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pennytrate - The monetary path to a politician's heart and soul.

e.g., Arguments for legislation that would improve the environment or help restore the economy fell on deaf ears. However, the phrase "large campaign contribution" would immediately pennytrate Senator Snort's consciousness and capture his vote.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pensieve - A form of mental condition where an author, writing implement in hand, is held frozen while meaningless words pass into his or her mind like water flowing through a strainer.

e.g., Drew: What's with Chumley? He's been sitting there for over an hour with a stupid expression on his face. Sue: Oh, it's that he's got a term paper due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and he's just being pensieve about it.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pentaism - The irrational and intense recurring paranoia that any given individual you interact with is a specific foe or nemesis of yours, or that anything negative which transpires in your life is due directly to this individual.

e.g., Owen has a serious case of pentaism. He almost got into a car crash the other day and he swears up and down that it's my fault even though I live two thousand miles away. Then I heard someone was talking to him on the phone and he thought it was me cracking jokes about him. Sure, I crack jokes about him all the time, but I wasn't doing it that time.

submitted by Owen

pentameter - Similar to a centameter, but with five sides.

e.g., The mayor's office decided that pentameters would be the standard unit of measure for all four-dimentional objects because those hundred-sided centameters won't work.

submitted by Phabulocity

pentraculous - Indicates something overwhelming difficult and trying.

e.g., Today has just been too pentraculous for me. I feel lying down in a ditch and dying.

submitted by Sven Dools

pentropy - Tendency of nearly all ballpoint pens to vanish from your desk after 20 minutes when you are looking elsewhere.

e.g., I would hav sent you the check yesterday but for the pentropy in the afternoon.

submitted by Henry Grellaud - (www)

peop - Short for people.

e.g., Call the rest of the peop and see if they want to go with us.

submitted by Elaine Cooke

people pollution - The amount of people in one place at one time multiplied by the overall coefficient of smell (COS) of all the people.

e.g., While walking down the street in Las Vegas, I was overcome by people pollution.

submitted by Chris

people-churner - Silicon Valley term for a manager in an organization or corporation who remains in the same position for years while all the others reporting to him transfer, quit, or are promoted elsewhere. A n obnoxious tyrannical manager who's going nowhere organizationally.

e.g., Our Operations Manager is a real people-churner. No one else in Operations has been there a year yet and he's been there forever.

submitted by Joel Parker

people-lation - The number of inhabitants or residents of an area based on the information provided using new estimation methods such as crowd sourcing andr data exhaust models. The population numbers by the people based on the people.

e.g., In the 32nd century the population of utopia was estimated based on the last census to be only 1.5 billion. While the people-lation was clearly over 3.2 billion.

submitted by Phil - (www)

peoria - Fear of peeling too few potatos. Originally from "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams.

e.g., Her peoria at dinnertime often translated into sides of refried potatos at breakfast.

submitted by Magda Wojtyra - (www)

pep leader - A fun-loving individual, on a mission to banish sadness and boredom in all surrounding people.

e.g., Pep leader recommends massage therapy for a hangover.

submitted by Voice_of_Reason - (www)

pepilarion - Five or more days of pure happiness.

e.g., Oh, Lord, give me just one more pepilarion.

submitted by sierra english

pepperdinetemperment - Exclamation. Reflects an attitude of a meaningless sort of ennui, or a declaration to rid oneself of this ennui.

e.g., Beth: This movie just got really good. Seth: I think it's cause we're stoned. Beth. Yeah, I think you're right. (pause) Together: Pepperdinetemperment! (Laughter)

submitted by kurt - (www)

pepperocrastination - Eating everything around the last piece of pepperoni on the last piece of a pizza, then slowly savoring eating the remaining piece.

e.g., This pizza requires, nay warrants, proper pepperocrastination.

submitted by Eugene Hopstetter, Jr. - (www)

pepperoniac - A pepperoni connoisseur, addict or any medial combination of the two.

e.g., Me and my girl along with so many folks we know are pepperoniacs.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pepperrika - The southern spelling for paprika. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated definition for parika is this: mild red condiment consisting of the dried finely ground pods of various cultivated sweet peppers.

e.g., Those deviled eggs have pepperrika sprinkled on top.

submitted by Frankie Nichols

peppier - That annoying waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want ground pepper.

