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dissible - (DISS-ih-bul; adj.) 1. Able or worthy to be dissed; 2. Unworthy of compliment or praise. Also "dissibility": absence of worth, lack of respectability. [From "diss" plus "-ible."]

e.g., "Man! That guy is such a---" "Such a what?" "I don't know, but he's completely dissible!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

forcastrophe - A badly blown weather forecast, usually involving the loss of millions of dollars and inconvenience to millions of people.

e.g., The "Blizzard" of 1/26/15 turned out to be a forecastrophe.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

retrobarf - To vomit upon seeing what was in fashion when your parents were the age you are now become fashionable again: clothing; furniture; shaved armpits, eyebrows, and legs; etc.

e.g., Oh, look, brass bathroom fixtures are the next big thing. Excuse me, I need to retrobarf.

submitted by TechnoSpaz - (www)

forecastocalypse - An incorrect forecast involving an event or outcome that involves many people and businesses changing their schedules and plans. Usually involving the loss of tens of millions of dollars to businesses. Most frequently used to describe a blown weather forecast.

e.g., The "historic" blizzard of January 26th, 2015, turned out to be a forecastocalypse, rather than an actual weather event of significance.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

2015-01-26 - At a hotel restaurant, a man sees an attractive woman sitting alone at the next table.

Suddenly, she sneezes, and a glass eye comes flying out of her eye socket. It hurls by the man, and he snatches it from the air and hands it back to her.
"This is so embarrassing," the woman says, and she pops her eye back in place. "I'm sorry to have disturbed you. Let me buy dinner to make it up to you. May I join you?" He nods.
The woman is a stimulating conversationalist, stunningly pretty, and the man finds they have a lot in common. He gets her phone number and asks, "You are the most charming woman I've ever encountered. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?"
"No," she replies. "You just happened to catch my eye." {Duplicate.}

submitted by 2015-01-26

boston marriage - Wikipedia: "'Boston marriage' as a term is said to have been in use in New England in the decades spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries to describe two women living together, independent of financial support from a man."

e.g., She said before her husband died that she'd never get married again. Do you think she's a candidate for a Boston marriage? | Her daughter lives with another woman, but I doubt that it's a Boston marriage.

submitted by s

herbivore - Young men who show little or no interest in sex. | Wikipedia: "Herbivore men or grasseaters are a social phenomenon in Japan of men who shun marriage or gaining a girlfriend. They are characteristically described as frugal, and interested in personal grooming. Under this categorisation scheme, men and women are either herbivore type or carnivore type. As of September 2010, 36% of Japanese men between the ages of 16 and 19 perceived themselves in this way. Additionally, two surveys of single men in their 20s and 30s found that 61% and 70%, respectively, considered themselves grass-eating men. This phenomenon is viewed by the Japanese government as a leading cause in the nation's declining birth rate, prompting the government to provide incentives for couples that have children, including payouts and free health care."

e.g., Another worrying statistic was the increasing number of young men with little or no interest in sex, a group known as "herbivores" in Japan. | "If you're waiting for him to make the first move, Shirley, you're wasting your time. He's a herbivore." "A vegetarian?" "No, but he's not exactly a meat-eater. ... Well, it's not so much what he eats, it's that he doesn't go hunting."

submitted by [Herb I. Vore] - (www)

is when - Occurs when. "Is when" often appears in submittals, either in the description or example. Given that I'm a prescriptivist fuddy duddy who thinks we're generally going to hell in a handbasket -- even worse in that regard than HillsDale -- I make an effort to change all such occurrences in submittals to something else. That may seem like a strange thing to do for a site that exists primarily as a way to publicize folks' made-up words and phrases, but our interest in change is largely limited to new words, not new "rules" of grammar -- or throwing away useful old "rules."


e.g., "Clicktivism is when political or social activists use online communication, largely social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc, to galvanize protests."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

likebait - Also like-bait or like bait: "web content which is specifically intended to make Facebook users click the 'Like' button associated with it." Definition and examples from the link at MacMillan Dictionary.

