manly) who pretends to be smart and acts as if she's an expert in the Japanese culture. Usually a talentless elitest.

e.g., Did you see Chris in class today? She was being a cabell. What a wannabe.

submitted by Amara - (www)

cabinated - Used to describe the inability to leave your cabin due to heavy snowfall.

e.g., After a foot of snow, John has been cabinated all week.

submitted by John Nava

cabinet - In Rhode Island the soda fountain drink made with milk, flavoring, and ice cream. Called a frappe in MA, a milkshake in other areas, etc. A Rhode Island milk shake does not contain ice cream.

e.g., Two coffee cabinets, please.

submitted by Jack Bettencourt

cable - Bulky gold chain.

e.g., Check out the cable around his neck.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

cable-ten - Low budget, cheap, shameful, despicable, shoddy, inexpensive.

e.g., Look at yourself. Could you get any more cable-ten?

submitted by the mark

cabled - wired squared. Being so tense or wired that your muscles are wired together into cables.

e.g., Schlackel is as tense as a brick -- he is cabled.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

cablonea - An oblong area of land that does not have any boundaries at the two shortest ends. The boundaries on the longest sides can be any width and are usually around 250km long.

e.g., It is around one cablonea from London to Birmingham.

submitted by Gutts

caboodles - A word that starts or ends a sentence saying that you have forgotton to do something or have done it wrong.

e.g., Caboodles, I haven't done my French homework. I've done all my work wrong, caboodles!

submitted by Emily

caboon - An intern, particularly in a research project involving hawks. Supposedly from some Malay language where it denotes slave.

e.g., You are the most stupid caboon that I have known.

submitted by Helmut C. Mueller

cacamaeme, kakamaeme - Trifling, nearly valueless. Check spelling. This slang term is so widely used it's almost not slang, but it's NOT in my Webster's dictionary. In any case, it ought to be in any slang dictionary. (ED. Submitter spelled as "kakamaeme." If the etymology is uncertain, as it appears to be, he may have stumbled upon the correct idea: caca.)

e.g., This entry made it into the PseudoDictionary because of its sort of cacamaeme spelling.

submitted by Theodore Voelkel - (www)

cacanog - An idiot.

e.g., K: Why is your brother's door upside down? J: He's a cacanog.

submitted by Kaiden

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