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zeeing - To zee is to sleep. "Zeeing" is the gerund form.

e.g., 1. You're looking for George? Oh, he's off zeeing at his desk. Fell asleep while working on his term paper, y'know. 2. To zee or not to zee, that is the question -- I have a final tomorrow and I need to cram.

submitted by Kesti

zeglit - A long thin braid or tail worn at the back of a man or boy's neck, when the rest of his hair is cut short.

e.g., Check out Chris's long zeglit. It is so 80s.

submitted by Kimmy Bingham

zeke - A zeke (alternative spelling: zeek) is a "geek" to the degree of "z." She is someone who is completely out of touch with rules of social behavior, with cultural norms and trends, and with all developments related to fashion and grooming. A "zeke" is a very uncool person, a "zero." A nada, a nothing. From slang for the WWII era Japanese fighter plane, the "Zero."

e.g., The professor is a real zeke. He's worn the same bowtie since 1955 . . . which was about the last time he saw a movie or had a shower.

submitted by David DeSmith

zeltonik - One who, no matter how sad she is, can get an abrupt sense of total happiness, peace, calmness, and tranquility. Used only in the singular. Zeltonic is what you can take to make you zeltonik.

e.g., I had the worst day ever; nothing went the way I wanted it to -- but, as a zeltonik, I know I'll feel much better soon. Maybe tomorrow.

submitted by Deliou Seluna Coloti - (www)

zemanakal - Awesome. Also see gnarlical, sick, rad, and gnarly.

e.g., Tommy Z was zemanakal. His kickflip back tail on that hubba was zemanakal.

submitted by Herb

zemblanity - orarian at Wordnik: "The opposite of serendipity, the faculty of making unhappy, unlucky, and unexpected discoveries by design; the inexorable discovery of what we don't what to know. Word derived from Zembla, a barren, frigid Artic island -- Nova Zembla -- the site of a nuclear facility now used for testing non-nuclear explosives.
-Peter Bowler May 5, 2008 |  
Armadillo, by William Boyd, 1998: "So what is the opposite of Serendip, a southern land of spice and warmth, lush greenery and hummingbirds, seawashed, sunbasted? Think of another world in the far north, barren, icebound, cold, a world of flint and stone. Call it Zembla. Ergo: zemblanity, the opposite of serendipity, the faculty of making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries by design. Serendipity and zemblanity: the twin poles of the axis around which we revolve."  
Robert K Merton and Elinor Barber in the masterpiece on the subject, The Travels and Adventures of Serendipity (2004): “Serendipity’s initial unique and compendious meaning of a particular kind of complex phenomenon – the ‘discovery of things unsought’ or the experience of ‘looking for one thing and finding another’– becomes ever more eroded as it becomes ever more popular. Ultimately the word becomes so variously employed in various socio-cultural strata as to become virtually vacuous. For many, the very sound of serendipity rather than its metaphorical etymology takes hold so that at the extreme it is taken to mean little more than a Disneylike expression of pleasure, good feeling, or happiness. No longer a niche-word filling a semantic gap, the vogue word became a vague word.”  
Wikipedia/Serendipity: "One aspect of Walpole's original definition of serendipity, often missed in modern discussions of the word, is the need for an individual to be 'sagacious' enough to link together apparently innocuous facts in order to come to a valuable conclusion."

e.g., "When Serendipity becomes Zemblanity," by Richard Boyle: "Although zemblanity doesn’t have the style or even perhaps the necessity of serendipity, there are aspects of the association of the two words that provide food for thought. For instance, what if Zembla was not a separate island but an opposite aspect of Serendib, that zemblanity was an incompatible but nevertheless equally essential and indispensable part of serendipity?  
"In Sri Lanka, such an intertwining has appeared in the past 30 years. Serendipity and zemblanity have both been present, inseparably tied. Yet while guidebooks and such-like have waffled on about serendipity in a meaningless fashion, many downplayed the zemblanity that has hovered, ready to catch even the ultra-wary in its grasp. The question is: what will happen to zemblanity now?" |  
Examples from Wordnik:

submitted by HD Fowler

zen - (v.) to accomplish something by not thinking about it; to let something "happen" without trying to force it.

