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beckel, to - "What’s the one thing you never want old men talking about? Anything remotely related to the naughty bits. Well, you can thank Fox News’ Bob Beckel for just… I don’t even know how to explain it other than just a classic Beckel. (Sidenote: I don’t know if this is a thing at Fox already, but 'Beckel' really should be a term people use at the network when describing cringeworthy/hilariously wince-inducing moments.) "The Five talked about the weird new Joe Boxer Christmas ad from Kmart, and Brian Kilmeade admitted to being a boxer man. Eric Bolling tried to move on, but Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino teased Beckel about his undergarment of choice. "Beckel’s answer? 'Nothing.' "Needless to say, this drove everyone on-set into madness, and Guilfoyle VERY SLOWLY MOVED AWAY from her commando-going compatriot."

e.g., He's gotten so bad about beckeling, Julie won't even go anywhere with him, not anymore.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nine acity - Tenacity, modified by a weaker degree of commitment.

e.g., Beth: Gordon says that he's really going to give up smoking. Seth: Again? What's this, his fifth or sixth attempt? Beth: He says he's completely serious. He's seeing a doctor, taking medications, working with a smoke cessation counselor, partnering up with a friend who also wants to quit. Seth: Well, good for him. Maybe with all that help and knowing Gordon's character, his nine acity will do it this time.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

chud - A fat cow patty, with crusting and soft explosive interior. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Tony threw a stone at the chud detonating its contents up Jeff's legs. {ED. Aha. Confirms that folks from the UK are more civilized and have more class that US colonials.}

submitted by Ricardo Zanre - (www)

phase - Faze. Comment is about the recently released film _Fifty Shades of Grey_ -- which set all-time box office records, grossing close to $250 million its first few days after being released. The split was roughly 35% domestic (US) and 65% elsewhere.

e.g., "Not that the S&M bothered the singer: 'I edited porn for a while, so nothing phases me,' she said. 'It's hard for me to get turned on. Like, a lot of my friends were so turned on by the book. It's hard for me to get super turned on unless I'm invested in the character. I'm into really deep character pieces. It wasn't really my style of book, but as I read it, I was very entertained. It surprised me. I ended up getting a little turned on. I'm excited to see the movie; I want to see what the actors did with the actual characters and see how far they took it.'"

submitted by Miss Speller

howdy dude-e - A politician who is always friendliness personified. Dressed impeccably, he or she smiles continually, is happy to see you and eager to serve, "glad hands" every person in every crowd -- yet, invariably, is one of the most corrupt, self-serving, cynical and mean individuals you'll ever meet.

e.g., Is this an election year? Get ready, folks -- it's Howdy Dude-e time!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

alien noise - (n.) The oscillating hooty sort of whistle someone thought up back in the 1950s as the proper sound effect for the operation of almost every device of non-terrestrial origin. It is now a fairly common sound made by science-fiction gadgets of various kinds.

e.g., Sometimes I remember watching Lost in Space as a boy. The show's producers used the alien noise for radar scans, computers, electronic beacons, teleporters, even weapons. When used for weapons or transporters, the target thing would suddenly vanish with a loud "BEEP"; it was just this side of absurd. | I remember humming the alien noise to wake up my kids for school. It was silly and fun and helped them to wake up laughing instead of sullen---they liked getting up for school no more than I did as a kid. Now if only the alien noise could make the school more fun or something.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rhythmatraumatic - A beat so intense and fantastic it changes who you are.

e.g., That John Bonham's rhythmatraumatic pounding has adjusted my thinking on a deep level.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

churchified - Southern urbonics for the range of emotions and actions brought about by going to (especially a Baptist) church. The list includes but, is not limited to, hoity toityness, smellin' yoself, buying new hats, excessive fanning of oneself, holier-than-thou-artedness, excessive admiration for suave and clever orators, gossip regarding others attending the service, and willingness to be fed any line of crap and believe it enough for the sake of being too lazy to investigate the truth of things.

e.g., I get tickled every time the churchified Mrs. Jeffries condescends to me all the way down to the end of her nose with such a well-founded sense of being righteous overmuch.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

mira lago - From a neighborhood in Parkland, Florida, that floods like the lost city of Atlantis when it drizzles for more than thirty seconds: Any area that has a tendency of becoming completely submerged during the most minor of precipitation.

e.g., Wow, one two-minute cloudburst and the parking lot became a total Mira Lago.

submitted by Park Landprobs

overridable - A value or an act is overridable when it can be overridden by a higher authority.

e.g., The public's interest in information is overridable whenever it conflicts with any individual right or with any greater general interest. | Seeing autonomy as an overridable value will not be forceful enough to support liberal neutrality. | Statements of defeasible commitment would apparently be immune to factual detachment: they would be overridable, and they would be non-augmentable.

submitted by Christopher Yeleighton - (www)

heck, you! menical - An extremist politician's negative attitude, applied religiously, toward any sort of compromise with members of an opposing party.

