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bacotone - (n.) (BAY-ko-tohn) The area on a plate at which two different food items, dishes, etc., meet each other and generally mingle into a random, but often delicious, mess. (Etymology: bacon + ecotone [the intersection of two ecosystems].)

e.g., Despite nagging comments from his mother, Frank refused to tuck into the bacotone between his creamed chipped beef and mashed Brussels sprouts, on account that it appeared to have mutated into something living.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

bacteria - Back door to a cafeteria.

e.g., Use da bacteria.

submitted by lee runski

bad - Mistake. | Extremely good, awesome. Excellent, spectacular, full of good qualities.

e.g., Sorry, my bad. | That's one bad car you've got there.

submitted by SM | dank

bad before breakfast - Someone who has street cred. A savvy person. Hardcore cool.

e.g., Chris: What do you mean I ain't cool? I'm bad before breakfast. Bernard: Anybody gots to say it...ain't.

submitted by ade

bad gouges - Bad information. Sailor slang.

e.g., He said the report was “based on ‘bad gouges,’ as a sailor would say -- bad information.”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

bad hair day - A day when everything goes wrong--except for the hair on the left of your part.

e.g., I had a nightmare last night that I was Don King. I think I'm in for a bad hair day.

submitted by Nigel

bad idea jeans - Metaphorical article of clothing that results in the wearer exhibiting spectacularly bad judgment. From Saturday Night Live.

e.g., I can't believe I went home with Butch last night. I must have been wearing bad idea jeans.

submitted by nukegirl - (www)

bad larry - Impresive.

e.g., That's one bad larry of a website. Look at the size of that bad Larry! It's like an orange on a toothpick.

submitted by betatone - (www)

bad larry - A half-finished beer whose drinker has given up on it and is free for consumption.

e.g., Kenny's a lightweight; he left me another bad larry.

submitted by james c

bad news on a tuesday - The most utterly terrible thing on any day of the week.

e.g., He slept with her brother's cousin's best friend's godfather's sister-in-law? That's bad news on a Tuesday.

submitted by Misako Kairo

bad scoobies - Bad idea, bad thing might result from doing so.

e.g., I just drove home in a two-wheel drive car--bad scoobies

submitted by Twinvega

bad toad - Bad boy.

e.g., Pass one of those bad toads over here.

submitted by Andrew Katsikas

bad verses - (n.) a pretext (or post-text) for some otherwise unjustifiable action, especially when one's original idea founders. (From Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act III.iii, wherein Cinna the Poet is mistaken for Cinna the conspirator, and the mob begins shrieking "tear him to pieces!" Cinna desperately calls out, "I am Cinna the poet ... Cinna the poet!" With hardly a pause, the mob cries "Tear him for his bad verses!" Just so that they have a pretext for "tearing the man.") First Citizen Tear him to pieces; he's a conspirator. CINNA THE POET I am Cinna the poet, I am Cinna the poet. Fourth Citizen Tear him for his bad verses, tear him for his bad verses.

e.g., "Could I have a turkey sandwich and some chips, please." "What?! This isn't fast food, man; it's an ER!" "Well, bad verses! So point me to your cafeteria, or one of those sandwich vending machines."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

bad wheel - Injured or sore foot or ankle

e.g., You look like you're limping a little. Bad wheel?

submitted by Dan D

bad-lib - Changing what was going to be a curse word into an acceptable word right before saying it.

e.g., Realizing she was in church when she stubbed her toe, Susan quickly bad-libbed and said "Oh, sugar."

submitted by Harold R. McPhillips

bada bing - The expression may have been popularized by The Sopranos, but it was also used by Sonny Corleone (James Caan) in The Godfather.    Ask Oxford | New Words: (also bada bing bada boom)    N. Amer. informal used to emphasize that something will happen effortlessly and predictably: follow the appropriate twelve-step program and -- bada bing -- you're rolling in it.    - ORIGIN probably imitating the sound of a drum roll; popularized by the US television series The Sopranos.

