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y'all - Two or more persons. | You-all = you and others. Plural. Sometimes yall; never yawl, which is another word entirely."From the linked page at YourDictionary: "The single most famous feature of Southern United States dialects is the pronoun y'all, sometimes heard in its variant you-all. You-all functions with perfect grammatical regularity as a second person plural pronoun, taking its own possessive you-all's (or less frequently, your-all's, where both parts of the word are inflected for possession): You-all's voices sound alike. Southerners do not, as is sometimes believed, use you-all or y'all for both singular and plural you. A single person may only be addressed as you-all if the speaker implies in the reference other persons not present: Did you-all [you and others] have dinner yet? . . .  
"[T]he distinction between singular and plural you is just as useful as that between other singular and plural pronoun forms, such as I and we. In addition to y'all, other forms for plural you include you-uns, youse, and you guys or youse guys. Youse is common in vernacular varieties in the Northeast, particularly in large cities such as New York and Boston, and is also common in Irish English. You-uns is found in western Pennsylvania and in the Appalachians and probably reflects the Scotch-Irish roots of many European settlers to these regions. You guys and youse guys appear to be newer innovations than the other dialectal forms of plural you. See Note at you-uns."  
". . . and so I told them, y’all will just have to do it y’allself."

e.g., How are y'all? | Would y'all like to stay for supper? There's plenty for everyone and we'd be mighty pleased to have your company for a mite longer. | "On an episode of Designing Women, the receptionist asked some classy women, 'Where y'all from?' A classy woman replied, 'Where we're from, we don't end a sentence with a preposition.' To which Charlene replied, 'Where y'all from, asshole?' I still laugh 20 years later!"

submitted by Derna | HD Fowler - (www)

y'allternative - Music known most commonly as "country rock," which is a hybrid of modern alternative rock and country music.

e.g., Have you heard the new Wilco CD? It's y'allternative.

submitted by k8 - (www)

y'heard me - An expression used to reinforce one's point

e.g., That's a really nice pinata. Y'heard me.

submitted by Matt S

y'know - Questioning of one's understanding.

e.g., I bashed my toe and it really hurt, y'know what I mean?

submitted by william

y'unt - Contraction of "Do you want" often followed by "to." Credit probably to Jeff Foxworthy, at least for the popularity of the word.

e.g., Bill: D'ya eat yet? Ted: Nah, d'you? Bill: Nah, y'unt to? Ted: Aight.

submitted by Lothar23 - (www)

y6u - You, as originated by a typeo -- "typeo" being a similar "typo" for "typo."

e.g., How are y6u doing today?

submitted by Kelby

ya boy - Term to describe someone you're tight with.

e.g., Rick, isn't that ya boy over there getting busted?

submitted by Ace

ya hoo - A person who walks around who doesn't have a clue. Usually found mostly in the office environment.

e.g., Hey look at that ya hoo Walt, he's doing it again.

submitted by John

ya sure, ya betcha - In North Dakota, people pronounce the letter "a" in a very round way, and this is a North Dakota Norwegian phrase meaning "yes." The "a" in the first "ya" is very round; the "a" in the second "ya" is not. (I have also heard the two parts separately.)

e.g., Do I have any salt? Ya sure, ya betcha.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

ya ya - "Ya ya" comes from the book The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, a group of female co-workers or friends who have become so enamorated of one another that they tend to shun everyone else around.

e.g., The other day the Ya Yas were sitting around whispering about a barbecue that none of us are invited to next Saturday. I think it's because we're ya yas.

submitted by Peg C. - (www)

ya-huh - Yes, affirmative. I know exactly what I'm saying, so don't push me, Monkey Boy. Used to respond to the negative nuh-uh.

e.g., Art: Did you know the atomic weight of Osmium is 190.2? Bart: Nuh uh. Art: Ya-huh.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

ya-yahr - An abbreviated and obnoxious way to say "Yeah, you are." Most often used in an argument or if you're annoyed at the person you are speaking to.

e.g., Bill: "I'm not a geek, you know. I failed the geek check." Jim: "Ya-yahr."

submitted by Johnny Kitsilano - (www)

yabba - it means the same as yes, but COOLER! | [yab][ba] A collective noun for all online activity on social media platforms -- whether tweeting, posting on Facebook, diving in the stream of Google+, or creating connections on LinkedIn, it’s all about the yabba!

e.g., Are you going out tonight? "Yabba!" | What's the yabba on Mark Zuckerberg?

submitted by Ashlee | Liz Townsend - (www)

yabba-dabba-doodle - To babble incessently about non-important things, from Fred Flintstone's "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

e.g., The meeting was so boring, I just yabba-dabba-doodled for an hour.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

yabbo - Male of any species being stupid

e.g., You let your yabbo dog pee on the floor!

