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paloferous - Said of a person who plays ten sports.

e.g., "Did you know that your neighbor is paloferous?" "No ... should I call the authorities?"

submitted by hilow

palomine o - In politics, a "golden" personal work horse, proven to be so completely dedicated and loyal that he is willing to do anything, including taking full blame for the politician's worst mistakes.

e.g., The high-ranking politician found himself cornered, beset on all sides and running out of bullets until his trusty, old palomine o came galloping to his rescue.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

palooka - Sports slang. An incompetent or easily defeated player, especially a prize fighter. Coined by Jack Conway (1886-1928), American journalist.

e.g., I'll tell you what--he got knocked out in the 3rd round like he was a palooka.

submitted by Jacob Esparza

palookatheorem - A theorem developed during a fight.

e.g., Rocky had a palookatheorem about letting the other guy keep hitting him in order to let him wear himself out.

submitted by John Namest - (www)

paltrymony - This word describes the amount of child-care left by a dead-beat ex-husband, who moves around avoiding accountability to the court order to pay up; and then, when finally caught and forced to become accountable, has the bad taste to actually die, penniless -- making him a "double-dead-beat dad."

e.g., Chris died a "double-dead-beat dad" who was famous for the paltrymony he grudgingly provided while living, and for having the bad taste to die rather than pay his child-care arrears.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

palum- - Prefix. Meaning that the word being modified is taken to the extreme.

e.g., Washing dishes for your occupation would make you palumpoor.

submitted by Macro - (www)

palusade - From the Latin "palus" or marsh, a decorative or constructed bog or marsh in an urban environment.

e.g., Between the Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Garden Center is a bog or palusade constructed many years ago by the Men's Garden Club.

submitted by Gerre

pamnesia - An undiagnosable condition named for TV and radio personality Pam Stone, wherein one tries to change TV channels with a beer can while attempting to drink from the remote control.

e.g., I bought groceries while I was out and picked up some goldfish for my son's tank. When I tried to show him his new fish, they were nowhere to be found. They were discovered in the freezer, next to my Haggen-Daas. What a freakin' bad time to have pamnesia.

submitted by Lee Traxler - (www)

pamplonage - The false sense of optimism stockbrokers exhibit just before the market tanks.

e.g., Bull, that's just pamplonage designed to get investors to shell out more money for their fleecing.

submitted by David Duimstra

panama - (n.) A woman (or man) who acts as she if unaware of her obvious effect on members of the other sex; (v.) to affect such obliviousness; (adj.) of or pertaining to such an affectation. (From the Latin hic pannus "this [old] rag" -- after the stereotypical, ostensibly self-effacing response to a compliment on one's clothes).

e.g., "Gretchen, I. . . ." "Why are you sweating so bad?" "Gretchen, we've been together now for. . . ." "Why are you kneeling?" "Oh, come on, Gretch, don't give me the panama, I'm proposing!" | "So, what did he say? Why do women always want to talk to him?" "He says he didn't notice." ". . . You gotta be kidding! What a panama."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

panchymagogue - "Medicine purging body fluids from the body." From -- which no longer exists.

e.g., "I can't believe you tongue-kissed Chris -- here, you'll need this panchymagogue."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pancipacious - One who acts as if she is willing and eager to meet, go out with, or otherwise see you ... and then does not.

e.g., All the girls we met this year turned out to be pancipacious.

submitted by daniel

pandanous - Fairly average or boring.

e.g., My weekend was pretty pandanous.

submitted by kyeron

pandastard - The illegitimate offspring from the congress of a woman and a panda.

e.g., That feature news lady on NBC is a total pandastard.

submitted by Charles Bozonier

pandemocramps - A very contagious condition spread every 4 years (prezlekt).

e.g., Pandemocramps cause your gut to hurt, headache, nausea -- relieved by avoiding all things political, fresh oxygen, and eventually vote, vote for the most fatherly candidate, who is wise and sweet.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

panderise - Too study too hard, so that your eyes get black circles and your skin becomes pale from spending too much time indoors.

e.g., Bob was very stressed during the exam period and he became panderised.

submitted by Lozza

pandesicate - When a well funded, aggressively marketed and widely touted start-up goes belly-up despite the silver spoon in its mouth. Also known as "Kennedyfication."

e.g., Oh! Looks like just pandesicated. Their homepage is showing the "sorry we burnt all our money" message. Guess all that funding from wasn't enough.

submitted by philip - (www)

pandic attack - The moment when the Chinese food you ate for lunch "hits" your digestive system and you have TO GO RIGHT NOW.

