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pillock - Mild insult. An idiot in the nicest possible way.

e.g., When a friend says or does something stuid, "You pillock" is a gentle rebuke.

submitted by gena - (www)

pillow scar - The condition of one's face after a long sleep on a pillow, characterized by lines of depressions caused by creases in the pillow.

e.g., Don't tell me you were in your bed reading for the last hour. Your face is covered in pillow scar

submitted by Billy Fisher

pillow thief - A who continually takes the second pillow from your side of the bed to use as a third pillow for herself. If she's not using it to prop herself up, she won't return it to your side of the bed, she'll put it on the floor on her side of the bed.

e.g., OK, where's my purple pillow, pillow thief?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pilot - General derogatory term to describe another person.

e.g., So now Chris is a friggin' pilot?

submitted by entropyXL

pilser - Teenage guy who attends punk, hardcore, etc. Thinks he is a badass in his father's car. Usually is accompanied by girls.

e.g., This show is overrun with pilsers.

submitted by Eve Lynn

pim - Any male of questionable character: a man who is sketchy, shady, or slimy. Derived from the french pronunciation of the word "pimp."

e.g., Chris is a prepostrous pim. Have you seen the way he ogles women on the subway?

submitted by Helen

pimp - Slang for a headhunter, recruiter, or account executive.

e.g., These guys will have to talk to my pimp if they want to extend my contract.

submitted by Cujo - (www)

pimp - A cigarette filled with tobacco or anything else you can smoke.

e.g., Archibald, can I bum a pimp from you? I'm out.

submitted by Fred S. - (www)

pimp - Plug, promote.

e.g., I'm just pimpin' my new CD.

submitted by Halfast - (www)

pimp - To rent property that is a "hot" or faddish commodity.

e.g., I just put in some PowerEdges at the colo my friend works at so I can pimp some webspace to bloggers.

submitted by pr0ntab - (www)

pimp ninja - A very cool person who is not just pimptified, but also has the stealthy moves of a ninja.

e.g., Nano and Jsteel are pimp ninjas. I hope they don't get kung fu on me because I am such a loser.

submitted by PimpTastique - (www)

pimp-slap - Demeaning form of punishment. Administered by a warrior to a punk or would-be bully not worthy of an actual punch.

e.g., Those guys where bothering us...until Bruce pimp-slapped the biggest one.

submitted by Rob T.

pimpasaurus - A person who works his mac like no other. He gets all the hot females and leaves none for his friends. Sometimes is disliked by other guys.

e.g., Alex is the biggest pimpasaurus ever. He's got Serena, Jessica, Libby, and everyone else at school.

submitted by alex

pimped - Getting convincingly beaten or taught a lesson, highlighting a lack of skill or knowledge. Especially in multiplayer computer games.

e.g., Tom got pimped by Adam the other night playing Quake. Doug pimped the whole class with that test last week.

submitted by AlchemistAL

pimped out - When a car has alot of curb appeal. Usually a wack body kit, lots of I.C.E. (In Car Entertainment) and a sweet inside.

e.g., That is a pimped out ride. Take a look at the six TV screens and the sound. It's all iced out and covered in chrome.

submitted by Nathaniel Belcher

pimpernickel - An illegal peddler of dark breads on the streets for five cents.

e.g., Hey babe, got six loaves from the pimpernickel for a quarter, she threw in a free one for buying five at a time.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pimping - Instant messaging more than one person at a time.

e.g., Larry takes so long to reply when we're chatting, I have to wonder if he's pimping.

submitted by Sarah

pimpistic engineering - A field of study at the Californian Universities by the beach. The core course involves the "studying" of celestial bodies roaming on the beaches.

e.g., Frank, who was very fond of women, majored in pimpistic engineering at the beach.

submitted by SeiferCross

pimpituity - The measurement of a person's ability to play the opposite sex.

e.g., His pimpituity is off the scales.

submitted by Cass

pimple on the ass of humanity - Insult used when nothing else can describe just how much of an ass someone is.

e.g., Dammit, Chris, you're a pimple on the ass of humanity. And you smell bad on top of that. Not to mention your stupid haircut. And that you're fat. Or that your clothes look awful.

submitted by darius

pimplets - Pre-acne bumps usually found on chin and forehead signalling the beginning of adolescence.

e.g., Harvey won't come to the mall because he's afraid people will laugh at the pimplets all over his forehead.

submitted by Dave TY

pimpmobile - A car, usually extremly ghetto, or a lowrider; a car that attracts women.

e.g., My Monte Carlo's gonna be a pimpmobile.

submitted by Nick

pimps - Easy, simple.

e.g., Our last math exam was pimps.

submitted by jayne k

pimpshway - An action, object, or place that is really cool.

e.g., Pimpshway car, dude.

submitted by Docta_G

pimptastic - Excellent. Good enough for the best of the best pimps.

e.g., That cashew was pimptastic.

submitted by Harley Carter

pimpy - Used for years on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio, as a synonym for insipid, sickeningly cute, or simple-minded.

e.g., Bubblegum music is pimpy. | It was really pimpy the way Michael brought those little kids onstage halfway through the show.

submitted by Doug McCutcheon

pin-drop - 1. (adv.) absolutely silently, without the slightest sound or vibration. 2. (adj.) silent; 3. edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. 4. "pin-drop perfect": exactly as required, needed, or desired.

e.g., To get through their security net, you have to walk pin-drop all the way down a hundred-foot hall. | This is weird: a pin-drop roomful of kindergartners ... what are they watching? | Now THAT was a pin-drop picture. | "Did we get the wiring right this time?" "Pin-drop perfect."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pinched - Extremely small to wear.

e.g., Your jeans are really pinched! How can you fit into those?

submitted by kim

pineapple - Australian fifty dollar note, because of its yellowness.

e.g., I'm going to the ATM to get a pineapple or two.

submitted by El $corcho

pineapple, canary - Both are Australian for a fifty dollar note.

e.g., You got a pineapple I could borrow?

submitted by Marty

pineoflage - Wearing both pineapples and camoflauge at the same time in one's apparel.

e.g., Mullet is wearing his pineoflage today!

submitted by Mary K

piney - A member of the white laboring class living in southern New Jersey USA, often used disparagingly. Derived from the "Pine Barrens" of southern New Jersey. See "redneck" for southern United States equivalent.

e.g., Did you see Joe's rusted out pickup truck? He's a Piney.

submitted by Tar Heelz - (www)

piney - Thorny, sharp, prickly.

e.g., Ouch, that hurts. The leaves on that bush are piney.

submitted by «Andy»

ping - To contact someone, usually briefly, regardless of medium. Medium-specific alternatives such as "call," "e-mail," "IM," "find," and "call your cell" are often too specific when all you mean to say is "I'll get in touch with you somehow."

e.g., I'm not sure what I'm up to tonight, but I'll ping you before I go out.

submitted by DavidJ!

ping - Used randomly throughout a conversation to annoy people.

e.g., "So, I was walking in the park one day wh--" "Ping!" "Excuse me?" "What?" "You said something." "Ping! Huh?"

submitted by Jeff

ping test - A method or finding the gay man in the room. AKA: a gaydar sweep. (Many don't know it, but Gaydar is a surname for several persons in the US.)

e.g., "Boobies jiggle" is a good ping test, but I think "Clang, clang, clang went the trolley" is more accurate.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

pingly - Of a small metallic object with a good ringing sound when struck.

e.g., Did you see those pingly little bells fall off the top shelf?

submitted by Tinkergirl

pink job - (n.) Woman's work [from the pink~blue = boy~girl color assignments] (coined by my wife, believe it or not, who is actually the main breadwinner in our family. I think it's because women who do kitchen work tend to have things organized in a particular way, a way which their men tend to mess up. At least, I tend to mess them up, and my wife has kitchen labor down to a hyperefficient science.) I assume, therefore, that there are also "blue jobs," although I'm not sure what those would be.

e.g., "Scott," says my wife, as I helpfully begin to unload the dishwasher, "leave that alone; it's a pink job."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

pink squirrel - Very feminine gay man; named for the ulta sweet frou frou drink.

e.g., In his low cut pants and belly shirt, Chris was a pink squirrel on the prowl.

submitted by nitag - (www)

pinked - V.) To push two objects together

e.g., I pinked the sofa and the wall so that the gap was closed.

submitted by Andrew

pinkerton - adj. The best something can be. After Pinkerton the weezer cd (argueably one of the best cd's ever)

e.g., Shaq is in the pinkerton of his career.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

pinktuation - Over-flowery adornment of handwriting--especially swirls, loops and smiley faces.

e.g., I bet that Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen uses excessive pinktuation on his autographs.

submitted by Hammerton - (www)

pinner - Something that is too small, weak, or poorly constructed. Can also be used to describe an unfortunate event.

e.g., The party was pinner. The sound system was this pair of pinner speakers from 1970, and they charged five dollars for these pinner little drinks.

submitted by dowhileif

pinnochitoe - When the second toe is longer than the big toe.

e.g., Did you see Ashley's feet? She has pinnochitoe goin' on. (Coined by Sasha Mackey.)

submitted by Jeana S.

pinny - Having pinworms.

e.g., John's pinny, so stay away from him.

submitted by Jesse

pino collido - The true form of evil, bottled and sold to customers at Dairy Queen.

e.g., When my pouch of pino mix was accidentally opened, bad things started happening around my house. There are only two pouches left. I have one of them. I will keep it from the hands of the foolish.

submitted by spooko - (www)

pinocchiist - Someone especially unsettled by the well-documented unreality of the modern era, and who therefore "wants to be (a) real (boy)."

e.g., Call me a Pinocchiist, but if I spend another minute at this mall I might have an ontological crisis.

submitted by David Evans

pinosaur - The oldest of trees, the Wollemi pine.

© Michael Quinion -- 29 October 2005 Newsletter Newspapers call it the "pinosaur" because it has survived from the time of the dinosaurs 250 million years ago.

e.g., I suppose if we had any of them, pinosaurs would be considered a national treasure.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pintang - A combination Pinto and Mustang.

e.g., My Pintang is faster and has a looser clutch.

submitted by Fritz vonSchlegell

pinto - A person with an affinity for setting things on fire -- individuals tend to be of low intellect and reside in mountainous regions.

e.g., Pinto just set fire to the kitchen again. He'll burn his house down next.

submitted by Dermot Connolly

pioanto - A remarkably tolerant piano. It plays the correct tune, regardless of "typos."

e.g., His pioanto playing was second only to his typing ability.

submitted by Peter

pious - Full of holes. Holy, pious.

e.g., His socks are more pious than the pope's.

submitted by Walter

pip - Pool In Pool. An inflatable pool you put inside your own pool, and you and your friends can just chill in it with all of your clothes on. It acts as a boat, but is much more comfortable. | Privately Insured Patient. Google «”Doctors pocket about $20 for each Medicaid patient they see. By contrast, an hour with a privately insured patient means payment of up to $260.”» and you’ll find an article that tells how few doctors now belong to the AMA, ~17%. The article says one of the contributing factors for the low participation rate is the AMA’s support for Obamacare and that, in general, doctors don’t feel that the AMA does a very good job of representing their and their patients’ interests.

e.g., Let's go PIPping. | Let's go sit in the PIP. || Excerpt selected for googling for its spin. The problem, as I see it, with the quotation is that doctors rarely spend an hour with a patient. Fifteen minutes is probably more like it. That would bring the hourly compensation for seeing Medicaid patients to $80. That’s still less than a third of the compensation for seeing PIPs, yes, but the disparity is probably not as bad as you’re led to believe. The article does go on in the next paragraph to mention that obliquely.

submitted by panny | HD Fowler - (www)

pipfiles - A radio game that not only tests your skills on trivia, but is open for celebrity guests to help you achieve a grand victory.

e.g., I won a box of Soap du Jour by winning Pipfiles on the Pam Stone radio show.

submitted by jack driggers

pipicular - Having the properties of a pipe.

e.g., That's quite a pipicular pipe that you have there.

submitted by Brian Lucy

pipin' cold - The reverse of pipin' hot, or very cold.

e.g., It is so hot I could use a pipin' cold soda about now.

submitted by J mag

pipots - One who acts in such a way that distinguishes himself from the rest of the crowd. In other words one can act dumb, stupid, funny, or just be unique enough that he separates himself from the crowd.

e.g., Chris was acting the big pipots last night.

submitted by Ricky - (www)

pippocerog - An insane mix between a pig, hippo, rhino, and dog.

e.g., "Isn't our neighbor is weird? He thought I was a pippocerog." "Doesn't seem at all weird to me, Rid."

submitted by Ridley

pique - A negative emotional state caused when one doesn't lique what he or she is looquing at.

e.g., Jacques became highly piqued when he saw "Freedom Fries" on the restaurant menu.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pique culiar attitude - An approach to Life by permanently pissed-off people.

e.g., You've met them -- those unsmiling individuals with chips on their shoulders so large they find it difficult yo walk through the door. There isn't one thing, situation, or other person, that they won't find irritating. Don't bother smiling or nodding as you pass by. They never respond. Just ignore the pique culiar attitude.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

pique me off, to - To be piqued off is just about the opposite of being pissed off. To stimulate one into traipsing off researching a subject because her curiosity has been piqued. The result can be hours of googlestumbling around the internet following up.

