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stadistic - To laugh insanely and uncontrollably.

e.g., Louise was stadistic when Clea fell off the chair.

submitted by bec and leisa

stados - Everything is great; couldn't be better; feel great; compliment on a job well done.

e.g., Stados on your last deal, Clancy. | The Lakers are stados tonight.

submitted by Chuck from Mike

stage goggles - Noun. A condition mainly found during concerts, in which the spectator finds an otherwise attractive performer--usually the lead singer of a band--attractive only because that person holds it down on stage. In real life, the spectactor wouldn't look twice at said lead singer (or bass player) if she tripped over him on the sidewalk.

e.g., I thought the lead singer of The Music was attractive, but it turned out I just had my stage goggles strapped on too tight.

submitted by tamar

staggit - A person who defies description with mere words. To understand what a staggit is, study the psyche and behavior of the ficticious character Joe Dirt -- played by David Spade in the movie of same name.

e.g., Hey, staggit, are you done with my NASCAR video yet? | Hey, staggit, you should have gone with us to the WWF show. This stuff is for real -- they say it isn't, but it is.

submitted by Thomas C. Hayes - (www)

staghornalite - An as yet unidentified mineral from the horny tissue of certain members of the deer family.

e.g., Staghornalite traces have been found in the pigments of cave paintings of prehistoric deer, by early man.

submitted by bill bower

stailure - Of food has failed to stay fresh.

e.g., "The cake's no good. it's stale." "Yeah, epic stailure." jake: EPIC STAILURE

submitted by zachary duffany

stain - A person who, through the way they attempt to present themselves, wants to be readily recognisable as a faction of a popular group of society.

e.g., "Check out those stains with thier fubu clothing loitering at the foodcourt."

submitted by A.Price

stain magnet - Someone who is so prone to messing up her clothes that she can get dirty without even touching anything.

e.g., My brother-in-law is a stain magnet. He managed to get food on his shoulder while eating.

submitted by Lee

stairwell vertigo - That feeling of loss of balance you get from looking down a stairwell (especially firestairs) in a large buliding.

e.g., Coming back from the meeting I had the worst case of stairwell vertigo.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

stake and bake - Attached to a stake and burned alive. A dramatic but certainly painful way to go, a cruel means of punishment and execution.

e.g., It is said that the famous Jean d'Arc (Joan of Arc) was the victim of stake and bake. This form of punishment has fortunately gone by the wayside and is not used anymore. The electric chair is more modern and humane? Steak and bake sounds tasty, but does anyone bake steak anywhere? {ED. Yes.}

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

stakeholder - Job description for a vampire hunter's|slayer's assistant.

e.g., Vacant Position: Stakeholder wanted, usual terms and regulations apply. Send application to professor van Helsing.

submitted by Robin Nilsson

stale mate - A spouse to whom you've been married too long.

e.g., I dunno, but doesn't the seven year itch have something to do with a stale mate?

submitted by HD Fowler

stalebo - Pronounced "staleebo." A car with only one headlight working. If the pop-up type, it looks like it is winking at other drivers.

e.g., I went to get my car headlight repaired, as I didn't want others to see my car was a stalebo when I drove home.

submitted by Karen

stalkable - "adj. worthy of stalking. cute, appealing. "

e.g., "The guy sitting next to her in class is absolutely stalkable."

submitted by Lynn - (www)

stalkerified - Like a stalker, in a very obvious way..

e.g., John-Bob: So, where do you live? Mary: Well, what a stalkerified question.

submitted by Jen - (www)

stalliloquy - The act of speaking to oneself while utilizing a public restroom.

e.g., At first I thought she was just on her cell phone, but it quickly became apparent she was engaging in a stalliloquy.

submitted by Michelle Smith - (www)

stalp - A group of letters appearing to be a word. To stalp: try to claim a group of letters is really a word.

e.g., "Stalp" really is a word; I saw it in an on-line dictionary.