e.g., The other day, I rolled a perfect 3000 on the Wii's 100-pin bowling game. I was explaining Marbury v. Madison to my brother on the phone and just sort of zenned the game while I was focused on the phone.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zenan - Someone way out there beyond the stratosphere; lives in a different world; never gets a joke the first time around.

e.g., Never mind Chris. He's zenan. Doesn't get anything . . . ever.

submitted by Joao Filipe - (www)

zenana - (n.) 1. A party (i.e., a fiesta) to which only women are generally invited (baby showers, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and the like). 2. A party (i.e., group) of women (NOW, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the suffragettes of the early 20th Century, etc.). 3. Anything belonging to or concerning a woman or group of women (e.g., her boudoir, her DVD collection, her car, her closet, female medical issues, the role (assigned or assumed) of women in any particular culture, etc.)

e.g., “Alice, why is it that when men panic, women get calmer?” “Yes, it’s a zenana thing ... you wouldn’t understand it.”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zenbu - (n.) everything (literally (as in 'the whole of the Cosmos') or figuratively (as in 'how's everything?))

e.g., "Zenbu?" "Yep. This is everything. We're ready to go." | "You know, if you stare up into the stars long enough, you realize there's just too much zenbu."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zeng - Good or excellent. From Wanye's World.

e.g., How was last night? Zeng.

submitted by Bill

zeno's paradox - To draw out something to make it last, as the tale whereby a runner proceeds half a distance infinitely, never reaching his destination.

e.g., The cheesecake was so good that she forced herself to Zeno's Paradox it.

submitted by Ventrithor

zenocrastiphobia - The unbased fear that someone out there is procrastinating better than you.

e.g., I tried to tell my psychologist about my Zenocrastiphobia, but he just told me he'd talk to me later.

submitted by John L Myers

zenophobia - A morbid fear of any kind of ancient oriental relaxation technique.

e.g., Dave was really stressed so he planned a session of sand-garden raking. When he got to the building, he was so terrified he wouldn't go in. Turns out he had Zenophobia.

submitted by L. Gillies

zentropic - The state of someone who has a shallow understanding of Zen, and uses it to excuse the fact that she does absolutely nothing, on the basis that she is in tune with the Tao.

e.g., Jim smokes marijuana every day, and he sits at home "contemplating the universe." He's so zentropic he hasn't left the house in months. | He fixed me with his best "calm pond" look, the zentropic bastard.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

zentropy - A measure of the disorder or randomness of all matter, energy, and thought in the face of intuition or meditation.

e.g., That last moment of waking thought just before falling asleep is a state of pure zentropy.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

zeppeled - To move like a zeppelin.

e.g., Barrison has zeppeled to his shop.

submitted by Matthew Colwell

zeppster - An avid or devout fan of the band Led Zeppelin.

e.g., Wally's a real zeppster.

submitted by Adam Pearson

zerbit - To blow a raspberry with your lips pressed against someone else's skin -- typically her stomach. The intention is to cause ticklish squirming. (Not my word, I believe this one has entered the vernacular but I noticed that it wasn't in your dictionary yet.) (ED. This may be a variation of The Cosby Show's "zerbert" -- pronounced "zrrbrrt.")

e.g., "Her zerbit was so forceful, I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe." "He seemed unusually depressed but a good zerbit cheered him up instantly."

submitted by Amanda Penrose - (www)

zerg rush - To charge your forces at an opposing side in great numbers without any real battle strategy. From the game Starcraft where the Zergs did this.

e.g., We need no tactics ... Zerg Rush.

submitted by Hat-Kun

zerix - High point, middle, peak.

e.g., He was at the zerix of his career, writing one successful book after another.

submitted by Phatman

zerm - A guy who can wiggle into a rugby pile-up and get the ball.

e.g., The two teams were deadlocked over possession until our zerm wiggled in.

submitted by Ty Evans

zero-two-early - Military slang. Refers to an activity scheduled for way too early in the morning.

e.g., We're SPing at zero-two-early tomorrow, so I'll have to get back early.

submitted by KFoo

zerogamous - Single. Celibate. Preferring one's own company to the terrible compromises of relationships.

e.g., "So, are you single?" "Better than that, for the last 5 years I've been happily zerogamous."