e.g., Seeing the term zombie Jesus piqued me off. I spent most of an afternoon following up on it -- and found several images depicting Jesus as a zombie. I suspect that most of the people who use the term don't celebrate Christmas.

submitted by Miss Speller

pira-liar - Short for "You Dirty Pirate Liar" taken from the Will Ferrell movie _Anchorman_.

e.g., Tom: I was able to stay awake all the way through Failure to Launch. John:No you didn't, you pira-liar.

submitted by christopher shea - (www)

pirate neutral - When you offset the act of downloading a copyrighted movie by checking with a friend to see if she has either seen it at a theatre or bought it on DVD.

e.g., Pauline had already seen "Star Wars - Episode 19" in a theatre, so Barney was pirate neutral when he downloaded it from one of the Torrent sites.

submitted by Stephen

pirate paradox - (n.) an economic hypothesis holding that crime is, ultimately, self-limiting -- just as piracy relies for its continued existence upon ongoing merchant shipping. Were piracy, for example, to increase to the point that legitimate shipping ceased (for fear of the pirates), piracy would itself disappear for lack of prey. Of course, where a population is too large for the self-limitation to kick in (that is, there are so many good people that there are always innocents to exploit), things tend to get pretty bad.

e.g., Caravan robbers made this stretch of the Silk Road so perilous that merchants chose a completely different route, and the bandits either disbanded or starved -- the pirate paradox.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pirish - When someone tries to mimic an Irish accent, but it continually drifts between Irish and Pirate. Such as "I'd like a pint, please, YAR!"

e.g., Your fake accent sounds a little Pirish to me.

submitted by Fuzzy - (www)

pirombobbed - Slightly tipsy after drinking something rather expensive.

e.g., The liquor Duke is serving is getting me pirombobbed.

submitted by Craig

pirrr - Pirrr (pron. /pur/ as in the happy-cat sound): A 3D solid object that seen from one angle looks like a perfect square, from a second angle like an isosceles triangle, and seen from top or bottom as a perfect circle. So called as its volume is exactly ð times r cubed.

e.g., A pirrr is a beautiful object. Can you draw one? Would you also be able to calculate its volume?

submitted by René Hack

pirted - Pirated.

e.g., The pirted software was called Adobe Potoshop.

submitted by Fox Woodlander

pisciocephalic - Derived form an African saying "The fish whose head gets too large swims with his tail out of the water." In human terms, the condition of an overburdening ego leaving one vulnerable to ridicule.

e.g., You shouldn't make fun of him like that. He's pisciocephalic, you know.

submitted by George Norman

piscola - Alcohol drink made out of grapes and mixed with soda. The alcohol degree varies from 33 to 50 in most cases.

e.g., Hey, bartender, one piscola please--and make it strong.

submitted by DeReP

pish - To be drunk to pour.

e.g., I was so pished, I never got home. The rain pished down on me.

submitted by redd

pish posh - A word you use to describe the rubbish and nonsense of something someone says.

e.g., Jenny told me she got $400 dollars for doing nothing. Whatever. Pish posh.

submitted by Farah

pishpuscle - Complaining and criticizing and carrying on.

e.g., I can't stand any more of your mother's pishpuscle.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pispersay - (v) When speaking and you think of two words and your mouth combines them. | When urinating and two streams of urine occurs.

e.g., Thinking "I'm going to get chow" and "I'm going to eat," your mouth says "I'm going to cheat." | "Hey, what's happening to me, Billy?" Billy, looking over, "Oh, that's just pipersay. Instead of one stream there are two. That's all. More is piperspray. Must be the first time it's happened to you." "Yeh, it is. You really mean it gets worse?" "Uh-huh"

submitted by Charles J. Stafford

pisperspray - (verb) When speaking and you have multiple thoughts in your head and your mouth combines two words into a jumble of no language. | When urinating and the urine creates three or more streams or sprays.

e.g., You are thinking about two things to say "I'm going to the dock" and "I'm going to the boat" and instead you pisperspray "I'm going to the bwalk." (Remember this is with mouth barbles, not real words. For when you combine words into an actual recognizable thing please see "pispersay.") | We've all been there and done that: pisperspray. We've seen it happen. (Remember this is three or more streams or a spray. For two streams please see "pispersay.") {ED. Did my best, since "pisperspray" wasn't actually used in these examples. Presumably, we're going to find out later what "pispersay" is. If I've botched this, please resubmit.}

submitted by Charles J. Stafford

piss - Australian slang for beer.

e.g., A packet of smokes and six cold cans of piss.

submitted by Purple Martin

piss-poor - The Free Dictionary, slang: "of a contemptibly low standard or quality; pathetic."

e.g., "They have turned a once prosperous country with a massive cash surplus into piss-poor, poverty-stricken plutocracy where the poor pay for the upkeep of the rich." We pay for privileges of parasite politicians by The Mirror (London, England)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pissadeerd - This is when a toddler is trying to tell you she can't find it. It took me about a week to figure out what she was saying. The word that she wanted to say was "disappeared."

e.g., Mom, it pissadeered! (repeated over and over again)

submitted by LP

pissage - Using the flow of your urine to write words or slogans in snow or sand.

e.g., His pissage revealed the name of his fiance,for all to see ..

submitted by Danny Kostyshin

pissappointed - A feeling somewhere between pissed-off and disappointed.

e.g., Cassie was pisappointed that her boyfriend had to work on her birthday.

submitted by Michelle Oakes

pissed - And pissed off. We hear it nowadays every once in a while on television. It means, of course, very annoyed, mad, ticked off, angry, disgusted, etc.

e.g., Who approved of the word or phrase pissed, pissed off, for acceptable use on television, not so very long ago? I'm pissed. Some people still find this to be (somewhat) offensive, if not inelegant, even uncouth. (I wouldn't use the word or expression myself in public, maybe not at all.). (And how about snot and puke? These aren't so elegant either.)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pissed as a rat - So drunk you can't even function or even speak, but can amazingly say the words, "I'm pissed as a rat."

e.g., I'm pissed as a rat.

submitted by Ryan George

pissed silly - Extremely amused or tickled, mentally.

e.g., I was pissed silly after each and every one of the comedian's punch lines.

submitted by Bridget - (www)

pissing contest - Power struggle.

e.g., Mayor Dimwiddie and Chief of Police Potter are engaged in a pissing contest over curfew.

submitted by RandyRon

pissivity - The measurement for how pissed off you are.

e.g., Chris is clear off the pissivity chart today.

submitted by J.Walker - (www)

pisstivity - A state of mind, being cranky or upset.

e.g., Her husband's coming home late had her in a real state of pisstivity.

submitted by Tim Rinehart

pisstration - The state of being angerlly frustrated.

e.g., The sheer quantity of ignorant conversation in the room made the pisstration pretty palpable.

submitted by Amber Honeycutt - (www)

pissues - Anger management issues; issues causing one to be pissed.

e.g., If you've got liarrhea, I've got pissues.

submitted by Ben "Sven" G

pistoaggrevamaton - A multi-headed sabre-toothed flesh-eater your wife is likely (haven't been there yet) to become if you spend too much time creating new verbation as opposed to with her.

e.g., If I make another word tonight, I'm sure that girl of mine will develop her pistoaggrevamatonic ways to both attack and conquer me.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

pistol - Pistel.

e.g., The pistol of a flower provides absolutely no protection against insects.

submitted by Miss Speller

pistory - The history of the transcendental number pi, especially the tale that made the e-mail rounds in 1998. That April Fool's Day concoction reported that the Alabama Legislature passed a bill that rounded off pi to the whole number three. So many people took it seriously that several urban legends reference pages put up disclaimers.

e.g., Nah, that never happened. It was just a bit of pistory that poked fun at the religionists who object to teaching evolution and came up with Intelligent Design to get the story of creation taught in public schools.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pit juice - Deoderant.

e.g., Could you pick up some pit juice for me? I need it bad.

submitted by Cindy Jacobs

pit stop - Quick trip to the bathroom.

e.g., Hold up a second, ladies, DJ's gotta make a pit stop.

submitted by DavidJ!

pita - pain in the ass

e.g., he's such a PITA.

submitted by sue

pitard - After Austin, Texas, attorney David Pitard. Someone who behaves in an overly stupid manner.

e.g., Did you hear what Danny just said? What a pitard he is.

submitted by Jesse K

pitbullate - From pit bull. Biting somebody with fury. Pitbullated: Ate up by a pit bull.

e.g., Capitulate or I'll pitbullate you.

submitted by Nevka - (www)

pitcharies - The man boobs that develop as a result of taking anti-androgen drugs.

e.g., Is there something being put in the food here besides saltpeter? Every man in the squadron has developed pitcharies.

submitted by sandra

pittsborough - The zone of offense body odour around an individual.

e.g., Whoa, I have now entered Pittsborough

submitted by kat

pittsburghese - A way of speaking that includes an accent and a whole vocabulary of slang words. Mainly limited to western Pennsylvania. It is considered a blue-collar way of speaking, and not something you would want to use in a job interview.

e.g., you might want to stop using that Pittsburghese if you want to get a good job and move out of here

submitted by Dave Welsch

pity party - A gathering of two or more people in which those present share their miseries and feel sorry for each other.

e.g., I just got a ding in my car, you broke your nail, and Mike just got an A- (instead of his usual A) on his exam. I guess we should just all get together and have a pity party.

submitted by Lynn Madison

pity whore - A person who always tries to get others to feel sorry for her.

e.g., Chris is a pity whore. Always complaining to everyone how he has no car, no money, and no girlfriend.

submitted by Mr.Spam

pitz an' a pout - Meaning going out to eat after a night out. pronounced (Pizza and a Poutine).

e.g., "Hey guido, what do you say we go out for a pitz an' a pout tonight".

submitted by Carlo Mormina - (www)

piv - A name you call someone who's being annoying, stupid, funny, or weird.

e.g., If someone repeatedly asks you, "What are you wearing to the concert tonight?" and you keep answering you don't know, but they still ramble on, then you can say, "Get away from me, ya piv." And then walk away.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

pixel-pushing - Pixel-pushing is a term for a design that is very minuscule in detail. It typically involves manipulating images one pixel at a time.

e.g., I'm just a low-down pixelpusher. | That site is pixel-pushing some tight designs.

submitted by moggy - (www)

pixelated - When an image is resized so that the individual pixels are clearly visible. (Note: this word is not found at and is not shown to be a form of "pixel.")

e.g., As I streched the image, it became pixelated.

submitted by Ricky Pope

pixelate[d] - If you are pixelated, you carry the traits that a fairy or pixie does, such as mischieviousness or charm. It could also just stand for someone being mischievous, cute, etc. -- like a pixie, without actually being associated with one.

e.g., My seven-year old niece is so carefree and imaginative. She's pixelated.

submitted by Kat

pixeled - The state one is in after spending too much time in front of the computer. Most common among gamers and programmers.

e.g., Jack was so pixeled last night it was pathetic.

submitted by Gerrit - (www)

pixelixian - So daft, so strange, that it or they would be worthy of appearing on Pixelix.

e.g., Chris is pixelixian. He gets he protein by eating gerbils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

submitted by jambo - (www)

pixelmonkey - Someone who does menial graphics work, such as creating buttons for web pages.

e.g., Look at Joe, doing another cut-out in photoshop. Pixelmonkey.

submitted by Arbernaut - (www)

pixelortion - The distortion experienced by people with cheap webcams (or servers) when they move too fast.

e.g., Jon (to Jane, over a cam): What did you just do? There was some massive pixelortion! Jane: Stupid server.

submitted by Jon

pixelsurgeon - One who operates on stray (often emotionally insecure and invariably wounded) little pixels. Expertly and swiftly working with a deft and steady hand (unless it's late or there's a deadline involved) to produce highly professional and exemplary digital design work. And posting trendy links to ostensibly "cutting edge" web sites--and stuff.

e.g., Is that Arber, Rich, and Rina from Pixelsurgeon? They're cutting edge! Cutting edge!

submitted by Pixelsurgeon - (www)

pixielated - An adjective meaning drunk, originating from the medieval expression "to be away with the pixies." (The standard dictionary word is spelled "pixilated." A fine word, nonetheless.)

e.g., Why did I fall over getting out of the taxi? I was exceedingly pixielated.

submitted by a. hamill - (www)

pizazum - Short for "You just received a burn." Combining pizazz and Kazaam.

e.g., "Your mama so fat that when she puts on a red dress people go 'Hey, cool aid.'" "Pizazum."

submitted by Dustin

pizone - Used to secretly signal other males that a real dish is nearby. Can also be used in the form of a question.

e.g., "Pizone?" Todd asks Nick as an incredibly gorgeous woman walks by. "Yeah." says Nick.

submitted by Todd Yamash¡ta

pizutz - Having the courage to do anything you wish without any trepidation.

e.g., You gave me the pizutz to go out there and apply for that job.

submitted by Trisha Reeves - (www)

pizza - Code-word for beer. Use your imagination to associate the different kinds of beer with the different kinds of pizza. Pepperoni = Busch, cheese = Pabst Blue Ribbon, etc.

