pseudodictionary was started by paul jarvis (vancouver, british columbia, canada) because he was continually making up new words, using them, and trying to get his friends to use them, too. so one day he decided to make a site dedicated to made-up slang words, a site where lexophiles and regular folks would be able to add and get credit for their own word creations.

we’re compiling a different sort of dictionary here. words and phrases you find on this site (usually) won’t be found in webster’s or roget’s or oxford’s. the words on this site are words that regular (we use the term loosely) people such as you use every day. so here’s your chance to be part of a dictionary by submitting your own words.

we also tip our hats to existing words and phrases, especially when one of our principals wants to make note of one. in addition, we’re not above giving our crusty opinions on usage matters — or anything else that comes to mind. we feel free to do that because a pseudo-dictionary is not a dictionary, most assuredly not a real dictionary. makes no bones about not being a dictionary or any sort of legitimate reference source. yes, we define (or, more accurately, describe) words and phrases. we give examples to indicate how to use them. entries are in alphabetic order. otherwise, a pseudodictionary entry may bear little resemblance to a lexicon entry in a regular dictionary.

in some ways, the pd may seem more like a blog written by an amateur than anything else. be sure you keep in mind that we make no pretense of having any expertise in linguistics — or anything else. what you will find may well not have the stamp of approval of any expert. what we do is for our own amusement. if someone else finds it to be of value or is amused by it, so much the better. we take any kudos as lagniappe. cite what we say at your peril. you've been warned, not just once but on every page: seek wisdom elsewhere.

ps: don’t forget to tell your friends. the cool ones only, please.

paul — creator, design guy

paul is an award-winning designer who creates websites, applications, and visual identities. as of this writing, he has served over 80 diverse clients — all of whom serve as references for his work. the majority of his jobs come from repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals. paul has provided design services to leading national companies including yahoo, mtv, mercedes benz, bmw, bad religion, epitaph records, sony, telus, molson, stila cosmetics, vancouver board of trade, futureshop, and numerous small- to medium-sized companies around the world.

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garret — programmer

garret did most of the coding

hd fowler — principal editor & owner

hd moved home to hillsdale when he retired from his las vegas orthodontics practice. he’s not the best tennis player in town these days, but he still plays a mean game of cribbage. you can find him at "the bank" weekday mornings. he’s the one with the cigar, bow tie, and bowler hat. dresses the same way to work in his yard. he loves playing with words. hd’s interest in playing competitive contract bridge has resurfaced as has a new interest in swing dancing. if things work out, he’ll soon start playing bridge again — and go to places where he can watch others dance and enjoy themselves.

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marty d’mello — site angel & owner

marty is retired and resides in the northeastern part of the united states. he owned successful ford-lincoln-mercury and bmw automobile dealerships. in his early to late twenties, marty toured the world as a master mechanic with bmw’s premier racing teams. he loves the english language and playing with words almost as much as he loves fast cars. marty is far too wily to have anything to do with fast women. so is hd.

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update & thanks

in july 2014 marty and i finally met face to face, after having been friends for over ten years and joint owners of the pd for more than seven years. we found out that my wife hit the bullseye when she said, “you’re two guys sharing the same brain.” marty, by working hard on the bottle of rum you bought for me in july, i managed to finish it between thanksgiving and christmas. thanks again for being such a good friend and for taking such good care of me.


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