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vernox - (Rhymes with FUR-knocks; n.) The vernal equinox, falling on or around March 21 ±1 day. [From VERN-al + equin-OX.]

e.g., In North America, the Vernox is considered the beginning of spring.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

verplanked - Astonished by the utter stupidity or ridiculousness of someone's behavior or words.

e.g., He was picking his nose with a spoon. We were simply verplanked.

submitted by sandi

vers - (Pronounced the same as "verse"; n.) 1. a situation in which video game players compete against one another rather than with digital characters; 2. any competition, usually involving only two competitors; (v.) 3. to challenge another to single combat, usually limited to virtual contests on a digital game system; 4. to participate in a one-on-one computer game; and by extension, 5. to compete against another in any one-on-one competition. (Participles: "versing" and "versed"; the adjective is "versus.") [a back formation from "versus" (as though it were "verses") that I learned from my 11-year-old daughter, who challenged me to a dogfight on the Nintendo Wii "Sorts Resort" suite of games.]

e.g., EVELYN: "Hey, Dad, do you want to vers the airplane game?" ME: "Do I want to what?" EVELYN: "'Vers': you know, where you go against each other and try to win?" ME: "Vers?" EVELYN: "Yeah, vers." ME: "Sure!, where's the other controller?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

verschimmelt - All screwed up (discombobulated). In German, it actually means "overslept." Pronounced "fershimmeled."

e.g., Verschimmelt is an old '40s radio expression: "Oi, Luigi, are you verschimmelt."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

verschnergen - A thingummy-bob, a whatsit, a little thingy. Verschnurgen.

e.g., When you roll over a menu item, a verschnurgen pops out, so ya know where ya are.

submitted by susan

verse vica - Like vice versa, only the other way around. (See visa versa, too.)

e.g., Should we eat first and then shop, or verse vica?

submitted by existential buzz

versimilipede - An insect that appears to be reading poetry.

e.g., Victor the versimilipede was too busy reading Byron to notice the Ford Anglia's approach.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

version - Used for a person who frequently distorts the truth and reality in order to sound cool. It's almost as though he makes his own "version" of events.

e.g., J. Chris reckons he downed a bottle of vodka last night. R. Yeah, he's a version, isn't he.

submitted by grilla

versioned - Refers to a task that one was doing to her satisfaction on the computer. After a software upgrade, she can no longer perform the task to her satisfaction. She has been "versioned,"

e.g., I was printing my widget reports just fine until I got versioned. Now my noun has become a verb.

submitted by John Patz

versus - Something that must be carefully protected by young people.

e.g., The best example is in Robert Louis Stephenson's own writings, "A Child's Guarding a Versus."

submitted by S., Berliner, III - (www)

vertexulate - the rate at which an androgenous person visually changes from appearing feminine to masculine in a continous cycle

e.g., "my friend vertexulates at such a high rate in a bar, people of both sexes will buy her drinks."

submitted by Travis

vertical spoonage - Spooning standing up.

e.g., It surprised me to see them in the corner doing some vertical spoonage.

submitted by Laura Helmhout

vertically challenged - a short person

e.g., She's so vertically challenged she uses a step-stool to get in and out of her car.

submitted by Patti

vertigoed - In early 2002, a thrill ride at Cedar Point collapsed under its own weight, necessitating the removal of the remainder of the attraction. Thus, "to vertigo" is to attempt greatness, but fail in a memorable manner.

e.g., Bill completely vertigoed his chances with that interview.

submitted by Sean O

vesatoskular - To excel in the position of goaltending in ice hockey.

e.g., I feel I played pretty vesatoskularly last Saturday.

submitted by ryan lundy - (www)

vessage - Voice-mail message.

e.g., If I don't answer the phone, please leave me a vessage.

submitted by Dawn Rinchiuso

vestijingle - Ad advertising jingle or slogan remembered and audibly hummed or sung from many years in the past, usually from companies or advertisers long since disappeared.

e.g., Doesn't anyone remember the Gillette razorblade "Look sharp!" vestijingle from the '50s baseball games?

submitted by Joel Parker

vestiphobia - Choked on a pineapple lately? Been attacked by a severed head? The result may be vesitphobia: a fear of clothing or of being clothed. (Also, vestiophobia.) The above notions and the first example come from Uncyclopedia.