submitted by Jim - (www)

stamble - Colliding in a serial fashion with small or immovable objects while walking, usually accompanied by curses and rising levels of frustration. (Cross between "stub" and "amble.")

e.g., Alex hopped by holding his foot as if in agony on his way to the bathroom and knocked his good foot into a hot iron, screaming "Oh! @#$%*@!" and slammed the bathroom door closed. Jake said, yawning: "Why don't he just stop stamblin' around the place?"

submitted by Ike

stampled - Stamped and trampled. When one is walked on by someone who makes no attempt to avoid doing so.

e.g., I fell in the mosh pit, and got stampled by some guy in an Adikts tee.

submitted by DoctorDee - (www)

stampled - To be crushed by a single animal with many legs.

e.g., Oh, my God, I just got stampled by that huge milipede.

submitted by Scott

stand on - Believe on (in).

e.g., No matter what he said, I stand on you.

submitted by Joyce D

standac - Plural standacs or standax is a shortening of "standard accusation." This means the habitual accusations and slurs a person or political group throws at opponents.

e.g., When the candidate explained his opposition to the opposing party's platform, the latter slung their usual standacs of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

submitted by David C. Morrow - (www)

standard issue - Regulation item, the norm.

e.g., Randy: What are you getting at the bottle shop? Andy: Just standard issue, a carton of draught.

submitted by Shark

stankadellic - Something that smells really bad.

e.g., That limburger cheese is stankadellic.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

stankonia - State of supreme sleaziness; disgusting; revolting,

e.g., They keep playing that new Linkin Park song at work. It's complete stankonia.

submitted by acidspork

stankonious - Exceptionally foul-smelling.

e.g., Cagney left her catbox stankonious this morning. She didn't cover up, so she must be sick.

submitted by Name Withheld

stanky - someone or something that smells really bad

e.g., that cabbie was total stanky bro!

submitted by ChemicalB - (www)

stanky tang laundry mat gang - The local town square girls that stand by the corner or in a laundromat or other store located on the square trying not to get caught by the police.

e.g., Dont hang out with her. She's part of the stanky tang laundry mat gang.

submitted by HarleyFT.Josh

staple - Close friend.

e.g., That's my staple.

submitted by Smoke M2D6

star-fish - To be in almost sleep state with arms and legs spread during intercourse.

e.g., He was such a nice guy, but a total "star-fish" in bed.

submitted by Aphinity

star651's sound collection - This is where the editor should put a browse button (one whose input type is "file"). It will collect sound clips of people using words in a sentence, preferably mp3 and wav files. The only Pseudodictionary words they can say are ones submitted by star651. It is my goal to get the words said in audio, so this big long passage has to be replaced with a browse button and a submit button, with a shorter description made by the editor. The editor will be able to review the sound clip (and it should allow people to add a description of the sound). Links to the various sound clips posted will be right below the submit button. I will check below the submit button to see how many people found my idea and submitted audio files of people saying words I invented.

e.g., I think that star651's sound collection is going to be fun.

submitted by star651

starboard - Cardboard waste comprising 90% or more Starbucks™ coffee cups

e.g., The garbage can outside of the local Starbucks™ was overflowing with Starboard.

submitted by Stephen Wonfuji

starbucked - An exhaustive, exaggerated, and overly bureaucratic method of developing a simple solution or process.

e.g., Instead of taking two weeks, this project got Starbucked into three months.

submitted by jaisun

starbuckian - One who cannot miss a day with out going to Starbucks.

e.g., Oh, no, we're about to be trampled by Starbuckians.

submitted by Karen Lynn

starbucking - going to Starbucks--also starbuckification, starbuckified.

e.g., Bridget, shall we go starbucking on Thursday?

submitted by Amy k

starbuckitus - The need of a person to drink Starbucks coffee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

e.g., John I think you have starbuckitus.

submitted by Michael

starbucksian - An adjective which describes an item or store related to the popularization of a once grass-roots theme.

