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awkword - A word that is difficult to pronounce or has ridiculous letter combinations. "Awkword" itself is an example, containing the letter combination "wkw." "Awkward" would be another example.

e.g., His thesis was riddled with awkwords such as "dichotomy" and "paradigm."

submitted by Uncle Deech

awrightaready! - Acknowledgement, acquiescence (S'allright!, O.K.!, Yeah, yeah!, Give it a rest!)

e.g., Awrightaready! Keep yer lid on! I'm comin'; I'm comin'!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

aws - Awesome. Usually preceded by "totally."

e.g., All the hot Craver chicks are totally aws.

submitted by Mabel Baker

awtfristo - A local slang word for a bus stop.

e.g., Are you going to the awtfristo?

submitted by Shaun and Ross

aww, muffin - Exclamation of mock sympathy, especially to a person who is beginning to whine about something insignificant. Especially effective when said to a man.

e.g., "... and I got home, and supper wasn't on the table." "Aww, Muffin."

submitted by The Puffin

aww-ite - Good and bad word. Can express pleasure or disdain. Stress is on the AWW, never the ite.

e.g., Them: We going out tonight? You: AWW-ite. Them: Can I borrow some money? You: Nope. You always borrow money--you need a job. AWW-ite, you need some paychecks in your pocket, so what are you waiting for? A grant for being you? Get some real dealio billios in your wallet.

submitted by Quito Washington

awwaiid - A word whose acronym is its definition.

e.g., Awwaiid is awwaiid. There are no other known words which are awwaiid.

submitted by Brock Wilcox - (www)

awwsea - Rhymes with "nausea." The sensation experienced when seeing something so audaciously cute, you want to vomit.

e.g., When the kids came in with a basketful of baby bunnies, Chris quietly left the room, overcome with awwsea.

submitted by Enrique Diaz

ax - Ask Oxford | New Words: (also aks)• verb dialect and West Indian form of ASK: I axed her once if she would want pipes and t'ings put into her body.

e.g., If you ax her, she'll show up. I'd bet on it.

submitted by HD Fowler

axe - To make an inquiry. Ax.

e.g., John wants to axe you a question

submitted by August Busso

axe - Musician's term for a guitar. Especially one that causes widespread audio destruction.

e.g., Can I check your axe? … Whoa, a B.C. Rich.

submitted by bob

axeident - An accident involving an axe.

e.g., Dave had an axeident. We'll be hearing from him no more -- except for the Darwin Awards.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

axmas - To axmas is to make a remark that is anti-Christmas, or antimas. A play on words, since "Xmas" is such a popular usage these days.

e.g., Chris and Shawn are always axmasing.

submitted by Trebor Candy

axonite - A rare otherworldly metallic substance composed of the elements Zihlavskium and Mercury. When cooked with collard greens, those consuming the mixture have a curious ability to make their mental processes faster (up to about 6.4 septillion per second) and to simultaneously recollect the equivalent of 2.5 petabytes of memoral schema.

e.g., You no longer have to die to have your entire life flash before your eyes; just have some axonite and collard greens. (You can still add your hot sauce and neckbones; they have no effect on the axonite.)

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ay - Used to get someone's attention. If you can't remember a name, don't know it, or just don't feel like saying it.

e.g., Ay! Can you get me a bottle of Coke, please?

submitted by rainbow

ay me - It is used when someone is really frustrated or stressed out. Especially if they are trying to deal with a lot of things at once or if they are confused about what's going on.

e.g., Ay me! Why can't I figure this out?

submitted by Cassandra

aya - (exclam) Used when you remember something you were supposed to have done an hour ago

e.g., Aya! I should have mailed that check this morning!

submitted by Heather

ayepocryphal - Congressional fantasy.

e.g., The idea that Democrats when in the majority ever accept any Republican bills is purely ayepocryphal.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

aypwip - Abbreviation for the infamous response of The Brain from Animaniacs, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

e.g., Say Dave, AYPWIP?

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

ayrton - London rhyming slang for a ten pound note, named after late Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna. Ayrton Senna = tenner.

e.g., Lend us an Ayrton, you tight git.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ayup - Ee-up. Lancashire (UK) dialect used as a welcome or an exclamation to draw attention to something.

e.g., Ayup, how are you? | Ayup, have you seen that over there?

submitted by Andy

azure d'or - Album by a rock group marking the beginning of the end of the band. Usually synonymous with "sell out." This was the name of an album for the group Renaissance, where they shortened their majestic 8+ minute songs with full orchestra to 3-5 minutes radio-friendly tracks with overdubbed synthesizers instead.

e.g., Steve Hackett's absense on Genesis' "... and then there were three" marked the album as their Azure d'Or.

submitted by Robert

azure friend - A personal friend with a consistent uplifting and positive attitude; one whose presence helps you see sunny days and clear, blue skies whenever sad, rainy day circumstances prevail.

e.g., You are indeed fortunate, if, among your acquaintances, you have a special someone who will listen, quietly and intently, to your large and small tales of woe, who always seems to be there, to remind you of all the good things you are. Whenever you're feeling especially down and miserable, who understands, and never complains, when you call at any time of the night or day to get the heavy things off your chest, who accepts you just as you are, warts and bumps, who makes you laugh when you want to cry, who, without pretension, without guile, you can just "be" with -- one who is all that, and even more … azure friend.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

azza - Aussie slang suffix used for nicknaming people with names like Sharon (Shazza), Barry (Bazza), Karen (Kazza), etc.

e.g., Me and my mate Bazza had a blokes' weekend out fishing and sinking a few stubbies and talking about dole-bludgers.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

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