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perfunctional - Able to perform in a functional way.

e.g., We need to repair the car so that it becomes perfunctional again.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

perfused - 1. N. The state of being both perplexed and confused. 2. Adj. Expression of a confused state.

e.g., JimBob looked perfused when it was explained to him that naked tractor riding was not a good idea.

submitted by bertthebigyellowdog

pergal - A rectangular box with a lid for storing milk bottles.

e.g., Make sure the milkman knows to put the milk in the pergal and shut the lid so those pesky birds don't peck through the foil tops.

submitted by Colin Taffel

perhapsably - Something that is less than likely. A combination of perhaps and possibly. Usually used as a one word answer to an annoying request.

e.g., Q: Mommy, can you take us to see Barney on Ice? A: Perhapsably.

submitted by Scott Marchus

pericoital dysnomia - During an intimate event, addressing one's lover by a name other than her own.

e.g., Julie wept as she handed him the divorce papers, which cited pericoital dysnomia as the grounds. It didn't help when he then hissed, "You won't get one red cent from me, Stephanie."

submitted by adam thorsell

pericumbobulation - Pain.

e.g., I'm sorry to have caused you such pericumbobulation

submitted by Numfar

perilments - More than one peril moment and its many dramas rolled into one.

e.g., There are many questions that linger in my soul but the many perilments of my heart do not know how long to keep on going.

submitted by Nyssa

perimenomancy - The art of predicting the future by waiting to see what happens.

e.g., It's easy to criticise with the gift of perimenomancy.

submitted by Doctor Eelpout

periomma - Punctuation used to to separate sentences.

e.g., That's not a semicolon, it's a periomma.

submitted by Colby

peripathetic - Moving with a shuffling or shambling gait.

e.g., The stoned homeless person was truly peripathetic.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

peripheral artillery disease - A friend misspoke in a telephone conversation yesterday and referred to PAD, peripheral artery disease, as peripheral artillery disease. A not surprising slip of the tongue for a retired artillery colonel. He's probably said the word "artillery" many more times than he's said the word "artery." To give his version of PAD a definition: In World War II, if you were unprotected and a 50mm mortar shell hit next to you, you usually suffered peripheral artillery disease and were soon at room temperature.

e.g., "What did Press die of?" "Peripheral artillery disease." "He died from it? I thought the worst that could happen was really severe pain." "Not if it's caused by a 50mm shell fired from a mortar. He died during The Big War, not recently. You're thinking of Little Press, Big Press's son. Little Press is still with us, but maybe not for long. Not the way he eats and drinks."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

perlude - An item that relates or refers to something else.

e.g., That letter perludes to the case

submitted by Karen

permaflood - An area of previously dry land that, due to environmental changes, has become permanently flooded. A continuation of this situation may lead to the area being designated a pond or lake.

e.g., In recent years much of the car park has suffered from a permaflood, rendering it more suitable for boats than cars.

submitted by Chris Hawkridge - (www)

permafried - The disposition a stoner develops after many years of abusing marijuana. Characterized by lack of short-term memory; confusion; slow, slurred speech; and a permanent wan smile.

e.g., Chris is permafried. All he does is walk around, amazed with everything, going "Dude!" Of course, with him, I'm not sure it was the weed.

submitted by BigAssFries

permafunk - An unpleasant, unmaskable, and tenaciously pernicious human odor, usually of bodily origin.

e.g., He would have gladly offered to help with his roommate's laundry if it were not for the permafunk which leapt from the hamper.

submitted by David Szabo

permagin - Someone who will stay a virgin forever, usually not by choice.

e.g., I'll bet you that Brandon ends up being a permagin.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

permagreived - Made to suffer grief for the rest of one's live. Parents who have suffered the death of a child will be brokenhearted for the rest their lives.

e.g., Jim and Sally were permagrieved in 1996.

submitted by Djazzgirl - (www)

permagrin - A state of being. | Appearing to be in a permanent state of grinning or smiling, despite your circumstances or state of mind.

e.g., "Chris must be extremely high. Notice her permagrin." "Yeh, I've seen that look before. She's been there, done that."

submitted by Bob

permahold - Being placed on hold for an indefinite amount of time (while listening to terrible hold music), wondering if you will ever be picked up again.

e.g., I called my insurance company today and I was left on permahold.

submitted by Chad - (www)

permanti style - Adding cole slaw and french fries to any kind of sandwich. Originating from the Permanti Bros. restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA.

e.g., Just mind your own business. I'm making my sandwich Permanti Style today.

submitted by Dave Welsch

permatary - That quick-fix temporary repair job you did around the house 14 yrs. ago is still working? That's a permatary job.

e.g., He was a jack-of-all-trades, but many of his repairs were done in permatary manner.

submitted by G.S. Wickens

permathirst - A polite way of describing a person with an alcoholic condition.

e.g., I don't like to call Chris an alcoholic, but he does seem to suffer from permathirst.

submitted by Will Howells

permavein - Someone who works out so much that she develops enlarged veins that show at all times.

e.g., If you keep doing those pushups, you're going to become a permavein.

submitted by Heather and Geoff

permissioned - To adjust the user rights of an object to allow a user access.

e.g., I have permissioned Sharon to use Dreamweaver.

submitted by Elliot Tucker - (www)

pernificant - Exceedingly average.

e.g., The team's pernicifant performance again showed they just didn't care to win, or lose.

submitted by Jay

pernt - Pertinent information.

e.g., We had to read through three paragraphs to get to the pernt.

submitted by Susan Beyer - (www)

pernt - New Orleans slang for "point."

e.g., This version of software is one pernt two. What's your pernt?

submitted by lthrbls - (www)

perotista - Person who supports the policies or platform of former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot. Play on "Peronista." Usually derogatory.

e.g., Don't mind his political claptrap; he's a Perotista.

submitted by J. Field

peroutka - Someone who is a Christian Constitutionalist.

e.g., Erik says that the Constitution doesn't have the phrase "separation of church and state." He's right, but he's still a peroutka.

submitted by Erik

perp walk - Marshals or sheriff's deputies escorting a prisoner -- parading a prisoner in front of the media.

e.g., "The camera crews call it a perp walk.   "The reason they love a good perp walk is because all they have to do is line up outside the courthouse, point and shoot while the Marshals hustle the guy, the perpetrator, out to that unmarked Crown Victoria they always have waiting down at the curb. If the cameramen are lucky, they get a shot of some jerk with cuffs on, a raincoat pulled up over his head, looking guilty as hell.   "This is what the plaintiff's bar snarls and moans about when they say their clients are getting tried in the court of public opinion. My lawyer complained about it just like everybody else. Fact is though, when I did my perp walk down at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building in Atlanta, I was guilty. Fair's fair."   Copyright 1995, Walter Sorrells, Power of Attorney |   

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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