submitted by julie

yabbut - Combination of the words "yeah" and "but." Generally used by itself in response to a request to perform an activity. Can also be referred to as an excuse. | This is the nay-sayers reflexive ejaculation to anything that could be possible but isn't part of the status quo.

e.g., "Yeah, I'm going to need you to pack up your desk and move down to the storage room." "Yabbut . . . that's the last straw." | You can do it, Bob. Yabbut, you don't know how hard it is for me.

submitted by Lisanna | Walt Pickut

yabut - Yes, but.

e.g., B. There is no such word. A. Yabut I heard someone say it.

submitted by jerry

yachtzi - Snobby rich boating types.

e.g., Look at those stupid yachtzis over there with their Nautica jackets and Ray Bans.

submitted by dan

yackwagon - Any disturbing ordeal, usually endured with others, looked back on with some sense of humor and sentimentality.

e.g., Paul: Do you remember that bus ride down to Cancun? Never shoulda drank the water. Greg: Yeah. What a friggin' yackwagon.

submitted by Ike

yacky tory - A talktive British sympathizer during the Revolutionary War.

e.g., Sitting in a patriot's tavern, the yacky Tory, a rare visitor from Japan, lauded George III to the skies and was dragged out, tarred, and feathered for his foolishness.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

yadafier - One who uses "yada" to replace important words in a sentence.

e.g., When she was talking to me about her holiday, I learned that she was a yadafier. She kept saying yada yada yada instead of giving me actual details.

submitted by porty

yaddaism - When using the word "yadda" becomes a way of communication.

e.g., Paul has taken yaddaism to the next level.

submitted by Paul Clough

yag - Simply means, "yes." Use it to freak your friends out.

e.g., "Do you wanna go for dinner?" "Yag." "WHAT?!?" "Yag!" and so on and so forth.

submitted by Jack Diamond - (www)

yaggie - An expression to denote extreme happiness.

e.g., No more math lessons. Yaggie!

submitted by Kahli

yah - Sure, sounds right, that's OK, tell me more, are you putting me on?Is what you have said really true?

e.g., Yah, yah, sounds good.

submitted by pat buckley

yahoodle - To use Yahoo! (as opposed to Google) to search for something.

e.g., I tried yahoodling him, and I only got three hits. But when I googled him, there was a page and a half.

submitted by Eric Tankesley

yahooed - 1. Kind of like googled, but used for the Yahoo! search engine instead. 2. Assaulted by a white trash hick in the South.

e.g., 1. Q: Done with your project? A: Yep, I yahooed it. 2. When I lived in Florida, I got yahooed a lot by idiots.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

yahooted - When you suddenly and for no reason get booted from a Yahoo! chat and have to go through the process of logging in again.

e.g., I'm back now. I just got yahooted.

submitted by jon

yahootie - A clumsy not so bright person.

e.g., That yahootie spilled all the food on the floor.

submitted by Norma G.Hidalgo

yahtzee - Expression of great happiness and achievement over small issues.

e.g., Jack finally found his car keys: "Yahtzee!"

submitted by jeanius

yak butter - Like peanut butter, only you grind up yaks instead.

e.g., Hun, this yak butter is great on the triscuits. Would you get some more at Wallyworld tomorrow?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yakka - Work, manual labour (often). Usually used in combination with "hard" so it means hard work.

e.g., It was hard yakka.

submitted by Imo

yako - The opposite of okay.

e.g., Could you borrow my car?? No way, that's yako.

submitted by Ty Evans

yaktorial - Of, or pertaining to, Ipswich.

e.g., He spoke utter bunkum, which suggested a Yaktorial upbringing.

submitted by Colin Taffel

yam'cha - Low grade electronics from unknown origin and an unrecognizable brand.

e.g., "Hey, this DVD player is only $23.95." "Yeah, but have you ever heard of Yam'cha Clectronics?"

submitted by Martin Jones - (www)

yamahondatsubaruki - Generic Japoreanese automobile.

e.g., They all look alike to me. It must be a Yamahondatsubaruki.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

yames - Very low in quality or performance; sluggish, ineffectual, unworkable.

e.g., I would have e-mailed you this morning, but my computer had gone yames.

submitted by Dawna Hunter

yammit - Just like "dammit" except you're not really swearing. A great trick for kids.

e.g., Oh, yammit, I just spilled my juice.

submitted by Eronel

yamop - Means "I'm just kidding." The bigger the joke, the more exaggerated the pronunciation.