e.g., Let's go drink some pizza.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

pizza broke - Having no cash. One may be pizza broke while still being otherwise financially solvent; pizza broke refers to a state in which one cannot pitch in any cash for a pizza that several people will be sharing.

e.g., Sorry, can I pay next time? I'm pizza broke this week.

submitted by Shaduan

pizza butt - Pizza Hut, or what you get from eating there.

e.g., I went to Pizza Butt and got a pizza. Now I've got a pizza butt.

submitted by maccasong

pizza kid - a word that was coined to describe the 20 somethings that helped give birth to the internet fueled for the most part by pizza and Jolt cola

e.g., Man do you believe that. That pizza kid has earned 5 millon dollars this year with his start up

submitted by chris grow

pizza, love, wave the sails - Ironic word twist on the more familiar expression: 'Peace, Love, save the whales!' Usually used in jest, where situation allows.

e.g., Bethany: Are yo going to the anti-nuke rally this weekend? Bruce: Pizza, love , wave the sales.

submitted by Paul

pizza-envy - The covetousness you feel when the gluttonous person you bought a pizza with keeps selecting bigger pieces than you.

e.g., Hey! Stop taking the bigger pieces of pizza! You're giving me a massive case of pizza envy.

submitted by Walter Swarthau

pizzamouth - The condition of or one who has burned her mouth with the hot cheese from the top of a pizza. May be applied to other foods.

e.g., Is there a doctor in the house? I'm suffering from pizzamouth.

submitted by Alan

pizzapyrodermis - The condition that invariably results from burning your mouth whenever eating fresh pizza too rapidly. Also refers specifically to the small section of gum located between the top front two teeth that is particularly susceptible to this condition.

e.g., The cold drink did nothing to reduce the pain that resulted from devouring the pie in record time. Her doctor had concurred that she was susuffering from acute pizzapyrodermis.

submitted by Vlad M - (www)

pizzer - Pete-zer. A cheese pizza.

e.g., Do you feel like pepperoni--or just a pizzer?

submitted by Tony Beach

pizzle - When someone is a little upset she is pizzled.

e.g., I got pizzled when my dog chewed up my shoe.

submitted by betsy - (www)

pizzout - Peace out--goodbye.

e.g., Pizzout Mike!

submitted by Docta G - (www)

pk - abbreviation for Preacher's Kid

e.g., I used to date her... she was a PK!

submitted by Sawyer

pker - Player Killer. A person who kills newbie or vulnerable characters in MMORPGs or shooting teammates in First Person Shooters.

e.g., The PKers seem to be out in force today.

submitted by Josh Priddy

pkirt - A skirt made from a pair of pants.

e.g., These jeans didn't fit me anymore, so I made a pkirt out of them.

submitted by sandoz

pkoya - Poo-koy-ah. To insert a small cylindrical object into one's ear. A good way to pokya eardrum out, too.

e.g., Jimmy enjoys a little pkoya before bedtime.

submitted by bron

plaéois - 1. Denoting a category of foodstuffs, the members whereof take their names from French places or persons, such as champagne, mayonnaise, &c. 2. Eponymous foodstuffs from elsewhere.

e.g., We went to that new plaéois restaurant yesterday. We had vichyssoise, crépe Suzette, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

submitted by Tama Boyle

plabophile - Someone who loves plabo--plabo being a word waiting for a meaning.

e.g., I love plabophiles.

submitted by Jeremy Richards

placebeanie effect - The feeling you get on your scalp immediately after removing a beanie, that makes you feel like you are still wearing one.

e.g., Dave removed his beanie, and proclaimed that he was suffering from the Placebeanie Effect.

submitted by Shrinker

placebian - A person who offers meaningless advice to people with an honest tone of voice, so they go forth and take the advice. Derived from placebo.

e.g., Charlie says to Latisha, in her time of woe after she's been dumped by her beloved, "The time is right for plucking every hair from your body and replacing it with gravel or at least Ham gift tags." Charlie's advice shows his placebian ways.

submitted by kat

placebostat - The little fake thermostat on the wall of every office that, while it doesn't actually DO anything it makes you feel better when you adjust it.

e.g., I cranked the placebostat down but it's still hotter'n hell in here.

submitted by Bubba

placko - An unborn sibling, usually male. Also a word with flexible meaning, including use an exclamation and personal pronoun.

e.g., Curly: What are you going to call the placko, Mother? Mom: Oh, Placko. Larry: Placko has spoken.

submitted by Rowan Jones

plado - The Pleistocene era philosopher whose premise that everything can be reshaped into everything else has yet to be disproved.

e.g., Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear is not impossible, but it is pure Plado.

submitted by Alan March - Maddams

plag - Those moments when you sit, staring at your keyboard or off into space, trying to recall your password for a specific website. From "password lag."

e.g., I can't remember my password for this stupid website. Plag has set in.

submitted by maryann

plageudorize - To copy or claim as one's own a pseudoword, similar to plagiarize. Plageudorism, plageudorizing.

e.g., Billy Beaver's wanton plageudorism did not go unnoticed by the word's creator, E. Glenn.

submitted by Dave Violette

plagiarhythm - When a band takes a good riff from another song and just uses it as if no one is going to notice.

e.g., Every grunge band since Nirvana has engaged in flagrant and constant plagiarhythm.

submitted by Isolation Tank

plagueware - Software designed to allow millions of useless spam e-mails to be easily sent in order to plague and aggravate millions of peaceful Internet users.

e.g., They advertised 50 million e-mail addresses for $100 which includes the latest plagueware to easily deliver tons of spam to those addresses.

submitted by Bob Howell

plahogany - Imitation wood car interiors made of plastic.

e.g., Claudia loved the plastic wood, or plahogany, in the interior of her 2003 Corolla.

submitted by david farre - (www)

plaidiator - Plaid + gladiator. One who fights for the honor of his tartan.

e.g., Dinna offend his clan; he's a fierce plaidiator.

submitted by Bob Riedel

plain - Like when ordering a Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy's and you don't want anything on it. Also used as a way to tell someone to "get with it. "

e.g., Get plain son.

submitted by Andrew Stubbs Johnston - (www)

plamf - A guy who puts another person's underwear on his head and inhales.

e.g., He is a plamf!

submitted by Coxie

plan b - an alternate plan of action, when your original plan starts to crash and burn

e.g., "Okay, let's get plan B into motion..."

submitted by Bianca

plan b - The fabricated plan that everyone talks about just to make others paranoid that they are being plotted against.

e.g., Bobby (to Em): So, plan B at David's house, 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, we get the bunnies and split, okay? David: W-w-whats plan B you guys? What about my bunnies? Em: David, you're so self-centeres, everything has to be about you, doesn't it?

submitted by EmRobin

plandemonium - Plandemonium is the result of over-planning a task, usually at work, to the point where no actual work can get done.

e.g., I've been stuck in so many meetings about meetings, that I haven't enough time to finish the project - It's going to be Plandemonium from here on in.

submitted by Gordi

planful - Organized, well thought out. Often used in corporate speak by people who think they know what it means to put forth a good plan.

e.g., I don’t think our IT department was very planful in implementing that $50,000 project, which already has a lot of fixes pending.

submitted by Matthew Waite

plangers - Kitchen or barbeque tool used to grasp food.

e.g., I used the plangers to flip the steaks.

submitted by Clark

planic - Plan + panic.

e.g., When she heard of the impending layoffs at work, Kathy planicked and moved to California.

submitted by Andrew Morse

plank - 1. Large peice of knotty wood, not good for much. 2. Person with the same attributes.

e.g., Chris is a plank. He's also dumber than a post.

submitted by John

plant - In the world of online dating, this is when someone, as a joke, puts in a picture of a gorgeous woman or man to throw off the would-be seekers. The goal is to collect as many e-mails as possible to promote something.

e.g., That girl must be a plant.

submitted by Arik9

plantate - To turn something into a plantation atmosphere

e.g., A suggested Democrat Party slogan: "Endeavor To Plantate."

submitted by JMcD

planter - A mortician; a funeral director.

e.g., Having a geezerette size me up makes me about as uncomfortable as when I run across a planter.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

plaspimko - Invented in the early 80s during the SF revival through cinema and literature. Plaspimko was re-used by a firm which built plastic toy UFOs, very similar to large plastic Pim's biscuits. In the 90s, a Japanese actress named Miki Plaspimko became famous in the porn science fiction film UNW, Unidentified Naked Women. Nowadays, the word is used to describe either another SF blockbuster, or what we also call a bimbo.

e.g., Somehow, Yohimbo plaspimko doesn't sound as good as Yohimbo bimbo. The movie really didn't have any significant role for a woman.

submitted by lola - (www)

plasternary - A game of drunken Pictionary. A sip of an alcoholic drink or a shot is taken after a successful picture is drawn. Consider it a celebration of your terrific artistic endeavor.

e.g., For some odd reason stick-figures look so much funnier during a game of plasternary.

submitted by paige_archer

plastic anger - More of a phrase than a word , it could be combined. Plastic anger is all that "shouting" and furious typing of rude text that seems to be mandatory in every corner of the web. Plastic because it's synthetic and has no power at all. From the old days when things plastic were considered of low quality or insubstantial.

e.g., I like to play chess on yahoo , but lately I am disappointed by all the progs, spammers, bots and plastic anger. DOES IT REALLY MATTER IF YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS?! I STILL CAN'T HEAR YOU AND I DON'T HAVE TO READ IT AT ALL! So what's the point?

submitted by nunya

plastic much - refers to a person who puts on a facade while talking to you and turns their back and hates you.

e.g., Johnnie says to Tina ""Yeah it was great seeing you again." "You To Johnnie, "Tina says with little emotion. Johnnie to Emily, "PLastic Much?"

submitted by Jake tinsley - (www)

plasticy - Used when an item's appearance has the characteristics of plastic... fake, hard, and shiny... like food, for example.

e.g., The main poblem with "breast enhancements" as far as I'm concerned is that the results are plasticy.

submitted by Katie Newman

platching - The act of plotting to hatch a plan.

e.g., All his life, the midget was "platching" a plan to rise above the verticaly blessed.

submitted by Ross Noble - (www)

plate o' peas - Southern for extra-large, odd-shaped, protuding backside, almost always belonging to a female and usually encased in very clingy polyester britches. The backside is more or less flat on top, enabling carrying a plate of peas without spilling any. {ED. So that's what you call that steatopygian delight and what it's used for.}

e.g., Hey, hon, ran into Sharon at the diner. Have you seen her lately? She's got her a real plate o' peas going on. Honestly, I don't know how they get in the car with those things.

submitted by LeeAnn

plateau out - Existing usage. To hit the envelope of maximal magnitude after reaching a point of diminishing returns; to show a flatline on a progress chart.

e.g., We had high hopes for this project, but after beta test it just plateaued out.

submitted by Joel Parker

platespeak -

Double-Tongued Dictionary Quotation: Is one of Britain’s best-loved dialects, the curious language of personalised number plates, heading for oblivion? … Those who cannot afford the best plates have been forced to use a bit of ingenuity to get close to the word or words they really want. Such owners rely on “platespeak,” as it is known in the business, to compose their unique signage — substituting a “5” for an “S,” for example, a “4” for an “A,” and so on.
Grant Barret's site may well be the ne plus ultra of sites recording changes in the English language -- not a just-foolin'-around site like the PseudoDictionary, but the genuine article, run by a top-notch professional linguist.

e.g., Dammit, I was having enough trouble figuring out what those way-too-cute vanity plates had on them before. Now I'm going to have to deal with platespeak and what amounts to hieroglyphics to a geezer like me. (ED. God, it was hard to resist being pompous and writing "a geezer such as I." But I managed to do it, didn't I? … Or did I?)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

platformization - The mystical creation of a business platform out of nothing more than thin air.

e.g., The Finnish art of platformization originated in the early 20th century.

submitted by Matt Barnes

platheoria - Large number, large amount

e.g., Suddenly, a platheoria of arrows rose into the sky. | Griggs summoned a platheoria of ghosts from the black hole

submitted by Phycosymo

platitudypus - Someone who proffers numerous platitudes.

e.g., Don't you hate it when that platitudypus spews those banalities.

submitted by jtgd - (www)

platonic shadow - "A non-sexual friendship with a member of the opposite sex" is how this was defined in the pd in early 2001. Somehow that definition got deleted. From Douglas Coupland's "Generation X." We have no idea who the original submitter was. Given the teachings of Plato, it would seem to be better to have a platonic shadow refer to a person.

e.g., "Neither has any romantic interest in the other: They are platonic shadows to each other." "Does that also mean you think there's such thing as a romantic interest that's non-sexual?" "Of course. Where in the world would the idea that romance always involves sex or interest in sex come from? Haven't you heard of political romances?"

submitted by [Douglas Coupland] - (www)

platonicized - This word describes a relationship that has been downgraded from amorous to Platonic or "just friends." It can also be a verb, as in the example.

e.g., You won't believe this, Dolores. I was expecting maybe a proposal . . . but Mark has just platonicized me. The jerk.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

platoonic - Involving the whole platoon.

