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a - An A tuning fork.

e.g., My guitar's way out of tune. Can you pass me my A?

submitted by Colin Hartnett

a aardvark - Used mostly in the southern communities of Arkansas, and does not include "an" in front. A reference to the contentedness of an individual. | Used to get early listings in telephone direcrories: Harley Tours becomes A AArdvark Harley Tours to move to the front of the directory.

e.g., "So, Joe Bob, how you feelin'?" "Oh, you know. About A Aardvark."

submitted by aaron marquis - (www)

a bad case of the stupids - For Darwin Award-winning stupidity. I first heard it around 1976 when the phrase was used by a Dallas police officer who was commenting on a teenager who had thrown a concrete block off an overpass into traffic. May be an Old West expression.

e.g., "He just got a bad case of the stupids." | Lynndie England and Charles Graner got a bad case of the stupids when they decided it would be cool to photograph her humiliating naked Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

a capporno - Without porn.

e.g., Last night the Internet went out, and I spent the evening a capporno.

submitted by Akiram Glockem

a clue would be? - Response to a statement of the obvious. The irony here is that the response usually prompts the original speaker to repeat the statement, in a somewhat tautological fashion.

e.g., Becky: I don't think Kim's family is home. Their lights haven't been on for four days. Sam: A clue would be? Becky: Well, like I said, no lights are on. Sam: Oh.

submitted by Paul

a hundred angry hornets in a hive too small - (metaphoric phrase) 1. There are too many angry people in here; 2. There are too many petty arguments going on for anyone to make sense of the big ones; 3. Too many antagonists in a given situation; 4. A really bad quarrel. Picked up by someone else Jul 25, 2015: "A hundred angry hornets in a hive too small. A really bad quarrel. Too many antagonists in a given situation."

e.g., "Whoa, slow up, dude: what's going on inside?" "A hundred angry hornets in a hive too small. None of them will shut up long enough to hear anybody else … it's just pointless noise and useless. I'm not going back in there: it's a waste of time." "Can't you two shut up?! I'm trying to read here!" "Yeah, and we're trying to hash out---" "Out! What a brilliant idea! How 'bout you take it outside? Outside is much bigger than this house. Take your hundred hornets and get out of my little hive!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

a real drag, man - This may date back to the time of the hippies, and it means something like really boring, a tough situation, hard to put up with. {ED. My guess is that this pre-dates the hippies, going back to Jack Kerouac, Maynard G. Kregs et al., and the Beats.}

e.g., They expected me to show up every day and on time and wearing square people's clothes and staying a whole eight hours, but that was a real drag and a bummer, man.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

a shizal ma nizal - To mellow out.

e.g., You need to a shizal ma nizal.

submitted by George 7english

a wizard did it - Cop-out explanation for a phenomenon you can't explain. Often accompanied by looking quickly left and right and often preceded by an ellipsis when written.

e.g., "How exactly DID the water go up in a fiery explosion?" … " A wizard did it." *shifty gaze*

submitted by PPM

a! - The scary sound you hear when you walk into a bar, get a drink, don't pay for it, and try to run.

e.g., Did you know that Jim broke his neck? He walked into a bar, took his beer without paying, heard an A! and got destroyed.

submitted by Sam Wolfson

a&m'd - This phrase shall be used anytime anything gets destroyed, blown out, or beaten down. Oklahoma 77 Texas A&M 0, football score 11/08/2003. Can be used to describe a heavy workload

e.g., With three finals and four papers due, I'm gonna get A&M'd this week.

submitted by Zach Fields

a'ight - Contraction of "all right." | All right. First seen in print in the AmericannEnglish corpus used by Google Books Ngram Viewer in ~1989, other than as an OCR misread. British English corpus: ~1995. Edit, added at request of [name withheld], paraphrased: This degradation of proper English seems to me to have come about from young African-Americans wanting to draw attention to themselves by using a different dialect.

e.g., Maris: Go cook that bacon for me, please. Saris: A'ight. | In response to my saying my wife had died of cancer, he said, A'ight. What he had in mind is anybody's guess.

submitted by Saris | HD Fowler

a'stake - A mistake.

e.g., I'm sorry, I made a'stake.

submitted by Samantha

a-baby - Crude accostation for "ladies" of the night (inspired by e-baby, q.v.).

e.g., A-baby, let's go.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

a-bag - Real estate exchanger term meaning a keeper property that would not be traded off without a substantial advantage gained.

e.g., That's a good property -- it's A-Bag.

submitted by Dean Murphy

a-coming - On the way.

e.g., A new age is a-coming. For the Left it will be the best of times, because we will have … more government. For the Right it will be the worst of times, because we will have … more giverment. God help us.

submitted by mac

a-d-orable - Really adorable and cute.

e.g., Look at that Mike, he's A-D-orable.

submitted by Gynipher

a-delic - Usually seen after "funk," mack," or "shag." Emphasizes the previous word to its maximum.

e.g., That lowrider is pimp-a-delic.

submitted by Sin

a-dollar-three-eighty - The price for anything.

e.g., Question: How much is it? Answer: A-dollar-three-eighty.

submitted by george Kelly

a-game - Your best effort possible in any endeavor -- not just pertaining to sports.

e.g., I didn't do well on that test last week; next time I'm going to bring my A-game.

submitted by Patrick Collison

a-heavin'-and-a-settin' - A state of business without purpose.

e.g., I've had to do this paper work all day long and I'm just a-heavin'-and-a-settin'.

submitted by The Travster

a-list - The people at school who are cooler than anyone else in the school. | A mythical group of weblogs and personal sites (and their creators) who are simply Much Cooler Than You. It is worth noting that (a) no such list actually exists, (b) those who are on the list adamantly deny its existence, and (c) it is not the same as the Cabal. A-list is frequently used in a mocking manner by those who are not members.

e.g., I'm not cool enough to go out with Lee -- she's A-List. | Oh, one link from and now you go all A-list on us. | You haven't seen this yet? All the A-listers linked to it.

submitted by Leighq | mkh - (www)

a-loin - Used in the place "alone." Especially "leave me alone."

e.g., I'm having a bad day, so just leave me a-loin.

submitted by Andrew

a-madnay - Uh-mad-nay. From the French, "un moment donné," at a given time.

e.g., We really need to catch up. Maybe we could go for coffee a-madnay.

submitted by Steeve Beaupré

a-mayonnaiss-ing - Of an unbelievably exceptional sandwich spread.

e.g., When you find the most delicious sandwich spread ever -- it's a-mayonaiss-ing!

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

a-neck-dote - n - 1) When one giraffe expresses excessive affection for another. 2) A short, amusing or interesting story about one giraffe expressing excessive affection for another.

e.g., Jerry the Giraffe a-neck-doted for Gina Giraffe. | The a-neck-dote about Jerry and Gina's mutual A-Neck-Doting spread like wild-fire across the savannah.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

a-one funky boss - Something cool, circa 1970s.

e.g., Sin City is A-one funky boss. Gory.

submitted by Bbas

a-pollo - The Greek god of chicken, afraid of most everything. (From the Spanish word "pollo,"for chicken.)

e.g., The god A-pollo would have visited the Earth more often, but he was afraid.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

a-scared - Frightened. Like afraid, but not as dramatic. Usually an adjective, but sometimes a verb.

e.g., Oh, you a-scared me, I didn't know anyone was here.

submitted by Groghan

a-skeered - Afraid. Askeered.

e.g., I'm so a-skeered I may wet myself.

submitted by Nicole

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