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

zeroine - A female anti-hero, or a female loser of heroic proportions.

e.g., When she was kicked out of school for the third time, she became my zeroine.

submitted by Danielle Thys

zerophobia - I have what amounts to zerophobia, a fear of .0 software releases. I try to avoid them. I'm willing to wait a while for a .1 release that corrects the bugs in the initial release, the one that introduced new functionality.

e.g., No, I won't be switching to Windows 10 as soon as it comes out. I have zerophobia. I'll wait until I'm forced to switch. Hold a gun to my head? I'd switch.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zerovelopy - Inspecting a cash envelope that was sent to you at a drive-up bank -- or the third time after you already removed the right amount. Kind of like dropping an envelope in a mail box and double checking that it really, really fell all the way down.

e.g., The jerk in the Yugo held up the bank drive-through lane with zerovelopy.

submitted by Mark C

zervilsmirch - The moment just when you're closing the locked door with the keys on the other side | handing the check to the cashier with your goods already bagged and remembering you forgot to get. . . . | landing in Honolulu realizing you left your dog in the house with no food in Shreveport | and so on.

e.g., It just ticks me off when I get to the job site all Smilin' Steve 'cause it's quicky cash outta town painting and, pulling in the drive 30 minutes from home --zervilsmirch -- I left the customers keys at the house. Ugh.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zetadonic - Something strange, unexplainable -- can also describe a psychical state where fear and confusion are mixed.

e.g., The noise from the graveyard was zetadonic. The prophet had a zetadonic vision of the future events.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

zhavric - "Zhavric" is a slang term, used on the Internet, to refer to a user whp has lost all touch with common sense. Even when faced with simple common sense, a "Zhavric" will ignore the common sense and point out grammar mistakes, syntax errors, semantic arguments, or logical fallacies.

e.g., Tom: God doesn't exist. Anyone who thinks God exists is clearly an idiot. I mean there's no evidence and without evidence, the answer is clearly an indisputable false. Bob: No evidence means "unknown," not "false." Don't be a zhavric.

submitted by Aztune

zhuzhi - Family filler word for any small electronic device -- e.g., calculator or remote.

e.g., Trying to ask for TV remote: "Please hand me the zhuzhi."

submitted by Robert Arvanitis

zibba - A word that is used to describe a hot chick.

e.g., Hey! Check out that zibba.

submitted by Philip Baur

zifflenook - Used to tell someone you caught her checking someone out.

e.g., "Zifflenook," said Tom.

submitted by alex clark

zig - ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. What you say? For Great Justice. Launch all ZIG.

e.g., How are you, gentlemen? All your base are belong to us! You have no chance to survive make your time. MOVE ZIG!

submitted by Spoonboy brown - (www)

zig-sag - The slowing down of reaction time when senses are impaired or as one grows older.

e.g., The automobile accident happened because Milo tried to zig-sag around the opening car door.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

zigg - A cigarette, corruption of the Berman word "zigarette."

e.g., Mike, can can I bum a zigg off you?

submitted by Steve

zigguraggerate - To wildly exaggerate.

e.g., Oh, boy, the Mandelbrot really is God; that's no zigguraggeration.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

zihlavskitis - Mental and social degeneration thru isolatericostudiousity of subject matter irrelevant to anything.

e.g., I think I might have a case of Zihlavskitis.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zihlavskium - An as yet undiscovered proposed element composed only of dark matter.