e.g., Platoonic relationship: They fight together, they work together, they play together: their motto might be "Do ask, Do tell."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

plattiattitude - The way someone acts that tells you she is going to patronise you.

e.g., I knew she was going to try to placate my worries by the look of plattiattitude on her face.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

platties - Very big shoes.

e.g., See that girl in the line up for that very lame club...the one with the platties on? That's my mum..

submitted by charlotte

plaus - Containing or having been made with bacon or other rendered pork products.

e.g., A sandwich with bacon is a plauswich. Cookies with bacon are plaus cookies.

submitted by Craig

play hancock's bassoon - A state of social exclusion.

e.g., So unpopular was Chris that his contemporaries sentenced him to play Hancock's bassoon.

submitted by Michael Stradling

play misty - To get upset and cry.

e.g., Zack tried to break up with Chandra and she started to play misty on him.

submitted by dan.c.

play-on - A person who acts like she is really into something, when in reality, you know for a fact she's just acting--sometimes for attention or over jealousy.

e.g., 1. Jen is flirting with Bobby-- certainly a play-on. Yesterday she told me how much she hated him. 2. Cathy is acting as if she wants to hang out with us tonight -- it's a play-on, I'm sure.

submitted by Bex

playalicious - The quality of being able to easily attract good-looking members of the opposite sex.

e.g., John, a playalicious young man, has dated three import models in the past three years.

submitted by Anand

playbaby - A magazine for funloving newlyborns, infants, and very young children: giggle and coo, creep and crawl, cry for crappy, you can count on mommy with your fingers and toes.

e.g., My subscription to Playbaby started at the moment I was born, a gift from an unknown stranger who wants me to get ahead in the world from the word go, and I am grateful. Without Playbaby I would have been a miserable failure.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

playbald - Used to describe a pattern or palette of colours which young children find particularly attractive--especially a combination of bright red, yellow, green, and blue.

e.g., The toy bricks you bought for Alec are very playbald.

submitted by Simon Gordon - (www)

played - Exhausted, worn out. Short form of "played out."

e.g., I was played after that concert last night.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

playerette -

Female version of a player -- player meaning a male who has many sexual partners and little or no commitment to any of them. Some would undoubtedly argue that we don't need playerette -- just refer to players, regardless of the sex (or gender, I suppose) of the frequent flyer.  
The Routledge Dictionary defines player this way: "a person who takes pride in the number of sexual partners they have, not in the depth of any relationship; a selfish pleasure-seeker US, 1968." TRD makes no distinction as to the sex of the pleasure-seeker. That's OK, but we're here to make up new words more than be sticks-in-the-mud and give new meanings of old words. We do both, of course, but have a preference for the former.  
We still use the English suffix -ette suffix to form distinctly feminine nouns such as majorette and usherette. We also have bachelorette for an unmarried young woman. I'm convinced that some feminine forms are here to stay. For example, bachelorette. When we start calling such women bachelors, I'll -- well, I won't be doing anything. I'll be all mellowed out and taking it easy in my urn. Another feminine form we'll be keeping: heiress. And I'd hardly be surprised to see the current trend to call females who act actors reverting to calling them actresses. In case you haven't noticed, the Academy Awards still give an award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. I don't expect that to change any time soon -- but it might. I've been wrong before; otherwise, I'd be a lot richer than I am.  
We continue to move in the direction of a genderless society in terms of the nouns we use to refer to people. It gets harder and harder to tell from a noun whether the person referred to is female or male, presumably as a sop to the entirely valid notion that the sexes are equal -- except when it comes to sports. (Folks younger than I am might say equality of the genders.) Not too many girls or women slam-dunking a basketball or hitting a golf ball 350 yards or more. Not only do I still cling to my guns and religion, I cling to what I learned -- that gender has to do with categories in English: common, feminine, masculine, or neuter. We used to have a committee chairman (the United State Senate still does), but now we have a committee chair -- who sits in a chair.  
Who thinks society has advanced since girls and women started emulating rakes and roués? Do we have a suitable noun for such women? Possible synonyms: angel, babe, bathing beauty, beauty queen, bimbo, broad, bunny, callet, centerfold, chick, cockodile, cover girl, cupcake, cutie, cutie-pie, dame, dish, doll, dollface, doxy, dream girl, dreamboat, female, floozy, fox, gal, girl, glamor girl, good-looking woman, honey, hot dish, hot number, hussy, jade, Jezebel, lady, lassie, loose woman, minx, miss, moll, peach, pin-up, player, raving beauty, sex bunny, sex kitten, sex pot, skirt, slut, strumpet, sweet thing, tart, tomato, tootsie, tramp, trull, trailer trash, trollop, vamp, wench, whore.

e.g., "You're really not being fair when you refer to a woman who has lots of sex partners as a slut or a tramp. You don't use such damning nouns to refer to men who behave similarly; you call them players. Why not call their female counterparts playerettes?" "Playerettes? That sounds like you're talking about diminutive men, not women who fool around with lots of guys."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

playgirl -

If you’re looking for naughty words, you won't do any better than to visit The site is brought to you by "Farlex, Inc., an independent, privately held company based in Huntingdon Valley, PA, offering online reference products. Our flagship properties The Free Dictionary, The Free Library, and are visited over 45 million times each month."  
Sex-Lexis doesn't include a lot of the coarser terms you'll find at sites such as DirtyProverbs and UrbanDictionary, but you'll find all you'll ever need. Suprisingly, to me, neither teabag nor teabagger was in the lexicon.  
Synonyms for playgirl: adultera, adventuress, alley-cat, amorosa, animal, anything-in-trousers, anything-on-two-legs, article, b-girl, babe, baby-vamp, bad-girl, bad-woman, bag, baggage, banbury, band-moll, band-rat, bang, bangs-like-a-bunny, bangs-like-a-tappet, bangster, bar-girl, bart, beastess, beastette, bed-bargain, bedbug, bedbunny (bed-bunny), beddy, bed-hopper, belly-ass, belt-fed-mortar, ben's-gran, bicycle, biffer, big-twenty, bike, bim, bimbette, bimbo, bimmy, biscuit, bit, bit-of-ass, bit-of-cunt, bit-of-goods, bit-of-skin, bit-of-stuff, bitch, biter, blister, bob-tail, boffer, boiler, bombshell, boop-boop-a-doopy-dame, box-of-assorted-creams, broad, bunny, butter, buttered-bun, carpenter's dream, ceiling-inspector, charity-dame, charity gal, charity-girl, charity-moll, chippy (chippie), cinch, claptrap, cleaver, cock-tail, coming-wench, coming-woman, common-woman, common-shore, community-chest, cooch, coot, cooze (coozey / coozy / cuzzy), Corinthian, cover-girl, crumpet, cuddle-bunny, cum-freak, cunt, dangerous-curve, dant, dead-cert, dead-easy, deb-generate, debutart, demi-rep, devilette, dirt-bag, dirty-leg, Don-Juaness, doxy (doxie / doxey), draggletail, drive-thru, dunkie, easy gal, easy girl, easy-lay, easy-make, easy-mark, easy-meat, easy-pick-up, easy-ride, easy-rider, easy-woman, faloosie, fancy-lady, farmer's-lady, fast-stepper, fast-chick, fast-girl, fast party, fast-woman, fastie, fizgig, flapper, fleshpot (flesh-pot), flirt-girl, flirtigiggs, floozy (floosie / floosey / floosy / floozie / fluzie), flossie, fornicatress, frail-flossie, free-and-easy, free-for-all, freewheeler, freewheeling-femme, fuck-princess, fuck-bunny, fuckrag, garbage-woman, gay-wench, gay-woman, get-around-girl, gigsy, gill-flurt, gin-and-fuck-it, girl on the make, give-and-take-girl, give-and-taker, gixie, glutz, goer, good-sort, good-sport, good-time-girl, grass-back, grind, groupie, grousegrunt, hairy-bit, hard-baby, hard-boiled-baby, hard-boiler, hat-rack, have-a-reputation, have-more-pricks-than-a-second-hand-dart-board, hay-bag, hey-hey-hussy, high-stepper, hobbler, hobby horse (hobbyhorse), hobeast, hole, holer, hoochie, hoodrat (hood rat), hootchie, hopped-up-job, horny-hussy, hosebag, hose-monster, hot-arsed, hot-assed-woman, hot-baby, hot-back, hot-bod, hot-bot, hot-box, hot-funky, hot-lay, hot-number, hot-panted-woman, hot-pants, hot-sketch, hot-stuff, hot-tailed-woman, hot-tamale, hot-tomato, hotsy, humper, hussy, huzzie, immoral-girl, jay, jazz-baby, jazzed-up-jane, jazzy-jane, jazzy-member, jazzy-number, jezebel, jilt, kleenex, knock, lady-of-easy-virtue, lady-of-the-town, lead-pipe-cinch, lewd-woman, lift-skirts, light-lady, light o' love, light-of-love, light-skirts, light-woman, Little-Miss-Roundheels, little tramp, loose-bodied-woman, loose-gowned-woman, loose-hilted-woman, loose-kirtle, loose-lady, loose-legged-woman, loose-lips, loose-love-lady, loose-skirts, loose-woman, low-heel(s), low-rent, low-road, lowie, lust-dog, lusty-guts, man-chaser, man eater, meandering mamma, merry-bit, merry-legged, merry-legs, Merry-Magdalene, minx, moll, motorcycle, muff, naughty-girl, naughty-lady, Naughty-Nellie, nimble-hipped, no-better-than-she-ought-to-be, nymph(o), nymphomaniac, office-bike, office-pump, old-hat, omnibus, open-ass, overnight-bag, paraffin lamp (RS = tramp), parnel, party-girl, peach, perfect-lady, pickup (pick up), pie, piece, piece-of-ass, piece-of-fluff, piece-of-goods, piece-of-skirt, piece-of-snatch, piece-of-stuff, piece-of-tail, pig, pig-meat, placket, player, playgirl (play-girl), playmate, plaything, pleaser, plooch, ploot, poll, popover, punch, punchboard, pushover (push-over), push-over sex job, quick-push, quickie, quicksand, quiff, quim, rabbit-pie, raver, right-sort, rip, roundheel, roundheeler, roundheeled-gal, roundheels, saddle, Scarlet-Harlot, scarlet-lady, scarlet-sister, scarlet-woman, scrape, screamer-and-creamer, screamer and a creamer, screw, scrubber, scrunch, scunt, scupper, scuzz, second-hand dart board, sex-job, sexpot (sex pot), sexer, shack-job, shack-up, shady-lady, shag-bag, shagnasty, shagstress, shed, short-heeled-wench, short-heels, sinner, skank, skankskeever, skeezer, sketell, slag, slapper, slattern, slatterpiece, sleaze, sleepy-time-girl, slich (slitch), slotted-job, slut, smut-slut, snap, snatch, sniffer, soft-job, soft-leg, soft-roll, soiled-dove, speed-dame, speedster, speedy-sister, split, split-ass, split-mutton, split-tail, sport, sport-model, star-fucker, steamer, stepper, stepping Susie, stepsister (step sister), strollop, strumpet, stuff, sure-thing, sweat-hog, sweet-charity, swift-baby, swiftie, swinger, tail, tart, tartlet, thorough-good-natured-wench, tib, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tomato, tomrig, tootsie / tootsy, totty, town-b, town-bike, town-pump, town-punch, town-tramp, tramp, trash, trim, trixie, trollop, trollymog, trot, tube, village-bike, village-bicycle, wagtail, walk-in, walk-up-fuck, wanton-woman, warm-bit, warm flesh, wench, wet-deck(s), whoopee-fluff, whoopee-girl, whoopee-wench, wild-baby, wild-girl, wild party, wild-thing, wild-woman, willing-bit, willing-tit, woman-of-accomodating-morals, woman-of-Babylon, woman-of-easy-morals, woman-of-easy-virtue, woman-of-loose-morals, woman with round heels, yes-girl, yo-yo-knickers, zipper-moraled Susie

