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google walk - To take a Google Walk (or Google Maps Walk) is to use the Google Maps Street View and its directional arrows to "walk" (or "drive") from one place to another.

e.g., I've taken several Google Walks. If I had taken one before I went back to Iowa recently after twenty-seven years, I might not have been as surprised as I was at how small some of the places I was once familiar with looked. I was aware of the phenomenon from returning to childhood haunts, but I hadn't realized until my July visit that it occurred later in life as well. | I'm pretty sure I would recognize the place if I saw it again. I may take a Google Maps Walk later to see if I can locate it.

submitted by HD Fowler

cog nition - The humbling, tragic moment when a young person first becomes aware that he or she is not the center of the universe, but a tiny functional part of civilization.

e.g., Sweet Caroline. Please don't wrinkle that pretty brow nor redden those beautiful blue eyes with tears, now that you realize that you're not Madam Curie, or not likely to be. Just remember that you're a gorgeous 21 year old blonde southern belle, with an acceptable I.Q., and an adorable pout. And that's pretty good for now!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

sic ill - Local Tacoma rap/hip-hop artist who makes great animated spoof/raps. {ED. This promotional entry will be deleted very quickly. As it is, it neither describes nor defines anything at all.}

e.g., Jack: Yo, you check out that latest SIC ILL joint? Jill: Yea I did, it was 100% Crazy!

submitted by #1 SIC ILL FAN - (www)

hoy pull oy - "Hoi polloi" is the Greek phrase for "the common people generally." "Hoy pull oy" is a derogatory phrase for the group of politicians who have gained wealth and some form of public stature through self-serving uses of the power of their office.

e.g., Vickie: What is our state senator's background? Mickey: His father was a grocer; he graduated from a state SUNY college, and he worked for a local publisher until he first was elected. Vickie: Is he financially successful? Mickey: Well, he's listed with ownership in several Florida properties, in several local properties, he owns a $415,000 summer home built by a general contractor he is in partnership with.... Vickie: What is his salary? Mickey: $79,500 a year. Vickie: Wow! What a powerful member of the community!' Mickey: Ya! He's a real member of the "hoy pull oy!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

pisstration - The state of being angerlly frustrated.

e.g., The sheer quantity of ignorant conversation in the room made the pisstration pretty palpable.

submitted by Amber Honeycutt - (www)

ravenstone - "In England, a tombstone is sometimes called a ravenstone.

e.g., "Have you given any thought to what you'd like to have engraved on your ravenstone? Have you told your children." "No ravenstone for me. I've made arrangements to be cremated. The morturary will pick up my body at the hospital and take it to be cremated immediately. What's left will be placed in a subtly decorated urn with an inscription: 'He did not suffer fools gladly.' The urn will then be taken to my daughter. I've instructed the mortician to tell her, 'Your dad's in the car.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

backupuncture - Getting acupuncture in or on or for the bad back. {Diplicate.}

e.g., "I'm going to go to get some backupuncture today." "Goin' to Chris's office down on Main?" "Of course not. He's the one who caused the problem when he put one of his karate moves on me."

submitted by cheryl riddle - (www)

lulerain - A portmanteau of lule (flower) and rain: so much rain that even the flowers die.

e.g., We couldn't do anything because of the lulerain. | The lulerain put me to sleep today.

submitted by Victor - (www)

[invitatation] - An invitation, explicit or implicit, from a female (girl or woman) to fondle (or at least touch her breasts) her breasts, her tata's.

e.g., She ended up having me charged with sexual assault, but I have absolutely no doubt that she had given me an invitatation before I laid a hand on her. Next time -- if there is a next time -- I'll get it in writing.

submitted by [invitatation]

bolt-hole - A secret stash of money a woman (?) keeps so she can run away from her husband if she decides to.

e.g., "Some think hiding money from your spouse is as serious a breach of trust as sexual infidelity. Others, like the lady with the tea caddy, believe having a financial bolt-hole is the secret to a happy marriage."

submitted by [bolt-hole] - (www)

click-bait - Clickbait. As used here, "spin" juxtapositions of words intended to make it more likely that surfers will check out the site linked to. Used most often in conjunction with attempts at generating advertising revenue.

e.g., "The click-bait aspects of 'question headlines' is side-show, snake-oil, carnival-barker quality. Be proud, CBS. Your masters are carnies and used-car salesmen!" | Nobody is worse about using click-bait than The Drudge Report.

submitted by [Joan Of Argghh!] - (www)

abcd - [adj.] "Above and beyond the call of duty." (Also "A & B the C of D.") (Coined by Brian Jacques in his Redwall novel _Taggerung_.)

e.g., We expected him to keep track of the club's funds, but he not only kept them, he spent days encouraging donations, wangled advertising time from a local radio station, and got the club's charitable work recognized by the Governor. It's ABCD.