e.g., "Survey respondents also claim they look to social networks and message boards to seek product recommendations. Thus, blog posts should act as Likebait to spark word-of-mouth referrals." Brafton 17th January 2011 | "Facebook cracks down on 'Like-baiting' … Pages that explicitly ask News Feed readers to 'Like' their posts will be demoted in Facebook's ranking.'" Telegraph UK 11th April 2014 | "The phenomenon of likebaiting is now so commonplace that Facebook started to clamp down on it in 2014, automatically detecting posts that explicitly invited responses and ensuring that these were not shown more prominently than other, more relevant content from sources that users were genuinely interested in."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

circumambagious - "Circumambagious, a. -– Employing a roundabout or indirect manner of speech. Not as effective, perhaps, on the whole, as an aid to obfuscation, as the sesquipedalianism fostered by this book, always assuming, if you will forgive a somewhat Jamesian digression (Henry, that is to say, in contradistinction to P.D.), that obfuscation is in fact the objective, and having in mind also that, setting aside the relative merits of the two different approaches toward that end, vis-a-vis each other, it can hardly be doubted that the employment of both together, as distinct from one or the other, must have a still greater obfuscatory, or perhaps more precisely, obscurantist, impact, a point well evidenced by the fact that this particular instance of circumambagiousness has, as I believe you will discover, successfully diverted your attention from the fact that nowhere in this admittedly now somewhat overlong sentence is there, despite its superabundance of subsidiary clauses, a principal subject or verb."

e.g., While it comes naturally to some, writing circumambagiously can be extremely difficult for others.

submitted by [Peter John Bowler]

datanosis - Hypnosis caused by overexposure to data, usually via the Internet or digital delivery.

e.g., Bob had to be physically shaken by his coworkers when they noticed he'd been staring slack-jawed at his computer screen for over two hours, a victim of datanosis.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

ignoranti - The exact opposite of "illuminati." The ignoranti are an unorganized cadre of uneducated, uninformed or ill-informed, magical-thinking, irrationalists who have a belief system that depicts the real physical world or cosmos however they wish or have been taught by their peers, family, or culture -- that is to say, most of the general religious public.

e.g., On the subject of evolution, the ignoranti have extreme difficulty accepting the fact that humans and the other primates such as chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, and orangutans had the same distant ancestor despite the overwhelming fossil and DNA evidence.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

fabrication - Collective noun: a fabrication of journalists.

e.g., Seeing articles following up on tonight's State of the Union Address by POTUS reminded me how the collective term fabrication of journalists came into being. | The fabrication was a joint effort by a fabrication of journalists.

submitted by HD Fowler

extrance - The door you go thru to get where you were before you went thru it. {Duplicate.}

e.g., I really did like using the extrances in the original Zelda game. you could go to the right or left or up or down for all eternity and never leave where you were.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

askhole - A reporter who goes out of her way to ask impertinent, insulting, and out-of-line questions at press conferences.

e.g., If quotas for askholes were set for press conferences, I'd be more likely to watch them.

submitted by HD Fowler

unequivicable - Unequivocal: "admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion."

e.g., The evidence was unequivicable -- there was absolutely no doubt that she was guilty of armed robbery. How she was found not guilty is beyond my ken.

submitted by Miss Speller

cahonies - Cojones -- balls, guts, fortitude.

e.g., I see many of those in the anti-cop demonstrations as being people who lack the cahonies to be a police officer.

submitted by Miss Speller

rummy’s dummies - "A derogatory name for the U.S. military under the leadership of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld." In the class of jokes such as Groucho Marx's saying "Military intelligence is an oxymoron."

e.g., Morons who use terms such as "Rummy's Dummies" are a pain in the ass. My guess is that most of them are about 30 IQ points short of the IQ of the military men and women they disrespect.