See Also: play-girl, pleaser, popover, punchboard, open-ass, raver, scrape, scrunch, scuzz, sexer, shagstress, hopped-up job, horny hussy, hot-assed woman, hot back, hot bot, huzzie, immoral girl, jay, hot-panted woman, hotsy, lady of the town, lewd woman, light lady, light woman, loose lips, loose-love lady, loose skirts, loose woman, loose lady, low rent, lowie, lust dog, meandering mama, merry-legged, Merry Magdalene, naughty girl, naughty lady, nimble-hipped, no better than she ought to be, amorosa, baby vamp, banbury, band moll, bangs like a bunny, bangs like a tappet, beastess, beastette, bed bargain, beddy, belly ass, ben's gran, biffer, big twenty, bimmy, bit of ass, box of assorted creams, cleaver, common woman, community chest, dangerous curve, Don Juaness, drive-thru, easy meat, easy pick-up, farmer's lady, fastie, fizgig, freewheeling femme, fuck princess, gigsy, gill flurt, grousegrunt, gay wench, hobbler, hobeast, slotted job, speed-dame, speedster, sketell, slag, slapper, steamer, step sister, sweat hog, sweet charity, swift baby, swiftie, tartlet, sleepy-time girl, trollymog, wanton woman, warm bit, willing bit, willing tit, walk-in, zipper-moraled Suzie, hat rack, have more pricks than a second-hand dart-board, hay bag, hey-hey hussy, high stepper, hairy bit, hard baby, hard-boiled baby, hard-boiler, hoochie, hoodrat, hootchie, hobby horse, gay woman, get-around girl, gin-and-fuck-it, give-and-take girl, give-and-taker, gixie, glutz, goer, good sort, good sport, good-time girl, grass-back, fuck rag, garbage woman, fuck bunny, flossie, flossy, fornicatress, frail flossie, free-and-easy, free for all, freewheeler, flirt girl, flirtigiggs, fast chick, fast girl, fast lady, fast stepper, easy ride, easy rider, easy woman, faloosie, fancy girl, fancy lady, dunkie, easy make, easy mark, draggle-tail, cuddle bunny, cum-freak, dant, dead cert, dead easy, deb-generate, debutart, demi-rep, devilette, dirt bag, dirty leg, Corinthian, cover girl, coot, cock-tail, coming wench, coming woman, common shore, boffer, boiler, bombshell, boop-boop-a-doopy dame, butter, buttered bun, carpenters dream, ceiling inspector, charity dame, charity girl, charity moll, chippie, chippy, cinch, bit of cunt, bit of skin, bit of stuff, biter, blister, biscuit, bim, bimbette, belt-fed mortar, bedbug, bed bunny, bed hopper, bangster, band rat, bad woman, a screamer and a creamer, adultera, animal, anything in trousers, anything on two legs, a piece of ass, a piece of calico, a piece of fluff, a piece of goods, a piece of skirt, a piece of snatch, office bike, office pump, old hat, omnibus, Naughty Nellie, motorcycle, merry legs, merry bit, lusty-guts, man chaser, man-eater, low road, loose-legged woman, low heel(s), Little Miss Roundheels, loose-bodied woman, loose-gowned woman, loose-hilted woman, loose kirtle, light skirts, lift skirts, lead-pipe cinch, humper, alley cat, hot tomato, jazz baby, jazzed-up jane, jazzy jane, jazzy member, jazzy number, jilt, kleenex, hot box, hot funky, hot lay, hot number, hot sketch, hot stuff, hot-tailed woman, hot bod, hot baby, hose monster, hosebag, hot-arsed, shed, short-heeled wench, short heels, shady lady, shag-bag, shagnasty, skankskeever, skeezer, sexpot, shack job, second-hand dartboart, sex job, sex pot, scunt, scupper, screamer and creamer, scrubber, scank, Scarlet Harlot, scarlet lady, scarlet sister, scarlet woman, right sort, rip, roundheel, roundheeled gal, roundheeler, roundheels, overnight bag, paraffin lamp, parnel, perfect lady, pick up, piece of calico, piece of fluff, piece of goods, piece of skirt, piece of snatch, push-over, pushover, quick push, quicksand, lady of easy virtue, plaything, plooch, ploot, poll, polly, player, pig-meat, placket, rabbit pie, walk-up fuck, woman of accomodating morals, woman of Babylon, woman of easy morals, woman of easy virtue, woman of loose morals, woman with roundheels, yes-girl, yo-yo knickers, well up for it, wet deck(s), whoopee fluff, whoopee girl, whoopee wench, wild baby, wild girl, wild thing, wild woman, trot, village bicycle, village bike, wagtail, totty, town b, trixie, slich, slitch, tomrig, town pump, town punch, town tramp, thorough-good-natured wench, tib, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, stepper, strollop, strumpet, slattern, slatterpiece, speedy sister, split-ass, split-mutton, split-tail, sport model, star-fucker, smut-slut, snap, sniffer, soft job, soft leg, soft roll, soiled dove, sleaze, sure thing, tomato, tart, tramp, tootsie, tootsy, trollop, town bike, tube, playmate, punch, quiff, quim, piece of stuff, piece of tail, pig, piece of meat, piece of patch, pie, piece of ass, party girl, peach, saddle, shack-up, skank, hose, hot tamale, knock, hot pants, a piece of stuff, a piece of tail, a piece of meat, a piece of patch, article, B-girl, adventuress, baggage, bike, bicycle, bob-tail, clap trap, claptrap, cooz(e), coozey, coozy, crumpet, cooch, cuzzie, easy lay, fast woman, floozy, fleshpot, grind, holer


Synonyms for philanderer: 4-F-er, alley-cat, alligator, amorist, ass-hound, ass-man, ballocker, basher, beard-splitter, beaver-retriever, bed-presser, belly-bumper, belly-buster, big-dame-hunter, bird-bandit, bird's-nester, Bluebeard, bone-addict, bopper, boulevardier, broad-jumper, buck-fitch, bull, bum-fiddler, bum-tickler, bust-maker, buttonhole-worker, button-loose, campus-butcher, carnalite, Casanova (casanova), cavaulter, chaser, chauverer, chauvering-cove, chick-chaser, chicken-fancier, chimney-sweep, chippy-chaser, cock-artist, cock hound (cockhound), cocksman, cocksmith, coisman, Corinthian (corinthian), crack-hunter, cranny-hunter, cunt-struck, diddler, Don-Juan, eager-beaver, fast-worker, femme-follower, figure-maker, fish-monger, fleece-hunter, flesh-fly, flesh-monger, flower-fancier, forbidden-fruit-eater, fox-hunter, frogging cully (dirty old man), fuckaholic, fucks-anything-on-two-legs, fucks-anything-with-a-hole-in-it, fuckster, fucks-trucks, funk-freak, gamecock, gap-stopper, gash-hound, gay-deceiver, girl-chaser, glutton, goat, goer, grouser, gully-raker, had-more-ass-than-a-toilet-seat, hair-monger, head-hunter, heartbreaker, high-priest-of-Paphos, hit-and-run-guy, hit-and-runner, holer, horndog, horseman, hot-pants, hound-dog, it-chaser, john-among-the-maids, jumbler, king-of-clubs, knave-of-hearts, knocker, ladies'-man, ladies'-tailor, lady's-man, lady-chaser, lady-killer, leather-stretcher, lech, leg-lifter, letch, libertine, Lothario, lounge-beetle, lounge-lizard, love-pirate, lover, lusty-guts, make-out-artist, maker, man-of-affairs, masher, mashie, meat-hound, meat-monger, moll-hunter, Mr.-Horner, mucky-duck, mucky-pup, mutton-monger, muttoner, old-goat, parish-bull, parish-stallion, parlour-snake, perv, philanderer, pick-up-artist, picker-upper, pinch-bottom, pinch-buttock, pinch-cunt, playboy, player-arounder, poon-hound, poopster, predator, prigger, quail-hunter, quim-sticker, rake, ranger, (a) real Casanova, ribald (gent), rider, Romeo, rooster, rounder, rump-splitter, rutter, scorekeeper, seducer, sex-addict, sexaholic, sexperiencer, sexperimenter, shag-artist, skin-dog, skirt-chaser, sleaze, smell-smock, smockster, smooth-operator, smoothie, Solomon, son-of-Venus, sperminator, sportsman, stallion, stickman, stud, studhammer, sugar-chaser, swinger, swordsman, tomcat, town-bull, town-Johnny, town-rake, traveling-salesman, tug-mutton, tummy-tickler, tweak, two-mama-papa, warm-member, wencher, whisker-splitter, whorella (gay), winker, wolf, woman-chaser, womanizer, yentzer, young-blade, young buc,

See Also: man of affairs, diddler, alligator, knave of hearts, lech, mucky duck, mucky pup, sexperiencer, sexperimenter, shag artist, skin dog, scorekeeper, beaver-retriever, bird bandit, bird's nester, broad-jumper, belly-buster, bust-maker, button-loose, campus butcher, cock-artist, fast worker, coisman, fleece hunter, flesh fly, frogging cully, funk freak, flower fancier, had more ass than a toilet seat, parish bull, parish stallion, pinch-bottom, pinch-buttock, pinch-cunt, Solomon, sperminator, stickman, studhammer, sugar-chaser, prigger, quail hunter, poopster, ribald gent, tug-mutton, town Johnny, young blade, young buck, wolf, yentzer, hit-and-runner, girl-chaser, femme follower, chick-chaser, big dame hunter, skirt-chaser, lady-chaser, chicken-fancier, playboy, player-arounded, smockster, smooth operator, smoothie, parlour snake, pick-up artist, picker-upper, horn-dog, horseman, hound dog, old goat, glutton, forbidden fruit eater, fox hunter, gamecock, gap-stopper, gash hound, gay deceiver, goer, grouser, gully-raker, hair monger, head hunter, heartbreaker, high priest of Paphos, chimney sweep, chippy-chaser, cock hound, carnalite, cavaulter, chauverer, chauvering-cove, buttonhole worker, buck fitch, bum fiddler, bum tickler, figure-maker, cockhound, leather stretcher, cocksmith, fuckaholic, fucks anything on two legs, fucks anything with a hole in it, fucks trucks, fuckster, flesh-monger, Corinthian, knocker, ladies' tailor, it-chaser, john among the maids, jumbler, king of clubs, lecher, leg-lifter, letch, libertine, crack hunter, cranny hunter, cunt-struck, 4-F-er, alley cat, ass hound, Lothario, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, lusty-guts, make-out artist, maker, smell-smock, ballocker, basher, beard-splitter, mutton-monger, muttoner, rider, mashie, meat hound, meat-monger, moll hunter, Mr. Horner, birds-nester, boffer, bone addict, bopper, boulevardier, bed hopper, bed-presser, belly-bumper, seducer, rounder, rump-splitter, rutter, woman-chaser, womanizer, town rake, traveling salesman, ranger, town bull, tummy-tickler, tweak, two-mama papa, warm member, wencher, whisker splitter, whorella, predator, quim-sticker, swordsman, poon hound, sportsman, son of Venus, rake, tomcat, Bluebeard, rooster, ass man, masher, amorist, lady-killer, eager beaver, cocksman, fish-monger, hit and run guy, holer, goat, hot pants

Synonyms for lover: Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, mushroom, no Casanova, no Lothario, spoonies, love nook, love cheat, lovelock, sweet mama, tiff, trysting place, zoophile, Amantes sunt amentes, amoroso, arseduke, bardajes, bitch boy, bubby heaters, jilt, paramour, philogynist, possesh, side dish, significant other, slowie, proper Casanova, a, pronoun reversal, Queen of Hearts, ring-tail, linguistic cross-dressing, love knot, love letter, love doves, sweet-hot, two-timer, walkout, wank tank, widowed aunt, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, Thisbe, toss freaks, trick-out, step-out-oner, stepper-outer, stepping out on, tactus, bubbies' uncle, bush talk, canoodlers, bird dog, belly woman, berry, big moment, blind love, brother starling, anagapesis, amorosa, amatorial, a bit of mess, ace lover, chippy on, chuff chums, companion, conditional love, cuddle birds, cuddle doves, cut him off, dolly pals, dorian, double-clock, double-clocker, double cross, double-crosser, double up on, dual dildo, eye-gazer, free holder, go domestic, go head over heels, give up rhythm, heart team, hot-pillow joint, hot spot, hug center, daddy mack, come clean, cicisbeism, amatorculist, bohemian, sweet man, sweet papa, vagina loquens, truelover's knot, lovelorn, loverly, mac daddy, mack daddy, inamorata, inamorato, amorist, daddy, in circulation, fancy man, Adam, back-door man, love affair, monogamy, lovers lane, no-tell hotel, paederast, paederasty, POSSLQ, pederast, pederasty, play games with, playmates, ponce, romantic affair, pussy-whipped, shrimp job, queenie, soft nothings, spider lady, spit bath, step out, horn-dog, love machine, love nest, little brother, lose the old head over, Lothario, jilted, jock and boxer, John Tom, Kama Sutra, Lady Jane, leman, lygerastia, love scene, lovebirds, loveless, tryst, two-time, two-timing, twosome, U-haul, urophile, usurper, Venus aversa, Venus observa, walk with somebody, Xerox queen, zoo queen, Wet Massage, sweet nothings, stone femme, strephon, submarine watching, take a trip around the world (in eighty ways), talk to management, talking kiss, thirty-day boy, sweetie, sweetie pie, sweetman, swordsman, trip around the world, triple penetration, truelove knot, tongue bath, top-diver, three-time, throw a mean fuck, throw a wicked fuck, buffle, Bumper Kiss, bunkie, bunky, burglar, cavaliere servente, buttfuck buddy, buttock jig, callicacia, candy-maker, brown sugar, bracelet, break up, brother, bill-and-cooers, bit of rough, bit on the side, black widow, ace poker, a bit of rough, a-buck, a-bucking, affair of the heart, amorous paranoia, amorous rites, appendage, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, around the world in eighty ways, bearded lady, bed house, artist, artiste, asshole buddy, assignation, felching, flag, flip over, foofer felching, dump, eternal triangle, ex-, grand tour, cunnophile, do the grand tour, in-lover, gazoony, intergenerational relationship, Jack and Jill, jazzbo, go-between, delusional jealousy, daddy-type, dragon lady, circle fuck, chicken queen, cocksmith, comfort zone, crime of passion, cuddler, cuddler and cooer, affair, lover, Love is blind, Romeo, idealization, homo-, jellyroll, hit and run guy, fucker, great lover, guy, coital alignment technique, cavalier, cocksman, darling, Delilah syndrome, beard, angel, boy toy, blow off, chicken-fancier, chicken hawk, bunker, buddy, punker, spoon, passion pit, mack, money-honey, money trick, monogamous, infantilism, tomcat, toy boy, sweet talk, vampire, sixty-nine, Casanova, 69, dildo, cunnilinctor, cunnilinctrice