e.g., When the flashy new starbucksian restaurant put the diner out of business, the neighborhood was finally considered upscale.

submitted by Marc

starbucksism - An addiction to Starbucks, not an addiction to caffeine or coffee.

e.g., I spent another three hours there yesterday. My starbucksism is getting worse.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

starbucky and starbecky - The male and female customers who frequent coffee houses/cafes, requisite beverages by their sides, absorbed by the portable computers on their laps/ tables, oblivious to the humans around them.

e.g., We had trouble getting a place to sit and talk when we went to Uncommon Grounds because the place was packed with starbuckys and starbeckys.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

starbum - The caffiene addict who hangs out at the Starbucks at the mall simply because this person has nothing better to do and Mom and Dad's allowance needs to be spent somewhere. Usually they are way too young, and spend at least two hours a day ordering pseudocoffee-venti-organic-soy-double-dry-iced frappelattechinochai and then slowly sipping while practicing looking as listless, bored, and indifferent as possible.

e.g., The starbums are creeping me out. Can't we just head over to the local joint?

submitted by Desiree

starbursting - Turning on one's hazard lights in a handicapped space (or other restricted zone) in the erroneous belief that it makes one immune to a parking ticket.

e.g., That cop gave me a ticket for being double-parked in a handicapped zone even though I was starbursting!

submitted by Stephen Mize

starchey - A fellow that is small in size, but one you would want on yer side if ever a fight broke out.

e.g., I wouldn't wanna mess with that starchey sumbitch if I were you.

submitted by King Of Vulgaria

starecase - A very attractive member of the opposite sex.

e.g., Mike, did you see that girl? She was a genuine starecase.

submitted by JesusBuiltMyHotrod

stargating - Used to describe a person who has stopped paying attention and who is in his own world somewhere else in the cosmos. Playfully derogatory.

e.g., I was trying to tell him what happened, but he was stargating.

submitted by elvisMonkey

starile - The condition where celebrities cannot spawn children.

e.g., She could make a movie but she have childen--she was starile.

submitted by Simon

staritoriality - (pronounced like "territoriality," with an /s/ before it; n.) The area over which a cat believes herself to rule, haughtily opening her eyes and flicking her ears toward interlopers (especially other animals) and then, after a few moments (during which, I imagine, the interloper is supposed to tremble in fear, lest her royal felinity command her retainers (that's us) to put them to death or feed them to something bloodthirsty)---after a few moments, her miaojesty slowly closes her Eyes (I always capitalize the Eyes of a cat for some reason) and regally turns away, allowing the intruder to remain ... or flies at it in a hissing and spitting, claws unsheathed, to drive it from her domain. [Coined by my daughter in reference to her cat, Piper.]

e.g., "I thought you were getting more ice cream." "I was, but your cat's sitting on top of the freezer doing that staritoriality thing they do." "So?" "Well, staritoriality creeps me out. It was, like, 'Open this freezer, human, and I'll scalp you.' So I just left."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

starjack - To take another person's coffee from the counter at Starbuck's.

e.g., Gerald was somewhat ticked when he noted that his venti non-fat dry 185 degree Panama latte had been starjacked while he was eyeing the new Barrista.

submitted by Stephen

starking - Following someone through a parking garage or lot in hopes of getting her spot.

e.g., When I noticed the group looking around I decided to stark them in hopes of snagging their parking spot.

submitted by Tim

startbucks - A small team of entrepreneurs, three to five people, working on the next great business from geographically-disparate coffee houses, collaborating via wireless internet access.

e.g., During the day, this coffee shop is filled with startbucks. They're quiet -- but they take all the bandwidth.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

starverminoid - (starv-vermin-noid) Any substance that terminates pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, and the like by making it impossible to process and digest foodstuffs, resulting in rapid dependable starvation.

e.g., The most natural means of getting rid of the vermin in your house is by means of a modern starverminoid -- it satisfies.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

starwarsian - Aomeone extremely addicted to the everything and anything related to the Star Wars saga. Does NOT apply to the creator of this word.