submitted by Rummy’s Dummies

myoclonic jerk - No, it has nothing to do with jerks of the social kind. "A myoclonic jerk is the brief, involuntary twitching of a muscle or group of muscles. It may be caused either by a sudden muscle contraction, or a sudden lapse of contraction. This happens when a person is on the verge of falling asleep, and suddenly [has] a sensation or feeling that [she is] free falling through the air." {ED. Edited to follow Fowler Style and get rid of multiple inconsistencies of number agreement.}

e.g., It doesn't happen nearly as often as it did when I was a child, but I'm still awakened once in a while by a myoclonic jerk.

submitted by [atypical jerk] - (www)

paraprasdokian - From, which is not far removed from the ne plus ultra of words websites. "What are Paraprosdokians? "Paraprosdokian is not an Armenian writer or football coach but a figure of speech characterized by an abrupt change of direction at the end. It is a phrase that intentionally leads us down the garden path, that misleads us into thinking one way, then suddenly end[s] on an unexpected twist. Stand-up comedians who like one-liners use lots of them, because the setup and punchline are all in a single line." Let me know if you ever run across an Armenian whose name doesn't end in -ian -- or someone whose name ends in -ian but isn't an Armenian. My experience is limited, but the latter seem to be as scarce as hen's teeth.

e.g., "Paraprasdokians are sentences that change course midstream for immensely humorous effect. Enjoy this peculiar type of humor in sentences that lead us down the garden path." |

submitted by [pseudo-paraprasdoker] - (www)

photobomb - "Collins has selected [as its word of the year] photobomb from words submitted by visitors to its website, a word which it says means 'to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject’s knowledge.' Again, this isn't the whole story, as it usually either means the accidental incursion of some odd or embarrassing thing in the background that spoils a picture or of a person who deliberately intrudes as a practical joke. Like overshare, it isn’t new — it’s recorded from 2007 and had a spike of popularity in 2011/2012 — but it has become much better known this year because of several widely reproduced photos, such as Benedict Cumberbatch’s photobombing of U2 at the Oscars and, most famously, the accidental photobombing of a couple of Australian athletes by the Queen at the Commonwealth Games."

e.g., The last thing you're going to find me doing is deliberately photobombing ... anyone.

submitted by [photobomber]

overshare - Chosen as word of the year for 2014 by the Chambers Dictionary folks. "Chambers has gone for overshare, which it defines as 'to be unacceptably forthcoming with information about one’s personal life,' commenting that it was 'beautifully British' and a 'subtle yet devastating' put-down. That's not a complete definition, as it can also mean inappropriately supplying detailed personal information to a stranger online; it has also been used for deliberately giving intimate details of a relationship in order to shame one’s former partner. It's neither British nor new, as it was first recorded as teen slang in the US in the 1990s and appeared in print in the New York Times as early as 1998. Apart from that, it’s quite a good choice." {Duplicate.}

e.g., It's one thing to overshare with an anonymous stranger on a bus (plane, train, automobile), quite another to overshare with potentially hundreds, thousand, or millions online.

submitted by [oversharer]

transmogrification - A real word, a useful word. Transmogrification: "the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one) ('The transmogrification of the prince into a porcupine')."

e.g., When presidential candidate obama said he wanted to transform America, a few of US sensed that what he had in mind was not a transformation but a transmogrification. Very, very few of US thought he would have the effrontery to do so in the way he's doing it -- with virtually no input from Congress. | A grass roots movement is underway to start referring to the changes obama is making by executive fiat as "a fundamental transmogrification of America" rather than "a fundamental transformation."

submitted by [Transmogriffrier]

influkes - Influx.

e.g., I wonder if she will march in protest for the jobs the Black people lose to the in flukes of Mexican migration..!

