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buzzed - Filled with business buzzwords. [The site is no longer working. Since it could well become a porn site, links have been disabled.]

e.g., "There's a fun website that gives definitions of business buzzwords."It also hands out awards for the most 'buzzed' business copy. This week's winner:quote:SDRC and Asera Inc. today announced a multi-phase strategic alliance to integrate SDRC's I-DEAS mechanical design automation and SDRC's TeamCenter collaborative product management solutions, including specific functionality from Metaphase and Accelis, with Asera's eBusiness Operating System. The alliance will enable expanded collaborative commerce across product design, configuration, order management, supply chain management, and product service and support addressing the needs of enterprises and private exchanges in industries such as automotive, aerospace, high tech, and industrial machinery. The two companies will be initiating a combined go-to-market sales and marketing strategy targeting key customers and prospects in these industries.........Customers leveraging the Asera platform will have the ability to seamlessly integrate real-time product knowledge into their enterprise eBusiness environments. Architected to provide tighter integration and deeper collaboration, the Asera Solution will enable global manufacturers to recognize greater results from collaboration, streamline efficiencies in the supply chain, and reduce costs. Arrrggggg!"

submitted by [Crippled_Newsie] - (www)

buzzkill - Something that sours mood and atmosphere.

e.g., Does your roommate always have to be the buzzkill of the party?

submitted by Adrienne

buzzup - To add more slang or buzzwords to a piece of writing, usually derogatory. Used most often in marketing communications writing.

e.g., The stupid client wants me to buzzup this brochure to make it more appealing to teens. The jerk wants to add the word "dude" to every third sentence. Doesn't even realize teenagers use "dude" at least every second sentence.

submitted by Gucky - (www)

bvds - Circa 1940s and before, shorts = men's underwear, generally white briefs or boxers; originally a brand name -- Bradley, Voorhees & Day.

e.g., Be sure to wear clean BVDs in case you're asked to drop your pants if you end up in the hospital.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bvvrds - Bothered.

e.g., Oh, I can't be bvvrds even speaking properly anymore.

submitted by Richard Linney

bwahahaha - to laugh evilly

e.g., she just bwahahaed at me

submitted by bec and leisa

bwannabe - In African it means, somebody who tries to act like the boss (bwana) but really isn't: bwana wannabe.

e.g., Hey, you, bwannabe, you can't tell us what to do. Who do you think you are?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

bwllbwllbwll - Incoherent ramblings of discontent (usually related to complaints about motorways).

e.g., "How is anyone supposed to rely on the M25?" asked Dave. "I have just spent an hour trying to get from South Mimms to Potters Bar. Bwllbwllbwll!"

submitted by Colin Taffel

bwoa - Boy Watchers Of America. Used to describe a cute guy.

e.g., Check out the guy over there; he's a real BWOA.

submitted by Katelynne

by-heart - To learn by rote, the same meaning as the former adverb, but used instead as a transitive verb.

e.g., I can't understand why I failed that test. I by-hearted all my notes.

submitted by Anne Walker

bybis - A term used while performing a magic trick or a spell. Bybis is most effective if used while pointing a wand or a finger at another person.

e.g., "Bybis," proclaimed the Good Fairy, as she pointed her magic wand and turned Little Bunny Fufu into a goon.

submitted by Erin M. Copeland

bycle - A cross been bike and cycle.

e.g., I'm a byclist and enjoy bycling around.

submitted by Dan Moody

bycycle - A woman who sleeps around. As with the village bicycle, everyone's been taken for a ride.

e.g., I'm hopin' to get lucky with the bycycle I'm going out with tonight. She's my last best hope for gettin' any.

submitted by Joe Milk

bye-sexual - A person not overly driven by sex.

e.g., She's bye-sexual; she can take it or leave it.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

byesigh - The sigh of a woman saying bye; woman who sighs = saying bye.

e.g., A woman who sighs while making love is giving her partner the byesigh, which is another way of her saying she is bored, and therefore . . . goodbye.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

byespotnist - Someone who continually accumulates freebies. From the Russian "byespotna," or free.

e.g., At the trade fair you can spot the byespotnists by their bags full of free pens, buttons, and other paraphernalia.

submitted by Joel Parker

bygodamy - A mild but permissible oath. First uttered at the miraculous parting of the Red Sea some time ago. Now for the splitting of couples, axle rods, atoms, and hairs.

e.g., It was a friendly parting when I left my job, left town, and left this world, bygodamy. Gone but not forgotten, they tell me. Come once to visit or stay, we are without pressure or urgency.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

byhandual - Not right- or left-handed, has no dominant hand. Ambidextrous.

e.g., Leonardo DaVinci was byhandual.

submitted by Ian Morrison

byriad - One hundred million. In other words, ten to the eighth power. Ten byriads make a billion.

e.g., I got twenty-eight byriads on the new pinball game.

submitted by Juuitchan - (www)

bz! - Stands for Bravo Zulu. Naval term meaning "good job," "excellent work," or "congratulations."

e.g., BZ to new Chief Petty Officer Megan Sweetnloving22.

submitted by Megan

bzlog - To bzlog is add some link to bzoing's weblog.

e.g., I have bzlogged your nice dictionary.

submitted by JmL

bzoing - A bzoing happens when a person in a chatroom drops a private sentence publicly when it was supposed to be read only by one person.

e.g., Maria: Paul, just give me back my panties. Voodoo: Bzoing?

submitted by voodoo - (www)

bzoomerang - To repeatedly glance at a woman's chest while talking to her. The noun forms are bzoomeranger (the one looking) and bzoomerangee (the one being looked at). A variant of booberang.

e.g., My old co-worker was a good guy, except for his habit of bzoomeranging the staff.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

bzzt - Exclamation meaning essentially, "This place is lame and boring and we should leave now." Used for everything from shops to clubs to parties. It is most often and most effectively used by itself among friends or associates who are familiar with it so that others will remain unclear to its meaning.

e.g., Bzzt.

submitted by John Upchurch

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