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perceptathong - One who wears her pants low enough that her thong is visible from all sides; the visible thong sticking out from a pair of pants.

e.g., Chris doesn't need to show off her underpants that way. I think she's deliberately being a perceptathong. By the way, when did she stop wearing power knickers?

submitted by denise

percession - A persistent recession that doesn't last long enough to be a depression, but recurs after a brief upturn. (Thanks to Kyla for percessive, q.v.)

e.g., This percession keeps the economy dipping like a yoyo on a short string.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

percessive - Persistent and recessive combined. I used it once, thinking it was a real word. My Language Arts teachers obviously didn't. (ED. "Language Arts"? What we used to call "English"? Gotta be politically correct, ya know. Or is this the class for those who are so erudite they paint pictures with words?)

e.g., The percessive ringing began to get on the monkey's nerves.

submitted by Kyla

perchance - Used as a combination as "percent" and "chance."

e.g., The weatherman said that there was a 10 perchance of rain today. He's always wrong.

submitted by Alek

perchaps - A variation of "perhaps," a synonym for "maybe."

e.g., Perchaps Tina will rule the world.

submitted by matthew salernonononono

percinema - How character evolves internally in a film, as the story progresses.

e.g., The character's unrealistic percinema did not result in the film's getting good reviews. Quite the contrary.

submitted by Max Einhorn - (www)

percinticulous - Being a real arrogant bastard about something petty, and doing it with a smile on your face, a swing in your step.

e.g., I hate to be a percinticulous bastard, but you keep leaving the remote on the coffee table and not on the TV. Stop it, okay? Thanks.

submitted by Andrew Ebright

percodelic - Coffee or espresso with 2-4 shots of rum, bourbon or some other complementary hard liquor added.

e.g., Manisitever freezincold out there. Think I'ma have some percodelic foreye headout.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

percrastination - Acting with promptness.

e.g., Her precastination with percrastination countered his procrastination.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

percuburp - Percuburp is the sputtering sound the coffee pot makes when it tries to send the last of the water through to brew.

e.g., The coffee is ready, didn't you hear it percuburp?

submitted by Valerie

percuss - To skillfully play percussion instruments, usually as musical background fill-in.

e.g., Beth will percuss for the band today. She's a great percusser.

submitted by Linda O'Keefe - (www)

percussive maintainence - The suprisingly successful technique of trying to fix something by hitting it.

e.g., The TV wasn't working, but I did a bit of percussive maintainance on it and now it's fine.

submitted by BoganPatrol

percussive maintenance - The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again

e.g., If it doesn't take your money, try percussive maintenance.

submitted by Nornee

perdaughter - A replacement for the word person -- for feminists who object to the use of any word that might appear to be masculine. Same use as woperdaughter.

e.g., Did you happen to be watching The Colbert Report when a young twinkler referred to herself as "a female-bodied perdaughter"? "Seriously?" "Well, except that she didn't have my new word at her disposal. She actually said "female-bodied person." That was the first time I had seen someone wiggle her fingers downward to signal her disapproval.

submitted by Machiavellean

perdner - Combination of "pretty near" and "damn near."

e.g., I perdner lost control of my car.

submitted by Kevin Thompson

peregrin - To wander around -- especially in reference to aimless virtual wandering in cyberspace. A back formation of peregrination, which means "traveling or wandering around." No claim of originality, but I've never seen it before. Peregrinner.

e.g., Rather than spend my time reminiscing about better days, I prefer to peregrin. . . . No, that doesn't mean smiling at my children, doofus.

submitted by HD Fowler

perfect 10,000 - A perfect ten thousand, the highest pinnacle of excellence, on a scale from zero to ten thousand.

e.g., In order to appreciate the beauty of a worm who merits the score of a perfect ten thousand, it helps to be a discerning worm yourself.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

perfection bubble - A harmonious physical environment, one which is hard to find and enjoy.

e.g., Mmmmm, the Museum of Modern Art store is filled with items destined for the perfetion bubble.

submitted by Voice_of_Reason

perfeczide - To make perfect

e.g., "I perfeczide the car, so now it runs better than ever."

submitted by justin

perfico - Perfect.

e.g., "That party was perfico,"said Rachel

submitted by Kate

perfle - The tear-off strips of paper with holes in them on each side of the page used by pin-feed printers.

e.g., Some of the perfle was in the waste basket by the printer, some was hanging over the sides of the basket, but most was on the floor.

submitted by Jay H. Harris

perfliction - An affliction of models -- addicted to being perfect. Perdiction.

e.g., She's had surgery -- oh, I don't know, about seventy-eleven times -- because of her perflicitin.

submitted by [Janice Dickinson]

perflippity - Silly, effeminate behavour.

e.g., The high school girls at the mall were annoying me with their perflippity.

submitted by Joe

performacne - Pimples one gets from being nervous about a public performance.

e.g., Justin was so nervous before he sang that he got a bad case of performacne.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

performant - High performing.

e.g., My car is more performant than yours.

submitted by Nick Hodapp

perfory - The little strips of paper with holes, used to maintain alignment of paper in printers and billing machines.

e.g., Tear off the perfory before you distribute the sheets.

submitted by LenHeller

perfucked - Perfectly fucked (up). When a thing or situation has become as bad as possible, contrary to all expectations. Murphy's Law taken to an extreme.

e.g., We've wrecked the car, it's raining, my wallet's gone, and Jane just went into labor. This is perfucked.

submitted by MadDreamer - (www)

perfuct - Wonderful and really fucked up at the same time.

e.g., Your boyfriend is here? With his ex? That's perfuct.

submitted by Stealth

perfumer - One who perfumes a house -- i.e., one who sprays perfume throughout a house. Coined by 5-year-old Alec after he was asked if he might become an inventor of perfumes when he grows up. . . . Alec just turned ten, and he still enjoys perfuming.

e.g., "No, I'm going to be a perfumer."

submitted by [Alec]

perfumigate - "to douse onesself with perfume or some other type of "freshening" spray in order to mask odors such as smoke, b.o., etc."

e.g., I ate the sizzlin' platter of fajitas at Chili's and had to perfumigate before going back to the office.

submitted by atlee

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