submitted by Miss Speller

ineptendent - What a politician unaligned with any political party tends to be. Especially appropriate with the two alleged independents currently in the US Senate. The example was found in a comment thread, correcting a commenter who said seven Democrats in the Senate would have to join the Republicans in order to convict the President on an impeachment advanced by the House of Representatives.

e.g., "The count of Dims and ineptendents caucusing with Dims in the Senate stands at forty-six. A minimum of thirteen of them would have to join Republicans to convict obama after the House voted to impeach. A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to convict and remove a President from office. Say, all fifty-four Republicans in the Senate along with thirteen or more crossovers."

submitted by [Mr. Independent]

paragraphaphobia - Fear of breaking up comments into paragraphs -- with the result that hundreds and hundreds get strung together with no break.

e.g., You seem to suffer from that rare illness known as paragraphaphobia.

submitted by [Mr. Anit-paragraphobe]

pseubmit - To add an entry to the PseudoDictionary input queue.

e.g., Those one-hundred-thirty-nine words must be the longest single sentence yet pseubmitted to the pseudodictionary.

submitted by s - (www)

subatomically correct - More than an anatomically correct body. Perfect down to the last muon.

e.g., That girl o' mine is subatomically correct.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

the crawl - What some describe as spiders in their heads (usually while the world around them sleeps). An affliction often associated with chronic insomnia and symptomatic as follows: insomnia, easily distracted, fidgitry, nonsensical talk, self-absorption, spells of introspect, difficulty communicating with others, and a plethora of others. (Please if you suffer from this incurable panacea, list any symptoms you benefit from here, so a complete compendium can be compiled.)

e.g., The crawl often subsides with me around 3-4 am.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

mumbus jumpback - Any spoken nonsense which causes at least a major facial expression change (usually one of question or disgust) and, often, a reply or retort.

e.g., I had to leave the room after listening to that mumbus jumpback, primarily to keep my own integrity.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

scrooching - The laying-back of the driver seat so far while driving that all that is visible from said position is the sky, tall buildings, distant landscapes, and things taller than your vehicle within two feet of it.

e.g., Scrooching, I think, is every bit as safe as texting, birthing a child, star-gazing, or computer programming while driving.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

exhaustation - After you've been exhausted numerous times and repeatedly pulled up your bootstraps and got back after it. Tireditis (which see) is a common symptom leading up to it, while collapse is the final step if rest is not sought.

e.g., Four months in of seven-days-a-week and my exhaustation is bordering on collapse.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

tireditis - Something like exhaustation, just not as extreme.

e.g., If I don't get some rest soon, this tireditis will soon become exhaustation.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

ominator/ominatrix - One who hovers ominously over others.

e.g., So, I was just painting her walls white: no mural, no fascinating faux finish. I wasn't marbleizing, it wasn't tromp l'oeil. All the while that ominatrix stood in the doorway watching, as if I may miss a spot or a drop may get on her white carpet or in some way she just might not get what she thought she was paying for.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

reversilate - The act of throwing any vehicle in reverse and doing whatever backing-up maneuvers are involved before putting it back in forward motion.

e.g., I have an affinity toward those who reversilate thru the drive-thru.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

hypocracy - Political regime based on systematic lies and propaganda. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Hypocrisy is a moral quality, while hypocracy is a political system. | Nazi Germany and communist Russia are historical examples of powerful hypocracies. | (From an example later on in the input queue -- Mr. Epstein and one not-so-humble editor apparently having come close to synchronizing on this common misspelling for "hyprocisy.") "Can any one citizen get over the hypocracy of this President putting illegals before his own country's citizens?"

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

dingleblossom - A flower which produces dingleberries.

e.g., You must have quite a few dingleblossoms in your pants -- I can smell the fruit.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

molottabetta - Improved in general in any way, esp. applies to substantial improvements.

e.g., "OOOOOOOOoooooohhh, HONEY! Them new biscuits is molottabetta!