e.g., Zihlavskium is a key ingredient of axonite (which see), but is more notable for its ability to remain undiscovered.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

ziing - Zing with an extra letter added to give it extra "zing."

e.g., Animations may give your site ziing, but they can be a pain in the ass, too.

submitted by Steven Olsen

zilch - not a damn thing

e.g., 1) Whats up? 2) Zilch

submitted by zilch

zilla - Suffix that denotes the biggest, baddest version of a thing.

e.g., My new Hummer is car-zilla.

submitted by Gene | [K. Fuller]

zima queen - Cheesy girls who often look as if they stepped out of a Friends episode. Prefer the taste of Zima. Often belong to a sorority.

e.g., Look, Chaz, here come the Zima Queens.

submitted by David Willems

zimpf - 1. That metaphysical property of elastic which, when depleted, causes your underwear to fall down. 2. More generally, a quality of mind containing vast quantities of expansive energy for imagination, curiosity and tolerance for ambiguity, persistence and problem solving.

e.g., 1. Once Florence found herself repeatedly tugging at the uncomfortable, downward, slithering ripple of pantyhose that once pleasantly reassured her waist and hips with its gravity-defying snugness, she knew the garment had lost its zimpf. 2.While Arnold was diligent and persevered for years in his quest to prove that endless amounts of carbon-free energy could be released and captured by placing a 32 degree Bud-Lite covered with L.A Looks Activity Proof Power Gel in a microwave on full power for 10-15 minutes at the bottom of an abandoned Minuteman silo packed with depleted Duracell AA batteries, he made little progress, lacking the genuine zimpf of the giants on whose shoulders he thought he was standing.

submitted by Kittlybender

zinc - The sink.

e.g., Just throw the dirty dishes in the zinc.

submitted by taylorpup

zing - A good verbal shot or insult, or retort to a stupid remark. | Zing is what makes something better than it was before the zing was added. Zing is what spice is to a meatball -- it just makes it that little bit better.

e.g., Don't worry about Chris. Not a chance that he'll zing you. Of course, he may hit you or have you beat up. You do realize that a lot of his cronies are out there. | Well, actually, I was looking someone with zing.

submitted by Mike | Mark - (www)

zing zang zoom - 1. Immediate conversion of potential energy. 2. Instant hope for sexual connection. 3. Follow-through on 2 -- the best romance ever. (I don't know how you separate meanings and entries.)

e.g., 1. They made the decision to move -- and zing zang zoom, "Goodbye Chicago." 2. She looked over and he felt the zing zang zoom from across the room. 3. Yeah, but my first boyfriend ... that was zing zang zoom.

submitted by Susan Beyer - (www)

zip plus four - Berserk to the extreme. Since 1986 or so when a postal worker went berserk in Enid, OK, "postal" has meant "berserk." Zip plus four is an escalation. Hyperbole for "postal." If you use "postal" to mean "berserk" around USPS workers, you may get an intense reaction.

e.g., Chris went zip plus four on us. Had to put him down with a tranquilizer dart.

submitted by HD Fowler

zip-zero - Nothing = reward you can get for hard labor and loyalty.

e.g., After 25 years of successfully supporting all, his reward was zip-zero and many libels and slanders.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

zipped - Said of someone who won't give information about a particular subject.

e.g., She's zipped about the secret.

submitted by Tram-Anh

zipperhead - An ignorant, close-minded person.

e.g., That zipperhead still thinks the earth is flat, women shouldn't vote -- and heck, he still thinks Clinton was a great President. (As with life in general, timing is everything. Clinton was the beneficiary of dramatic increases in productivity that occurred during his Presidency . . . and with which he had nothing to do.)