Phobias: coitophobia, coitus fear, phobophobia, peladophobia, titillatione mammarum, coital, get off at Redfern, getting of at Gateshead, heterophobia, hierophobia, teratophobia, rhypophobia, panphobia, pathophobia, pantophobia, mastigophobia, mysophobia, coitus more ferarum, coitus a tergo, coitus acceptus, coiture, coitus a posteriori, coitus incompletus, coitus pluvius, coitus siccus, coitus sodomus, Browning sister, a tergo, leave before the gospel, copulating, Post coitum triste omni est, pull out, sexarche, vaginal urination, works, the, tropophobia, urophobia, tomophobia, tonitrophobia, traumatophobia, tremophobia, venereophobia, venustraphobia, verbophobia, verminophobia, vestiophobia, vestiphobia, virginitiphobia, vitricophobia, wiccaphobia, tetanophobia, thanatophobia, telephonophobia, thermophobia, spermatophobia, spermophobia, staurophobia, symbolophobia, symmetrophobia, syngenesophobia, syphilophobia, tabophobia, somniphobia, soteriophobia, siderophobia, soceraphobia, satanophobia, scabiophobia, scatophobia, sciaphobia, sciophobia, proctophobia, psychophobia, rhytiphobia, pyrophobia, pharmacophobia, phasmophobia, phenogophobia, philemaphobia, philematophobia, phalacrophobia, pogonophobia, poinephobia, polyphobia, neopharmaphobia, nephophobia, noctiphobia, nomatophobia, nostophobia, odynephobia, odynophobia, medomalacuphobia, medorthophobia, megalophobia, melanophobia, menophobia, merinthophobia, microphobia, mnemophobia, mycrophobia, paraphobia, nyctohylophobia, olfactophobia, ommatophobia, ommetaphobia, oneirogmophobia, oneirophobia, ophthalmophobia, optophobia, maniaphobia, ouranophobia, parturiphobia, patroiophobia, peccatiphobia, pediaphobia, pediculophobia, pediophobia, pedophobia, phonemophobia, photophobia, phronemophobia, phthiriophobia, crystallophobia, defecaloesiophobia, dementophobia, dinophobia, dipsophobia, dysmorphophobia, enosiophobia, eosophobia, eremophobia, ereuthrophobia, geumophobia, eleutherophobia, emetophobia, frigophobia, gametophobia, gamophobia, geliophobia, geniophobia, genophobia, genuphobia, gerascophobia, laliophobia, lalophobia, katagelophobia, kenophobia, kinetophobia, koinoniphobia, kolpophobia, lockiophobia, luiphobia, leukophobia, maieusiophobia, hominophobia, hagiophobia, hamartophobia, haphephobia, haptephobia, hedonophobia, hyalophobia, hydrophobia, hyelophobia, ichthyophobia, ablutophobia, anglophobia, angrophobia, anthophobia, anthrophobia, anuptaphobia, acrophobia, agliophobia, agoraphobic, agraphobia, agrizoophobia, altophobia, amaxophobia, ambulophobia, amychophobia, apotemnophobia, aquaphobia, arachnephobia, arachnophobia, arrhenphobia, asthenophobia, astraphobia, astrophobia, asymmetriphobia, ataxiophobia, ataxophobia, ateloph

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

playing gooseberry - From the Bloomsbury Dictionary of Word Origins:"'play gooseberry,' or to be an uncomfortably superfluous 3rd person between two lovers, goes back to the early 19th century and may have originated in the notion of a chaperone (ostensibly) occupying herself with picking gooseberries while the couple being chaperoned did what they were doing (gooseberry-picker was an early 19th century term for a chaperone." | To play gooseberry is to be a third wheel.  
A gooseberry might often (even usually) be unwanted and unwelcome, but such is not necessarily the case.

e.g., While I certainly don't relish the idea of playing gooseberry, "I think I’d rather be a gooseberry-picker than a candle-holder." | I have a sneaking suspicion that getting a girlfriend to play gooseberry is a stratagem used by teenage girls to be able to spend time with boyfriends unpopular with their parents. | "What are you and Earlene going to be doing tonight, dear?" "We'll be at her house. She needs me to play gooseberry." "Say what?" | "Almost all references I've seen to playing gooseberry seem to make the gooseberry in question unwanted and unneeded. As someone whose life role is seemingly to be the gooseberry, I disagree with that. The gooseberry can be a person invited along to punctuate the nervous silences on first dates, a veritable jester for the lovestruck."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

playing the game of "flog" - "Golf" spelled backwards. In the world of golf, the term represents a situation when a player starts off quite well, but then success suddenly reverses, and the player struggles ineptly on, stuck in a game of golfing disasters.

e.g., !What a golf game Winn Elliott was having! He hit par on the first hole, birdied the second, parred the third, and, surprise, surprise, eagled the fourth! Brimming with enthusiasm and confidence, Winn approached the fifth hole. He picked up his driver, took a few practice wings, then swung hard, and topped the tee shot, which dribbled 15 feet in the fairway. His second shot sliced deep into the woods. His third shot sailed out of the woods and into a sand trap. After two attempts to clear the sand, he landed in the rough about 50 yards from the green. Once on the green, it took three taps with the putter to get the ball in the hole. Winn wiped the sweat off his face with his hand. He could see it very clearly. Gone was the enjoyable round of golf. Now, and for the rest of the miserable day, he would be playing the game of "flog."

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

playing with knives - A reference suggesting that what you have in mind doing may be about as wise (sharp?) as playing with knives.

e.g., "I wonder if I could make my car do flips in the air?" "Wouldn't that be playing with knives?"

submitted by steve - (www)

playstacallus - The hard deposits of skin which form on the palms of your hands and tips of fingers after playing the Playstation console for too long.

e.g., I can't play anymore Madden Football. My playstacalluses are so big I keep hitting the wrong buttons.

submitted by Wendy Martin

playwrong - A playwright wannabe who lacks the wherewithal to be one. (Doubtful that this is original, but I've never run across it.)

e.g., Mac has made absolutely no progress finding someone to produce his latest effort. He's never going to realize that he's a talentless hack, one of the premier playwrongs of our age.

submitted by [Peter Wong]

pld - Good job.

e.g., PLD you. = Good job you, well done.

submitted by Adrian

pleasant peasant pheasant - The poor man's version of pheasant under glass: eliminate the crystal glass, beer instead of wine, wild mushrooms replace the truffles, salt and pepper but not fines herbs.

e.g., In an attempt to help balance the budget -- which lately has become quite unbalanced -- our present President has decreed pleasant peasant pheasant on the chef's rotating menu. It's real down home cooking.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

please-e-asaur - A bratty little brother who never stops asking for things.

e.g., My little brother Jerad won't quit being a please-e-asuar.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

pleasurespecting - Exploring the possibilities to find pleasure in helping, achieving, or assisting. A win-win situation.

e.g., Q. Are you going out to prospect? A. No, I am going out pleasurespecting.

submitted by monica

pleather - The fake leather clothing that people wear and try to tell you is real leather . . . it's plastic "leather."

e.g., Your jacket look like pleather.

submitted by Stacy

pleauky - Extremely bad-tasting; not good, yucky. Word invented by little brother when we were children.

e.g., That medicine tastes pleauky.

submitted by Marsha Munn

pleb - An 80's word for loser.

e.g., You are, like, such a pleb!

submitted by Nicole - (www)

plebbi - A lowlife. Never a hip and popular guy or gal. Similar to a plebe at a military academy.

e.g., If you want to get in good with me, try doing my washing and ironing, plebbi.

submitted by sinai

plebney - An immaginary disease used to describe or excuse the symptoms of any affliction of any degree of severity.

e.g., I'm sorry. I'm not feeling very well. My plebney must be acting up again.

submitted by Nick Garner

plech - An exclamation of distaste.

e.g., Oh, plech! I just spilled my cream soda all over my new pants.

submitted by Ali - (www)

pleh - Declaration of dismissal towards anyone who is whining about or wanting help for something within her control. For derivation, see SNL news story concerning Uncle Backwards being mugged.

e.g., Your boss gave you too much to do and you're stressed out? Oh, pleh. Go whine to someone else.

submitted by Mark Stubbs - (www)

pleisure - The enjoyment that comes from doing nothing.

e.g., It was my pleisure to spend the entire afternoon tweezing my gray hairs.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

plenigamy - Marriage of an individual to both a man and a woman.

e.g., Plenigamy is the best of both worlds--you're married to a man and a woman.

submitted by Vicky

plenktrum - Largest member of the plankton family, plenktrum were orginally dried out and sold to guitar players.

e.g., As he built to a crescendo his plenktrum flew across the strings.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

plenonym - A person's full name, including middle name(s). Used by the addressed's mother to indicate the child is in severe trouble. Plenonymous, plenonymously.

e.g., "Darwin Herbert von Ribbentrop Smythe," Eva shouted, driven in her exasperation to use his plenonym. "Get your ass in this house RIGHT NOW."

submitted by adam thorsell - (www)

plentsch - A sufficient or more than sufficient amount.

e.g., No worries, my friend; you've got plentsch cool to catch that lady's eye.

submitted by pudders - (www)

pleonastician - Someone who uses more words than needed to communicate an idea.

e.g., Joe: You're a dumb-dumb-head, Nos. Nostradramus: Quiet, insolent pleonastician.

submitted by that_baby_ate_my_dingo - (www)

pleonexia - “Pleonexia — (Plē-ō-nĕx´-ia) — the insatiable desire for more; a condition of deep dissatisfaction with what one has; seeking fulfillment through the acquisition of possessions, prestige, or power.”


“Besides being a great word that’s a lot of fun to say, pleonexia is an insightful description of much of modern culture — including church culture — in the United States.  At an individual level, people organize their entire lives around getting — getting homes, jobs, money, cars, clothes, (in my case, books), toys, and then getting bigger, newer, fancier, costlier versions of each.  It is like a disease — which is why pleonexia is such a great word.  It sounds like a disease.

“Viral pleonexia is infecting our churches, pushing us to pursue bigger sanctuaries, bigger staffs, bigger budgets, bigger program, bigger parking lots, bigger projection screens, and even bigger egos.  No matter how much we have, we want more — even when we don’t very well manage what we already have.  Bigger is better, no matter the cost.  Money, time, energy, expertise are all aligned to expand and grow.  Size not only matters, it becomes the only thing that matters.  Pleonexia may be the swine flu of mainline Protestantism in the U.S.

“So what are some of the symptoms of the disease?  How can we diagnose pleonexia, and what can we do about it before it becomes terminal.  Let Doctor Dan offer some ‘early warning signs,’ and what can be done about them. . . .”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

plepple - A type of brainteaser that requires thinking beyond the problem, often involving a trick question or a misleading story.

e.g., A riddle like "How many animals did Moses take on the ark?" is a plepple.

submitted by hiveman

plete - The state of being full (of food).

e.g., She ate too much and then went and did it again, thus becoming replete.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

plevil - Evil, by way of pleather pants. A TV villain in leather pants is full-fledged evil, but one in pleather implies faux evil or plevilness. Usually black pleather.

e.g., On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season two, Angel was evil and wore black leather pants. For season three, Faith was ambiguous. She wore black pleather as a sign of her plevilness.

submitted by Holli

plexi - A person who imitates what another person does. Comes from plexiglass -- wannabe glass that's really plastic.

e.g., He is a plexi and has set out to be just like you.

submitted by Bananas

plexie-glass - Plexiglass. Other ytpoes in Raygun's comment will be ignored.

e.g., Raygun: So the Hillary wants to debate the Donald, I hope she gets her chance.  
… the debate will probaly have to be thrue one inch of plexie-glass in prison.

submitted by Miss Speller for Raygun - (www)

plick - To lick one's lips visibly.

e.g., He finished the crisps and repeatedly plicked.

submitted by Katey

plicorice - Fake licorice, such as Twizlers. Suggested by "pleather." Pleather is a common description of fake leather garments, usually made from some sort of plastic.

e.g., Red vines are the real deal, not that fake plicorice stuff.

submitted by Erica Dollinger

plidpod - By shortening, in the future, a "political party." so to speak. Somewhat of a great improvement.

e.g., The plidpod, actually, is not in opposition to another or other plidpods. It is a unified whole, cooperative, effective, sensible, even rational or logical. How refreshing compared to the old days of contentious political parties. (ugh).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

plig, plog, pliggen - Complain, object, disagree, argue, oppose.

e.g., The Crown's barrister will plig the case now in a fortnight. The condemned plog that the prison had insufficient entertainment facilities. Me mither-in-law has pliggen that she doesn't like being stuck in an old folks home.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pliggy - Resembling a polygamist's wife in dress or grooming. Usually means very long hair, no makeup, and severely modest clothing. (Utah slang)

e.g., You really need to get a haircut. You're starting to look a little pliggy.