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

retinal fleckage - Any ailment suffered by a variety of tradesmen wherein one thing or another in their line of work damages (at least temporarily) the orb(s).

e.g., I was spraying some fine lacquer the other day and got that numb feeling in my frontal lobe because I should have been wearing a mask as, all of a sudden, I came to the inside corner of a cabinet while my mind was in another world and the delightfully sweet fumes coursed right back into my face from the back of said cabinet in a forceful back-spray with, at first the startling shock of retinal fleckage to my peepers while, surprised at the pain, I deeply inhaled the dense vapors and commenced to konk my noggin on the shelf above as I threw myself out of the blast zone staggering backward, almost losing my balance, while secondarily my skull got to feeling interplanetary from the deep alveolic absorption -- so, I had to leave the premises for a duration. {ED. Those one-hundred-thirty-nine words must be the longest single sentence yet pseubmitted to the pseudodictionary. Thanks for making my day oncet again, Steve Zihlavsky.}

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

mirropposed - To offend oneself by gazing in the looking glass and being disgusted by what's seen.

e.g., Actions are seldom taken by those suffering from mirropposition, usually disgustation and acceptance of the situation are the opted for plan.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

nutrituration - Oversaturated nutritiously -- i.e. nutrition poisoning.

e.g., Davy Dave! If you don't put down that cucumber and wheat germ on pumpernickel and go back to some cheezy poofs and snacky cakes, you're sure to get yourself a heckuva bad case of nutrituration.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

burrifinger - What you can make rather than a burrito if you have only fingers -- or, the price of fingers is cheaper than toes. Alternative to burritoes.

e.g., There's been a recall on toes, so we have to make burrifingers.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

deventually - At any point in the future ... maybe.

e.g., Deventually, Stev-o-matic will start making sense.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

umpteen quadrillion ages of olde - forever, figuratively and exaggeratedly speaking.

e.g., It should only take Steve umpteen quadrillion ages of old to find just the right word to express himself accurately.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

needsta - A simple combination of the words "Needs" and "To"

e.g., My tummy needsta stop hurting; otherwise, I may hurl.

submitted by Sailor - (www)

wumbo-jumbo - Something which appears to be ridiculous, made up, or implausible, but actually contains an unexpected element of truth or genius.

e.g., I thought that Wumbology was a pseudo-science, but when it correctly predicted that my cat would be run over by a steamroller, I realized that it was wumbo-jumbo.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

- Google «"atom bomb" vs. "atomic bomb"».

e.g., Google «"in to" vs. into».

submitted by - (www)

xxmyzllwth - (Pronounced Ex-mizzle-width) A word that is either unpronounceable or uncomfortable to say.

e.g., Sesquipedalian is an xxmyzllwth, so most doctors recommend using the word "long" instead.

submitted by Ben Peters

numb bers - Numeric data of such horrific import that it freezes with shock an observer's ability to think, feel, or react normally.

e.g., NUMB BERS IN THE NEWS May 14,2014 -- Climate Central stated that a recent scientific study indicates that climate change has triggered an unstoppable decay of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet -- by 2100 it is likely to result in a 7 to 10 feet rise in global oceans -- submersing 28,800 square miles of American coastal property, displacing 12.3 million people. Property damage in Florida alone, is predicted to be in excess of $950 billion dollars. September 23,2014 -- The UN Health agency, WHO, reports that the Ebola health crisis is estimated to spread to affect 1.4 million individuals by mid-January, 2015. There is no known cure or vaccine for the disease, only "supportive intensive care." December 26th, 2014 -- Memorial services were held in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 220,000 people.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

jumblicating - The act of explaining an idea that that the brain has not yet organized into proper sentences, causing it to be messy and nearly incomprehensible.

e.g., "Oh! What if we did the thing with the turny-bit, and then the wiggly thinger won't not be like that!" "Bill, you're jumblicating again."

submitted by Ben Peters

totalgia - (total + nostalgia) - nostalgic aspiration for totality, unity with the people, national solidarity, traditional holistic values.