e.g., That starwarsian over there watched the entire Star Wars saga 100 times, in a row.

submitted by Anthony Binkowski

stashin' skittles - Used to describe nipples getting hard.

e.g., Damn, it's cold in here. I'm definitely stashing skittles.

submitted by Rachel - (www)

stashin' wagon - A vehicle used for stashing things in. Intended words: station wagon

e.g., I filled up the back end of my stashin' wagon.

submitted by Vickie Fanberg

statenize - To make a state.

e.g., Alaska was statenized in 1959.

submitted by lucas

staticuted - To be electrified by static.

e.g., I was staticuted when I touched the car door.

submitted by katrina

statrick - Television static that seems to attract people's attentions.

e.g., That statrick seems to brainwash me.

submitted by Fox Woodlander

statriotism - (Rhymes with "patriotism"; n.) A political belief that holds (1.) that the United States of America is an association of separate_States_rather than a single political entity cut up into various administrative provinces by the central government, and that each such state has willingly surrendered various powers---and those powers alone---to the federal government for the good of all; (2.) that the federal legislature's (congress's) gradual erosion of these powers (especially through the Commerce Clause (?!) of the US Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 (I think))), has led to runaway spending, confrontational politics focused on party agenda rather than resolution of issues, and, finally, the evanescence of individual responsibility in a miasma of ignorance and anomie; and (3.) that the solution may be to refocus our politics locally, without (of course) losing whatever comprehension each of us may retain of (a) how the federal government is supposed to work (I suggest reading the Constitution (it's really not all that long (more's the pity))), as well as (b) our civic responsibilities federally. [A very obvious combination of "state" and "patriotism."] [Oh, and this word has no connection (well, it isn't supposed to, anyway) to statism (which is very nearly the opposite of statriotism).]

e.g., If it accomplishes nothing else, the rise of statriotism might at least rekindle sufficient state pride to design some brighter and more creative flags (please see "vexilopathy"). I also hope that statriotism may encourage Americans to take greater part in their own local (city and county) government. Perhaps we might also see an increase in state join-the-union holidays (I, myself, was born in Seattle (Washington state's admission date is November 11th); but I lived my formative years in Virginia (June 25th), Maryland (April 28th), and, most of all, in Pennsylvania (December 12). I mean, come on: over half the state flags in the country are just blue rectangles with the State Seal (like a full-blown achievement of arms, with shields, supporters, scrollwork, scrambled egg, state mottoes, various other heraldic devices, the whole nine yards). Imagine a US flag consisting, not of stars and stripes, but a big blue rectangle with the Great Seal of the United States in the middle ... It doesn't bear thinking on. Think about this too: many of the state flags include the state's name. Why? A flag is supposed to cry out its state's identity without the watcher needing to be within reading range. Okay. I'll shut up.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

statsurfing - The process of clicking links you find in your referrer logs.

e.g., I found a brilliant weblog in my referrer logs, because they wrote a post about me and someone clicked it.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

stavish - Awesome. very good. favorable

e.g., This song is stavish.

submitted by kristin kahler

stawn - A smell of erotic pleasure.

e.g., John made the girls crazy with his scent of stawn.

submitted by Thomas

staycation - Stay-at-home vacation. It's been around since 2005 or earlier, but is used more these days as the economy weakens and the price of gas goes up.

e.g., Our staycation has nothing at all to do with the price of gas.

submitted by HD Fowler

stayes - Sleeves for your legs.

e.g., When I ride my bike in the winter I wear my long sleeved jersey and wear stayes over my bike shorts.

submitted by Pope - (www)

stayip - Stop it. Usually pronouced "staah-yip."

e.g., I told the boys to stayip, but they didn't listen.