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

zippy - 1. Okay or perfect. 2. Quick or fast.

e.g., 1. You say, "Hey guys!" They say, "Sup man¿" You be like, "Nothin' much, everything's zippy." 2. You say, "Yeah, my Viper's in the shop. Once it gets out it should be more zippy."

submitted by Kevin Student

zirc - (n.) 1. a cubic zirconium. often used as a replacement for a diamond; 2. fake (though not fake-looking) jewelry; 3. a really good copy, facsimile, or forgery; 4. false beauty; 5. the pretense of having feelings for someone(aka string [someone] along, play with [someone's] heart, and so forth). (v.) 6. to offer something false as real; 7. to offer or to give [someone] a discount; 8. to make a [really good] copy.

e.g., "Wow! Is that a real emerald?" "Yes, that one is. It belonged to Helen Hayes. These others are just zirc." | "What's her problem?" "Well, Jack zircked her along for, what, two years? And then dumped her. She's too good for him by miles." | "$7000?! That's way too much." "Okay, look, I can zirc it down some: how does $5500 sound?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zircon - A girl that's pretty enough to date but you can't get serious about, as in worthy of a cubic zirconia but not a diamond.

e.g., Cheri's sweet, but that hyena laugh makes her a zircon.

submitted by Gucky - (www)

zirkle - Weird, unique, different, in a good way. Opposite: zorkle.

e.g., That's surely a zirkle outfit you're wearing.

submitted by chak Pawsin

zitgeist - A blemish, such as a pimple, that erupts on the skin within a day or so of a much-anticipated party or first date. Believed related to "poltergeist."

e.g., Dear diary: 6.30 a.m. Tonight's the big one. Vanessa *finally* agreed to go out with me. Naturally, I have a zitgeist the size of Mt. St. Helens. This will be my last entry. Goodbye, old friend.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

zithel - To mess around with people, to trick, to confuse.

e.g., Jenna planned to zithel with Meghan's head when she placed boxers on the side of her bed.

submitted by Chrystal

zither - An instrument used by dermatologists in the treatment of acne.

e.g., Jane's blemishes were pretty bad, and her skin doctor had to use his zither on her.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

zitizens - Teenage citizens.

e.g., Is the jury still out on whether or not it was a good idea to extend the right to vote to zitizens? What a concept -- major political officeholders determined by pimple-faced teenagers. God help US.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zizz - N. A short sleep attack. V. to take a nap without going to bed.

e.g., Go take a zizz--you're not making sense. I was up all night so I zizzed at the monitor at work.

submitted by Jace

zizzy ballooba - Extremely disorienting alcoholic drink.

e.g., I have a terrible hangover. Had too many Zizzy Balloobas last night.

submitted by The Icon

zlandaloids - The little lines of flesh on your upper lip under your nose.

e.g., The snot running from his nose was directed into his mouth by his zlandaloids.

submitted by Ken

zoa - (rhymes with 'boa'; n.) 1. Animal angels. (v.) 2. To invite someone to "come and see" something. [from the angelic beasts in the Revelation of John, called in Greek 'zoas' (technically 'zoai').]

e.g., When I saw that seagull---it had to be a zoa---I knew I'd found land.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zofwiur - Pronounced "zofwiur." My friend Mike and I concocted this word as we played Scrabble at 4 am. We had 7 letters, so we put them down and made "zofwiur." Zofwiur is yet another word for good, cool, sweet, and even dude. Zofwiur means something's really awesome, and it's an expression of surprise, happiness, or when you like something.

e.g., Zofwiur, where's my car?

submitted by Matt Cupps

zoggie - An unemployed person who frequents Cafe Zog in Providence, RI. Typical behaviors include begging for spare change and cigarettes, drinking expensive coffee or Popov vodka, and singing loudly.

e.g., Shut up, zoggies! I've had enough of your singing for one day.

submitted by Allan Hazlett

zoidberging - 1. To have no knowledge of the human anatomy. 2. Having the sudden impulse to eat the last of the anchovies in existence.

e.g., Hide the anchovies. He's zoidberging again.

submitted by Barry - (www)

zoilism - Existing, but uncommon word: hypercriticism: "From Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License: n. nagging or carping criticism." | "From the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English: n. Resemblance to Zoilus in style or manner; carping criticism; detraction. | "From The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia: n. Criticism like that of Zoilus; illiberal or carping criticism; unjust censure."