e.g., Many people in post-communist countries are suffering with totalgia, longing for the lost ideal of social equality. | Totalitarianism in Russia is only partly gone. It is still alive in totalgia, in nostalgia for the old Soviet superpower.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

sympsychosis - A union of two or more people who are psychologically dependent on each other, like living entities are in symbiosis.

e.g., The sympsychosis between spouses often leads both of them to a nervous breakdown.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

justpoze - Juxtapose.

e.g., Must have heard something on TV as I was dozing to make me think of justpozing the two words in that order.

submitted by Miss Speller

gdos - "Green's Dictionary of Slang is an unprecedented 10.3 million-word collection of the impertinent, vile, censored, hip, witty, and fascinating slang words of the English language. Covering five centuries of innovation in all English-speaking regions of the world, the Dictionary is the most authoritative, scholarly approach to slang ever attempted. Over 100,000 words are defined; each word is authenticated by genuine and full-referenced citations of its use. This is a remarkable work by the leading slang lexicographer of our time."

e.g., How could I have missed gdos? It's been out since 2011.

submitted by HD Fowler

contrabilateral - Containing and juxtaposing two equal parts, with each part being the opposite of the other.

e.g., I had a contrabilateral suit that I made myself. It was black on the left side, and white on the right.

submitted by Ben Peters

playwrong - A playwright wannabe who lacks the wherewithal to be one. (Doubtful that this is original, but I've never run across it.)

e.g., Mac has made absolutely no progress finding someone to produce his latest effort. He's never going to realize that he's a talentless hack, one of the premier playwrongs of our age.

submitted by [Peter Wong]

ageitis - A condition where you can't remember things due to old age.

e.g., I'm sorry I can't remember your name I have ageitis.

submitted by Elsie

asshole forceps - A large extractor tool, used not for extraction butt for insertion. Must have heard something on TV as I was dozing to make me think of juxtaposing the two words in that order.

e.g., "What we need is asshole forceps of sufficient size to allow us to spread the cheeks of the miserable critter wide enough to push in a large apple." "I'll bet you can find some in the maternity ward of the nearest hospital. The ones used to deliver babies suffice."

submitted by beelzebub

spewdodictionary - A lexicon developed exclusively for writing rants.

e.g., I think the year-long hiatus when the back end was down may have caused us to lose more than a few submitters. The result has been an inclination for this to be turned into a spewdodictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler

procripitate - The stuff that you do while procrastinating, instead of what you should be doing, or the end result of your procrastination. Suggested by "precipitate -- a substance created by an action."

e.g., John made origami fish instead of doing his homework; they were the procripitate.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

procratalyst - The thing that you should be doing instead of procrastinating, or the thing that you are trying to avoid doing by procrastinating. Suggested by "catalyst -- the person or thing that precipitates an event."

e.g., Homework was a huge procratalyst for John; He would avoid it my any means necessary.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

predjudist - Of one who is unfairly prejudiced towards those who show prejudice towards protected minorities. {ED. Also spelled preducist.}

e.g., If you don't tolerate Nazism, then you're being predudist.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

taft - Puffy and soft. Possibly warm and huggable, but not necessarily.

e.g., I rubbed my cat's belly, and it was very taft.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

169 - (Pronounced "one-six-nine; n.) 1. Incredibly bad bad luck; (adj.) 2. (Often "169th," pronounced "one-sixty-ninth") Of or pertaining to incredible bad luck; (v.) 3. To cause, attract, or impose incredibly bad luck. [From the product of 13 x 13, which is 169. ... IF you believe that 13 is bad luck.]