submitted by Mandi - (www)

stays - (n. pl.) fir and pine needles, which do not "leave" in the autumn (includes holly leaves, which also stay, and sometimes ordinary leaves during the summer when they're not going anywhere). (Coined by a little boy of my acquaintance.) (not to be confused with "stays" meaning corsets.)

e.g., "Oak trees have leaves, but holly has stays." | "Our Christmas tree dried up, and all the stays fell off."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

std trading post - Used to describe a place or person known for spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

e.g., I got drunk and went to the STD trading post last night. Whores galore.

submitted by George Edward Purdy

steak in the pocket - To experience good fortune or good luck when it was unexpected.

e.g., Nice, my roommate bought the beer this time. Steak in the pocket.

submitted by Derek

steak out - What you have at a restaurant when you're hungry for a nice piece of beef.

e.g., Two police officers were told to have a steak out and went to Longhorn for filet mignon.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

steak-eatah - An oversized American luxury sedan; also applies to the driver of such a vehicle.

e.g., I was drivin' down the Pike when this big ol' steak-eatah cuts me off and starts up the brake light revue.

submitted by Turfdigger

steakhead - person of redneck mannerisms and questionable intelligence (derivation of "meathead" ).

e.g., He dyed his mullet black before the hockey game? What a steakhead!

submitted by andi

steakmail - Spam's younger and better-looking counterpart. The one Spam resends . . . oops, I mean resents. Actual e-mail that I want. The reason I even have an e-mail address for in the first place. [very rare]

e.g., I so full on the hefty serving of SteakMail I received today.

submitted by Robert - (www)

stealthcasm - A barb or sharp remark delivered so smoothly that the recipient is unaware of the insult until the speaker is well out of range--if ever. These statements frequently have treacherous double meanings. Also, the method used for such deliveries. Also stealthbarb.

e.g., "I always appreciate useful comments from my employees," Mr. Burns said stealthcastically. "Rest assured I will give it all the attention it warrants."

submitted by Shaduan

steam queen - A man who hangs around the lockerroom of a gym with the obvious intention of soliciting other men there for a sexual encounter.

e.g., Did you notice the guy hanging out in the sauna? Do you think he's a steam queen?

submitted by Easter Bradford - (www)

steamer - Great, excellent.

e.g., Class is cancelled today? Steamer!

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

steamin - For the appearance of one who has consumed enough alcohol to projectile vomit for a week.

e.g., Min, that guy is steamin! Hud im up or he'll fa doon in the gutter!

submitted by lou

steaming wassock - Idiot.

e.g., Eee, ya great steaming wassock.

submitted by david

steamroll - A reaction that immediately reaches the source of an emotional problem, the result being intense concentration on that problem.

e.g., When she said that to me, I was steamrolled.

submitted by Eric Vigo

steck mobile - Another word for hippy van.

e.g., "We can go in my steck mobile" or "hey, check out the steck mobile."

submitted by Kiss My Tiara

steckitation - When a person tells really lame jokes, but they are actually funny to the person who tells them.

e.g., "How are you?" "Not three bad." "Sheesh, your steckitation can be terribly lame at times."

submitted by flame of kain

stedsa - Instead of.

e.g., I want the Mustang stedsa the Corvette.

submitted by Matt Cowart

steel - Term used to describe an icy cold glance or look from or at someone in either a menacing or inquisitive manner.

e.g., 1. I am receiving some serious steel from that chick across the bar. 2. I know I just slept with that guy's sister, but why is he giving me such steel??

submitted by Kosherbeef

steen - Lots, many loads of.

e.g., We got steen bananas.

submitted by Gary LeDrew - (www)

steepee - An exceptionally tall and narrow Native American tent.

e.g., He built his steepee so tall that he couldn't reach the apex to tie it off, and it fell; thus, he was unable to keep his wigwam.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

steeplechased - To run someone out of a relationship by pressuring him to get married.

e.g., After Maria started talking about wedding dresses, I was completely steeplechased.

submitted by jazzbo

steer to the deer - Slang for hitting a deer while driving. It's used in a situation when you're very tired and about to leave in your car.