e.g., You're welcome to be critical of the PseudoDictionary and its lexicon entries -- as long as you're reasonable in your criticism. Zoilism is not appropriate for an effort that amounts to a lark. Capisce? (Bear in mind, too, what the estimable Michael Quinion wrote in his newsletter, "[B]itter and carping criticism by envious hacks has not yet vanished from the world.") | Biologist Joseph Dalton Hooker (?), quoted in Michael Quinion's Newsletter: "If I were to do more than hint at their hydrophobic habits, their pulicidal, pulicivorous, and even phtheirophagous propensities, I should call down, not undeservedly, the Zoilism of our correspondents."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zoinks - Universal sound of surprise, as popularized by Shaggy.

e.g., Zoinks! It's the one-legged zombie again!

submitted by Sin - (www)

zolapolaxenacroxandaxtabulumos - Cool.

e.g., DB wasn't zolapolaxenacroxandaxtabulumos enough to be at the party last night.

submitted by Darkbolt

zolaxed - To be in a zone of relaxation where you experience complete harmony and peace within. Often accompanied by periods of either thought-free, extremely calm, trance-like states; or alternatively, deep emotional connection with others within the same zone.

e.g., They blissed out in their hammocks, completely at peace with the world, enveloped by warmth and their own philosophical thoughts, sharing deep moments of emotional connection, feeling zolaxed by the harmony of the moment. Of course, they were Liberals. They had to be to be in that state of mind.

submitted by Sam + Simon

zombie - To be turned into a zombie: "One who looks or behaves like an automaton."

e.g., "Either he was interested in money or was under threat of death regularly and later probably he was zombied," Apiyev said.

submitted by HD Fowler

zombie rule - "* A zombie rule, a term originated by Arnold Zwicky of Language Log fame, is a misguided rule that cannot be killed, no matter how many times it is shot through the heart with bullets of logic." | A rule of prescriptivist English usage that just won't stay dead no matter how many times modern grammarians and linguists try to kill it. | "So there’s a rule in English, except it’s not a rule, but some people think it is, and others who know it’s not a rule obey it in case it bothers the people who think it is, even though it can cloud or change the meaning of their prose" -- it's a zombie rule.


A zombie rule is a member of the set Not a Real Rule -- a rule that has no basis in the grammar of English. | I spent years and years in school learning to write using zombie rules. I cling to them the way a kidnap victim clings to her kidnappers in a Stockholm Syndrome sort of way. (Or is it Copenhagen Syndrome? I'm typical of denizens of Flyover Country in that all those Scandinavian cities and countries are the same to me.)

This entry may be expanded by the editors as they run across zombie rules. Sometimes, it may be worthwhile to follow them -- the chief reason being clarity.



3. No Initial Coordinators (NIC): Never start a sentence with and or but. "Lie #3: You can’t start a sentence with a conjunction. This zombie rule* has been thoroughly debunked by many reputable sources (the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of English Usage and Paul Brians, to name but two). If half of your sentences start with and or but, you probably need to take another look at your writing and clean it up. But, an occasional sentence-leading conjunction is perfectly acceptable."







submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zombie strip - A comic strip, usually found in newspapers of record, that has outlived its original intended audience, and often its creator and its cultural relevance.

e.g., _Brenda Starr_ disappeared from the list of zombie strips in the _Post-Standard_ to make way for more advertising space.

submitted by Reynard

zombie-moment - An instance of one's brain becoming sidetracked through a series of often but not always related leaps in thinking, enough that one finds herself standing silently, eyes out of focus, unaware of her surroundings -- including, especially, other people's speech. A brief state of thoughtlessness comparable to zombiehood. The telltale signs of the cessation of a zombie-moment are the phrases "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" or "I forgot what I was just doing," often accompanied by rapid blinking and head-shaking. CAUTION: Trying to re-trace the logical sequence of thoughts that led from alertness and lucidity to the zombie-moment can often cause another zombie-moment.

