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nbc-nile - (adj.) Of or pertaining to a blunder so enormous, so redolent with myopic stupidity, so mind-numbingly witless that it reminds one of NBC's ... injidicious cancellation, back in 1968, of Star Trek, perhaps the most lucrative franchise in television history.

e.g., "He did what?" "He said it was too expensive to pay for gas, so he sold it for a thousand bucks." "He sold a nearly mint-condition 1930 Bentley Coupe for a measly thousand?!! Is he insane?! That car was worth hundreds of thousands!! What was he thinking?!!" "Pretty NBC-nile, huh?" "With fries! ... why didn't he sell it to me?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gold mine of crazy - Someone who continually makes absurd statements -- especially statements "redolent with myopic stupidity and mind-numbingly witless."

e.g., "My God, you're like a gold mine of crazy."

submitted by [TrailrParkSupervisor] | Scott M. Ellswo - (www)

dehab - (Short for "dehabilitate"; n.) 1. The process of causing someone to lose or forget a certain behavior, or a given pattern, skill set, or approach to a task or type of activity; (v.) 2. to unteach or cause someone to unlearn a certain behavior, etc.

e.g., I know a guy who could run like the wind in high school, but his college coach said he didn't run "correctly" and, in trying to force him to run differently, essentially dehabbed him right out of being able to run fast at all. | "Time was when my first response to frustration was to fly into a rage, but I'm dehabbing myself." "Really? How?" "Well, whenever I feel myself getting angry I have to stop and write out all of the Japanese katakana." "Wow. How's it going?" "Pretty well, actually, at least it will be when I stop flying off the handle because I can't remember them and have to look the damn things up on the Internet and don't have a pen handy ... AAARrrgh! ... You don't happen to have a pen, do you?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rehabitat - (v.) 1. Accustoming oneself to new surroundings, as after moving to a new home, a new office, or a new work area.

e.g., I kept leaving the law school parking lot and turning right to my old house instead of left to the freeway and my new one. It took weeks to rehabitat myself. | Rehabitating to the much larger studio wasn't precisely difficult, but it was a bit unnerving to suddenly have so much more space to work in.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rehabit - (v.) 1. Breaking and/or replacing a habit with a different habit; (n.) 2. the act or process of rehabiting; (adj.) Rehabitual, 3. of or pertaining to rehabiting or the rehabit process.

e.g., "Where's George? I haven't seen him here at the pub in weeks." "Oh, he's in rehabit." "What? Why?" "He says he was spending too much on his pints, so he's retraining himself to walk home the other way."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

capitol punishment - Being sentenced and compelled to fulfill your community service at the Capitol.

e.g., The judge sentenced me to 1000 hours of capitol punishment.

submitted by Miss Speller

assanova - A would-be seducer of numerous women who succeeds only in making an ass of himself with his efforts.

e.g., "You seem well read, Vadim. What are some pickup- or non-pickup-related books you can recommend for aspiring Assanovas?" "I suggest you check into some of the tips found by surfing to the linked site."

submitted by [dk1123] - (www)

siuloidi - (Rhymes with shoe-SEED-uh or shoe-luh-EED-uh (or shoe-LLOYD-ee, if you don't care); pl.n.) 1. Any statement about oneself made to secure the interest of potential dates; 2. Any such statement uttered in a get-to-know-you context of any sort. [Literally, "walks" in Irish Gaelic, short for siúlóidí fada ar an trá, which means "long walks on the beach," the stereotypical compatibility statement for dating resumes or videos or whatever.]

e.g., "Hi. I'm [name]. I like candlelight dinners, romantic music, horses, and long walks on the beach." "Wow, what a siuloidi."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

minute-and-hour - Verb: to waste time (another person's or one's own) in short durations that add up to a long-term loss; the temporal equivalent to nickel-and-dime.

e.g., I used to have a job where I was frequently called in for overtime when they needed extra help. I quit because it minute-and-houred all my spare time away!