e.g., There goes the peppier again. I wonder how much he gets paid for doing that.

submitted by Peppier - (www)

pepple room - A living room. People go in the living room, so it becomes the pepple room.

e.g., Let's watch TV in the pepple room.

submitted by Hannah

peppler - Bits of food caught in your teeth.

e.g., "Do I have any pepplers?" Said while showing your front teeth to the person addressed.

submitted by Laurie Ward - (www)

pepsi - Fake Coca Cola

e.g., A: I'll have a coke, please. B: Sorry, we only have Pepsi.

submitted by Boris

pepsi-charter - The term given to one or a group of people, generally 14- to 24-year-old white Australian males who wear board shorts, follow pop culture music and fashion, eat meat pies, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and religiously watch AFL and horse racing. Can be likened to "footy jocks," yet more specific. A sub-culture of Pepsi-charter wannabes also exists.

e.g., Michael: "Charlton, look at the fellow over there in his boardshorts drinking Fosters kickin' the footy around." Fred: "He's a bloody Pepsi-charter, mate."

submitted by Razzle Dazzle

pepsticide - In Plachimada in Kerala in the southern state of India, Pepsi and Coca Cola drinks were found to contain insecticide residue in large quantities. The Indian Parliament deputed a committee to study the situation and found that the soft drinks contained more insecticide residues than permitted by E.U. prescriptions. Hence the word Pepsticide.

e.g., "Gimme a bottle of pepsticide," the desperate farmer from Kerala asked the vendor. "My farm is full of fruit flies. I am fed up with them. I'll spray it on them. Or I've to drink it. (Many Indian farmers are committing suicide'cos of crop failure.)

submitted by agbabu - (www)

pepsunami - The wave of foam erupting from a glass when pouring a carbonated drink.

e.g., Adam soaked the tablecloth with brown pepsunami foam when he poured warm cola into his glass.

submitted by Roy Egdall

per cryptions - With or by secret codes. Also, the mysterious way of writing (or handwriting) on scrips by your doctor!

e.g., I'm very lucky, my doctor doesn't write per cryptions, it's all very plain and readable, and I've looked up all the abbreviations on the internet. It may be Greek to you, but it's geek to me.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

per ile mendici - (rhymes with pear-'ee-lay-'men-dee-key or -chee; adv.) The unlooked for, lowly, pedestrian end of something noteworthy, great, monumental, vel cet. [Latin for "through the guts of a beggar," Hamlet's stinging remark about the fact that a worm might eat of a king's remains, and a man might eat of a fish he had caught using that same worm. As Hamlet says, this shows "how a king may go a progress through the guts of a beggar."]

e.g., "This used to be the heart of downtown haute couture. Now look at it: it's going to be razed and redeveloped." "Wow, per ile mendici ... oh, how the mighty have fallen."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

per ooze - To examine in detail, the aftermath of a flood.

e.g., The waters finally subsided after 1974's Hurricane Hazel ripped through much of the Northeast. I entered my grandmother's modest home, in Port Blanchard, a community of coal miners' houses outside of Pittston, Pa., to per ooze the damage. To my consternation, a wet, thick, foul-smelling blanket of black mud completely covered each article throughout every room. Resigned to the fact that absolutely nothing could be salvaged, I started the cleanup by taking a ruined chair from the living room, out the front door to put at the curb. As I exited, I looked down the street to see, in the long row of houses that stretched to the horizon, her neighbors start the same clean up process. No one was spared -- every single property was similarly affected. I learned then the full and sad meaning of "complete devastation."

submitted by Marty D'Mello

per say - Per se: Of, in, or by itself or oneself; intrinsically.

e.g., “Another lawmaker who has been a thorn in the side of intelligence agencies, outspoken Florida Democrat Alan Grayson, said the incident ‘illustrates the dangers of pervasive spying not just on members of Congress, but on members of the general public.’ “‘It’s not so much whether members of Congress, per say, might feel chilled, but whether its chilling to think that the federal government has a record of our phone calls, mail that we send, the mail that we receive, our purchases,’ he said Thursday during an interview in the Speaker’s Lobby.”

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

peralta - Mong, git, stupid person.

e.g., Help. The peraltas are running the schools.

submitted by Netz - (www)

percastat - Mispronunciation of the pain medication Percocet.

e.g., I took three percastat today and my knee is still killing me.

submitted by chris gifuni

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