e.g., The movie was good . . . I think . . . at least the plot was tight enough that a zombie-moment will wreck your trying to follow the story. I know that first-hand, because right in the middle of a scene I had a zombie-moment. After that I had no clue why the people on screen were doing whatever it was they were doing. (The special effects were great, though.)

submitted by töff - (www)

zombielicious - Something so good it turns you into a wide-eyed slab of enjoyment.

e.g., Mike's party was zombielicious.

submitted by jinxmonger2002

zombocom - A website, game, or movie that is all hype and no content.

e.g., The movie Tomb Raider was nothing but zombocom.

submitted by Tim - (www)

zombose - 66.6 - 100 nights without substantial sleep. Mind and body begin to not care about rest and don't mind working long hours. Food too seems uninteresting and only the self-perpetuating sleeplessness matters.

e.g., Seven days a week. What does an uninterrupted hour of slumber even seem like. Who cares . . . this delightful zombose ride is exquisite.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zombot - (noun) (1) A corpse reanimated by means of technology rather than magic, sometimes called a "revenant" or "haberman" (after the creatures in Cordwainer Smith's "Scanners" ); (2) someone who relies on technology to an unhealthy extent (sometimes called a "borg," after the Star Trek villains); (3) anyone functioning on caffeine or other stimulants unobtainable except through a mechanical or electronic intermediary (such as an coffee urn or drug company).

e.g., Technically, Frankenstein's monster is a zombot, not a zombie. | "Look at him: he's got a hands-free phone one each ear; he can't go anywhere without a padd and his mega-memory ipod—he doesn't even know how they work—he can’t even read a book unless it’s on-line. He’s nothing but a zombot." | "Okay, are we ready for the meeting?" "Yup: I've got some fruit salad, some bagels, even coffee and tea for the zombots."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zomg - A variation of OMG . . . Oh My God. Used to show enthusiasm and sarcasm for the normal word.  
(ED. Added at least temporarily because I have absolutely no idea of what the example means -- other than the "hawt" part. Bringing to mind, why in hell not just text "hot" rather than "hawt"? Yeah, yeah -- I can see that "a" is the first letter of "abc" and "w" is the first letter of "wxyz." Meaning, ostensibly, that only two key strokes are needed rather than three. Do you have to pause between the "a" and the "w"? If so, that would mean it might require fewer key strokes, but it would be perhaps only nominally faster. When you take into consideration that keying too fast would cause the intended "aw" to be taken as "b" and the "wt" as "x," I'll bet it takes longer on average to "hawt" than to "hot." What would hawt couture be?)

e.g., xkillerxcorex:"Liek, ZOMG!11one!1 He's so hawt!1!

submitted by Kaylee

zone - Zone out. A way of floating out and not realizing passage of time or anything else around you. Can happen intentionally or unintentionally.

e.g., Unintentional: I don't know what happened after that. I just sorta zoned out. Intentionally: I was really zonin' till my girlfriend came along and started yelling at me.

submitted by Dylan

zone, the - The circumstance created when a green light changes to yellow and you can neither stop nor go through the light without feeling you have done something wrong. (ED. A popular problem in mechanics is to show that at certain speeds and certain distances from an intersection, once the light turns yellow one can neither stop before reaching the intersection nor get through the intersection before the light turns red.)

e.g., "Why did you run that light?" "I was in the zone. There was nothing I could do."

submitted by zak

zonee - Zoney, zonie. A native of Arizona.

e.g., He's a zonee, the sun got to his brains.

submitted by Sean - (www)

zonemorph - An individual whose mind works in far-fetched and incomprehensible ways, whose eyes look funny, and utters unintelligible speech more than anything.

e.g., That Zihlavsky's a zonemorph -- what he says doesn't make much sense.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zoning - Contraction of "zoning-out." A lack of the ability to concentrate, or just a lack of all-togetherness -- e.g., falling asleep, not being able to think coherently, speak cleary, etc.