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon - (www)

deflook - Past tense of deflake, as in deflaking a flaky test in computer science.

e.g., I finally deflook that test; now it quits failing every other time anyone runs it.

submitted by Tommy - (www)

earthquack - It's my opinion that fracking is a very dangerous practice. More and more we hear events of small earthquakes in areas of heavy fracking, so an earthquack would be an earthquake brought on by fracking. | Someone who thinks, without any proof -- statistical or otherwise -- that fracking alone can increase the incidence of earthquakes in a given region.

e.g., "Who knows -- maybe all that gas holds up mass amounts of land, which, when quickly extracted, causes earthquacks to occur?" "Yes, indeed, who knows?" | "Who's the world's best-known earthquack?" "Gee, I dunno. Perhaps Al Gore?"

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

dido - Ditto.

e.g., Just imagine if this con man had actually been president. That’s what I call dodging a bullet (dido when Kerry lost).

submitted by Just-Sayin’ - (www)

bioverse - All life within the universe, to include known and potential life in the universe. Expansion of the bbiosphere concept. Related to astrobiology.

e.g., The Earth has life, and Titan may have potential life in the bioverse.

submitted by Jonathan Riddle - (www)

hoootling - The act, when something strikes you as absurdly funny, of unrestrained laughter, that you can't stop. And when you do stop, you start again.

e.g., You know those times, when something funny "strikes" you, and you can't stop laughing ... it's so ridiculously stupid ... you're laughing so hard that tears are pouring out of your eyes ... you're gasping for breath ... your face is turning purple, and you're still laughing ... until you're choking ... you have to stop laughing to take in some air ... then, you can't help it, it grabs you, laughter restarts? That's "hoootling!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

youse - Plural of "you."

e.g., Youse have louses; see youse later.

submitted by george l. kelly

tooken - Taken. {Duplicate.}

e.g., I've tooken my baby boy in for charity care.

submitted by george l. kelly

hormy - Emotionally hormonal.

e.g., She was so hormy during her period. Stop being so hormy.

submitted by Denver - (www)

asdfghjkling - The feeling you feel, when you cannot even type a coherent thought.

e.g., Oh, my God, I'm asdfghjkling right now.

submitted by Randomfrench - (www)

gedankenexperiment - A real word: "an experiment carried out in thought only."

e.g., "Albert Einstein ... applied gedankenexperiment to his work conceptualizing the theory of relativity."

submitted by [Gedankenexperimenter]

lid - (n.) (in addition to its usual meaning, "the cover, top, etc., of a container of any kind," and the other meanings it has acquired, "stopper, bung" ('put a lid on it'), "hat, cap, cover" ('someone left his lid on the chair'), and (oddly) "a completed agenda" ('that's a full lid'), I add these: 1. The container, package, case, envelope, or box in which something is kept, especially CDs and DVDs; 2. The door, hatch, awning, canopy, or other covering beneath or behind which something is kept; also (v.) 3. To put something away, return it to its container.

e.g., 1. Someone left out six DVDs! Do you all think I'm made of money? Where are the lids to these movies?! 2. So we're waiting to take off, and this guy is packing the overhead compartment with a carry-on the size of a small hippo, but somehow he finally managed to close the lid. 3. Leave your lawn mowing and help me lid this trash.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

one - Won. It happens more often than you'd think.

e.g., "Arguably the best athlete to ever play a sport, Jim Thorpe was more than just a great football player -- with the Thorpe Award going to the defensive back of the year -- but he also one a gold medal in both the pentathlon and decathlon in the 1912 Summer Olympics."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

absturniate - (v) To use one's imagination to one's fullest capacity. (n)One who uses it's imagination to it's fullest capacity.

e.g., Writers like Dr. Seuss need absturniate. | The absturniate could imagine a whole world.

submitted by Mason Oeftger - (www)

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