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b and e - Originally derived from Coptalk, meaning breaking and entering. Can also mean to crash an event, show up uninvited.

e.g., Everybody's gonna be at Blane's Saturday night!.I say we B and E it and show up too.

submitted by Paul

b and t crowd - Bridge and Tunnel Crowd. Slightly derogatory term used in major metropolitan areas to describe outlanders who commute into the city by car or rail. In San Francisco, for instance, this would be the crowd from Oakland and the East Bay. Term originated in New York City (Manhattan) to describe those persons who commute by rail or auto from New Jersey to party on weekends. B&T'rs are thought to be less sophisticated than their city-dwelling neighbors who consider themselves to be more suave and better-informed.

e.g., Let's not go to Spazio's this weekend. It'll be nothing but the B and T crowd again.

submitted by Paul

b group - Second set of friends, usually not friemdly with the original group of friends. Usually happens after a falling out among a large group of people.

e.g., Are you hanging out with us or the b group tonight?

submitted by L Patanjo

b o bummer - The bad experience of smelling, or having, an unusually foul odor, usually of the underarms, or other bodily areas.

e.g., I once went to sit down in a rapid transit car in the hot summer, near Shaker Heights I think it was, and, hold everything (especially the nose) the nice lady sitting right in front of me was a pure potent B O bummer. Had to sit there all the way to downtown Cleveland. A scent for your brainwaves.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

b'cept - Bersept. But except--joined. Thanks to Natalie for this word.

e.g., I was going to go to the beach b'cept the forecast called for rain.

submitted by darrell milton

b'gurk! - Australian. Used when a person accidentally utters a loud stupid sound when frightened or nervous, or in general when a person stupidly fumbles something. A play on the sound a chicken makes when you frighten or grab it.

e.g., I sneaked up on Jane and grabbed her, and she did a b'gurk! | Player fumbles a football - "That was a complete b'gurk!" | Can be exclaimed singularly to mock a person when you see said event occur: "B'gurk!"

submitted by Khal

b'oh - Used in same context as "d'oh" and indicates a failure to remember the word "d'oh" from The Simpsons. Common usage occurs when schooling self-appointed simpson-philes, over-quoters ... or just to be different.

e.g., Frack: Did you see Bart & company last night? Frick: B'oh. No, I forget to get work off last night.

submitted by Bryon - (www)

b'rack 'n brew - Do you remember Billy Beer? This could be at least as good. In the shiny black-and-blue can. The bracken taste disappears after five cans.

e.g., It's better than a 40 oz. malt licker. Lick up some a the new B'rack 'n Brew, it grows on you.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

b'rack beauty - Some people can see it, others cannot. A running horse which is like a rolling stone? Beauty is sometimes mainly in the mind of the beholder. Beauty is sometimes only skin deep?

e.g., B'rack beauty, he's mighty like a rose. There's a nice smell, too. But don't most roses have thorns; we haven't seen them yet. Maybe later.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

b'rack bury whine - Whine. Alas and alack, how the mighty are fallen, sometimes. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

e.g., If'n they bury b'rack, some people are bound to whine, no doubt.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

b'shower - That annoying cross between a bathtub and a shower. Why can't it make up its mind?

e.g., I hate the b'shower--the floor is always so slippery that I'm afraid I'll fall and break my hip.

submitted by Walter Swarthau

b'unh - An exclamation of dismay and surprise. Pronounced "buh" but quite nasal.

e.g., B'unh, I dropped my plate.

submitted by Meredith

b'wamber - But remember.

e.g., Older sibling to younger sibling, "I'm going out with my friends. See you later." Younger sibling, "B'wamber, Mum said you had to take me with you."

submitted by darrell milton

b-boat - Something generally regarded as lesser or worse but which is actually better by far.

e.g., Off-brand Lucky Charms are b-boat to the real ones anyday.

submitted by Jacklyn

b-cubed - Bland beyond belief.

e.g., Since my ulcers have flared up again, my doctor has put me back on a b-cubed diet. I hate it.

submitted by HD Fowler

b-e-a-utiful - Used when something bad happened to you and you're sarcastically saying that what happened to you was a good thing.

e.g., After my wallet got stolen I said well that is just B-E-A-utiful.

submitted by Scott

b-list - A list containing those who did not quite make the top list, the A-list

e.g., The term "B-list" makes the B-list. ("Makes sense when appended to its own quotation" makes sense when appended to its own quotation. -- Hume.)

submitted by Wayne Hagood

b-rad - Gangster term for the name Brad.

e.g., Just go and talk to B-rad.

submitted by Amy Davis

b-tard - A hopelessly random forum spammer. Someone who posts in /b/. Originally from's random /b/ forum.

e.g., Look at that guy posting about ballet on a biker forum. What a b-tard.

submitted by Matty D

b-team - Inferior group. A sarcastic way to tell people they suck.

e.g., I'm singularly unimpressed. That wasn't amazing. You should be on the B-team.

submitted by juse - (www)

ba - An explosive form of "goodbye," when in a hurry, and wishing to have the last word. (There is no come-back to "Ba.")

e.g., "See ya." "See ya." "I've got to go." "Yep, see ya." "Ba."

submitted by Jude

ba-na-na - The concept of something being exactly as it appears, often being a subject of unecessary analysis, stemming from the idea that sometimes a banana is nothing more than a banana. Taken from alternate reality game circles; popularized by user "duckiemonster." (Not the submitter.)

e.g., While watching Lost, Rupert thought he saw the word "death" in the leaves of the trees during a scene, but Jake convinced him it was just a ba-na-na.

submitted by Gaspar Lewis

baa - Bad. Not good.

e.g., Baa, no more tofu.

submitted by sagie

babalicious - Of an absolutely beautiful woman.

e.g., "That girl over there is absolutely babalicious." "Why don't you go over and say hello?" "Well, the last time I did that, I ended up getting slapped. All I said was that the back looked different from the front. She took that to mean I was talking about her body. All I meant was that the way the light shined on her velvet dress gave it two different looks." "Damn, girls sure do get touchy when their bodies start to develop, don't they?"

submitted by David Appelt

babbers - Term of affection when addressing someone. Assumed origin, Bristol slur on baby to babs to babbers. Bristolian (from Bristol, UK).

e.g., "Hello, me babbers." "Ww bis me babbers?"

submitted by Adam B Tayler

babble fish - A fish that translates any spoken language into a language that the person possessing the fish can understand.

e.g., To understand the Vogons, you'll have to have a babble fish in your ear. (For those who think this should be spelled "babelfish" or "babel fish" or "BabelFish" or "Babel Fish"--guti. Douglas Adams (who died May 11, 2001) would probably have appreciated the whimsy of randomly using alternative spellings.)

submitted by Mike Williams

babblegram - A long rambling voice-mail.

e.g., Sorry for leaving you a babblegram earlier, but I wanted to explain everything in impersonal yet minute detail.

submitted by geoff

babblemon - In every group or organization there is someone who has to say something. Such persons are usually ignorant of facts and policy and refuse to be informed. A noun and verb composed of "babble" and "moron."

e.g., One can always count on our resident babblemon to drive us all to the local pub after every meeting.

submitted by John Hemstreet, D.D. - (www)

babbleonian - One who continually talks … who babbles on and on and on and.…

e.g., Chris is a babbleonian.

submitted by Jay Willson

babblescent - A pre-teen or adolescent, based on the characteristic behavior of such young people -- they are always talking.

e.g., In my 8th grade class, the babblescents could not settle down. They continued talking and giggling long after the bell rang.

submitted by Carol L. Evans

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