e.g., Chris, you're the best looking guy in the world. Yamop.

submitted by dextasy

yamyams - This is a term used to describe those from the Birmingham area of Britain, due to their extremely thick accent and reduction of "Yeah, I'm. . . ." to "Yam."

e.g., Red: "Where are you from?" Ned: "I'm from Wolverhampton." Red: "Oh, you're a yamyam then?" Ned: "Yam from Brum, aye."

submitted by Xnoybis

yankee - The recipient of a friendly tug.

e.g., Lance thought that Bruce was a deserving yankee.

submitted by Kyle Claassen

yankenvy - The thing that makes some English people think Americans are not as good as them

e.g., Did you see the entry for "Yankophile"? (see below) That guy has yankenvy.

submitted by Todd Yonker

yanker - A large backside.

e.g., She's got quite a yanker.

submitted by John

yankophile - Someone who likes Americans or American culture. Ant: yankophobe.

e.g., M. Hulôt was a big yankophile, with a complete tape collection of Bart Simpson episodes.

submitted by PeterSealy

yanno - Slurred version of "You know."

e.g., That's probably not the best way to fix your car, yanno.

submitted by EggieChan

yanno - You know.

e.g., Hey, yanno I am good!

submitted by Informal English - (www)

yaohk - This word is one that can be used to give a positive response to another person's statement. Yah-OK.

e.g., "I got a brand new Macbook Pro yesterday," said Josh. "Yaohk," David responded.

submitted by David Fernandez

yapatchasoon - A word of farewell -- meaning "talk to you later." An Eskimo village brought it to Canada in the early 1800's and it is now often used throughout the great suburb of San Lorenzo, CA.

e.g., Closing of an e-mail to a close friend, "Gotta go. Yapatchasoon."

submitted by Robert - (www)

yaplivious - Being oblivious while yapping on a cell phone, usually while driving.

e.g., That freakin' woman is so yaplivious she almost killed me.

submitted by Kevin

yaplow - Dried shampoo that's left in your ears after washing hair, often flaky and white.

e.g., My ears are full of yaplow after my shower.

submitted by Emma

yaposchmuckon - Group of overly-talkative idiots or morons, both sexes. The talking they do.

e.g., There was some yaposchmuckon going on, and I couldn't stand the noise any longer. I had to get out.

submitted by =DS=

yapper - Telephone, usually in reference to a cellular phone.

e.g., Whose yapper's ringing?

submitted by Quigs

yappy-ho-yap-yap - When you are not interested in hearing what the other person you are engaged in conversation with is saying, interrupt her with this.

e.g., A. And then I went to th- B. Yappy-ho-yap-yap.

submitted by Love

yar - Yeah, right.

e.g., Ernie: I'm the boss. Bert: Yar.

submitted by andy dixon

yar - Pirate for "Yes."

e.g., Britney Spears: "Dave, you're the coolest. Wanna go for lunch?" Me: "YAR!"

submitted by David Craig

yard - To remove or displace forcefully.

e.g., "Engine trouble?" asked the large mechanic. "Let's just yard that sucker right out of the car and have a looksee."

submitted by Seam

yard apes - Rowdy, obnoxiuos neighborhood children who run around randomly, scream and shout, break things, and generally disturb the peace, without admonition from and with the apparent blessing of their parents.

e.g., The yard apes were in rare form yesterday; they urinated in the tulips, played soccer with the gazing ball, and set fire to the cat.

submitted by J Earl

yard fever - Obsession to make, or grow, a screen to hide one’s sins, actions, or self from observation by others.

e.g., She had committed so many sins that she got yard fever and grew a screen that ended up offending most of her neighbors, thereby calling more attention to the very actions she wanted to hide.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

yard garbage - The tacky stuff that people use to "decorate" their yards: wooden sheep covered in wool, windmills made from soda bottles, plastic animals, cartoon of a woman bending over gardening.

e.g., Why do people insist on landscaping their lawns with yard garbage instead of flowers and shrubbery?

submitted by Rae-Marie Wilson

yard sale - The after effects of a severe skiing crash. To be classified as a yard sale, the crash must result in loss of skis, poles, goggles, and --in severe cases--hat and gloves.

e.g., I know this Jay's first time skiing, but I've never seen anyone have a yard sale on the bunny slope.

submitted by Patrick Edwards

yardin - If you have a small garden in the front lawn, that's a yardin. Combined "yard" and "garden."

e.g., Be careful mowing the grass. Don't want you to cut anything in the yardin by mistake.

submitted by A. Huckabee

yardormore - Some that is only attractive from a yard or more away.

e.g., I thought she was hot, but she was only a yardormore.

