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babbling brooke - A person who can’t kept her mouth shut, or keep a secret.

e.g., He should not have told her about his plans -- he knew her to be a babbling brooke.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

babbling ram - A verbal technique used to suppress opposition by using forceful, senseless babbling.

e.g., Eric never answered my question, but after his babbling ram, I wasn't curious anymore.

submitted by Mark - (www)

babe ratio - The ratio of babes to total women present in any gathering, expressed as a percentage. If two women are there, and only one is a babe, the babe ratio is 50.

e.g., The babe ratio at the mall is approaching 99 today.

submitted by Wayne Hagood

babelfish - Machine-translated.

e.g., Check the example at pseudowoordenboek to see what happens when your writing gets babelfished.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

babelic - (Ba-BELL-ick, to rhyme with grab-RELic; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to a disaster or calamity one has brought upon himself; 2. Of or pertaining to calamities of Biblical proportions, especially disasters hubric or linguistic. [From the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11).]

e.g., "Okay, what?!" "What's the matter?" "It's this next line in the Defendant's brief .... It's unbelievably ... um ... badly written." "Let's hear it." "Okay: 'Homeowners in Sky Village have the unique feature of having a private airport with a landing strip running down the middle of their backyards, allowing them to fly into their homes, situated on one and a half to two and a half acres, in their small engine private airplanes and taxi home.'" "Wow. That's terrible." "I was going to say 'ghastly' myself." "It is Babelic in its rhetorical failings."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

babelicious - Physically attractive to a high degree.

e.g., Jeff noted that the new girl, Jessica, was babelicious. Profile of Brooklyn's now closed Tainted Lady Lounge Williamsburg's sauciest lounge is the brainchild of Deb Parker, the rock 'n' roll impresario who opened Beauty Bar and Barmacy (now Otto's Shrunken Head). With wall-to-wall painted pinups — the work of a talented upstate truck driver — and a retro pattern of blue and gold glitter on Kelly green walls, the interior is as dazzling as a showgirl's décolletage. The cocktails pay cheeky tribute to old-school stars with rocky reputations, such as Hedy Lamarr's Silk Stockings, a surprisingly tasty, frothy pink drink made with tequila, creme de cacao and grenadine, and the strong, tropical Zombie dedicated to Frances Farmer. The crowd tends to be young, attractive and generously tattooed, energizing an open-minded, anything-goes atmosphere. A jukebox, as well as laptop DJs mixing Irma Thomas, Dolly Parton and Peaches, righteously back up the babelicious scene. — Karen Hudes

submitted by Robin

babelickious - Of a woman so sexually attractive you want to lick her from head to toe.

e.g., Inexperienced though he was, Jim was so desperate for a job that he decided to answer an ad for tryouts for a lion tamer with the circus passing through town. Applicant after applicant entered the cage, only to fail miserably. In line just ahead of Jim was a gorgeous blonde, clad in a full-length fur coat. The ringmaster opened the cage and she entered to take her turn. After taking a couple of steps forward, she dropped her coat to the floor of the cage, revealing herself to be completely nude. The lion took one look, then got down on all fours and meekly crawled across to her, purring all the way. When he reached the babelickious blonde, the lion started licking her from head to foot. Turning to Jim, the ringmaster said, "Do you think you can beat that?" "I dunno," Jim said. "But you get that damned lion out of the cage and I'll give it a try." |   Sure, to me she was always beautiful -- but I never once thought of her in terms of being sexy -- and certainly not as being babelickious. Not so with Sandbox Jim.

submitted by HD Fowler

babelrybski - Text mangled by machine translation to or from Russian.

e.g., "On the fifth bottom she sang in the polecat"? That sounds like babelrybski.

submitted by Pierre Abbat

babliography - From the root words "babble" and "biography," a "babliography" is the random, babbling biography that a person creates and posts on social media sites such as Facebook in a desperate attempt to leave a mark of their passing this way, and to convince themselves and their readers that they have some relevance and significance in the world.

e.g., I have yet to find a babliography worth reading.

submitted by Kathleen Viens

baboots - Ugly boots, like Uggs, fun fur, etc. Also, anything that remotely resembles Chewbacca's feet. | Italian term of endearment -- or a nickname.

e.g., Look at that hot chick crossing the street -- but what's up with the baboots? | My grandson is my little baboots

submitted by Austin | Robin

babu - No. From the Central African language of Hausa.