e.g., I don't think that eggroll agreed with me; I can feed a pandic attack coming on.

submitted by Martin

pandle - (v.) 1. To panhandle (i.e., beg). [An odd criscoid (q.v.) mush of "panhandle" that came out when I was trying to say the word the other day (actually, I was trying to remember "panhandler" and "pandler" came out.)] Note: I created the term while thinking of the verb "panhandling," not the noun "panhandle," which means "a long strip of territory connected to the main part of a town, territory, province, state, county, country, etc."; I don't have a problem with the word also becoming a replacement for the territorial noun ... so, (n.) 2. A territorial panhandle, like "the Oklahoma Pandle," or "the Alaska Pandle."

e.g., I felt terrible, since I'd spent all my cash at the movie and had no change left at all for the poor pandlers outside the theater. || Everything to the west of Hancock, Maryland, is the Maryland Pandle. || The Mexican state of Tamaulipas has a panhandle alongside the Texas counties of Hidalgo, Starr, Zapata, and Webb.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pandora's cube - This word refers to a problem employee's workspace, which all who know anything about this person (I will not reveal the gender, she's a secret.) avoid like the plague. An amazing amount of random activity -- weird noises and strange e-mails -- emanate from that space. All tread lightly in her vicinity.

e.g., Gwen, you're new here, so a word to the wise. See that space over there? Yeah, the humming space. That's Pandora's Cube. Don't go there! I'll explain later.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pandora's nest - Okay, technically, it's a phrase, not a word. A combination of "Pandora's box" and "nest of vipers," referring to opening up a problematic and dangerous subject for discussion. A co-worker used this phrase accidentally once, and my friends and I have been using it ever since, on purpose.

e.g., Let's not have a political discussion right now. We'd just land in Pandora's nest.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

panesoterical - The state of mind where you believe you are misunderstood by everybody on the planet.

e.g., That Karen--she's really out there. She's so panesoterical nobody gets her.

submitted by Chris Duddle

panflash - (Rhymes with CAN-hash; n.) 1. A short form of "flash in the pan"; (adj.) 2. Lacking real substance, despite a big intro, and enticing harangue, or a whole bunch of publicity). [From black-powder weapons jargon: the ignition of the small charge of powder in the priming pan (the "flash") which fails, however, to ignite the powder in the barrel of the gun through the touch hole.]

e.g., It is usually more that a little embarrassing to see the publicity for an upcoming motion picture (usually animated or heavily CGI movies, and back in the 90s and 00s) which flops: real panflashes --- such as Krull (back in the 80s), Thumbellina (in the 90s(?)), Van Helsing (00s), and so on.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

panfrytheism - Belief that the gods can be found through the stovetop, the right cookware, and a little good oil.

e.g., Sarah didn't go to a conventional church, but pursued her panfrytheism enthusiastically in her kitchen with a decent no-stick, thick bottom skillet and olive oil.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

panhassling - Aggressive panhandling.

e.g., A guy on Haight Street started panhassling me, but I just walked away.

submitted by Bill Jennings - (www)

panic mechanic - A psychiatrist, psychologist, or other professional whose mission is to save people from their own neuroses, "issues," and insecurities.

e.g., Mom's about to flip out. Call her panic mechanic.

submitted by nitag - (www)

paninate - Combination of "panic" and "burninate." To panic so much that you end up breaking something, usually by running into it, falling over it, and so forth, or somehow setting fire to something.

e.g., When Bob couldn't find his dog in the house at dinner time, he paninated and knocked the flambe over, setting fire to the dinner table.

submitted by Sin

panjandrous - Enormously hungry -- to be used when the old word "hungry" just won't do as it doesn't even come close to expressing how hungry you are.

e.g., I'm panjandrously hungry after that 20-mile hike.

submitted by David lavery - (www)

pank - A word we used growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we got lots of snow. Usually refers to packing down snow but can be used for dirt, leaves, etc. | Short for painkillers. | A slang term, may be offensive if used incorrectly, for a pancreas.

e.g., 1. I had a big snow pile in front of the door, but I panked it down to get out. 2. If the snow is too soft on the snowman, pank it down some more to make it harder. | Nurse, get me some of those panks, STAT. | Dude: What's wrong with your frickin' pank? Mom: Don't use the word pank that way. Use it like a doctor would use pancreas.

submitted by Dave Sell | Maggie McFarland | star651

pannalonico - Cool, sweet, nice, or awesome. (ED. Use a little more effort to spell your words correctly and space them correctly -- otherwise, I won't correct your errors and add your entries.)

e.g., I have a pannalonico club.

submitted by anna

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