submitted by ZeroCool

yardrat - Prison inmate. The career choice most high school dropouts make, particularly in Florida. The yardrat is characterized by a crew cut, numerous tattoos, earrings, a positive THC drug test any day of the year, 3 dollars in his pocket, a least one DUI or future DUI, low self-esteem, and a trailer or apartment he shares with other yardrats.

e.g., Did you see that truckload of yardrats drive by?

submitted by Brian McElrath

yardsale - Snow skiing term describing a wipeout.

e.g., To achieve yardsale status you must lose both poles, hat, goggles, both skis, and be in some sort of pain.

submitted by don

yardstick bubblegum - A very dirty male or female.

e.g., Without those huge breasts, she'd definitely be recognized for the yardstick bubblegum she is.

submitted by ap - (www)

yarf - A yawn that suddenly turns into projectile vomiting. Yarfs are almost exclusively associated with infants. The element of suprise with a yarf is such that dumbfounded parents are likely to get splattered in the face and can even be completely splattered if they don't manage to get out of the way.

e.g., My son faked me out last night and yarfed into my shirt pocket.

submitted by Rod Scheck

yargin - The sound made when one sits in a newly a\upholstered leather chair.

e.g., The chair in the showroom made a loud yargin when I sat in it.

submitted by dan zimmerman

yariak - You're absolutely right; I agree completely. Use when the person you're discussing with is stuck on an answer and won't listen to anything you have to say. A dismissal of the discussion. Can also be used in situations of strong agreement.

e.g., Ed: I don't care what they say. No one has ever really landed on the moon. Ted: Yariak. | Art: I'm buying this round. Bart: Yariak.

submitted by Alex Dadant

yark - To talk and talk and talk without end. to babble. | A word of exclamation and approval best used when you see your beautiful new girlfriend in a bikini for the first time. {ED. If your wife is around, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut.}

e.g., That woman over there is just yarking on and on about opera -- it is so annoying. | Yark! You've got what it takes to keep me lookin'.

submitted by mark | Steve McDonald - (www)

yarnhead - Derogatory slang for the now relatively common tendency for goths (mostly female goths, but sometimes effeminate male goths) to wear brightly colored "falls" (fake hair) that looks like massive bundles of yarn. Combined with the overdone makeup and striped leggings or socks, this makes many of them look like clowns.

e.g., That has to be the ugliest, fattest yarnhead I've ever seen. Do you think she makes balloon animals?

submitted by George Edward Purdy - (www)

yarooh - Yarooh is the opposite of hooray. It is meant for use in depressing or dissapointing situations.

e.g., "I've had a terrible day." "Yarooh, that is sad."

submitted by Elizabeth

yarrrrrr - You, as lifted from the legendary Weebl and Bob cartoons, uttered by Chris, The Ninja Pirate.

e.g., "Did you have a good night out?" "Yarrrrr."

submitted by Xnoybis

yaskme - If you ask me.

e.g., Yaskme, the cult of multiculturism stinks to high heaven. If immigrants don't learn English, how are they going to fully assimilate and become part of the Great American Melting Pot?

submitted by HD Fowler

yat - Yet Another Tome. What I say some of my e-mails become when I get longwinded -- which is often.

e.g., I made a stab at it, then moved on to this e-mail as the easier to reply to -- and it's becoming yet another tome (YAT).

submitted by HD Fowler

yatch - To screw over someone. Named after a former investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers who would only receive work assignments after 6pm. As a noun, a person of a lower class.

e.g., I'm going to yatch my analyst before I leave the office. I got yatched last night by my boss and had to stay late. That guy is my yatch.

submitted by gsb-hitter

yav - "Acronym for Yuppie Assault Vehcile. Used as a derrogatory reference to, or to show extreme dislike towards, an SUV. "

e.g., I can't see the traffic light because there's a huge YAV in my way!

submitted by Adam Pearson

yawfi - Yet Another Word For Idiot.

e.g., Sammi was behaving like a right ... what? I need YAWFI to keep from being repetitious.

submitted by PashionConscious

yawn - Saying the word "yawn" in place of yawning. Used to signify your level of boredness with a situation.

e.g., 1: And now I'll show you my collection of woolen jumpers." 2: "Oh, c'mon! Yawn!"

submitted by James

yawn of sleeplessness - The deep yawns which often come repeatedly when you're lying in bed and, your body is trying to go to sleep but your mind is having none of that. These ordinarily subside once you get back out of bed.

e.g., I just kept still and endured the yawns of sleeplessness for about an hour 'til my brain wound down and, finally, I drifted off.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yawn-arrhea - The cascade effect caused by one person yawning in a crowd, thereby forcing everyone around to yawn in succession.