I filled in my e-mail address because I want to be notified when my submittal is added.

e.g., In the past, diametrically opposed factions were able to achieve political progress through cooperation and compromise. Today, however, political factions such as the Tea Party's heck, you! menical approach stifles all debate and ends in destructive deadlock.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

literally - Figuratively.

e.g., I was really craving chocolate yesterday. I ended up literally eating a ton of M&Ms.

submitted by HD Fowler

shmouse - A flattened or smashed mouse.

e.g., My sweet daughter cried when sheet found a shmouse under the sheet of plywood.

submitted by Mark Thistle - (www)

shmice - A group of two or more smashed or flattened mice.

e.g., Sadly we found a shmice while inspecting our newly paved street.

submitted by Mark Thistle - (www)

reaganomics - Anything in the realm of half-witted, sure-to-fail untested schemes or unsubstantiated and ridiculous claims ... or such as even remotely resembles these.

e.g., "So, Chris,.. what kind of astrological Reaganomics do you have for me this time?"

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

goober-tool - Any tool left behind after a completed job, lost off the back of the work truck, or dropped and forgotten in any way.


Just found me a fine goober-tool of a tubing cutter this morning. Prolly a hunnit dolla tool.

{ED. It's a fun word. Thanks, Steve, for the reminder.

Click to check Google Ngram Viewer to see other ways the word goober has been used.

Taking the time to check out some of the uses led me to some words books that I may just have to add to my library, as dead trees:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic}

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

munge - To munge an e-mail address is to break it up in such a way as to make it difficult for it to be picked up and used for junk mail. | "E-mail address munging is the act of using ASCII, JavaScript, and scrambling of letters in your e-mail address in order to hide your e-mail address from spam bots, spiders, and spoofers. E-mail address munging is also called e-mail address obfuscating" {Duplicate.}

e.g., I also noticed that my e-mail address been scraped from the about page and is being used by spammers. I'll have to munge it better to keep that from happening.

submitted by HD Fowler

domicile theft - I am receiving "offers" for "pre-approved" credit cards, etc. that has my correct domicile address but is being sent to some unknown person. This person has never lived at my address, according to my landlord, but goggling my address shows this person as living there. Goggling his name results in the same. Goggling MY name correctly shows me as living at my address. I've decided to call what's happening domicile theft. | The fact that Saddam Hussein does not now nor has ever lived at my address combined with my receiving mail under his name at my address is domicile theft.

e.g., As far as know, domicile theft is not a crime. {ED. Interestinly enough, just yesterday -- before I saw this submittal -- I opened a web-based email address:}

submitted by Jimmy Roy - (www)

invulgarating - An action which or a person who makes you want to actually become vulgar or to use vulgar language.

e.g., I found Judy's attitude and behavior at the cast party to be quite invulgarating.

submitted by Mark Thistle - (www)

dissible - (DISS-ih-bul; adj.) 1. Able or worthy to be dissed; 2. Unworthy of compliment or praise. Also "dissibility": absence of worth, lack of respectability. [From "diss" plus "-ible."]

e.g., "Man! That guy is such a---" "Such a what?" "I don't know, but he's completely dissible!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

forcastrophe - A badly blown weather forecast, usually involving the loss of millions of dollars and inconvenience to millions of people.

e.g., The "Blizzard" of 1/26/15 turned out to be a forecastrophe.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

retrobarf - To vomit upon seeing what was in fashion when your parents were the age you are now become fashionable again: clothing; furniture; shaved armpits, eyebrows, and legs; etc.

e.g., Oh, look, brass bathroom fixtures are the next big thing. Excuse me, I need to retrobarf.

submitted by TechnoSpaz - (www)

forecastocalypse - An incorrect forecast involving an event or outcome that involves many people and businesses changing their schedules and plans. Usually involving the loss of tens of millions of dollars to businesses. Most frequently used to describe a blown weather forecast.

e.g., The "historic" blizzard of January 26th, 2015, turned out to be a forecastocalypse, rather than an actual weather event of significance.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

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