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are all of the sites you link to safe for my children?

no, some of the sites linked to may not be for minors. links are added by our visitors and we do not check them. linked sites may contain obscene, offensive, profane, or sexually explicit language or other material not suitable for minors. (in addition, a site’s content may change after it has been linked to.) persons likely to be harmed or offended by such materials are advised to use caution choosing which sites to link to.

visit the family online safety institute to learn more about protecting your children on the internet. always supervise your children’s internet access. you alone are responsible for assuring that your children do not visit “rude” sites. “v-chip software” is readily available, is inexpensive, and is easy to install and activate. buy it and use it.

pseudodictionary and its associates disclaim any and all responsibility for material on other websites.

submitted words are to be in the public domain. please do not submit words you or another party claim ownership to. we may want to recompile and edit submittals for commercial use. we reserve the right to edit submittals before they are added to the pseudodictionary database.

pseudodictionary and are trademarks. owns copy rights to the site layout and design and original graphics, as well as to the database of definitions and examples. we will actively pursue copyright infringement redress for anyone who duplicates our content without permission or otherwise abuses the fair use provisions of copyright law. the words themselves may be copied, distributed, and used in drunken conversations; however, verbatim collections taken from our database and used elsewhere are subject to legal action.

we really are in it just for fun. (that’s why we reserve the right to give your first-born child a funny name.) completely innocent fun except for the occasional use of a rude word or phrase. since the message boards are run separate from the dictionary part of the site, rough language and links to objectionable sites are more likely to creep in there. our editors do a good job monitoring the message boards, but are unable to catch everything right away.

Change in approach effective January 1, 2018.

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