e.g., "I tried to water the plants---simple, right?---but I spilled the pitcher on my new carpet. So I went to get some towels to soak up the puddle, but I tripped and fell against the dryer. Then I had to use the towels there to soak up the blood from the cut in my head. Once I got the bleeding under control, I grabbed some clean towels and headed back to the living room, but slipped in the blood and broke my tailbone. I called my wife's office, and while I was on hold, I fainted from blood loss. ...The carpet was ruined." "Holy cow. That was some 169."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

loid - (v.) 1. To open a spring lock by slipping a thin piece of plastic or metal between the door and the frame; (n.) 2. a piece of plastic or metal used to open a lock by sliding it between door and frame. [Apparently an actual slang term.] Also "loider": one who loids.

e.g., Let's see: lock picks, a pair of jimmies, a crowbar, and a bunch of old credit cards. I guess those are for loiding screen doors, right?

submitted by scott m. ellsworth


submitted by


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- make a table of html characters that can be copied and pasted into e-mails and blog posts

e.g., make a table of html characters that can be copied and pasted into e-mails and blog posts

submitted by ≤

-phibe - (Rhymes with TRIBE; n.) 1. One who embraces the dark side of something, especially a twisted version of something good; 2. Someone who, for some reason, attacks that which they hate or fear by characterizing it as horrible, disgusting (etc.) as possible. [From the 1971 Vincent Price film, The Abominable Dr. Phibes.]

e.g., "He's afraid of cats?"
"No. He's actually fixated on dead cats, decomposing cats, zombie ... cats."
"Ah, so he's not an ailurophobe; he's an ailurophibe."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

anginiti - (Rhymes with can-be-KNEE-tee; plural n.) 1. Little chest pains, the kind that make you worried, but that the doctors always say don't mean anything (they often wind up getting people labeled hypochondriacs); 2. People who cause chest pains by their constant bother. [From angina, Gk for "choke" + -it-, Sp infix for "small," + -i, It plural suffix. It's a mess, really, a farrago---but it sounds good.]

e.g., I am so sick of my anginiti, especially when they mix with the real angina. || The police chief hates reporters: he calls them his anginiti.

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

mahoganocracy - (Rhymes with the-dog-in-LOCK-you-see; n.) 1. Rule by those whose offices reek of dark wood; 2. Those who occupy such offices, especially high-echelon board members and such. [From mahogany + Gk kratos "power."]

e.g., "What happened?" "They gave the job to Lacey." "Lacey?! Why? She's only been working there a few months. You've been working there---hard---for over three years." "The mahoganocracy said it's because they needed to promote a woman." "Are you serious?! Are you serious?! You didn't get promoted because you're a man?" "I don't ... I don't know." "If this weren't so serious, I'd laugh myself silly .... Lacey. Incredible."

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dehancement - Antonym of enhancement, an enhancement being "an improvement that makes something more agreeable." It may be a real word -- I don't know. See monstrosi-titties.

{ED. Rather than think in terms of breast enlargement, women so inclined might be well-advised to think in terms of titivation: sprucing up; making decorative additions to or the verb form: titivate: make neat, smart, or trim. Speaking for myself as a man, and not as your erstwhile editor, I find the notion of decorative additons for breasts appealing. Perhaps something seasonal or for the holiday at hand. Jingling bells for Christmas? Something booming for the Fourth of July? Tattly™ Temporary Turkey Tattoos for Thanksgiving -- a wild turkey, not the too dumb to come in out of the rain type we eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Given that breasts serve a truly useful function after Labor Day, something jucier than a turkey tattoo is called for then: peacocks, one or more.}

Line of peacocks

e.g., Monstrosititties, with monstroso-titties and monstrosotitties as possible alternatives.

The hyphenated forms, of course, draw more attention to the … ahem, subjects at hand. Which, after all, is what those who get the so-called breast enhancement surgery have in mind. Their intent is clearly tittilation. Other than the operations some "dancers" have done to increase their earnings ability, the worst call I ever saw made for surgical enlargement of her breasts was made by one Laurie O'Boyle. Laurie was the prettiest woman in town, bar none, with right-sized breasts for her frame. She had herself put under the knife only to have the result be more a transmogrification than a transformation -- a dehancement rather than an enhancement.

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