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

plightness - A level of attitude conveyed outwardly in response to a stressful ordeal or plight.

e.g., Kenny acted with such plightness towards everyone after being evicted from his apartment.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

plike - A child's short term for "pretend." Derived from the two words "play" and "like" said fast.

e.g., Jody and I would plike we were truck drivers with our little bottle cars and trucks.

submitted by Margaret Ettman

plimsoll - (Rhymes with SLIM-ball; n.) A person's level of stress; that is, how overwhelmed they are.

[From the line drawn on a ship to show how deep it should ride in the water when fully loaded. Any deeper, and the ship is in danger of being swamped and of sinking.]

e.g., Using "plimsoll" for level of stress is similar to using "temper" for intensity of anger. "Temper" compares a person's ability to control his frustration to the resilience of iron or steel. Someone who "shatters" at little provocation has a "bad temper." Like "temper," "plimsoll" compares a person's ability to handle stress to how low a fully laden ship should float. The plimsoll of someone close to "breaking" under stress is "low" or "sinking": in a word "bad."

For example:
1. "Look, the poor guy is pale and shaky, he's not eating, and I could swear he was crying earlier. He's got a really low plimsoll."
2. "Wow, you look terrible! Is it the debate? How's your plimsoll?" "Fathoms down. I'm petrified."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

plinking - To fire a 22-caliber weapon at metal cans. Popular form of male recreation in the American South.

e.g., Many good marksmen learned their shooting skills by plinking as kids.

submitted by Stephen Mize

plint - The ink and lint combination stuck on the end of a ball point pen.

e.g., Your pen has plint on the end of it.

submitted by Scott L.

plish - The word "plish" is a technique for blowing up a balloon. It is blowing up a balloon while your hand is on the other end of it generally for the purpose of pressure monitoring so one will know when to stop blowing it.

e.g., Corinne was plishing her balloons for her friend's birthday party.

submitted by Thomas Allwein

ploaf - Used for a culinary disaster. Can also be ploaved, ploafing, ploafer.

e.g., Gee Billy, you sure did ploaf those french fries. They are really burnt.

submitted by Katie

plob - A piece of used blu-tack, left on a doorframe, mantle, etc.--ready for the next time it's needed.

e.g., Why are there never any plobs when I need one?

submitted by TwigletQueen - (www)

ploc - Expresses acknowledgement of one's own utter stupidity. Can be applied in a wide range of contexts, ranging from simple typos to being in a situation where one could be exposed to freak emu accidents.

e.g., Jimmy: What's a yurt? Sounds like an alpine milk-bearing animal to me. Billy: Jimmy, it's a felt tent. Idiot. Jimmy: Ah, sorry. Am ploc.

submitted by Graeme and Emily

plocky - Broken or messed up in an inconvenient or uncomfortable way. Plocktified: to become plocky. Prefix: plockto-mobile.

e.g., My sock got plocky inside my shoe, so I had to take the shoe off and fix it. "I'm not riding in that plockto-mobile! The seats are all plocky from fast food garbage!"

submitted by Mark Phillips

plod - Police. In a vehicle. Originally British.

e.g., Bollocks! The plod just flashed his cherries at us.

submitted by kirsten

plogged - Plugged or clogged.

e.g., That darn sink is plogged again.

submitted by ben

ploister - to wander, meander, bum around

e.g., "we didn't have to be there till 6, so we ploistered around town for an hour."

submitted by skeezix - (www)

plokta - Press Lots Of Keys To Abort' Used heavily in the early days of computing.

e.g., PLOTKA. That always seems to work.

submitted by devgoat

plom - An irregularly shaped plum. ("When all else fails, lower your standards." Anonymous.)

e.g., Sue, look at that excuse for a plum. It's a disgrace to the very ground that we walk on. Sue points to shivering plum. "You sicken!"

submitted by Daniel

plonk - To announce that you are ignoring someone electronically. From talk.bizarre on usenet, meaning the sound of an unruly newbie being added to a killfile. A plonker is one who deserves plonking.

e.g., You're so fulla crap. I'm never reading another line of your drivel. Plonk.

submitted by Gregory Bloom

plonk - Cheap wine, derogatory. Plonk bar, plonk shop. Plonk-up = party. Plonked-up = intoxicated. First World War vintage -- a soundalike for the French word for wine, "blanc." Australian variations for white wine, "vin blanc": "vin blank," "von blink," "point blank," and "plinketty plonk." Madman's soup, ving blong. From Michael Quinion.

e.g., Oh, drop by the plonk shop and buy a bottle of wine to take to Chris's party. No need to spend money on good wine. He won't know the difference.

submitted by HD Fowler

plonticulate - to sit in one spot for long periods of time.

e.g., "i've got nothing to do this weekend. I think i'll plonticulate in front of the TV for a while."

submitted by Joel

ploofy - Especially puffy, fluffy, and poofy at the same time.

e.g., My pillow was soft and ploofy.

submitted by Mimi

plook - A Scottish zit.

e.g., Look at the size of that plook on the end of your nose.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ploop - (n) The liquid that comes from the straw when you put your drink down too fast. (v) To create ploop.

e.g., I put down my slushie so fast that I plooped a girl two rows ahead of me.

submitted by bluetshirt

ploop - 1. The sound used to symbolize the sound a faucet makes when it's dripping, even if it really doesn't make such a sound 2. A small drop or amount

e.g., 1. The room was so quiet, all you could hear was the ploop the faucet made. 2. I put a ploop of pond water under the microscope.

submitted by Ray

plork - Dutch abreviation of: very beautiful body, hideous face.

e.g., Plorks are plentiful tonight.

submitted by andries

plosslot - Loss of plot to such an extent that the phrase can't be said correctly.

e.g., Rod succumbed to plosslot again yesterday. This time he forgot where his desk was.

submitted by nigel

plot hole - A gap in a storyline of some sort that leaves an insane amount of loose ends dangling. A term used in a scenario to take out a character for no reason other than the author wants to. Used in narration for this scenario.

e.g., Argh! Why did they have to leave a 100-year plot hole between those two games? Now we'll never know what happened between them. Or... "Plot hole opens, Terry falls in. The story continues with Linda and Rick talking about school..."

submitted by Aurora

plot-loss - Losing your train of thought. Getting sidetracked and forgetting where the story was going.

e.g., Henry Rollins had some severe plot-loss during a story about Crispin Glover and hotel telephones.

submitted by zenmutant

plub - Not quite a club, not quite a pub.

e.g., The Peel Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, has the feel of a club but the look of a pub, but if you're not in the mood for either, then this place is the ideal plub.

submitted by Steve Hanning

pluffy - A combination of the words plump and fluffy. (Doug Fanberg: The word came out of my mom's mouth one day and has been attributed to her ever since.)

e.g., Oh, look at the pluffy clouds.

submitted by Nairnne Fanberg

plug and pray - "when you add hardware to a Windows computer, the hope that it Windows recognizes it and it works"

e.g., The installation of the sound card includes a little plug and pray that Windows can find it

submitted by Michael Dodge

plug-inski - "something that uses a template or formula, therefore minimizing the amount of brain-effort required for the task."

e.g., ""Here's the new content, here's the template to use -- it's plug-inski."

submitted by susan

plugfoot - The intense feeling of pain in your foot when stepping on the pins of a plug (UK) whilst walking around in the dark.

e.g., Ow, ow, I have plugfoot. I've stepped on that plug again.

submitted by guillermo

pluh - General term for not having a response; response to anything.

e.g., So a cop goes, "Do you know how fast you were going, son?" "Pluh."

submitted by Veto Bendover

plum line - The shortest distance between political support and a pay-off. Not to be confused with "plumb line" which creates a right angle. The plum line creates a wrong angle.

e.g., Great Caesar, Ignatz! What are the chances? Congressman Jones, one of the swing votes in the Late Cliff-hanger, happens to have a brother who just got appointed to a federal judgeship! What a plum line!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

plumber's crack - The term used to describe someone's ass-crack showing above her pants, usually when bending down. Called "plumber's crack" due to the high amount of overweight plumbers in Australia who cannot get shorts to fit them.

e.g., Hehe, get a look at his plumber's crack. His stubbies are wayyy too small. (Stubbies are an Australian brand of shorts.)

submitted by Kylie

plumber's plaster - Quick dry plaster that's specially made for sealing plumber's crack.

e.g., Whilst the plumber was fixing some pipes underneath the sink, I grabbed the plaster and poured it down his huge gaping crack, sealing it up.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

plumbered - To hurt someone badly.

e.g., Chris is the biggest bully in 8th grade. He just plumbered Billy E, a 4th grader.

submitted by jake rocks

plumbob - A diamond of a different color depending on mood, hovering over a Sims head at all times unless removed by BoolProp.

e.g., The plumbob is green, so he is in a good mood.

submitted by Robert

plumduffin - Someone who acts unnaturally sweet to get something from you or take advantage of you. Derived from the English naval pudding dish "plum duff." Alt.: figgydowdy.

e.g., Trey: Your mom is chillin'. Tyrone: Nah, she's just plumduffin cuz she's out of ciggies and doesn't want to go to the store.

submitted by Busta Shoelace

plumetrog - plumetrog - (Rhymes with ROOM-eh-dog, but can be pronounced with a French accent like "plus-metro" if you want an air of philosophical ennui; n.) 1. The ineluctable truths of science in light of their astonishing eluctability. (adj.) 2. Of or pertaining to the malleability of scientifically or statistically derived "facts." [From_plume_"feather" +_trog_(q.v.) "troglodyte." --- from the fact that, when I was in school (back in the 60s), dinosaurs were torpid lizards with scaly skin; they most certainly did not have feathers. Similarly, Neanderthals were still our ancestors and looked like fuzzy gorillas who wore no clothes. These certainties have gone the way of the dodo recently, since many dinosaurs "plainly" had feathers, were probably warm blooded, and were not torpid at all. The troglodyte Neanderthals now have nothing to do with us, wore clothes made out of skins, and were no hairier than my brother-in-law, who looks nothing at all like a gorilla. I understand that the Milky Way is much bigger than we thought it was, that the "slaves" of Khufu were actually well-cared-for and willing workers, and so forth and so on and on.][P.S. Since I wrote this, Neanderthals, it has been established, intermarried with our Cro-Magnon progenitors, and therefore ARE our ancestors. Shortly thereafter, however, this notion was completely refuted by certain findings which have now themselves been called into question---so I have no idea whether the scientific community plans to lay a place for the Neanderthals at the next family reunion. Oh! And the feathered dinosaurs, which, last decade, were the ancestors of birds, aren't their ancestors anymore, since birds and feathered dinosaurs coexisted, apparently.]

e.g., You know, Pasteur's germ theory of disease was openly mocked by the medical community. A paradigmatic plumetrog.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

plummage - To plummage: the act of plumbing the depths.

e.g., He plummaged, but was then able to recover.

submitted by Sam Lusk

plummobile - A van specially designed for plumbers: two seats in the front and a large area in the back to store plumbers' tools, pipes etc.

e.g., Been to the car auctions last week, won a 1984 Mitsubishi plummobile for $300. Plenty of room in the back. Isn't she a beauty?

submitted by Aussie Bloke

plumpkin - A well-rounded relative.

e.g., Good Gawd, Cousin Bertha -- don't wear that overly tight orange jumpsuit to the party tonight! Everyone will think that you're just a simple, country plumpkin!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

plumptious - Scrumptious (very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; splendid) but plump. It's almost surprising to me that this doesn't already appear in dictionaries as a word. (It probably does, but I haven't run across it.) ~Fattractive. In some of the examples I found of its use, it plainly means simply plump -- or even fat.

e.g., The Purple Diva: "After the discussions of the offensiveness of number one, they backtracked and actually dug (aptly. . .) themselves a deeper hole by saying 'actually, you are 'plumptious' and not fat'!!! Whatever you call it, actually it means the same . . . FAT. Colour the word how you like (but not orange . . . orange fat equals oompa loompa!): voluptuous, curvy, plumptious, ample -- they all equal FAT!! So I remain offended but decide to take action.  
"Oh, and whilst we are on the subject . . . WHY OH WHY do people say 'you look well,' when you know damn well that what they really mean is, 'you look FAT,' or 'you look like you’ve put on weight.' I know perfectly well what they mean, and what they’re thinking . . . no, I’m not paranoid and YES I know my bum looks big in that, without having to ask." |  
It was hardly surprising to see that she had put on a bit of weight over the past 30 years. What was surprising, though, was how plumptious she was. | Plumptious as she was, she was surprisingly lissome. A contradiction if ever there was one. | "If at any point you think her descriptions of 'plumptious' cranberries, 'juicy, shapely' pears or 'lovely and firm' meringues may have a second meaning, down a shot. We reckon she’s talking about her nipples." | "Back in the nineteen-forties or fifties, two plumptious sisters (as I like to imagine them) posed for a photograph in their Sunday best." | "After years of trying to squeeze my plumptious derriere into skinny jeans and pencil skirts, the hourglass figure is back in fashion." | "Plumptious Lolita is doing all the local whores out of business by servicing every sad bloke in town -- for free." | "Their utterly charming, and incredibly knowledgeable staff bring huge platters of fish to each table (look away if you’re squeamish) and entice you with promises of grilled sea bass, plumptious snapper, huge turbot and fresh lobster." | "The plumptious lad had debunked to Serbia, taken singing lessons, and then asked five girls from the perfume despartment of Belgrade Selfridge's to back him up while performing the Serbs' debut ESC entry as an independent nation." | Her plumptious cheeks? Did you say her plumptious cheeks? What's that all about? | "I'm naturally plumptious, and a stress eater too — I've done a lot of it this past winter!" | "In reality, Lucinda and her two best friends, the plumptious Katherine and the rambunctious Amanda run a small sandwich business in London." | "Won't be long, now, until pheasant shooting begins and the hedgerow blackberries are plumptious and tempting." | "Oh, and did you notice that he is rather plumptious (fat is a swear word in this house!)? Too much stuffing can do that you know."  
From Wordnik:

  • "She has the kind of plumptious breasts and thighs beloved of cartoonist Robert Crumb."
    Evening Standard - Home

  • "Mind you, I saw a lissom backside in a sari here and there, and a few pairs of plumptious bouncers hanging out of low corsages, and thought to myself, there's a few here who'd repay care and attention - and they'd probably be glad of it, too, for a more sawn-off and runty collection than their menfolk I never did see."
    Flashman's Lady

  • "On the first floor are several plumptious bedrooms, and a little staircase leading to the second floor, where the children's rooms are, plus a small home gym."
    Top stories from Times Online

  • "Just work at it and you fortysomething pluses can retain a plumptious, fecund look well into middle age."
    Eye on Britain

  • "He must be defeated by the tattifelariousness of the plumptious Prince Ken of Knotty Ash!"
    The Independent

"Til in the end Dadidges, sick of his fadidges, 
let this little lad have his way; 
And smug faced McCafferty, happy as dafferty, 
ate jamidges three times a day! 
But poor little ladidges, ever so sadidges, 
grew HUGE and despite shrill appeals; 
From plumptious McCafferty, ton and a halferty, 
they roll him to school now on wheels..."  
© Sullivan the Poet 2011

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

plumptress - A term of endearment describing a promiscuous, curvy, and attractive woman, slightly heavier than she should be. Similar to a temptress, a plumptress has all of the same characteristics, and is perfectly at ease with her weight and curves. A plumptress is a very confident person, and is not backward when it comes to going forward. A plumptress will believe that she is able to have what she wants when she wants, and is liable to draw in or "trick" a man into doing something he will regret when he is sober.

e.g., I wish Mike would see through this plumptress -- she is tearing this family apart.

submitted by Irving Swain

plunketygeb - A word to say when you don't what to say.

e.g., "Oh, plunketygeb!"

submitted by Jennifer

pluntan - A fake suntan.

e.g., Suntan cream will give you a pluntan.

submitted by David Kuling

plur - Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. From the movie Groove.

e.g., When extending a kindness to someone in need, say "Plur." If you're asked what it means, spread the love.

submitted by jon

plural bus soon numb - If you have to change buses several times to get somewhere, it's not long before you start feeling all worn out. Cf., maybe, e pluribus unum.

e.g., Sometimes when grandfather comes to visit from pretty far away he is glad to arrive and quaff firewater . . . if he plural bus soon numb.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

plurance - Collective term for plurals.

e.g., The animals aboard Noah's Ark could only be listed in plurance.

submitted by O Turner

plurethora - A plethora of plurarities; an unmeasurable excess.

e.g., When Briony's complaints reached a strident plurethora, Roger cried, "Enough!"

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

plurnesajumamerven - Word which contains abreviated the names of 8 planets of the solar system( Earth is missing). Making referance to them in a work using this word it's easier than to enumerate all of them.

e.g., Plurnesajumamerven will suffer in the close future a radical change in positional aspect.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

plurp - Yet another nonsensical quasi-curse word. Often used in multiple forms, such as "plurpitudinal", "plurp off", or "plurping ka-pwang".

e.g., "Plurp! My computer just crashed again!"

submitted by keyla

plus one - Adjective used for positive emphasis. Similar to "very good." Also written as +1. (From Dungeons & Dragons, where better versions of weapons become +1 and up: e.g., +1 mace, +2 greatsword, etc.)

e.g., Mmmm, this is plus one pie.

submitted by SofaMan

plus onions - Used to add emphasis on how good something was; it just makes it that much better.

e.g., The play was sweet plus onions.

submitted by Lester Oaks

plus-sized - Fat.

e.g., Chris isn't plus-sized. She's fat.

submitted by HD Fowler

plush - 1. To be wealthy, to have a great deal of disposable income 2. For something that must have cost a lot or looks lie it cost a lot or is just generally admired and accepted as being top notch.

e.g., 1. That brother with the BMW and the white silk shirt is frontin' the plush. He got no money. 2. Those new Nike kicks are plush.

submitted by Brian

plusqueparfait - Delicious ice cream dish.

e.g., Her Hagandjerry's was plusqueparfait.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

plustard - A loser or undesirable person.

e.g., Chris is always by himself; he's definitely a plustard.

submitted by The Travster

pluto - (v.) to reclassify an object or person to a different group after it has been in another group for a significant period of time. (n.) some person or object so reclassified.

e.g., I was her steady for over a year, but then I got plutoed to "friend." | "You're not really young enough for this kind of rock climbing anymore, you know." "Yeah, just call me pluto."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

plutoed - To be unceremoniously relegated to a much lower position without adequate reason or explanation.

e.g., Company CEO Greg walked into office on Monday morning only to cruelly learn that he had been plutoed by the Board to Head of Office Administration.

submitted by Cecl Pinto

plutography - Passionate, pandering, intensely scrutinized and fascinated observation of the activities of the very rich in the press. From Tom Wolfe's 80s zeitgeist novel _Bonfire of the Vanities_.

e.g., Donald Trump on the front page of the Times again is just so much plutography.

submitted by Joel Parker

plutoid -

© Michael Quinion -- Humongous: [T]he class name for Pluto and another distant object, Eris. The formal definition of a plutoid is of a celestial body in orbit around the sun at a distance greater than that of Neptune that has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a near-spherical shape and has not cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.

e.g., Had Pluto been discovered when you were in school, Opa. Which were you taught it was, a planet or a plutoid?

submitted by HD Fowler

plutonym - A name adopted to suggest great wealth or greed.

e.g., Members of the activist group Billionaires for Bush use humorous plutonyms such as Iona Lott, N. Ron Graft, and Seymour Benjamins.

submitted by Howard J. Wilk - (www)

plysu - A situation where, under repeated questioning, somebody's previous mental state changes as a direct result of the questioning.

e.g., A: Are you ok? B: Yes, fine. A: Are you sure? B: Yes. A: No, seriously, are you ok? B: Yes. A: Are you sure? B: Dammit! Stop asking me. I've already told you. A: Ah, you're not okay at all. B: Look, it's just a plysu thing.

submitted by max beesley - (www)

pmd - People of Mass Destruction. 23 May 2004 The New York Times.


The Search For P.M.D.'s - New York Times: Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry. reported last week that the F.B.I. had alerted law enforcement offices around America to be on the lookout for possible suicide bombers. Police forces were told to keep an eye out for people wearing bulky overcoats in the heat of summer, people with electric wires sticking out of their clothing, or people smelling of chemicals. Personally, if I see someone trailing electric wires, I am definitely calling the cops.

Unfortunately, such bizarre warnings could be the first of many, because while we have not found any W.M.D. in Iraq, we have found there a disturbing number of P.M.D.'s ? people of mass destruction. Consider the car-bombing murder in Baghdad on Monday of Ezzedine Salim, the Shiite politician and president of the Iraqi Governing Council. According to news reports, Mr. Salim was in a five-car convoy of Nissan Patrols waiting in a line of cars to enter the Green Zone, the secure American complex in the heart of Baghdad. Suddenly, a Volkswagen Passat jumped out of the line of cars, raced toward Mr. Salim's vehicle and blew up next to it, incinerating everything in the area.

submitted by HD Fowler

pmd - Paid (or Paying) My Dues.

e.g., He said, "Never again going to be another person’s slave, never again going to take abuse at work or home ... PMD."

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

pmddsing - The combination of PMDD (PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome). It is worse than either by itself.

e.g., Just don't even try to talk to Christine. She's ripping her hair out.... Yeah, PMDDSing.

submitted by Amber

pmht - A way of apologising for dumping your own personal hashtags on someone else's property. This includes forum, webpages, social etc. It can also be written as #pardonmyhashtag.

e.g., I'm really sorry for posting on your site but I've just got some new designs on my website. #BuyMyStuff #pardonmyhashtag #PMHT

submitted by Pete Clark - (www)

pms - To bitch, moan, gripe, in a particularly feminine way; associated with a woman's state of mind during her menstrual period.

e.g., My wife couldn't stop complaining -- she was PMSing all night.

submitted by Andrew

pms - Post Mall Syndrome. When you've been stuck at the mall for way too long and you're in a really bad mood because of it.

e.g., I was stuck at the mall this weekend and I had to stand around for three hours waiting for a ride. I had a terrible case of PMS by the time I got out of there.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

pms - Post Marital Syndrome: A varied group of physical and psychological symptoms, including nightly debilitating headaches, permanent irritability, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression which commence seconds following a signing a marriage certificate and cease shortly after divorce or death.

e.g., I can't do it tonight. I have PMS so my head hurts and I am tired.

submitted by Karen Brick

pneaumataphoria - The sensation a person experiences when breathing in a lungful of fresh air . . . be it mountain or sea air.

e.g., Upon reaching the beach, and after five hours stuck inside the car, we stepped outside and took a deep breath. I turned to my friend and said, "How do you feel?" to which he replied, "Pneaumataphoric, my friend, a definite feeling of pneaumataphoria."

submitted by matt n' that

pneumaplasm - The invisible but perceptible field of influence that living things and humans have that can affect their surroundings.

e.g., The pneumaplasm of John F. Kennedy was such that many sensed when he was present in the room without actually seeing him there.

submitted by MrHobbit

pneumatofagist - 1. A technical term for a smoker who prefers to draw smoke (pneuma) through the mouth (eat = fagein) rather than the lungs. 2. A scientific term for the kinds of black holes that have a preference for eating gas clouds, such as the one in the center of the Milky Way.

e.g., "A pneumatofagist gas cloud on its way towards the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Centre", (12 authors) doi:10.1038/nature10652.

submitted by Lord Evil

pneumatophilia - 1. A pathological addiction to vapours, f.ex. observing or emitting vapours. 2. A similar addiction to unrealistic dreams and fantasies, often to an unsound degree.

e.g., Moe is sitting explaining his pneumatophiliac plans for his future.

submitted by Lord Evil

pneumonia hole - During winter, a door that leads to the outside, generally left cracked or completely open by others who don't have to stay and feel its effects. When left open for extended periods, may cause others to get sick (e.g., pneumonia).

e.g., Shut that dang pneumonia hole. It's freezin' in here.

submitted by Doctory Yo

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconeosis - Disease caused by breathing volcanic gases.

e.g., "Where's Fred?" "He's in hospital -- he's got pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconeosis."

submitted by Jacob

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - A lung disease caused by the inhalation of silica and ash dust. Why is this word so long when there are two other names for it, one as short as silicosis.

e.g., After visiting a rubber volcano, Guy came down with a serious case of pneumonosilicovolcanoconiosis.

submitted by Roman Lee - (www)

png - Persona Non Grata.

e.g., Ever since he laughed milk out his nose, Bill has been PNG at dinners.

submitted by Aukai

pnigophobia - A fear of choking.

e.g., "I suffer from pnigophobia." "What's that?" "A fear of choking." "Isn't it normal to be afraid of choking?" "Well, with phobias, you're always talking about abnormal fears. I obsess about choking."

submitted by HD Fowler

pnume - 1. To change a discussion to something unrelated to the current topic, especially referring to an online forum thread. 2. The process of getting a discussion off-topic by posting unrelated information on a forum thread.

e.g., The forum topic was pnumed by someone talking about his bad day.

submitted by Kevin N. Weinhold

po po's - Slang for police or the fuzz.

e.g., You better run -- the po po's are after you.

submitted by Represent_CA

po' - A temporary state of non-debilitating poverty; anytime you're really watching your budget.

e.g., When I was po' in college, my boyfriend paid for dinners. Now that he's unemployed and po', I pay.

submitted by SamX

po'd - An amalgamation of "pissed off" and "peak oil," a term used to express frustration with the economic and social impact of tightening global oil supplies.

e.g., I am really PO'd right now about the expense of commuting to work. After sitting around and being PO'd at the world for a year, Patty decided it was time to plant a garden in her backyard.

submitted by Bill Glenn

po'fectionist - A writer poor in spelling and punctuation who refuses all editing. Also poerfectionist, a writer (usually poet) who won't change a line because "that's the way I dreamed it."

e.g., I hate grading his papers; he's such a po'fectionist that he ignores the comments.

submitted by John Horvath - (www)

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