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

occidens - [Rhymes with OX-ih-benz; n.] 1. In full, ala occidens "west wing," the TV show (now a staple on Netflix et al.) 'The West Wing,' a decidedly liberal take on the presidency of one Josiah Bartlett (played delightfully by Martin Sheen). While the liberalism and I don't get along most of the time, I enjoyed the show's first run (when I could find it), and I'm binging through it for the ... fourth? time now. The writing's very good, and the jokes are funny (most of the time). When I'm watching it, or movies like 'The American President' or 'Dave' or the (really) old classic 'Gabriel Over the Whitehouse,' I'm OCCIDENSING; [v.] 2. Watching shows like 'The West Wing,' 'Dave,' 'The American President' or 'Gabriel Over the Whitehouse'---essentially, dramatic alternate political fiction; [adj.] 3. of or pertaining to dramatic alternate political fiction: shows like 'The West Wing,' 'Dave,' 'The American President' and 'Gabriel Over the Whitehouse.'

e.g., "What are you doing?" "I'm occidensing." "What?" "I'm watching ... what's it called? ... Matilda. It's a show about a woman in the presidency who is a tyrannical reactionary, and how she alienates her friends, her family, her party, her ... well, everybody, and finally gets assassinated. It's pretty weird." "Yeah. ... occidensing? you said?" "Yeah, occidensing."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

lawsweet - A lawsuit the one suing hopes will result in a sweet payoff for her. Multiple lawsuit filed simultaneously would be lawsuites.


Marty: What do you think the chances are that Thomas Eric Duncan's
family will file a lawsweet against the Dallas hospital he died in?

Mac: Who's Thomas -- what? Eric? -- Duncan?

Marty: The Liberian national who came to the U.S. from Africa carrying the
Ebola virus.

Mac: Riiight. With Jesse Jackson on the scene to charge racism? I'd say 100%.

Lillith: You think the hospital's staff is racist?

Mac: Doesn't matter. The hospital turned away a guy who was deathly ill and sent him home. The lawsweet will be for malpractice. I've had enough experience with doctors, nurses, hospitals, and nursing homes to know how many mistakes get made. Way, way too many.

Lillith: They'd have a better chance of winning a jackpot payoff if their lawsweet was anywhere else but Texas.

Marty & Mac, at the same time: Tru dat.

Mac: Jinx, you owe me a coke.

submitted by lawsuite - (www)

glc - Good Looking Crap. Refers to any visually appealing derived information products such as infographics, enhanced tables, charts. or maps that are based on unreliable, untimely, incomplete, and overall poor quality data.

e.g., The latest decision from the ethics committee was made based on a series of GLC reports which should have never seen the light of day. The committee has now asked for a new internal process to avoid any GLC. | GLC has now become a skill that some may refer to as an art, to make bad data look "sexy."

submitted by Phil - (www)

racist - "A 'racist' is just a conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal." {Duplicate.} This guy has nothing more to offer than Godwin's Law violations and the good old "racist" label. But HE calls Carolla a "hack"?

e.g., "This guy has nothing more to offer than Godwin's Law violations and the good old 'racist' label. But HE calls [Adam] Carolla a 'hack'?"

submitted by [Kathy Shaidle]

gallina gas - The surprisingly disgusting odor wafting through the open windows of your trailer coming from a nearby chicken farm in Oklahoma or Missouri.

e.g., Susan: "Good Lord! What is that awful smell?" Donna: "It's just the chicken farm over yonder." Sheryl: "Yeah, gallina gas will stink a dog off a honey wagon."

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

turothian - A historically slow or barely moving thing. Describing such movements or such a pace. The word is a combination of three historically slow animals: TUR(TURTLE)-OTH(SLOTH)-IAN(SNAIL). Pronounced(TUR-ROTH-THEE-EN).

e.g., The starfish is a turothian. | The process of home ownership can be a turothian process -- depending on what you make, on how much the house costs, on how on time with your payments that you generally are, on your credit risk, on what your bills look like over the history of your home, on whether you have to use your home to "bail" you out of debt, and on how much interest is being charged for loan services. | Elderly people aren't generally turothian, because even they are usually faster than to be technically classified as barely moving -- or historically slow. | Turothian growth can't be seen in real time with the naked eye.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

henryish - 1. Being very strong -- along with possibly being athletic. 2. Having to do with very hard work, esp. laborious work. Based on John Henry folklore. Bunyanesque already exists.

e.g., Bo Jackson was known as a henryish athlete, football player, and baseball player. | Hulk Hogan was henryish. | John Henry was a steel-driving man, known for henryish railroad track building. | Slaves often did henryish work for narcissistic and somewhat lazy slaveowners. | I never was into henryish big garden work.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

beaker - Job title for someone who works in a "chicken factory." The beaker's job is to clip the beaks of baby chicks. {Duplicate.}

e.g., You thought there wasn't any job worse in a chicken factory than plucker, huh? Well, there is. My job: beaker.

submitted by Becker

pseudowatch - To pseudowatch is to not watch that which is directly in front of you. It's there, but you're not paying attention to it.

e.g., Do you remember my July 2009 joke about you getting a tattoo? Just heard a drum tattoo on a Bones episode and it reminded me of you. I'm up to the fourth season of pseudowatching the series. | By pseudowatching, I mean that I have the TV turned on but rarely look at it or listen to it. What I've found is that the series provides excellent white noise sleep by.

submitted by pseudowatcher

mxyzptlk - Mix'-plik, according to SB. Collective noun for a group of master criminals.

e.g., I ran into a mxyzptlk of muggers in the park the other night. That's what happens when you're out late and in the wrong part of the metropolis.

submitted by [Sandbox Jim]

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