e.g., I'm so tired, I'm bound to steer to the deer tonight.

submitted by Misako Kairo

steez - style or way of being

e.g., "You know my steez, I'm always in jail."

submitted by Niarcky Buolstey - (www)

steez - Originally it means to stall on a rail and sneeze at the same time. (For those who don't know, a stall is a move on a skateboard.) | It can also be used to describe how someone looks when she skates. | And last it basically describes how you feel. | And last again: a person so awkward that she's bound to wear "skinny" jeans every day of her life.

e.g., The way he skates is steezy. | You know he's steezin' -- just look at his pants.

submitted by asa

stega - Lincolnshire, UK, slang for someone with low standards, one who would pick a penny up off the ground.

e.g., You stega, you picked that penny up off the ground.

submitted by Adam Leslie

stemwinder - Stem-winder. A post to a forum or a "speech or sermon so long, interminable and boring that it feels as though one needs to wind one's watch before it ends." A meaning nearly opposite its usual meaning of a rousing political speech.

e.g., I'm known for my stemwinders both here at the PseudoDictionary and on Punch/CounterPunch at

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

step - To challenge someone.

e.g., He had beef and decided to step.

submitted by Zak

step quick - To walk briskly, to walk quickly.

e.g., We better step quick or well miss the train.

submitted by James - (www)

step-husband or -wife - A virtual definition imposed on people who're seen together so often that people assume they're in a relationship together. Esp. for roommates of the opposite sex. Origin: The term is spawned by the broken family phenomenon in which one cannot be sure if a child-parent pair are in fact biologically related. Therefore the term "step-" is imposed as a prefix to the assumed relationship.

e.g., Either my step-husband or I will be home all day to let the cable guy in. They never give you a narrow enough window to let you do anything else the whole day. Arrogant bastards.

submitted by Chirstyn - (www)

step-husband or -wife - Your ex-wife's new husband, or your ex-husband's new wife.

e.g., My step-husband is a legal immigrant from Australia. | My step-wife is evil.

submitted by Joe Bourgeois

stepalator - Escalator.

e.g., My daughter demanded that we ride the stepalator up and down several more times.

submitted by Stephen VanHaverbeke

stepford - The Macmillan Dictionary: "completely obedient, and doing what other people want without questioning or criticising."

e.g., "Anthea Turner was a successful Stepford celebrity -- until she began a relationship with a married businessman."
The Independent, March 2002)

submitted by HD Fowler

stephen wrightism - A deadpan joke or pun. From the trademark comedy of Stephen Wright.

e.g., "I was up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full-house, four people died."

submitted by mike sedita

stepmonster - Wicked stepmother.

e.g., James: So, who is going to the party? Roseanne: My father, brother, and my stepmonster.

submitted by Roseanne H.

stepping on your airhose - To unknowingly do yourself harm; to accidentally cut off or alienate resources.

e.g., Dingus stepped on his airhose when he asked the boss's fat wife if she was pregnant.

submitted by jayseejay

stepstud - An unmarried male acting as a stepparent.

e.g., His brother’s children have had many stepstuds.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

stereo type - Touch typing with fingers of both hands. | Someone who appreciates hearing with both ears or seeing with both eyes. Some are known for talking out of both sides of their mouths as well.

e.g., Although I no longer type as fast as I once did, I still stereo type. | He was one of those stereo types who came to town in the 1950s, played the piano with both hands and was a bi-pedaler. Our little village was never quite the same again.

submitted by HD Fowler

stereopolytopia - A blood disease in which string-like growths develop. In severe cases the strings poke through the walls of blood vessels and eventually through the skin, if the skin is pressed too hard. Another jot tollity. A word from my dream last night.

e.g., Me: So, Dr. O, what did my blood test show? Dr. O: That you've developed stereopolytopia. Take two aspirin and get some bed rest this weekend.

submitted by Preston Madison - (www)

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