e.g., “We don’t actually ‘treat’ Vestiphobia. Nor do we ‘care.’ You’re the one with the problem, not us. We’re simply walking you through the door with at least a pair of thongs and information about your fear of clothing. There’s a process to fixing your Crabs — I mean … your pigeon flu — I mean … vestiphobia. When we push you down a flight of stairs, you’ll learn there are worse things in the world than clothing. And that you wouldn’t be in the hospital right now if you at least wore some clothes. Break the motorcycle of negative thinking. “Even famous people have suffered from Vestiphobia. Famous people like your mum, greased up deaf guy, and that crazy hobo down the street have been through the same thing. They have words of encouragement, such as ‘It’s fabric! It won’t kill you’ and other inspirational words like ‘Put some clothes on you freak!’”

submitted by Vestiphobe - (www)

vesume - A video resume.

e.g., I filmed my vesume today.

submitted by Mike Nale - (www)

vesumptuous - Bad, not good, horrible.

e.g., A vesumptuous senior picture if I ever saw one. You look as if you have fangs. {ED. Sharon only said the second sentence to me.}

submitted by Michelle John

vesuvioid - A blemish with high eruption probability which develops in a location of high visibility at a most inopportune time.

e.g., He always notices a vesuvioid developing a couple of days before I have some important meeting or oral boards.

submitted by bparodi

veter - When you get better, then worse, then better, then worse, then better, and so on.

e.g., I hate going through veter.

submitted by Jill

veteranaryan - A person who served in the German military during World War II and was also a doctor for animals.

e.g., Fritz Tornow was a Sergeant in the German Army, who served as personal physician to Adolf Hitler's and Eva Braun's dogs. After the war, he became known as a veteranaryan.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

vexeleration - Excessive gunning of a car engine by a motorist who has just gotten out from behind a slow or otherwise annoying driver, chiefly as a message to the offending slowpoke.

e.g., Mabel cheerfully went about her errands in her 1965 Rambler. She was oblivious to the tuned-up Hondas roaring by, vexelerators pressed to the floor.

submitted by adam thorsell

vexilate - To litigate vexatiously. Vexilant = a vexatious litigant.

e.g., Anyone vexilating to excess can be added to the official register of vexilants and debarred from suing in the county court for life.

submitted by Colin Taffel - (www)

vexilladury - (vex-il-LAD-oo-ree or vex-SIL-uh-doo-ree; n.) Flag burning, especially when such burning is performed as a protest---generally a fairly pointless gesture that means little more than "I hate your country/nation/state/company/association/whatever," which most observers will very likely already know. If you want to protest something specific, you really need a sign or something. [From the Latin "vexill-" < vexillum 'flag' + Latin -adury" (from Latin "singe," "cauterize")]

e.g., I have no problem with vexilladury, so long as the vexilladurists accept my burning them in effigy for it.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

vexillopathy - (pronounced vek-sil-AH-puh-thee, n.) 1. Poor flag design, especially the creation of a flag made of a state seal (full of various heraldic devices) on a simple blue field (seems like it's always blue for some reason) leaving citizens with a flag too busy to understand and too similar to everyone else's to distinguish. 2. a. a devotion to one's nation's symbols at the expense of her inhabitants (aka vexillomania); b. a compulsive need to purchase or display those little flags on plastic sticks. 3. the belief that burning a flag (vexilladury vek-sil-A-doo-ree) actually means anything more specific than "I hate your country/nation/state/company/association/whatever" (it's a very dramatic gesture, but it's kind of useless for anything but flipping off everyone association with the flag being burned ... if you want to protest something specific, you really need a sign or something). (From the Latin vexillum 'flag' + Greek pathos 'disease,' 'suffering'). Someone afflicted with this condition is a vexillopath.

e.g., "Fifty states in the US, and half of them have vexillopathic flags. Don't they have any pride?" "Maybe the states have all surrendered to Washington, DC? | "Wow, this guy's patriotic: look at all the flags." "Vexillopathy means nothing; does he care about the people or the place?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

vexit - To leave angrily.

e.g., 1. My girlfriend Roxie vexited when she caught me talking to a blonde. 2. My girlfriend, Roxie, vexited when she caught me talking to a blonde.

submitted by Roland

vexsome - someone superficially appealing but ultimately a major problem for anyone who gets to know the person, i.e. initially winsome but ultimately vexatious

e.g., Many powerful people you meet in a new job turn out to be vexsome

submitted by Clifford

vhialthe - Vee-all-the. Spotspeak. The greatest possible typo for chocolate.

e.g., Spot likes vhialthe in great quantities.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

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