e.g., Although she knew she shouldn't have, Cheryl yawned during the board meeting, and within 10 minutes yawn-arrhea had set in and everyone had yawned at least once.

submitted by Christo914

yawnable - Not that exciting at all.

e.g., So Bill, . . . that story was rather yawnable, . . . how 'bout sparing me next time?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

yawndezvous - A tryst that does not meet expectations.

e.g., After the second yawndezvous with Joe, Nicole decided not to continue the relationship.

submitted by Nonesuch

yawnerific - Of something that makes you yawn. Yawnworthy, yawntastic

e.g., That long drive was so yawnerific. | Egwe had to stay up all night last night and now I'm feeling yawnerific.

submitted by Anna

yawnorama - Filming process blamed for yielding an extremely boring motion picture.

e.g., Tonight's creature feature, Snails and Adventure was filmed in glorious Yawn-o-rama.

submitted by Robert

yawnto - Used when suggesting that you should go and do something.

e.g., Yawnto go on down to the store and grab some grub?

submitted by Joby - (www)

yawp - A battle cry. Used often by certain members of a boarding school in Australia. From Dead Poets Society.

e.g., Eddie: I challenge you to a match. Freddie: Yawp!

submitted by Becky Farrah

yawtonic bomb - Yawn which wipes out anyone within hearing distance, has tendency to leave residual effects, such as prolonged yawning for those in hearing range, as well as secondary yawns by those not in hearing radius of original yawn.

e.g., The party was going great, but then Bill dropped a yawtonic bomb and everyone got tired and went home.

submitted by Charlie

yaya - Used while chatting online to mean yes.

e.g., I was chatting online last night and she asked me if I wanted to go to the movies tomorrow and I responded, "Yaya, I would love to."

submitted by Heather

yayable - An adjective that is used for something that brings joy, happiness, etc.

e.g., When I showed the picture to Ellie and she liked it, I became yayable.

submitted by Marzipan - (www)

yayment - Praising or rejoicing, usually, although not always, involving the word "yay."

e.g., Fred did very well in his exams. Much yayment ensued.

submitted by aideen mc cole - (www)

yayth - A thing imbued with super-awesomeness can also be said to have been "taken to the yayth degree."

e.g., "Well, happy children, to what degree has this pseudodictionary entry taken us? Hm?" "Why, to the yayth degree, Uncle Sandy!"

submitted by Sandy - (www)

Übercrombie - A brand of clothing worn by popular but incredibly stupid faeries. Can also be applied to equally stupid humans.

e.g., Übercrombie makes lots of money.

submitted by The ghost of Jam Master Jay

übersmüth - Something very smooth in a German kinda way.

e.g., Your leiderhosen complement your übersmüth Heineken.

submitted by jett - (www)

yduady - (ee-doo-WA-dee or eed-WA-dee, pejorative comb. of interjection and tag question.) 1. "Nobody's following me, huh?" "You don't get it, do you?" 2. "How can you be so stupid?!" 3. "Himalayan yak dung has a better grasp of this than you have." (Acronym of the phrase 'You Don't Understand Anything, Do You?')

e.g., "Now, what does it say at the top of the screen?" "It doesn't say anything, just 'file,' 'edit,' 'view,' 'hist--'" "No, above that." "There IS nothing above that, just a little logo and . . . oh, the file name. I guess I just didn't get what you meant by the 'top of the screen.'" "Yduady." "What?" "Nothing, glad I could help."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ye gods - Used when you want to call upon multiple deities to express your shock and displeasure at someone's blatant stupidity. Is used regardless of one's personal religious beliefs.

e.g., Ye gods, what was she thinking?

submitted by keyla

yea'no - short for "Yeah I Know"

e.g., Bob:Did you know that your computer is broken? Jack: Yea'no

submitted by Bubba

yeah, no - No. Useful for delivering unpleasant news.

e.g., "Have you finished that report?" "Yeah, no. I haven't."

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

yeah-no - Used when you want to give someone a split second of hope then dash them upon the rocks. The yeah should be said quickly.

e.g., John: "Will you go to the dance with me, Sally"? Sally: "Yeah-no."

submitted by David Craig

yeahnah - Said when either "Yes" or "No" is the appropriate answer. It is up to the listener to determine the meaning from context.

e.g., "Gee, that's bad news." "Yeahnah, its not that bad." OR "Gee, that's bad news." "Yeahnah, it really freaks me out."

submitted by Jason de Nys

yeahness - Anything you look at and say "yeah." Used dismissively, usually of people.

e.g., Then I was stuck on the train with this complete yeahness.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

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