e.g., "Imagine a band with the Andrews Sisters trading lead vocals with Commander Cody; Stephane Grappelli trading solos with Louis Armstrong … [bada bing] you get the picture."

submitted by HD Fowler

badadas - Potatoes, as pronounced by some Canadians and perhaps some New Englanders.

e.g., For breakfast I sometimes have fried badadas and Canadian bacon.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

badagi - Anything that's fat and blubbery, usually used in context of describing a person: a tease used among friends and family. The g is pronounced like a q but from the throat, basically the Arabic equivalent of qaaf.

e.g., Kyle has muscles, except they're on the bottom. Oh, you mean this bataqi stuff. *grabs hold of jiggling triceps*

submitted by rukia

badakalistical - Having qualities beyond the usual adjectives, possessing qualities of multiple positive adjectives.

e.g., The preview shots of _The Matrix_ sequel in Cinefantastique are badakalistical.

submitted by Jason Alan Ramos - (www)

badass - Something or someone just too good for her own good.

e.g., I wouldn't wanna mess with badass Chuck Norris.

submitted by steve

badassery - An act or series of acts that illustrates how tough, hard, or fearless a person is.

e.g., Anyone who wants to pick a fight with Tree should know that she's in for some serious badassery.

submitted by ad - (www)

badcter - The nectar of an enraged badger used as a common ointment; a person who cannot act.

e.g., Bob was a badcter when he bumbled all the lines.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

baddo - An exclamation of surprise or joy, derived at age 6 from playground banter during the height of the word "bad" meaning "good" ... circa 1982.

e.g., I can pop a wheelie -- baddo. "Obi-Wan has a blue lightsaber, that's baddo."

submitted by BigJ7489

badge - (v) To be an off-duty police officer and flash one's badge to get out of a traffic ticket.

e.g., I got pulled over last night, but I just badged 'em and got off.

submitted by garth - (www)

badge bunny - One who dates police officers or one who predominantly dates police officers. To hop from cop to cop.

e.g., Chris is a badge bunny. She's hopped so many cops that she thinks she is untouchable. Well, untouchable by the law even though she's definitlely not untouchable by officers of the law.

submitted by Kimberly Gagon

badgernomics - Badgernomics is the very individual and particular study of the statistical likelihood of being attacked by a rabid badger on any given day in any given location.

e.g., Daniel Short considered taking his new kite out on Hitchin recreation ground to get some gnarly air time. Being a particularly intelligent chap, he decided to call Joseph from the North Hertfordshire Badgernomics Forum to find out if he should be worried about a frenzied, TB riddled badger attack. Joseph allayed his fears by stating Daniel had a 0.6% chance of being attacked.

submitted by Joe Grice

badgertronic - In the uncertain event that a badger would ever need surgery to implant sound and hearing enhancements or a voicebox, then the resulting electronic implant would be said to be badgertronic.

e.g., Dorothy would never be able to put her pet badger down. She decided to see the badgertronic specialist about the possibility of getting a pacemaker fitted.

submitted by Joe Grice

badical - Bad and radical. Often used as an adjective to describe something so awesome that it's beyond bad or radical.

e.g., The Oreo package sported the Dallas Cowboys and Robby shouted, "How badical is that?"

submitted by Robin J.

badify - To take something that is already terribly "bad" and make it worse.

e.g., I have been badified by "The Angel of Death."

submitted by Andrew

baditude - Badittude. Bad attitude. | Bad attitude. |A good attitude. Composed of "bad" in the sense of good, plus the "-itude" part of "attitude." | bad attitude

e.g., Chris is a jerk; he has a real badittude. | The new guy has a baditude. | I don't care what anyone says, I love your baditude. "With that baditude, she'll do fine here." | My brother had a battitude in the morning when I woke him up.

submitted by Maggie McF | Anthony R G | Wayne H | cea

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