e.g., 1. I don't know if this happened to you guys during that chemistry lecture, but during the last half hour, I was completely zoning. 2. This commercial is so boring, I'm begining to zone.

submitted by ramsey

zonos funbuco cagaschr - (Rhymes with KROnos bun-LUco ka-ga-SHEER, but itself abbreviable to "zono"; adv.) A measure of degree of "dead" -- something that refuses either to stay dead or to "cross over." [An abbreviation of the words comprising the spectrum from ZOmbie-NOSFeratu-UNfinished BUsiness-COma-CAtatonia-As Good As [dead]-SCHRodinger's cat.]

e.g., "I have no idea why this car still runs: the engine's completely shot. It's amazing." "When you say 'shot,' just how zono are we talking?" "Well, it's obviously running . . . somehow. . . still: I'd say it's nosferatu -- it'll probably suck all the motor oil out of your truck if you leave 'em both in the same garage overnight."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zont - Sluggish, non-participative.

e.g., You're being unusually zont, K. Why's that?

submitted by Kody

zoobaz - Term used to address a European or Canadian film student with a uniquely painted car.

e.g., Hey, zoobaz, what shakes?

submitted by David

zoobulation - The joy felt from a visit to a zoo.

e.g., His spirit was filled with zoobulation while visiting the San Diego Wildlife park.

submitted by Bob

zoochosis - According to PETA, a form of mental anguish caused by the impoverished environment (of zoos).

e.g., PETA may seem extremely weird at times; however, their claim that elephants and other large animals put in zoos suffer zoochosis seems to have some merit.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zoodled - You've had way too much alcohol in a particular outing.

e.g., She's puking -- must be zoodled.

submitted by Biffer

zoodles - Lots of.

e.g., Thanks, Mum, for giving me zoodles of spaghetti.

submitted by Emily

zook - Regurgitate, puke, throw up.

e.g., I think I'm gonna zook if I see any more synonyms for throw up.

submitted by jeff brown - (www)

zoolander - A guy who looks and dresses like a male model. Someone who wears lots of turtlenecks, pocketless clothes. It's derived from a sketch Ben Stiller did for the VH1 Awards in '96 where he was Derek Zoolander, male model.

e.g., Hey zoolander, it's time for some fud.

submitted by pinder - (www)

zoolphoose - 1. Someone who is acting slow ornot paying attention. 2. Someone who is in a band but doesn't actually play a musical instrument. 3. Fool.

e.g., Rob: Ryan, why is Chris in our band? All he does is wave a plank around in the air during our performances. Ryan: He's our zoolphoose; that's his job.

submitted by Emrobin

zoom-zooms and wham-whams - Inadequate compensations for jobs well done -- as opposed to, say, cash or promotions.

e.g., Scott saved our butts with his Powerpoint presentation. Of course, he only got zoom-zooms and wham-whams for his efforts.

submitted by tom johnson

zoomba - A xylophonic device or instrument from South Africa.

e.g., George plays the zoomba.

submitted by George Clemmin

zoombie - The driving dead, from Gary Larson's Far Side.

e.g., Just when you thought the streets were safe. Coming to a theatre near you is The Night of the Zoombies. This time they're not just parallel parking.

submitted by Ian Faynik

zoomie - Member of the United States Air Force. To West Point cadets a zoomie is an Air Force Academy cadet.

e.g., I'm not sure. I think he's a retired zoomie. An actual pilot.

submitted by HD Fowler

zoomout-moment - When you are suddenly exposed to the full complexity or size of something you thought you knew a lot about, but obviously didn't -- thus making you feel like an idiot.

e.g., I thought I understood the storyline of the TV show, but then Colin exposed me to all the different episode stringsand I had a zoomout-moment.

submitted by ryan

zoop - Skeleton, bag of bones -- what's in the closet.

e.g., On Halloween, my two-year-old exclaimed, "Mommy, mommy there's a zoop hanging there!"

submitted by C. Henry

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