e.g., Q: Would you like some toad eye soup? A: Babu.

submitted by Shari Parker

babunka - The small pot belly obtained after the consumption of a large greasy take-away meal. More easily gained by men over the age of thirty.

e.g., Almost instantly after having the mega meal deal the babunka was obvious -- the tummy was now protruding more than the chest.

submitted by David Christie

baby bloomers - Tiny flowers or fancy diapers for baby girls.

e.g., Baby bloomers were included in the flower arrangement. Little Sally looks so cute in baby bloomers.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

baby doll - A person male or female who is really attractive or very cute.

e.g., Look at Albert. He's a baby doll.

submitted by Jermaine Onwubere

baby drool - Gibberish that one can babble over pets or small children. Comes from "baby talk" and "drool."

e.g., Whenever I come home, I pick up my cats and lavish them with baby drool.

submitted by Firestorm

baby jesus awesome - Pretty much as awesome as it gets -- at least according to the example, which comes from an review of Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk. More reviews at the link provided. My son turned me on to "gut-busting" Amazon reviews by linking me to reviews for How to Avoid Huge Ships. I found reviews for Castration: The Advantages and the Disadvantages on my own, while I was looking for comments on the HAHS reviews. Some of the CTAD were ba-- gut busting, too.

e.g., "Adding this desk to my car's steering wheel has been baby Jesus awesome. I love e-mailing the Highway Patrol while I drive to let them know the tag numbers of cell-phone using drivers. Lordy!"    Another review of the desk to end all desks, less a "baby Jesus awesome" reference: "Believe it or not, I'm typing this review on my laptop steering wheel desk! As a school bus driver I was never be able to check my e-mail and update Facebook while at work. Now I am networking more than ever! I am recommending this product to the school board later this month."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

babydaddy - The father of one's child, especially when no other relationship exists.

e.g., Because he's the babydaddy, he's supposed to pay child support.

submitted by Paul

babyfrat - A new frat brother -- also, freshfrat.

e.g., When I first joined Sigma Delta Pi hace mucho tiempo at first I was a babyfrat, and soon after that a freshfrat.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

babyhead - One who acts in an unrelentingly childish and whiney manner. Not necessarily an insult, but just a natural state of being for everyone, sometimes.

e.g., I'm sorry that I was acting like such a babyhead last night. I hadn't gotten much sleep and I had low blood-sugar.

submitted by elana farley

babylon - A slang term for the police. UK, predominantly used in the London area.

e.g., I can hear the sirens of the babylon.

submitted by Jane

babyposer - A foam device used to secure infants in various poses for photographic work. Possible a trademark name?

e.g., Please get me the medium layback babyposer.

submitted by sam

babytooked - To be taken against one's will. Variation on "kidnapped."

e.g., Mandi was out walking, minding her own business, when she was babytooked by a gang of thugs and taken to New York.

submitted by Melissa Z.

bacachopam - General term for red meat or livestock used for red meat (ie. ham, pork, beef; pigs, cows).

e.g., "Enough with the greenery, let's have at the bacachopam."

submitted by Satisinpain

bachground music - Music performed by elite musician(s) but that nobody is really paying attention to or cares about.

e.g., Heard they had great Bachground music at the embassy dinner last night.

submitted by Kulnor the Wise - (www)

bachleorbeast - An evolutionary offshoot of the bachleor, noted for its unhealty diet and ability to survive in destitute squalor

e.g., Without proper management, my divorced friend would quickly transform into a bachleorbeast.

submitted by Dr. Science

back - Bar room slang for a chaser.

e.g., I'll have whisky neat with a beer back.

submitted by Stephen Mize

back button panic - The spasmodic, uncoordinated movements you make when you're surfing porn on the Net and you realize that somebody is standing behind you and can see what you're doing.

e.g., I'd've managed to click out of before Mom saw anything if it hadn't been for back button panic.

submitted by martyn

back drill - Anything really boring.

e.g., Camping out waiting for tickets must have been a back drill.

submitted by ditnis

back hole - The ole outhouse out back, where folk go to sit a spell as the body moves them.

e.g., I aim to be out back at the back hole shortly after suppertime for a sit me down and a smoke to take a load off me feet for a spell and ease me mind and would like to meet you there right after for a game or two of horseshoes if'n you have the time, please.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

back o'bourke - Back of beyond; middle of nowhere.

e.g., In Australia it doesn't take too long to reach the back o'Bourke

submitted by John

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